Man Begs On Knees In Shenzhen For Help Finding Missing Wife

Two Chinese men crawling on their knees on a pedestrian overpass in Shenzhen, China.

From Mop, ifeng, NetEase, Tiexue, & Sohu:

“Apologetic Wife-Searching Man” appears on  Shenzhen street, kneeling and crawling , attracting attention

A photograph of the man's wife and child.

Today (August 18th) at 12 noon, [I] received a phone call from some newspaper reporter in Shenzhen, saying that on a pedestrian overpass near Long Gang Bu Ji Hospital in Shenzhen were two men with their clothes removed, carrying briers kneeling and crawling on the pedestrian overpass. After [I] heard the news, I rushed to the scene with my camera.

At 1pm, [I] arrived at the scene, and saw two topless men carrying briers on the pedestrian overpass kneeling and crawling passing out leaflets about the person they are searching for. One of the men had a cardboard sign hung around his neck, featuring a photograph of a woman holding a child, with the words “begging to find wife” written on top, being interviewed by multiple media organizations at the scene. As it is understood, the man with the sign hung around his neck is surnamed Wang, from Nanyang in Henan province. The other man is Mr. Wang’s friend, helping him out, which is why he was with him doing this performance art, hoping to find earlier the wife that has been missing for over a year.

Mr. Wang told [me] that last October, him and his wife (from Guangxi) Li X had a fight over their child, and on the 10th of that month, Li X secretly left with their one and a half year old child, and has not been heard from since. Mr. Wang says him and his wife met 4 years ago while working in Shenzhen, and that she might come back here to work after leaving, so he choose to do a “abject apology” performance art in Shenzhen.

The wife’s information as provided by Mr. Wang:

Li Yuanzhen
ID #450924198503114940
Address: Guangxi, Yulin, Xingye County, Gaofeng Xiang, Longwen Village
Her [parents’] home telephone number: 07753703807
Her second brother: 15077717377
We met at the beginning of 2006 and had a child in December 2007. In July 2008, we returned to Henan. We have been at home the entire time, with nothing to do, (often fighting during that time). On 2009 October 10, [she] took our 2-year-old child from Nanyang to her cousin Li Xia’s home in Hunan, Yueyang, Xiangyin County, Dongtang Town, Baishui Village (cousin’s husband is named Wang Qin) until around 2009 November 10 when their whereabouts became unknown. [I] first went to Hunan, then Guangxi, Shenzhen, and again to Hunan back and forth looking for them to this day without finding them.

Chinese man searches for his wife in Shenzhen, who left him with their child.

Chinese man searches for his wife in Shenzhen, who left him with their child.

Comments from Tiexue:


Should have known better,

should have treated her better when she was still around,

instead of losing her and then regretting.

Another thing,

doing something like this is too “showy”,

seems artificial/trying too hard.


And coming out with a group? Did she have multiple husbands???


His wife looks okay, I wonder if she sought refuge with another man.


The other guy in the back is also searching for his wife? Two people searching together?


I think that kind of woman is not worth doing something like that.


Not reading carefully. Ha. That’s just his friend helping him to create more awareness, to get the attention of the media.


Shameless man~!


Running away just because of an argument? This kind of wife…[I’m] speechless.


When your wife leaves you, it shows that there is something about you that doesn’t make her think twice about leaving!


A guy who so easily gets on his knees, your wife was right for leaving you.


Looks like Chinese men have been feminized too much! Can begging bring happiness and love? Looks like this kid is confused! Using this kind of exaggerated act only makes people feel he is putting on a show, overlooking the original purpose.

Chinese man passes out leaflets searching for his wife in Shenzhen, who left him with their child.

Knees hurt. chinaSMACK personals.

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