‘Shouting Brother’ Firefighter Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby

"Xiaoxiao", an infant girl found abandoned in a public toilet in Shaaxi, China, rescued by firefighters.

"Xiaoxiao", an infant girl found abandoned in a public toilet in Shaaxi, China, rescued by firefighters.

This was a top trending story yesterday on the Chinese internet…

From Sina Weibo:

#Shouting Brother#

Topic Introduction: On the 8th December, firemen in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, saved a baby which had been abandoned in a public toilet. The child was then rushed to the hospital by the firemen for emergency treatment, with sirens sounding the whole journey. Within the fire engine, the young captain desperately shouted on the loudspeaker for vehicles ahead to make way, whilst gently encouraging the child to hang on, filled with great compassion. This ‘Shouting Brother’ and his comrades have won another chance at life for this baby, and the child is currently safe and sound.

From Youku:

Baby Girl Abandoned in Cesspit, Firefighters Fish Her Out Barehanded and Take Her to Hospital

On the afternoon of the 8th December 2014, the sound of a crying baby arose from a public toilet in Yulin, Shaanxi Province. The firefighters immediately pulled her out with their hands, took off their clothes, wrap her in them, and took her to the hospital. The child is currently in a stable condition. The firefighters gave the child the name ‘Xiaoxiao’ [based on the first character in the Chinese word for “firefighting/firefighters”] and bought her clothes, milk powder, diapers etc.

The above video had 1.53 million views at time of translation.

From Sina Weibo:

@微博新鲜事 [Weibo Fresh News]: #Shouting Brother# [赞][赞][赞] [Reshared from] // @中国消防 [China Fire-Fighting]: Click ‘like’ to support @Shaanxi Fire-Fighting’s “Shouting Brother”! [赞] Click ‘like’ for the baby-Saving firemen! [赞] Click ‘like’ for the drivers and citizens that gave way to the fire truck! [赞] Click ‘like’ for all darlings sharing this post! [赞]

From Sina Weibo:

@陕西消防 [Shaanxi Fire-Fighting]: Shaanxi Firefighting “Shouting Brother” — On the 8th December, a baby girl was abandoned in the cess pit of a public toilet in Yulin, Shaanxi Province. After firefighting officers and men rushed to the scene, they immediately pulled the child out, wrapped her in their camouflaged clothes, and took her to the hospital. The entire ride there, the yelling and shouting inside the fire truck shook people’s hearts……

[This microblog post included the above Youku video]

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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The tenderness of ‘darling, don’t fall sleep’ coupled with the pure manliness of ‘ALL CARS IN FRONT GET OUT OF THE WAY’; the tenderness of a hard-as-steel man, puts one on the edge of tears…


The baby was on the edge of death and yet there are SB criticizing the fireman for an impatient tone of voice, that he should go a little slower, that he should say ‘please’. To this kind of refined and sophisticated person, I sincerely hope that the day you fall into a cesspit and are about to drown, fire fighters will gracefully pull you out, the driver will drive ever so slowly, and also use the sweet voice of an AV [Japanese Adult Video] idol to say, softly and calmly, ‘please could everyone kindly give way, OK? If everyone doesn’t give way, then this person will to die, tee hee’. [可爱]


I just saw some ‘saint’ criticising “Shouting Brother” for not having a good tone of voice, saying that he should watch his tone and use ‘please’. Seeing this, my heart seized. Why are such keyboard warriors and saints so obnoxious? Is turning the siren on not enough? You also have to gently say ‘please’? You need to be fast to save people; what are you doing playing with eloquent words at a time like that? Keyboard warriors and saints really are hypocritical.


If no one wants her, give her to me then. Right now my husband and I don’t have a baby, so give her to me then. [可怜]


I really want to marry him. [爱你][爱你]


Abandoning a child in a cesspit! Normal people wouldn’t be able to do this kind of thing.


[泪] This made me cry. In our eyes as outsiders, she’s just like any other darling baby, and yet she was abandoned by her own parents…


I’m truly moved and heartbroken by this.


Domestic drivers don’t really like giving way to emergency vehicles, and you have to shout like this. But how many workers are there that would shout like this? How many emergency vehicles have been delayed as a result?


I’d like to ask, is ‘Shouting Brother’ in need of a wife?


The tenderness of a rough guy, and in this moment… we all understood.


Upon hearing the sirens of special vehicles, drivers should conscientiously reduce their speed and move to the right, leaving the left lane free for special vehicles to urgently pass.


At first I felt he was putting on a show, but the more I listened the more it felt genuine, the more I listened the more moving it was! Thank you, firefighters!


If I have a car to drive in future, I’ll definitely make way for fire engines.


The moment someone calls, no matter what it is, firefighters will set out as fast as they can. ’Like’. I’m also a firefighter.


