Shenzhen Woman’s Ultrasound Says Her Prostate Is Normal

A Chinese woman in Shenzhen holds up her ultrasound report from a local private hospital showing that her prostate is normal.

A Chinese woman in Shenzhen holds up her ultrasound report from a local private hospital showing that her prostate is normal.

From NetEase:

Shenzhen female patient’s type-B ultrasound report says “prostate normal”

Miss Zou went to the Shenzhen Bao’an District Guangsheng Hospital for an examination because of a stomach ache, and was surprised to find details about a prostate on her type-B ultrasound report. Afterward, the hospital admitted that the doctor involved was not careful and this was a result of him having used the report template of an earlier male patient. Miss Zou at the same time questioned whether the doctor had made an error in his diagnosis, saying the mass that the hospital recommended surgery for had disappeared after just taking medication. After negotiations, Guangsheng Hospital ultimately refunded the patient’s medical expenses, and compensated her with 5000 yuan.

Hospital apologizes for not carefully examining

May 2nd around 6am in the morning, Miss Zou arrived at nearby private hospital Guangsheng Hospital for an examination because of a belly ache. The doctor performed a type-B ultrasound examination, discovered “a 50x36mm mass on the left side of the uterus”, and so recommended surgery and even wrote her a 3 day medical leave note [for her employer].

Miss Zhou says she went home and took 6 Western medicine pills but again vomited them out, and around 10pm that night her abdomen was in great pain, leading her to rush to the emergency room but was unable to find that doctor. On the morning of the 3rd, she went to Fuyong People’s Hospital. “The hospital looked at my type-B ultrasound report and then bewilderingly asked, ‘You’re a woman, why does your type-B ultrasound report mention a prostate?'” It was here that Miss Zou realized that a prostate was a male-specific sex gland and was truly startled.

This reporter saw on Miss Zou’s type-B ultrasound report that there is indeed a “Prostate size and shape normal” written within. In response, Guangsheng Hospital admitted the error, and the hospital’s Medical Affairs Department Chief Yang said this was because the doctor was not careful during his examination, caused this by using the inspection template from the previous male patient, and apologized to Miss Zou on behalf of the hospital.

Patient questions whether hospital recommended unnecessary surgery

However, Miss Zou also suspected that the doctor’s diagnosis was wrong. She says the “50x36mm mass” that was discovered at Guangsheng Hospital had disappeared just 14 hours later when she was examined at 1am in the morning at Fuyong People’s Hospital the next day. In the type-B ultrasound report issued by Fuyong People’s Hospital, it is clearly written “There are currently no obvious abnormal lumps on both sides of the uterus.” Miss Zou as a result suspects Guangsheng Hospital had used this as a pretext to have her undergo an unnecessary surgical procedure.

In response, the hospital director Ye said the doctor had only said surgery may be necessary, that the lump had disappeared after the patient had taken medication, and ultimately she did not choose surgery. As a result, though they had made a mistake, it had not actually affected the patient’s treatment.

Yesterday morning around 10am, when a Bao’an Television reporter was reporting this matter, a Guangsheng Hospital Medical Affairs Department Chief surnamed Yang wrestled away a video camera and hospital security subsequently threw the camera into the planters. Yesterday afternoon around 2pm, Guangsheng Hospital held a press conference concerning this incident where Department Chief Yang bowed in apology to this journalist and promised to compensate for the loss.

During the press conference, the hospital once again expressed apology to the patient. Through negotiations, Guangsheng hospital refunded the patient over 700 yuan in medical expenses and compensated her with 5000 yuan.

Miss Zou's ultrasound report indicating an abnormal mass, but her prostate is normal.Reporters interviewing Miss Zou.

Comments from NetEase:

真看透了 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

Good thing she didn’t listen to that doctor’s recommendation for surgery.

流氓小亨 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

I admit I was thinking dirty again, and started thinking of the patient’s B [cunt]…

ghghjjhhjfdsdsrettrh [网易四川省网友]:

Even daring to go into a private hospital! So brave!


This is what our beloved hospitals are like.

韦德迷 [网易黑龙江省网友]:

Prostate? I thought she might’ve been Brother Chun!

yy983728 [网易安徽省界首市网友]:

This woman says, “I’m not from Thailand, really! How come you guys don’t believe me?

西安戴妃 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

There was a farmer who raised two hens. The eggs produced by one were large and the eggs produced by the other were small. The large ones sell for 1.5 yuan at the market, while the small ones sell for 1 yuan. One day, the farmer yelled at the hen that produces small eggs and the hen replies: “I’m not so SB as to open my ass so larger for just five mao!


This is a strange country…

恶魔也温柔 [网易海南省三亚市网友]:

As an ambitious youth with a dream, my ambitious dream is to emigrate to America!

淫民档圆 [网易河北省保定市网友]:

The examination is just going through the motions, they’ll give you any sort of report. A relative of mine had gone to another city for work, and had check-ups every year. For 3 consecutive years no problems were ever discovered, and then last year he died of liver cancer.

鬟秀 [网易湖北省随州市网友]:

Private hospital, haha.
Other than hospitals, and in situations without a monopoly, what other industry/business is better when public rather than private?


Some hospitals can find a problem/illness even if there isn’t any. At most, they’ll just cut you up and sew you back up. You won’t know any better. And you may even thank the “saintly doctors” afterward.

linyulinyu83 [网易黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

This kind of thing happening at a private hospital is not surprising anymore. I’ve personally had hospitals often tell me I have a disease when I don’t.

Have you ever experienced a doctor or hospital mistake?

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