Shipping Warehouses Packed From Chinese Singles’ Day Shopping


From QQ:

After “Single’s Day” Shopping Spree, Mountains of Packages Piled in Warehouses Across the Country

On the morning of November 11th, in Changxing Zhejiang, inside a 800 square meter warehouse belonging to an electronics company at the Changxing Scientific Park, over 200 workers were busy packing and sorting packages for shipping around the country. This day was “Single’s Day”. In recent years, every year on November 11th, major electronic retailers such as Tmall and Jingdong takes advantage of this day to hold massive promotions to increase sales. This day have become the largest online shopping event in China.


On November 11th, at a delivery company in Hangzhou, mountains of packages piled up. During Single’s Day shopping spree, the sudden massive increase in volume led many delivery companies to work frantically on this busy day.


At midnight on November 12th, Alibaba announced the Single’s Day sales figures: Tmall total sales figure reached 57.1 billion yuan, including 24.3 billion in mobile payments, with a total of 278 million items sold. On November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi, workers were sorting packages at a delivery distribution center.


According to reports, this year’s highest sales figure during Single’s Day were: Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, and Fujian. The photo was on November 11th, in Weifang Shandong, at a delivery company distribution center, workers were sorting packages.


During the frenzy of online shopping, the shipping industry also saw increase in shipping packages, many shipping companies faced major challenges. Delivery companies predicted that Single’s Day packages will take 10 days to complete shipping. The photo was from November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi at a delivery sorting center, workers were sorting packages.


According to the National Postal Bureau’s conservative estimates, during Single’s Day from November 10th to November 17th, in those 7 days total shipping items will reach 500 million, a fivefold increase from last year. The highest daily processed packages will reach 90 million, an increase of 38.5% over last year. The photo was from November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi, at a Shentong Delivery sorting center, workers were busy sorting packages.


According to statistics, this year there will be a total of 1.2 million delivery men working during Single’s Day. The photo was from November 11th, at a delivery sorting center in Jiujiang Jiangxi.


Due to this year’s Single’s Day coincides with the start of APEC, during the height of deliveries, on the 11th and 12th in Beijing there was a vehicle limit where all cars from outside the 6th ring were unable to enter the city. The photo was from November 11th at the Wukesong Camera Center in Beijing, delivery men were busy at work .


On November 11th in Jiujiang Jiangxi, at a delivery sorting center, workers were sorting packages.

Comments on QQ:

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Single’s Day meant the day delivery men will die from exhaustion! A moment of silence for 3 minutes!


Cough, cough. A diaosi who only spent 5000 yuan on Single’s Day passing by…


I only contributed a few thousand yuan, not bad.


Good thing I didn’t contribute a single cent to the 57.1 billion.


So awe inspiring, which country in the world can compare to China’s Spring Festival [chun yun] and Single’s Day [shopping].


I am a person with strong self-control! In the face of temptations, I’d never budge. On Single’s Day when I saw the gold iPhone 6 I always wanted, I didn’t buy; A 50% discount on a watch, I also held off; 60% off limited edition shoes, I still didn’t buy; Even 70% off down jacket and pants, I held off one after another. I must be sensible at all times, to not buy out of impulse! In psychology this is known as “I really don’t have money”.


Only retards would buy things on Single’s Day.


The places with the most sales are places with the most singles.


Most probably bought blow-up dolls right?


This proves Chinese people have lots of money.


Double 11 (Single’s Day) is a sham, things are not actually cheap, people should all know that. Those who buy are probably following a trend.


I also bought many things on this day, now I’m broke!


Haha, Single’s Day is a carnival for Chinese people! To be more specific, a carnival for women!


Chinese purchasing power, number 1 in the world.

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  • Surfeit

    Such a variety of comments on this one!

    The stupidity of “So awe inspiring, which country in the world can compare to China’s Spring Festival [chun yun] and Single’s Day [shopping].”

    The humor of “I am a person with strong self-control! In the face of temptations, I’d never budge. On Single’s Day when I saw the gold iPhone 6 I always wanted, I didn’t buy; A 50% discount on a watch, I also held off; 60% off limited edition shoes, I still didn’t buy; Even 70% off down jacket and pants, I held off one after another. I must be sensible at all times, to not buy out of impulse! In psychology this is known as “I really don’t have money”.”

    The sensibility of “Double 11 (Single’s Day) is a sham, things are not actually cheap, people should all know that. Those who buy are probably following a trend.”

    Actually quite interesting and insightful! A far cry from ‘bleeding from my vagina hurts a lot’.

    • Kevin Yu

      Sadly the prices during that day are the prices you have at normal sales here in europe. 60% off limited edition shoes from Nike or Adidas from the last year. Nothing extraordinary here I think, but in China it seems normally they dont have these sales besides when Taobao and co. do that.

      I can go to Jack and Jones, a Footlocker or any other shop in a mall and there will be a clearance sale, summer sale, fall sale, spring sale, whatever sale every month. In China sadly the Nike shoes from 2 years ago still costs 800-1000RMB, while you can get them her for like 30-40€…

    • tcl334

      Oh this is stupidity? Please name a second country or countries combined which can spend this much money on e-commerce on a single day, and please name a second country which can arrange 3.3 billion
      passenger journeys in 40 days without choas. Please.

      • Zappa Frank

        without chaos???? not really.
        anyway I don’t think that both, one day of discount online and one week of forced holidays for 1.5 billion of people are things to be so proud of.. in other countries things like this don’t exist because people can chose by their free will their holidays..

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          black friday don’t exist?

          • Zappa Frank

            i’ve talked about holidays and discount online.. is it black Friday a holiday? is black Friday an online discount? when I said “in other country things like this don’t exist because people can chose their holidays” does have any relation with black Friday? …I think we are talking about different things. Maybe yours is better as reply to tcl334

          • Alex Dương

            Black Friday refers to the common practice of retailers enticing people to shop on the day after Thanksgiving, which is always the fourth Thursday in November. I don’t see much difference between “Singles Day shopping” and “Black Friday shopping.”

