Sichuan Man Peeked At Neighbor, Convicted Of Rape


From Sohu:

43-year-old Li X X, after drinking, sneaked with abnormal intent into the home of his female neighbor Liu X X whom he was secretly in love with. He first climbed onto a tree to wait for an opportunity, but in the midst of a thunderstorm, he had waited 4 hours before finally being discovered and caught by Liu X X. Afterward, Li X X confessed and expressed remorse, hoping the court will let him off easily, but he was ultimately convicted of rape and sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment to be suspended for one year.

Li was seen in the tree during a flash of lightning.


Comments from Tianya:


The law has become a plaything in the hands of judges. Being born in a China this terrifying is too frightening.


PKs the Xishui case!!!

[means: this is more outrageous than the recent case of a child prostitution ring in Xishui, China]


Stealing is also judged as rape…then should men be charged with rape when looking at women’s bosoms on the street?


SB, had he thrown 50 yuan money into [the window] it would have just been visiting a prostitute/brothel, and the most he would have gotten detained.


My God!!!

What kind of world is this!!!

Such a big difference from those Xishui human scum!!!

Where is the prestige of China’s law???


In the future
in China
everyone with a
normal JJ
will be unable to avoid being jailed.


That man is so stupid, why admit oneself was thinking of raping? Say oneself just wanted to peek and he would have been fine.


My mind is thinking of robbing a bank, and then I walk past the front of the bank carrying a fruit knife in my pocket. Discovering a security guard, I leave. Then I go to the police station and surrender myself. ===========
Will the police tell me I am a SB?


If I face the direction of America, use a slingshot, and shoot a pellet, then shout: “fuck Americans!”
Would my actions constitute provoking a world war? Should the United Nations dispatch planes, cannons, ballistic missiles, whatever? And then I can blame Tianya.


That judge must have had his head kicked by a donkey.


Come on, this guy is too slow also. If you want to rape, hurry up. What are you doing idling for four hours in a tree?


Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, Item 1: If we say you violated the law, then you violated the law. (as said by Han Han)


I have secretly loved Cecelia Chung for a long time now. I just looked at her naked and had thoughts of raping her, but when I was pawing at the computer screen I realized that I could not reach her. Am I supposed to go turn myself in to the public security organ tomorrow?


The judge is beside himself: Fortunately there was only one person in the tree. Had there been seven people then it would have been gang-rape~


Comrades who like to climb trees take notice: do not rashly climb trees anymore.
If you truly have too much energy, cannot restrain yourself, the risks of becoming an embezzling civil servant is still lower than climbing trees…

Comments from Sohu:


If everyone could confess, I bet the entire country would need to expand several tens of prisons. Honestly speaking, there are too many impulsive people!


Evidence! Evidence!


What a fucking arbitrary judge doing whatever he wants! China’s law is too arbitrary!


Hilarious! If he had admitted to going to Liu’s house to steal something, then would he have been convicted of stealing?


This is only rape because he testified so. Had he said nothing or had he said he wanted to murder, would it have been acquitted or sentenced to death? A person’s own words cannot prove anything! Who can guarantee that they have never had an evil thought in their mind? Would that be committing a crime? A country with rule of law should weigh evidence heavily, and weigh testimony less.


There is nothing more absurd than this, but after considering that this happened in China, it is not so strange after all!


The penalty should be in accordance with the result in law. How many people are there that upon seeing sexy girls during summer will have sexual impulses? Should they all be sentenced? As a man in these times either you think of committing a crime and be sentenced or you are impotent. Which type are you???


Actually, he could have said: I was just in her tree looking at the stars, and he would have been fine.


Officials raping young girls is considered visiting young prostitutes, but when ordinary common people just take a look, it is rape…truly a mysterious country where there is nothing that cannot be done, only what cannot be thought of.


Three big judges fresh from the oven: Nanjing judge, Guizhou Xishui judge, Sichuan judge.

Note: These pictures are from a movie, and are not related to the news story.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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