Shenzhen Man Begs On Knees At Police Station

Man kneels down in front of a police station begging for help to get his passport back.

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While passing by the Nanhu police station on Nanhu Road today, I saw an interesting scene, a gentleman kneeling down in front of the police station door holding up a sign “begging for report receipt” [evidence of a person reporting a crime to be investigated by the police]. Incredibly curious, I went over to figure out what was going on: This dear friend’s passport had been detained/witheld by some travel agency, and at 10:30 in the morning he called 110 to request the police to help recover his passport. The police station had a police officer with the surname Luo who had an extremely bad attitude say that this matter is a dispute, so they cannot handle it, and then stormed out.

This dear friend requested the police station provde a report receipt so he could get his passport, but Mr. Luo police office again said: we cannot give you this receipt, and even if you kneel down and beg me, it will be no use…

All the way until 2:00 in the afternoon, everyone from the police station ignored this dear friend. Later, what happened was what you see in the pictures below…this gentleman is too creative, even making a sign, and directly kneeling down to beg…

After using a sign to beg for a police report, a police officer finally helps the man.

Only until this dear friend raised his sign and got on his knees in front of the police station, did the police station staff come out to inquire. Then a police officer (shown in the photo) came over looking extremely angry: “Do you want to handle it or not? Do you really want to handle it it? If you do, then come in!!” In front of the surrounding crowd, he indicated with his thumb for the man to go inside in a casual way like how friends tell each other to leave!!! In the end, I do not know if this gentleman accomplished his goal, but I feel he was really creative for doing something this, so comical…

Comments on Mop:

Harmonious society…

Our society is very powerful.

Raising a bunch of pigs is better than raising a bunch of bastards [the police]. China, these dog shits.

This bunch of JC still have not absorbed Yang Jia‘s lesson.

I want to know…after that person went in, did he come back out???

“POLICE” are not gods, taking care of everything, even dealing with travel agencies withholding passports.

The inside story is that the police officer took one look at the passport and realized he was a “bangzi!” So this story happened.

At this very moment, I deeply yearn for comrade Yang Jia.

If you do not understand, do not speak blindly, I do not know what your profession is!!! You can get rid of the and then what it is like, you guys will probably have to sleep with a machine gun! Police have to work day and night, so why are there always people pointing and criticizing them because of a few things. Who can use a bit of fairness to go evaluate your guys’ professions?

That was the Dalai [Lama] in disguise, here to disrupt our “river crab” society.
[The Chinese commenter wrote “河蟹” which is “river crab.” It sounds similar to “和谐” which is “harmonious.”]

Not towards all “,” I believe many “” are still good, but right now there are more and more “” in the process of becoming trash, or are already trash.

Comments on NetEase: (no longer accessible)

You went in???
If you went in, do not bother thinking about coming back out normally; you will be lucky just to crawl back out, pig [idiot]…
You think this is America; where you are allowed to randomly YY?

How can it be like this? Are they not supposed to serve the people?

Having trouble finding police, dial 110???
This sentence has become empty words.

It appears this kind of thing happens a lot.
It happened by my home before. There was an armored truck company boss whose wife was about to give birth but he did not have enough money on himself. He said to the doctor, I will go home and get money, please help my wife. He then went home to get money but came back to find his own wife dead under the “save the dying and nurse the wounded” banner. In his anger, he went home, and brought a gun to the hospital, knelt down and, after killing 4 people and injuring 8 people in one sweep, he gave himself up.
This is the reality of life, just deal with it.

Not comical!
But pretty creative!!!

You can only blame this person for forgetting to give a “red envelope” [bribe]. This is the style/practice of Chinese government employees.

When the public security [police] beats people, the news will not report it…but when the public security grabs a chicken egg [do something small and unimportant], the news reports on it daily.

I am already speechless.
Anything that happens in China is not one bit weird!

is difficult to find police!!!

My younger brother [or younger male cousin] is a small business owner in Nanshan district. One day, one of his contract workers ran away with the cash, digital camera, DVD player, and other stuff with a total value of tens of thousands of RMB from his apartment. So my younger brother went to the Nanshan district Daxin police station to report it, and they simply would not issue a receipt, telling you to go home and wait.

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