          • Zappa Frank

            unless I grossly misunderstood, I was replying to the part “please name a second country which can arrange 3.3 billion
            passenger journeys in 40 days without chaos.”.. that is not related with discount online…
            but anyway, black Friday is an online only day of discount?

          • Alex Dương

            Maybe there’s some miscommunication. When you said,

            anyway I don’t think that both, one day of discount online and one week
            of forced holidays for 1.5 billion of people are things to be so proud
            of.. in other countries things like this don’t exist because people can
            chose by their free will their holidays..

            “This” only referred to “one week of forced holidays,” not the discounts online?

            Black Friday is traditionally “brick and mortar” (i.e. you have to physically go to a store). “Cyber Monday” is the online-only one after Thanksgiving.

          • Zappa Frank

            I thought was clear by my example since I later wrote about holidays.
            Anyway my bad, I’ve done some mistakes in the sentence.
            I’ve never heard about the cyber Monday (and even black Friday means almost nothing to me).
            But even giving that, if I write ‘in other countries…’ it doesn’t necessary means other than china and than in US. In other countries may means other than China, but also may be other than US… sometimes here on CS seems that the world is just china and us.

          • Alex Dương

            Black Friday et al. are really just “excuses” to shop in the U.S. Is there nothing similar in Italy (i.e. retailers start a tradition of HUGE DISCOUNTS!!! after a holiday)?

          • Zappa Frank

            there are sales, but not one day sales, even the opening is different from town to town. Online shopping is not so diffuse like here in china.

          • Alex Dương

            If Italians don’t behave like this, then it’s a good thing that there is currently no one-day sale like Black Friday in Italy.

          • Zappa Frank

            look, it’s extremely unfair and absolutely not in line with your ‘mod’ title what you are doing now. Can you please tell where I said ‘Italians don’t behave like this’? besides even taking a video that doesn’t have anything to do with the discussion….
            please read again what I’ve said. I’ve just said that there is nothing to be so proud of in having 1.5 billion of people forced to take holidays in the same time or be proud for one day sales on line, never said ANYTHING about behave. sincerely disappointed by your reply this time.
            Besides is useless to post youtube videos, in the glorious china is censored.

          • Alex Dương

            No, no, no, I obviously did not make myself clear because you completely misunderstood me. Sorry. I am not taking a swipe at Italy or Italians; to the contrary, I’m saying that it’s a GOOD thing that Italy doesn’t have such “shopping holidays” like in China or the U.S. It means you don’t have the bad behavior that comes with the “shopping holidays.”

          • Zappa Frank

            we have enough bad behavior even without sales day. Just try to go to see a football match

          • Alex Dương

            So you don’t any more, right? :) That’s all I’m saying. If Italy has no “shopping holidays,” that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could be a good thing, and not just because of the (lack of extra) bad behavior. “Shopping holidays” can encourage materialism and consumerism.

          • Zappa Frank

            the last time I went I’ve been so scared by the police (sometimes the police can be as scary as criminals) that I didn’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. (and it was something like the serie C2 , really low level)

          • Surfeit

            Who’s your team, Zappa?

          • Zappa Frank

            I’ve supported my hometown team, but usually in the serie A I’m happy if the Inter win. However I’m not a great fan and I don’t watch the match often

          • Surfeit

            WHO IS YOUR TEAM?!

          • Zappa Frank

            ‘Inter’ for serie a

          • Surfeit

            Ah. Tough times for you!

          • Dolph Grunt

            The one thing I do see different is Black Friday is enticing people to shop for Christmas gifts (to give to others) where Singles Day is more about shopping for yourself.

          • Alex Dương

            I agree.

      • Surfeit

        Yes, and no.

      • Rick in China

        “without choas. Please.”

        HAHA, Did you even look at the photos in the article? What is NOT chaotic about those photos. It’s piles of crappy products thrown into piles that literally resembles what a junk yard looks like, with no semblance of order whatsoever.

        • tcl334

          Since you have no logic I don’t want to argue with you anymore. I ask you which country has equality good purchasing power and equality good Internet industry, and ask you which country can manage to organize a mage travel of 1.4 billion people, you can’t give the answer.

          • Rick in China

            That’s because no country has a billion peasants coming home to roost once or twice a year while their parents’ raise their children for them. That, in of itself, should obviously make you understand that your proposition is pointless. You are pretending that having a billion+ people travel simultaneously, wearing diapers so they can shit themselves without having to fight for toilets, sleep with their faces taped to poles standing up because there’s no room to sit, is some sort of grand accomplishment? Give me a fucking break.

          • tcl334

            You still can not answer my question. These words of you are not true and pointless. full of bias and dirty talk. No logic and no manners, Pathetic

          • Rick in China

            You’re ridiculously stupid. Let me try to explain this to you again, simpler, perhaps:

            Your question is based on the premise of being *capable* of doing something. The capability is whether another country can handle the movement of as you say, “1.4 billion people”. That’s the foundation of your metric for being accomplished: being able to move 1.4 billion people and have so many people make internet purchases. That’s ALL. The reason why your question is – logically – ridiculous – is because no other country has 1.4 billion people. It’s not that no other country couldn’t handle what you’re seemingly claiming this great accomplishment, but no other country *has to*, or *possibly would ever end up having to*. You talk about logic – how about using your keen logic to realise that your entire premise leads to a pointless argument. That’s why you’re *stupid*, because you can’t even see that far infront of your own pompousness.

            As for this part, “and equality good Internet industry” – so many countries have better “internet industry” than China. Do you really think the best internet companies in the world are based in China? REALLY? The most innovative companies? No. I work in the industry. There are regularly immense races to COPYING, but not a lot of true innovation.

