Sichuan Earthquake Memorial Museum To Cost 2.3 Billion


From NetEase:

Summary: The complete plans for the Beichuan National Earthquake Ruins Museum that has been the subject of much attention by citizens from all walks of life have been released, with a preliminary budget requiring a ~2.3 billion yuan total investment/cost. The moment the design plan was introduced, it immediately caused huge amounts of heated discussion from all walks of life in society. Some netizens have questioned whether using vast amounts of money to construct a museum amounts to an “image project.”


Comments from NetEase:


2.3 billion!! What use is there building a museum? Think about what more important things can be done with 2.3 billion yuan, how many kilometers of public roads, lay how many electrical wires?


Why not use this money to help even more people?

This is something that officials often do: Telling other people how many good things they have done? Then, where are those good things?

If they really want to build it, then every official should take out some of their own money to build it. Our money will only be used on rebuilding the houses of the Wenchuan earthquake people.


2.3 billion investment, surely what follows will be a batch of rich people! Supervise? Perfect? Effective? Is it possible for those above and those below to not collude? After all it is 2.3 billion!

The leaders want to dig money out of the people, so they use a project as an excuse to grab the money. Old routines, much too familiar! Do not TMD talk to me about supervising officials! Are those supervising humans/people?!? Even ghosts have been cheated so many times they are scared,  even ghosts all know this song~~~!~!!~!


The Wenchuan earthquake left the Chinese shock, there is no need for a 2.3 billion museum to prove it!!


It can be built, but the money cannot come from the country, suggestion: each province raids 100 corrupt officials, and get the money from them.


Spend more money on proper school architecture/construction, otherwise we would not have lost that many young schoolchildren lives.


When the earthquake happened, I was a student, and I also donated money, no less than three times.
Now I work, and taxes I also pay, every month.
However I never thought the money would be used on something like this.
Who knows, maybe next time I go there they will also collect an entrance fee.
A few kuai, I can endure, but these kind of things that hurt people’s feelings I cannot endure.
Had I known earlier, I should have learned from Sichuan’s volunteer corps, and only sent financial and material aid directly to those who needed it.
2.3 billion…who knows how much of it will be deducted as “service charges” in the process?


If the officials truly fucking go against morality and nature, and build a fucking earthquake museum, then go ahead and build it. After it is finished, have another earthquake come and kill those corrupt official bastards.


Little Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by atomic bombs yet they did not build a museum, they did not have money! If we want to memorialize then leaving the city’s wreckage/rubble there would be better than anything!


Someone said when I was donating money: I can understand your frame of mind, but your actions are a crime, because your donations will create more corrupt officials.


Comments from Tianya:


Lightly sitting on the sofa, both eyes tearful, return the money I donated back to me!


Really shameless…other countries will again think we live in a harmonious society.


If the country approves this, it will really arouse the citizen’s anger.


Our company just went to Beichuan yesterday…
The past few days we contacted the donation organizations to find the head of the temporary housing area, and the first thing he asked was, “how many hundreds of thousands are you guys planning on donating?” That tone of voice was cocky to the extreme.
We are but private donors, and the lowest-paid member of our staff only makes 700 kuai a month…
After donating money in the temporary housing area, the local temporary housing residents told us our donations were useless because they will not even see one fen [cent] of it…
Sigh, the money I donated last year is so regrettable.


I believe Beichuan needs to move its location anyway,
and there will not be many people who will go back and live in the old location,
why not just leave it the way it is?
Would it not be even more memorable?
Insisting on spending that money to build a museum,
would not be better than building the new city better.

Preserving the way it looks now would be even better at attracting tourists,
and would also not cause financial waste.
Building a museum, who would want to see it?
It would be easier to just go online and look at pictures,
why bother going to your Beichuan museum to see?


If they build a 2.3 billion museum, 500 million will be given to the leaders to buy cars, 500 million will be given to the leaders to have mistresses, 500 million will be gambled away in Macau, and another 500 million will be reserved as the leaders’ pocket money!


Several millions for SUVs, several billions for a museum.
What’s next?


Build it, it is a pretty good idea, at least it can jump start domestic consumption. However, another thing I saw, if you let the public servants easily leave the country’s border, then there will be nothing left!


MLGB, are these dog officials able to do any legitimate business, time after time disappointing/hurting me that I have already become numb.


The highest level of life (repost):
Receive Saudi Arabia salary, live in the English houses, use Swedish mobile phones, wear Swiss watches,  marry Korean women, have a Japanese mistress, get Thai massages,  drive German cars, fly American planes, drink French wine, eat Australian seafood, smoke Cuban cigars, wear Italian shoes, play Spanish girl, watch Austrian operas, buy Russian villas, employ Filipino maids, have Israeli bodyguards, take Turkish saunas, and be a Chinese cadre.
If you can become the last one, everything before it can be realized.


I do not even want to yell at them anymore. CAO.


At the time, I donated twice. The first time was organized by my work unit and I donated 500 kuai. Later when I saw so many poor homeless children, I donated another 1000 when our work unit organized a second donation. At the time, my wages and subsidies were only 1350 total, and I wondered whether the donated money would really be used on the disaster victims, but thinking that it was for the disaster area gave me a clear conscience. Now that I think about it I cannot avoid feeling a little hurt! If there is an unfortunate day where another national tragedy happens, I will still be pained, but I will use a different way to show my care and concern!!!


When old men and old women fall in Nanjing, no one dares to help them up.

When the Beichuan local government takes the money donated by the children of China to the disaster victims to buy fancy cars, build fancy museums, this is something that only happens in China.

In the future, I will never donate money again, since even if I donate it will not go into the hands of the disaster victims.
It would have been more practical to directly send food to the disaster victims.


Fuck, I had felt ashamed for only donating 5 yuan at the time, because I was truly too poor while other schoolmates had donated tens to hundreds. However, it is not more and more clear, the money has been eaten by the dogs!!!



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