Short and Tall Couples: Which Is More Dangerous?

From Sina Weibo:

@小野妹子学吐槽: The two couples below, which one looks more dangerous?

A short girl kissing a tall boy.A short boy kissing a tall girl.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


First image: imaginary picture for EXO fans, second image: imaginary picture for TFBOYS fans.


First one: Korean oppa with Heavenly Kingdom girl~ Second one: TFBOYS and Heavenly Kingdom auntie.


Either one is enough to be sentenced several years.


Both are very dangerous, look like heterosexual love.


The first one is like a young female fan with her EXO oppa, while the second one is the mother of a TFBOYS.


Doesn’t matter which one, bachelor dog doesn’t want to see either of them. [doge]


Not having someone is more dangerous.


Aren’t we supposed to call 110 [emergency number for police] when seeing such situations?


The second one has a sort of Mori Ran and Conan look to it. [汗]


The first one look like sweethearts, while the second one looks like a mother and son.


The first one is extremely dangerous, will cause spinal complications, and a broken neck. The shotacon in the second one will still grow up, so no need to panic.


Isn’t the second couple TFBOYS and their mommies?


Can we please let Guo Jingming have a relationship in peace!?


Both are heterosexual love, and both will face the danger of being burned to death.


First, we are older sisters [girls]. [拜拜] Second, the three boys in TFBOYS are all already 170+ cm tall. [拜拜] So third, we are not as tall as they are. [拜拜] So we aren’t the second image! No, no, I won’t listen! [喵喵]

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