          • tcl334

            Simply because other country does not have 1.4 billion people does not make China’s accomplish go away. Capable of deliver most of the 1.4 billion people get to their home during Spring festival while continue building infrastructure to improve their travel experience, and capable of lift half of the 1.4 billion people out of poverty and shopping online sure are accomplishments no matter what you biased foreigner say.

          • Surfeit

            I’m sitting in the spectator stand watching the owner and trainer celebrate jubilantly about his horse winning ‘the one horse race’. They trained hard all year, and forfeited other opportunities to race.

            Conditions were shitty, and the horse buckled a few times, but it did finally drag it’s ass across the finish line. The horse, with no competition, did what it had to do.

            Could another horse do the same? We’ll never know! The other owners and trainers didn’t need to enter this shitty race. Likewise, they view this race as stupid and unnecessary.

            The owner and trainer is still celebrating, and now looking at me and scorning, because I am unimpressed by his extraneous achievement.

          • tcl334

            China’s accomplish is not meaningless and laughable, it’s real benefits to Chinese people and there’re many other poor or populous countries could learn from China and benefit entire human race. Sure you are not impressed, that’s not important. I am being so stupid to argue with you ignorant and stupid China-haters. No matter What I say and what the truth is can not change your pathetic prejudice on China. Bye-Bye and HeHe

          • Surfeit

            It’s not prejudice, it’s experience.

          • Rick in China

            you: “we pulled ourselves out of poverty!”
            western world: “we did too. Generations ago. We didn’t recently throw ourselves back in, get back out, and claim everyone should learn from us while hundreds of millions still live in caves, sleep on top of eachother building the infrastructure of the wealthy, and depart from our families because it’s the only way to survive.”

          • Surfeit

            Fuckin A.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            春运 is a product of the culture of going back to one’s hometown during lunar new year. This culture is shared by many Asian countries, the same massive human migration takes place in Korea, India, Bangladesh and so on. The difference is they are either smaller in size(Korea), or worse in quality(India).
            It is a typical ignorant westerner mindset of thinking “If we don’t need to do something then why should others do it? That is stupid and unnecessary.”

          • Zappa Frank

            chunyun in India and Bangladesh?

          • Surfeit

            HAHAAAAA! You are right, in that it’s a product of culture. That’s undeniable! Tell me, please, please, fucking please! How it’s ignorant and western, when you, yourself, compare it as ‘massive’, and ‘smaller in size’, at the same time.

            Yeah, India is behind China. Korea is smaller.

            That doesn’t mean China isn’t light years behind the place you suppose.

            “We’re not bad, because we’re better than others, who don’t share the same problems, or infrastructure, but we will happily call ourselves better than those countries who don’t have to do it, because we’re better than those who do, or should, but don’t, or something about Asian culture Western people can’t understand.”

            That’s your go to. Nonsensibility.
            Bravo, man. Bravo.

            Meanwhile in other countries, people are taking holiday when it pleases them. Regardless of their culture, religion, or preference.

            I can eat fish and chips during Diwali. Get an Asian taxi driver on Christmas Eve. Knock out a ‘dad wank’ whenever I want.

            Don’t step up here and be all ‘Westerners are ignorant.’ We are, en masse, literally, more intertwined and culturally aware, than a dumbfuck like you.

          • Paul Schoe

            Wow Surfeit, what happened?
            I can’t believe that shouting like this is a good way of showing how “intertwined and culturally aware” you are.

          • Surfeit

            Came home drunk and turned the computer on. Never a great move.

          • Paul Schoe


          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Tell me, please, please, fucking please! How it’s ignorant and western,
            when you, yourself, compare it as ‘massive’, and ‘smaller in size’

            34 million passenger journeys during a small period of time is massive, however it is smaller in size than 2 billion passenger journeys.
            It looks like your brain cannot handle very simple logical thinking.

          • Surfeit

            ’34 million passenger journeys… is smaller in size than 2 billion passenger journeys.’

            Exactly! They are different in size. You said, “the same massive human migration takes place in Korea”, ‘the difference is that it’s smaller in size’.

            If this ‘very simple logic’ you preach about, is that things can be ‘the same with a difference’, well… I feel quite fine about myself, and would rather ignore your logic from here on in.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            When we say two things are “the same”, we mean the two things are same from certain perspectives. The fact is , everything is unique in certain ways and there do not exist two things that are exactly the same.

          • Surfeit

            I get it. You changed the meaning of the words to suit what you wanted to say, instead of following their universal definition. To you, that is ‘very simple logic’.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Give me an example of two things that are same in everyway with no differences.

          • Surfeit

            Jog on. Instead of saying, ‘Yeah, maybe I should have used a word such as ‘alike’ or ‘similar’. It was a genuine mistake.’ You’re opting for “When we say two things are “the same”, we mean the two things are same from certain perspectives.”

            I’m not going to ratify your stupidity in describing something as ‘the same, but different’, within the context of comparison. Nor will I accept that ‘the same’ doesn’t actually mean ‘the same’, when comparing two things.

            You have epitomised the flaws in your ‘simple logic’ several times, and now you’re trying to force me into an error with dumb ass questions you should really be asking yourself. (That is, if two things aren’t the same, don’t say that they are.)

            Amusing really, that in your polemic against Western thinking, you displayed an incredible lack of thought.

            I anticipate a comback including ‘simple logic’, ‘strawmen’, and further adjustments to the denotation of key words based on your connotation of them.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            If you cannot find two things that are the same in everyway, then according to you, “the same” should never be used to describe the relationship between two things in any cricumstances. Is that correct?

          • Surfeit

            That is incorrect. What I implied, is not the same as what you are desperately trying to implicate upon me.

            Any more forlorn questions?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Which one is incorrect?
            A. You could not find two things that are the same in everyway.
            B. You believe the same should only be used to describe things that are the same in everyway.