Will the child be deaf when she grows up? [泪]


I’m also a rehabilitated armed police and fire service veteran. I’m proud of my fellow comrades, and firefighters are the restless warriors in times of peace.


Firefighters and chengguan are both public servants, but why is there such a huge difference between them?


#Shouting Brother# The love of men is always expressed in action, like the love of a father, who is not good at expressing himself, who is great but wordless. The world is full of love, ad let us click ‘like’ for them. [赞]


Is there anyone like me who ended up crying as they watched [the video]? So moved. [泪]




For ‘the most loveable people’ click ‘like’.[good]

[Note: Reference to Chinese soldiers participating in the Korean War who were called ‘the most loveable people’ in a report published in The People’s Daily.]


Is giving way to firefighters and police with their sirens on not a duty of city residents? How many people have forgotten the phrase, ‘when you hear the sound of a police, fire engine or ambulance’s siren, you must proactively make way for them’? These days, in a time where so many normal things have become abnormal, everyone instead praises and applauds the normal. Is this the state of our modern-day society? These are just my own personal opinions. “Shouting Brother” is of course passing on positive energy for everyone. [good][good]


[泪] Moving, there are a lot of good people out there!

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  • bender

    Funny how public servants doing the job they’ve been trained to do can so move others.

    • Xia

      No one is trained to do this kind of job…

      • Pharenheit

        What he said.

      • Irvin

        Now he can put that on his resume.

        • Xia

          Or get a Hero of the People’s Republic medal.

      • bender

        Apparently you don’t understand the concept of emergency workers…

        You are making a childish appeal to emotion by using a red herring. I am not claiming that people are trained to deal with the emotional impact that comes from dealing with a crisis situation, I am saying that emergency workers are trained to rescue those in need and bring them to a medical facility in a speedy fashion.

        Perhaps if the average driver on the street cared more about the rules of the road, than this wouldn’t be such a heartwarming story. The fact remains that a young girl was tragically disposed of in a cesspit and now faces an uncertain future.

        • Xia

          “Public servant” is a red herring, no one is trained to fish someone out of the cesspit.

      • Rick in China

        “Picked up baby found in toilet, drove to hospital.”

        Utterly amazing in my opinion. Shocked and awed at the skill and heroics of it all, in the face of such a challenge, who but these firefighters could rise to the challenge?

    • x1sfg


    • takasar1

      funnier still is how keyboard warriors can find a fault in anything..

    • DC

      Bender must come from a reality where everyone poops gold nuggets and pisses rainbows

    • biggj

      Any decent human would of done that.,,,,just so happen to be a fire fighter.

      • Sunandan K

        And he should be applauded for being a decent/above par human being, not a firefighter . I know plenty of people who would just keep walking by even after hearing a baby cry.

    • donscarletti

      Firstly, he is trained to fight fires, not save babies. Secondly, he’s paid maybe a 20th of what I’m paid, but he still is willing to risk his life to fight fires.

      • Sunandan K

        No one is paid enough to fight fires..

  • Claude

    Why don’t we give each other awesome nicknames like “Shouting Brother”?I assume that these names are derived from thier character so don’t call me masterbating Claude.

    • Xia

      Haha, better call yourself Airplane Shooter Claude!

      • Claude

        I assume it’s the translations that sound so odd. In Chinese they sound fine?

    • Kai

      LoL, if you didn’t share that with us, we would’ve never known you’re characterized by your masturbation.

      • SheepShaggerBob

        Never mind Masterbating Claude, I know how u feel, I shagged one sheep !

      • Claude

        Moderating brother, a little comic relief. Touching pics.

    • Teacher in China

      Too late. You shall forevermore be known as Masturbating Claude!

      • guest

        Why not masturbating bother!

  • slob

    Saved from a world of shit to be raised in another.

  • mr.wiener

    Everyday heroics…but far from mundane. People who care enough…to care ,and do the best job they can are a asset to any community.

  • Chaz

    “If I have a car to drive in future, I’ll definitely make way for fire engines.” Ummmm…is this NOT the law already in China? Oh yeah…too many important people doing what they need to do at their own pace…

  • guest

    Lovely photo no.8 is. No.7 reminds me of a photo of my nephew as a baby, the wtf kind of stare saying I don’t want to be hold and just want some sleep.

  • Karze

    This mainly due to Chinese culture and communism which favours boys over girl and one child policy.

  • UserID01

    Who the fuck is actually a sad enough dickwad to criticize a hero saving a baby’s life because the guy used a tone of voice they didn’t approve of? You shout during an emergency because your emotions are heightened, or if you’re trying to get your message across to as many people as possible to try and secure the patient. Anyone upset about this guy shouting during a newborn’s rescue needs to caress their rectum with the broken end of a glass bottle.