Shipping Warehouses Packed From Chinese Singles’ Day Shopping


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After “Single’s Day” Shopping Spree, Mountains of Packages Piled in Warehouses Across the Country

On the morning of November 11th, in Changxing Zhejiang, inside a 800 square meter warehouse belonging to an electronics company at the Changxing Scientific Park, over 200 workers were busy packing and sorting packages for shipping around the country. This day was “Single’s Day”. In recent years, every year on November 11th, major electronic retailers such as Tmall and Jingdong takes advantage of this day to hold massive promotions to increase sales. This day have become the largest online shopping event in China.


On November 11th, at a delivery company in Hangzhou, mountains of packages piled up. During Single’s Day shopping spree, the sudden massive increase in volume led many delivery companies to work frantically on this busy day.


At midnight on November 12th, Alibaba announced the Single’s Day sales figures: Tmall total sales figure reached 57.1 billion yuan, including 24.3 billion in mobile payments, with a total of 278 million items sold. On November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi, workers were sorting packages at a delivery distribution center.


According to reports, this year’s highest sales figure during Single’s Day were: Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, and Fujian. The photo was on November 11th, in Weifang Shandong, at a delivery company distribution center, workers were sorting packages.


During the frenzy of online shopping, the shipping industry also saw increase in shipping packages, many shipping companies faced major challenges. Delivery companies predicted that Single’s Day packages will take 10 days to complete shipping. The photo was from November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi at a delivery sorting center, workers were sorting packages.


According to the National Postal Bureau’s conservative estimates, during Single’s Day from November 10th to November 17th, in those 7 days total shipping items will reach 500 million, a fivefold increase from last year. The highest daily processed packages will reach 90 million, an increase of 38.5% over last year. The photo was from November 11th, in Jiujiang Jiangxi, at a Shentong Delivery sorting center, workers were busy sorting packages.


According to statistics, this year there will be a total of 1.2 million delivery men working during Single’s Day. The photo was from November 11th, at a delivery sorting center in Jiujiang Jiangxi.


Due to this year’s Single’s Day coincides with the start of APEC, during the height of deliveries, on the 11th and 12th in Beijing there was a vehicle limit where all cars from outside the 6th ring were unable to enter the city. The photo was from November 11th at the Wukesong Camera Center in Beijing, delivery men were busy at work .


On November 11th in Jiujiang Jiangxi, at a delivery sorting center, workers were sorting packages.

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Single’s Day meant the day delivery men will die from exhaustion! A moment of silence for 3 minutes!


Cough, cough. A diaosi who only spent 5000 yuan on Single’s Day passing by…


I only contributed a few thousand yuan, not bad.


Good thing I didn’t contribute a single cent to the 57.1 billion.


So awe inspiring, which country in the world can compare to China’s Spring Festival [chun yun] and Single’s Day [shopping].


I am a person with strong self-control! In the face of temptations, I’d never budge. On Single’s Day when I saw the gold iPhone 6 I always wanted, I didn’t buy; A 50% discount on a watch, I also held off; 60% off limited edition shoes, I still didn’t buy; Even 70% off down jacket and pants, I held off one after another. I must be sensible at all times, to not buy out of impulse! In psychology this is known as “I really don’t have money”.


Only retards would buy things on Single’s Day.


The places with the most sales are places with the most singles.


Most probably bought blow-up dolls right?


This proves Chinese people have lots of money.


Double 11 (Single’s Day) is a sham, things are not actually cheap, people should all know that. Those who buy are probably following a trend.


I also bought many things on this day, now I’m broke!


Haha, Single’s Day is a carnival for Chinese people! To be more specific, a carnival for women!


Chinese purchasing power, number 1 in the world.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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