          • Surfeit


            Still trying to incriminate me with your own words, huh? Keep ’em coming! I already told you, I’m not going to ratify your stupidity.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            A.Show me two things that are the same in everyway then

            B.If you don’t think the same should only be used to describe things that are the same in everyway, why do you think I was wrong for using “the same” to describe two things that are different in certain perspective.

          • Surfeit

            Ah! Now it’s demands!

            A. Simply, no. I’m not going to entertain your belligerent pestering. You keep alluding to the idea that I somehow insisted this notion, but I didn’t. You attempted closed questions, and now you’re trying to force a contestable statement, so you can prove me wrong over something you have manifested.

            B. I have already explained, but in a few words (just for you), ‘context and comparability’.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            A. So you are afraid to show me two things that are the same in everyway, because you know you could be proven wrong.

            B. Do you mean “the same” could be used to describe two things that are different in certain perspective, but its wrong to mention the difference in the same paragraph?

          • Surfeit

            A. You can continue to reach whatever summary you like, with your own words. I haven’t stated anything in the vain that you keep trying to place upon me.
            Keep trying though!

            B. Again, ‘context and comparability’. I don’t understand how that suggests an issue with prose composition. I can only assume it’s ‘very simple logic’.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Nope, I was trying to give you the benefit of doubt by asking you what you actually mean. After numerous attempts you still refuses to clarify your points. ‘context and comparability’ isn’t a clear explanation, if you do not wish to elaborate what you actually mean by ‘context and comparability’ then there is no need to continue this conversation.

          • Dolph Grunt

            I think “context and comparability” is fairly clear. I understood the point.

          • Surfeit

            “I was trying to give you the benefit of doubt by asking you what you actually mean”

            You asked closed questions with your own predetermined answers, and issued statements under the instruction that I should agree, or disagree.

            So yeah, maybe in opposite world, you asked the meaning behind my words. In the real world, you tried to entrap me in your own words. I didn’t play ball, now you’re attempting to take the high road, and failing. (Without even putting in a good effort!)

            If you can’t understand the nature of context and/or comparability, it’s not really my problem. Can’t say I’m surprised it’s beyond you. Although I am annoyed, as that was my attempt to simplify the mistakes you made to fit your ‘very simple logic’.

            You’re right, ‘no need to continue’.
            I thought you were being narcissistic, but this last instalment clarifies delusion. That’s not fun to play with.

            T’ra a bit.

          • Dolph Grunt

            A. This conversation is hilarious!

            B. This conversation is hilarious!

          • Surfeit

            I know right! Tangents bewildered by dazzling buffoonery!

  • biggj

    So this is pretty much a day where all the single guys feel sorry for themselves and try to feel better by jumping on a band wagon and buying material things to take their mind off telling their parents they are single again for a another chinese new year?? Are they trying to buy love? What the hell is going on here?
    I also would like the know what the ratio between men and woman buyers were.

  • Rick in China

    I wrote lots of posts/information about this singles day bullshit in other places. Then a coworker replied with some interesting news: there’s a website that tracks the actual costs of things on websites like tmall and jd — matching the conclusions I came to by looking at my buying history, and out of interest, comparing it to each item’s price during “11.11” – to which everything was the same price and in some instances, actually more expensive, than when I purchased.

    Example, I bought a 2TB HDD 3 months ago for 509rmb, and on 11.11, it was 579. I was asked by wife to pick up diapers and milk powder otw home – decided to check JD where I had bought diapers before, and the “on sale” version of the merries pull-ups seemed cheaper! Yay. Like, saving 8 kuai per bag of 44 or whatever, whilst the ones I wanted were sold out (boxes of 100×2). I did the calculation, figured yeah it’s a tiny bit cheaper, went through to order. What? Wait! Now they charge a shipping cost…before shipping is included. Shipping cost: 13+/- per bag, depending on number of bags ordered, which goes up in line with the quantity even though it’s the same shipment. Calculate again out of interest: it’s actually 3-4rmb per bag MORE than the normal priced version, which wasn’t nearly all sold out in most of the quantities per bag. Solution: buy the exact same fucking product from the exact same fucking website without the “11.11” hot advertisement strapped to it at the exact same time, which didn’t charge the shipping cost, cost me exactly what I had paid in the past, and delivered on 11.12 without any problems.

    Conclusion: it’s all a bunch of horseshit except if you want discounts on old/out-of-date electronics whilst manufacturers move their newer inventory in next month.

    • Alphy

      I can’t find a good tracker in China neither, mind sharing it with us?

      • Rick in China

        This one:

        Basically you can enter the product code for whatever into the service of your choice, and get the history – or enter the URL into the general tracker thing and it’ll parse it. Example:

        I was off by 10 – my purchase was 519 and it was now 589, look at the bouncing around..fuckin crazy. How it’s more expensive on 11.11, amusing.

        • Alphy

          Thanks a lot!

    • Sum Ting Wong

      If you don’t know, Alipay had an offering where you charge more than 300 RMB they gave you more than 100 RMB extra credit to spend on taobao. Other sites like JD and Amazon offered buy 200RMB and get 100RMB discount on a lot of goods. I got to save a lot of money because of these promotions. So look harder next year.

      • Rick in China

        “Other sites like JD and Amazon offered buy 200RMB and get 100RMB discount on a lot of goods. I got to save a lot of money because of these promotions. So look harder next year”

        Not really. VERY specific things. I bought milk powder and diapers – the same ones I always do – totalling over 1k something, and did not get any “extra credit” to spend on “a lot of goods” – you do realize that when you get offers of credit for specific things or whatever, it’s almost all for crap that needs to be shifted..right? I’d LOVE to see the case where:

        Spend 10k RMB, get 5k RMB to spend on ANYTHING else. That’s essentially what you’re describing, with the caveat of on “a lot of goods” – I can guarantee you it doesn’t include say, an iphone6 or xbox one or whatever new stuff is out for sale. It’s on shit. It’s the exact same thing that you see when you’re exiting say, Auchan or Carrefour, and you can show your receipt then pay 29kuai for a 4L vat of oil! Yay! Off brand, nearly expired, or some other shit – probably.

        • Sum Ting Wong

          Like I said, The extra credit you get on Alipay can be used on anything on Taobao and that’s a lot of credit. On JD, I bought a book for 170RMB which was originally 250RMB and got 80 discount because the book was over 200RMB. and The book was priced at 250 for months. So believe it not, A lot of people did benefit from 11.11.

          • Rick in China

            Can you open up your “my JD” page and show me the link for the product?

          • Sum Ting Wong

            lol. what’s the point of that? I’m not going to turn it into a silly argument. I’m just telling you consumers did benefit from it. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine.

          • Rick in China

            What’s the book dude, it’s simple – I’ll look it up in xitie and see how great of a deal it truly was. Everything I’ve looked up so far, hasn’t been a deal.

          • Sum Ting Wong
          • Rick in China

            Ah – it doesn’t provide the history for that product, so I guess nothing to be verified. Either way, I concede that some things are at their cheapest point during 11.11, but everything I’ve looked at – has at some time or another (examples provided), been the same price. Just that they bounce the prices around so frequently that it ‘appears’ to be greater sales than they are in reality.

    • Nilerafter24

      This is more or less true.
      I buy fake A&F sweaters from a specific store on taobao cause the quality is really good… There’s a particular tight wrap sweater that I usually buy in a different color maybe every three months or so (same sweater, just a different color). I have three of them now (grey,black,khaki) which I’ve bought for 129 RMB each over the last year or so. The price of these sweaters is in perpetual discount mode at 129 RMB (the ‘original price’ is shown beside with a strike-through at 399).
      On 11.11 I wanted to get the dark blue one cause I was sure there would be a discount.
      Surprise, surprise….. 169 RMB …. (with the same ridiculous 399 RMB strike-through beside it.)
      11.11 is bullshit… I’ll wait for a few more weeks and get my sweater for 129.

  • FYIADragoon

    To all the people stating that the deals are all rip-offs if you did a deep dive through the big sites with a specific target in mind (i.e. a rice cooker), and proper knowledge of what you’re buying, you can eventually locate a good deal. It’s just a matter of having the time and patience to look around. I did some bulk buying on 11/11 and received from 50%-80% off everything that I was purchasing. Shop smartly and don’t get drawn in to all of the shit that they front load so that you’ll get into a buying frenzy. No different from Black Friday. Also, the ladies seem to get better deals, since women are the heavier shoppers. So this could be another reason the lads aren’t seeing the discounts.

    • Rick in China

      Can you show me the price history results for the items you bought? Also, are you sure you’re buying new model stuff, or is it older model stuff they’re trying to unload? If you’re OK with old stuff, sure – tons of deals to be had – just like buying last seasons clothes or whatever.. but if you’re saying they were slanging lots of top quality goods at 50-80% discount I call bullshit.

  • What I find amazing is that they fit 200 people (and all that “stuff”) in an 800 square meter space (8600 sq ft)

    • Rick in China

      In a land where elevators say: maximum 14 people, 800lbs — I don’t think that’s unreasonable. :D

  • kenhansen

    Alibaba Jack must be laughing his ass off while his is cashing in from people in a country where collective mass hysteria is alive.

    • Alex Dương

      I’m sure he is, but how is this any different from Black Friday, Super Saturday, etc.?

      • FYIADragoon

        Only big difference is this is better since its all online and people can’t trample each other to death like on Black Friday.

        • Alex Dương

          Cyber Monday, then xD

          • FYIADragoon

            True, but the scale of China’s 11/11 is better matched by Black Friday. Cyber Monday only really gets hits from Amazon and Newegg, at least in my experience.

      • Rick in China

        Because the deals are fake?

        • Alex Dương

          “Fake” deals are a business thing, not a Chinese thing. I’m pretty sure the Chinese did not invent the practice of inflating “original prices” and then saying 70% OFF BUY NOW!

          • Rick in China

            I did not say it’s a “Chinese thing”. Nor did I say Chinese invented the practice of inflating then discounting.

          • Alex Dương

            You said a difference between “Singles Day shopping” and “Black Friday shopping” is that SD shopping has fake deals. BF shopping has fake deals too.

          • Rick in China

            The scale by which ‘fake deals’ occurs on (which I looked at extensively in this situation) and the deals I see advertised for black friday, give to me – a clear indication that the ‘fakeness’ of the day is FAR MORE exemplified in the Singles Day example. “has…too” doesn’t mean “has…equally” or “has…more” – and neither of any of these points in any case, imply that fake is a chinese thing or chinese invented inflation/sale practices. Dig deeper ditches, it’s fun to watch.

          • Alex Dương

            I asked, “how is this any different from Black Friday, Super Saturday, etc.?” Your answer was, “the deals are fake.” You’re not happy with my follow-up reply because you think I straw manned you. Fine. I’ll rephrase – “‘fake’ deals are a business thing, not a Singles Day shopping thing.”

            What then? You say, “”has…too” doesn’t mean “has…equally” or “has…more.” Sure. But I’m sure you’ll agree that finding out how common “fake” Black Friday deals are requires analysis a BIT more sophisticated than mere eyeballing (i.e. “The scale by which ‘fake deals’ occurs on (which I looked at extensively in this situation) and the deals I see advertised for black friday…”)

            The Wall Street Journal points out that “fake” Black Friday deals are quite prevalent:

            big retailers work backward with their suppliers to set starting prices that, after all the markdowns, will yield the profit margins they want.

            The number of deals offered by 31 major department store and apparel retailers increased 63% between 2009 to 2012, and the average discount jumped to 36% from 25%, according to, a website that tracks online coupons.

            “A lot of the discount is already priced into the product. That’s why you see much more stable margins,” said Liz Dunn, an analyst with Macquarie Equities Research.

            So no, Rick, “fake” deals are most certainly not a difference.

          • Rick in China


            You don’t even realise what your own pasted analysis is saying, do you? It’s saying that from the beginning the original pricing of things takes into consideration that eventually they will have sales or mark things down – and will still want to maintain some profit margin on those markdowns. THAT’S a lot different than bouncing prices up and down weekly on all your products to confuse people into mixing up good and bad deals when they do their shopping. That’s a pricing strategy from the inception of a product – not jacking up the price just before it goes on sale, to deceive people into thinking that the sale is better than it is. Big difference here.

          • Alex Dương

            It’s saying that from the beginning the original pricing of things takes
            into consideration that eventually they will have sales or mark things
            down – and will still want to maintain some profit margin on those

            No, Rick, that is not what the article said. The “sales” and “markdowns” are fake because they never intend to sell the products at the so-called original price to begin with. Read the quote from the analyst again: “A lot of the discount is already priced into the product. That’s why you see much more stable margins.”

            If you buy something for $20 that is “listed” at $50, but the retailer always intended for you to pay $20 anyway, did you really get a deal? No, you didn’t. So again, “fake deals” is not a difference between Singles Day shopping and Black Friday shopping.

  • mr.wiener

    Less we forget.

  • Taojessy

    “Only retards would buy things on Single’s Day.”

    57.1 Billion RMB worth of Retards in China….

    • Rick in China

      That’s not including the retards with no money to take part.

  • Rick in China
  • tcl334

    Yes Chinese based on population, on 11.11 Tmall sales hit 57.1billion, but Tmall and JD and other sites combined it’s 100 billion, US people spend 12.1 billion $ on Cyber Monday, let’s calculate the per capita. Oh there’s a country has larger population than China, called India, how are they doing in online-shopping?
    During Chrismas western people are also going home, in German the trains delay and the highway jam, image if there’s larger population in western country, can they really deliver more passenger journeys better than China?

    • tcl334

      I am wrong, US spend $2.29 billion which is 12.1 billion rmb

      • Rick in China

        I’m still lost as to why how much people spend online in sort-of-comparable single day figures means anything whatsoever?

        Are you implying that Chinese have a massive amount of disposable income to spend on stuff, oh so rich? Or what? I don’t really understand how anything in that proves any point whatsoever, and all you can say is “logic is wrong” — simply because you lack the sense to understand an argument.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          Its just human nature to say “WOW” when you see something happening at a magnificent scale.
          What abnormal is, when people say “wow” about something, a couple of idiots jump out and say “You are stupid, the thing you are WOWing about is not comparable with other things (on a per capita basis) “, and it turns out that the idiots were wrong.
          And then the idiots change the topic, and say: The thing we’ve been arguing about doesn’t mean anything.

          • Surfeit

            Nice try, but it wasn’t someone saying ‘wow’. It was, ‘This is amazing and no other nation could match our undoubted greatness.’

            NEWSFLASH: It’s not that amazing. Other countries don’t need to do it, because they’ve developed beyond that point already.

            I’m sorry you have to hear it like this, because while China is truly making a lot of ground, and overcoming many feats, it is still decades from ‘awe-inspiring’. Especially in the eyes of people who are looking in, from countries which overcame their own great feats many moons ago.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            The original text is “壮观”, it is translated to “awe-inspiring”, but if your Chinese is good enough, you would know that “WOW” is a better translation.
            I’m sorry but your whole argument is a straw man because of ignorance.

          • Surfeit

            Holy fucking shiiiiiit.

            If my ‘Chinese is good enough’?

            Was* [whatever].

            Dear, Mr ‘I’ll-tell-you-about-language-on-a-translated-into-English-site, and you should know better…’

            Suck my shriveled, slightly brownish, receding cock! You displaced, desperate, undistinguished, despairing, defiant, bellicose, unconsidering, ball-sack, slack-jawed, waste of fresh air, ignorant, slightly retarded, gommo, backwards door-handle, discreditable wordmonger.

            ‘I’m sorry but your whole argument is a straw man because of ignorance.’

          • Surfeit

            Literally, and figuratively! Jackass.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            You mad, bro?

          • Surfeit

            I’m glad that is your favoured reaction to the situation; I was guessing you’d flake after realising your English wasn’t up to scratch, while criticising my Chinese, that I didn’t use, because the article is in English, and English is what I referred to.

            Perhaps I was mad. (I can’t really remember.)

            I’m feeling quite vindicated right now though, and also impressed with my drunken lexis.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Neither I said my English is good nor I criticised your Chinese. Your argument is again, a straw man.

          • Surfeit

            “I’m sorry but your whole argument is a straw man because of ignorance.”

            Do you understand the meaning of the word ‘criticism’?

            Or is this the part when you redefine the words you used, to justify your argument of ‘very simple logic’?

          • Probotector

            That’s got to be the douchiest reply

          • simon

            take a chill pill, fucktard.

          • Surfeit

            ‘Fucktard’, lol. Good one!

          • Rick in China

            No, panties. I always made the implication that the whole point is stupid, and means nothing. Please see my first reply to his reply to my post:

            “That, in of itself, should obviously make you understand that your proposition is pointless.”

            It is pointless. It means nothing. The only thing “wow” about the migrant workers during spring festival is the TRAGIC conditions in which they travel, and the horrendous struggle they have and terribly long trips, just to see their family – which they essentially abandon just so they can send enough money home for food and living expense for their children-strangers.

            Wow. Yes, Wow, but not in a good way.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            According to you. the highest one day record of online sales means nothing. But BBC, CNN and yahoo think otherwise, if they are all reporting it, then it must means something to their readers. So either you are wrong or the whole world around you is wrong.

            I have been traveled across the nation during spring-festival on slow trains as a university freshman. That was not a pleasant experience but calling it tragic, terrible and horrendous? lol. Either you are stupid or I was tougher than a migrant worker who do heavy labor more than 8 hours a day.

          • Surfeit

            The Logic, by an idiot.

            ‘Uni freshman, compared to migrant worker’.

            Sponsored by, ‘The South China Sea in Vietnam is Chinese territory because we have a brown map, etc.’

          • Alex Dương

            Sponsored by, ‘The South China Sea in Vietnam is Chinese territory because we have a brown map, etc.’

            You sure it isn’t Malaysian, Filipino, or Bruneian?

          • Probotector

            You know what he’s referring to, don’t nitpick and mince words.

          • Alex Dương

            Yes, I know what he’s referring to. That’s why I asked my question. If he wants to claim that the Spratly Islands are Vietnamese because of geographic proximity (*), that’s totally fine, so long as he acknowledges that by saying that, he is implying that the Taiwanese, Malaysians, Filipinos, and Bruneians all have bullshit claims, not just the mainland Chinese.


            Of course, the hilarious part with such an argument is that both of you are British and would doubtless say that the Falkland Islands are British. And of course, bringing this up is “deflection.” It isn’t. If the Falkland Islands are British, then obviously geographic proximity does not imply sovereignty.

          • Surfeit

            I didn’t mention the Spratly Islands.

            I am referring to geographic proximity though. In particular the UNCLOS 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone off the coast of Vietnam (plus others), that China is laying claim over based on old maps.

            I don’t really know too much about it, but from what I’ve seen and read, it seems like a ridiculous claim.

            I don’t think it’s deflection to bring up the Falklands if you thought I was talking about the Spratly Islands.
            I think the Falklands is a different ball game though.

          • Alex Dương

            A common argument from the various governments that are in the dispute is that the Spratly Islands (and between China / Taiwan and Vietnam, also the Paracel Islands) fall within their exclusive economic zones.

          • Surfeit

            Yep, I understand that. My bone of contention here is that China is laying claim to most of the open water, to within 100 nautical miles of other countries, far away from any disputed islands.

            That’s what I meant by ‘The South China Sea in Vietnam is Chinese territory because we have a brown map, etc.’ I guess territory was the wrong term for it, and that probably prompted your follow up regarding the islands.

          • Alex Dương

            I think it’s fair to dispute Chinese claims. But I’d also like to point out that this dispute began in the 1930s; that is, back then, China (the ROC) was already laying claim to water within 100 nautical miles of other countries in the region.

            But back then, only two countries disputed China’s claim: France (acting on behalf of Vietnam) and Japan (which argued that the Paracels were Chinese, not French / Vietnamese; but that the Spratlys were, *cough*, “terra nullius”). Malaysia and Brunei were British colonies, but the U.K. did not enter the dispute. The Philippines was an American colony, but the U.S. did not enter the dispute.

            So even if we set aside the issue of the islands, it just seems weird to me that back then, the U.K. and the U.S. didn’t give a crap that China, France, and Japan were claiming waters right next to their respective colonies.

          • Surfeit

            Not seeing how that makes it acceptable.

          • Alex Dương

            I didn’t say it was “acceptable.” I’m pointing out that “common sense” can only go so far. If it were so obvious that the Chinese (and the French, and the Japanese) were in the wrong, why didn’t the U.K. and the U.S. complain back then? They had direct interests in the area through their colonies; and indeed, France was in the dispute on behalf of a colony.

          • Surfeit

            I don’t know why. You’re losing me here; I’m not seeing what this has to do with my comment.

            You brought up the Spratlys, then the Paracels, and now you’re talking about the history of the situation.

            I was making a quip about China’s more recent claims to the waters that are so close to other countries, because I think it’s wrong to do, and don’t see the logic behind the claims, given the establishment of modern international law.

            Likewise, as I said, I’m not very well read on the situation or it’s history. As such, I’m not looking to get into postscripts about it.

            Later tater!

          • Alex Dương

            What it has to do with your comment is that you oversimplify the situation. It is a lot more complex than “China is wrong because ‘logic.'” In fact, just about every dispute China has is way more complex than either Beijing or other parties make it out to be.

          • Surfeit

            Sure thing.

          • Surfeit

            I’m gona be frank, and a bit dumb here, but I don’t understand the question.

            ‘sure it isn’t’ is confusing me!

            ‘Am I certain, that it’s not…’ ??

            EDIT: Ignore this. After reading your other post I understand.

    • RickyBeijing

      Alright, I’ll play ball.

      I’m not from the US, but since you’re comparing, according to that site the sales for last year’s black Friday were $57B, which at today’s exchange rate is 349billion RMB. Thats’ 3 1/2 times the Chinese Singles day figure. Now if we compare the populations, China has 4.5 times more people. So actually, the spending in the US is 15.75 higher than that in China.

      Secondly, are you really comparing to India? and did you really just say that India has a higher population? Compare apples with apples you dumb bastard.

      Finally,Car ownership in China is 70 million cars to 1.4billion people, car ownership in the US is 250 million cars to 350 million people. Now I live in Beijing, and I’ve been to the US, and I can tell you that traffic here is without a doubt worse than Europe or the US. German trains are part of the SNCF network, and I doubt they jam as much as you seem to think, but you certainly won’t have any facts to prove me wrong, just your pathetic Chinese inferiority complex.

      • tcl334

        Still, no logic and full of personal abuse.
        I am comparing on online sales only. You can’t bit the 11.11 record with US online sales, then you take a offline sales record. If you want to compare the offline sales, Chinese people also spend a lot in physical stores.
        If your first step is to compare car ownership in China and in US, you second step should be compare traffic situation in entire China and in entire US. Compare Beijing traffic jam to entire US and entire Germany? Why not compare Tibet traffic to the US?

        • Probotector

          Your argument is basically the only argument China has for anything: quantity over quality. Everything has to boil down to a statistical dick measuring exercise with you people: “we have the biggest population, the biggest growth in GDP, the highest spending capacity of an individual on luxury goods, the largest standing army blah blah,” ad nauseum ad absurdium. As RickyBeijing was saying, it’s because the population is higher, and as RickinChina is saying, China’s ‘accomplishments’ in overcoming poverty are insignificant, next to those that others in the world have achieved. This ‘bubble world’ mentality, self-proclaiming that China is the best because you are big, and because you ignore or shut out the reality of the outside world, is what’s really damaging. Underneath your facade of size and might, China is corrupt, inefficient, and morally unbalanced. Moreover, just because China has a newly developed super rich class, does not mean that there are not still hundreds of millions still living in squalour (by international standards). Clearly you’re a shill for Chinese nationalism, with a serious inferiority complex.

          • Ken Morgan

            I dunno a lot of those things could be said about other countries. The UK is corrupt, inefficient and morally unbalanced too in many aspects. China however can string it a long a bit longer and do stuff we’ve been doing for the past 40 years. Expanding a massive credit bubble in place of real economic activities.

          • simon

            A higher population does not automatically cause higher spending/higher GDP etc. it can be correlated but correlation is not the same as causation, so there’s your first mistake, econometrics 101.

            Secondly, China overcoming poverty is not insignificant, in fact it is regarded by many as a modern day feat considering the short span of time in which it has lifted hundreds of millions out of the poverty line. Enlighten me on any country which has managed to do this similar in scale and speed to which China has achieved.

            China is indeed corrupt, unbalanced and all the above but still doesn’t take anything away from what they have managed to achieve.

      • tcl334

        yes I make some small mistakes on India’a population and so on, but you are logically wrong.

    • Zappa Frank

      please, in china everything delay always, traffic jam is daily everywhere and airplanes delay is not common, is expected… I really don’t understand what your are trying to prove.. that china has a better transport organization than western countries? sincerely hard to believe even if there are some point of excellence (for instance I think the subway of shanghai is great)

  • Webster

    These sales holidays are all silly anyways, since most people just buy what they would have bought throughout the rest of the year anyways…it tells us nothing about actual consumption, in a broader sense. It’s just a big number.

    The point of Black Friday is to be the big box retailer that gets to the customer to come THERE to buy it; Singles-Day is to get them to buy it on Alibaba.

    Same exact idea.

    It seems the story being pushed is that the average Chinese consumer is comfortable with spending money online…in which case, I would be more interested in the number of transactions rather than the total lump sum of sales, because I would hazard a guess that per person spending was actually quite low.

    This is what happens when we let any and all reporting on China fall into “numbers envy.”

  • Charles

    “Chinese purchasing power, number 1 in the world.”

    Indeed – but as we can see here and in a thousand other ways…

    “Chinese organizational power… lots of room for improvement”

  • David

    Caught this on the news today. Now I won’t say “only in China” but it is a weird thing to do.

    • Zappa Frank

      hahaha, I’ve read it as well.. funny and even strange that the girl said no. Evidently sometimes money are not enough even in china, or more likely someone that do such kind of things is too weird regardless of the money

      • David

        My thought exactly/

    • Paul Schoe

      Yes, weird. But it sounds that, financially speaking, he did a good investment
      A bog blow to his self-esteem though. ;-)

      • David

        I am not sure I see the good financial investment? Paying retail prices for so many iPhones which he will not have to sell at a loss? As a former business owner I would call that a losing investment. Unless I am missing something.

        • Paul Schoe

          It is the high demand for iPhones in China that will most likely enable him to sell even that number of iPhones at a profit.

          The article: “Demand for the latest iPhone is high in China, so he should be able to resell them at a nice profit regardless. “.

          • David

            awww ok, but presumably he BOUGHT them in China, so I think the article is probably over stating it that he will be able to sell them at a profit. But good luck to him.

  • death_by_ivory

    Aliexpress also had flash sales and what not.Most of those sales,werent really sales at all,even more expensive than usual.But I did get to replenish my store with some good stuff.
    But seriously those flash sales? 900 watches sold in 30 seconds?Good for the sellers.

  • monster

    I bought two set of cosmetics on taobao.
    So happy!

  • terroir

    Not to be critical, but the correct spelling is “Singles’ Day”, not “Single’s Day”.

    This is relevant because it reveals the origin of the day itself: singles would get together and celebrate their diaosi status of not being properly married, a message that would get warped into China’s 5th Valentine’s Day so that people finally have a day to rid themselves of their hated singleness and finally get married like their parents always intended.

  • terroir

    This article misses out on the way couriers get compared in pictorials to soldiers who have gone to earthquake disaster zone to dig out survivors.

    Both are shown exhausted, worked to the bone, slumped over at their stations. Also, the ones still awake have a tiny (but visible) tear in their eye.

  • Gary

    It’s amazing that anything gets delivered on time from those random piles on the floors. Compare to pictures of Amazon’s fullfillment centers in the US where it looks like even the dust is in order.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yeah right, how the hell did everything get sorted?

  • Paul Schoe

    People deserve personal abuse because they have a different opinion? What happened to the way that ChinaSmack used to discuss things?

    We can disagree with TCL334 for his opinion, but the fact that he has a different opinion and doesn’t bent to your logic, doesn’t mean that he deserves personal abuse.
    A lot of shouting here at CS at the moment. A pity.

  • A long way from home

    Guys, stop feeding the troll. This tcl334 clearly is a troll and judging by his ability to comment on every single post here he’s probably a paid troll. (And if he’s not getting paid for it he’s a SB. Talking that much shit without earning a penny…)

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