Sichuan Ya’an 7.0 Earthquake, Chinese Netizen Reactions


On Sina Weibo:

@中国国际救援队 [China International Rescue Team]: At 8:02am on April 20th in Lushan county of Ya’an city in Sichuan province (30.3 degrees latitude north, 103.0 degrees longitude east), a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred, with an epicenter depth of 13 kilometers. If your mobile phone has receptions, please hurry and tell us your location, tremors, and the damage situation you see.


This microblog post was posted on the popular Sina Weibo microblogging social network at 8:29am this morning. Since then, at the time of this translation, it has been reshared nearly 400k times and had over 37k replies.


From NetEase:

7.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Sichuan Ya’an City

Latest Number of Casualties: According to information from the China Earthquake Administration, as of 6:16pm, the number of dead has reached 124, with over 3000 injured, with detailed casualties still being processed. (CCTV reporter Sun Yang)

According to information from the China Earthquake Administration, as of 4:22pm, the number of people who have died from the earthquake has risen to 100 people, with over 2000 injured, with 383,000 people being hit by the disaster.


This post on popular Chinese web portal NetEase so far has over 10m pageviews and over 73k comment section participants.


Comments on NetEase:

夏日摸摸擦 [网易重庆市网友]:

I’m in the Fuling suburbs of Chongqing [formerly part of Sichuan], fuck, the shaking was really strong. When the bed shook, I at first thought it was children being naughty. My prayers for Ya’an.

黄家马的逼 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

Prayers, hope the ordinary common people are safe and sound.

网易重庆市网友 [zshzshzsh]:

A 5.9 becomes 7.0, such deception.

大爱烩面 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Luckiness in unluckiness, it was 8 o’clock, most people were already up. Prayers for the Sichuan ordinary common people. Those who can give money, give money, and those who can lend a hand, lend a hand. Let’s get through this difficulty together.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [难人哭吧不是罪]:

the Chengdu military base emergency deployed 2000 people to Lushan and assigned 2 helicopters to survey the disaster. 20 minutes after the earthquake, the Sichuan armed police corps immediately deployed 1200 people to the disaster area. The road between Ya’an to Lushan is already blocked, so the troops are currently rushing there by way of Yingjing county, so the casualties situation isn’t clear. At a training location, two soldiers suffered minor injuries, surrounding walls of the camp collapsed, and the drill ground was in disrepair. A few buildings in the area around the training location had collapsed.

网易四川省成都市网友 [黑得粗起]: (responding to above)

At present it has already been confirmed that the Ya’an earthquake has already caused 10 deaths. At present, the road leading to the disaster area is blocked and urgently being cleared. The Chengdu Shuangliu Airport has shut down, and planes can only land at Chongqing. Sichuan’s level 1 disaster response plans has already been activated.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [吃个饭先]: (responding to above)

In connection with the Ya’an Lushan 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the captain of the Sichuan province fire department says at present, the [damage to the] Ya’an city area is not severe, but things are a little more severe in Lushan. The road to Lushan has already been cut off, and there are many collapses. Chengdu special police have already departed for the disaster area to provide support. Helicopters have already arrived in the air above the disaster area.

a9504191xiangrh [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (responding to above)

Captain Ye Liejian indicated during an interview with CCTV that the area of the earthquake epicenter had been badly hit, with 50% of old buildings having collapsed, wounded outdoors waiting for assistance, some mountains exhibiting landslides, and could see roads being blocked. At present, the situation of collapsed buildings is not as severe as “5.12” [the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake (aka Wenchuan Earthquake) occurred on May 12th].


Sichuan Ya’an earthquake, everyone please forward this on! Everyone give way on the Chengdu-Ya’an highway! Leave a path for the rescue, hospital, and military vehicles, the golden 72 hours [critical time after a disaster]! Time is life! Also, communications to Ya’an Lushan county are currently down, so please for the moment don’t continuously redial Sichuan telephone numbers. Everyone please use microblogs and text messages instead for communications, leaving precious communications resources to save lives! Please spread this! Pray for the disaster area’s residents!

网易四川省雅安市雨城区网友 [李之柱]:

Requesting help! There are about over a thousand university students in Ya’an city Shangli town doing still life drawings, the bridge out has collapsed, and we’re stuck here. Today and tomorrow’s weather is going to be cloudy with light rain. We’re surrounded by mountains, so there can easily be landslides. It’s very dangerous. Requesting friends to help!

吃个饭先 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Help pass this on! Are there any netizens near Shangli town? Please extend a hand to help them. Our reporters are also currently contacting the local authorities to confirm the exact situation.



From Tianya:

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Earthquake in Chengdu (Sichuan Ya’an, Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake, Hundreds of Casualties, This Post is the First on Tianya)

Chengdu had an earthquake, just now!





Comments from Tianya:


So scary. Even sleeping, the shaking awoke me. Can’t get through on the phones. It’s a little smaller than 512, wonder if it is once again some place near Chengdu?


I was just looking for some place to make a post. My dad is in Chengdu, called to say the ceramic tiles on the walls had all fallen off. People standing on the ground were swaying and rocking back and forth. I pray for everyone to be safe… So scary. Why does the Earth get angry every so often…


Heaven protect Chengdu! Heaven protect my fellow hometown residents and friends!!!


Is Li Keqian coming to Ya’an? This is the first relatively big natural disaster since the new premier took office.


Sichuan Ya’an earthquake, those people with N-mistresses, those people who fuck people’s daughters will once again get to get new purses and cars.

Donate… those who fuck daughters and have 23456 mistresses will once again rake in bunch of money.

Get new purses, get new cars.


The Chengdu-Ya’an highway truly deserves being yelled at! With this many cars going to help with the disaster relief forming a huge back up, they’re unbelievably collecting fare one by one. A reporter asks them to please just lift up the toll gate, and unbelievably the response is: We haven’t received the order from above. This should be a passageway for rescue and relief. Highway department, please stop collecting fares!


The Earthquake Bureau might as well just be disbanded, as it only knows how to do things after the fact, a waste of money.


Before 512, I liked sleeping in the nude. In the future, no matter what, I’ll have to at least wear a pair of underwear.


How I wish this piece of information is fake.


Please respect the earthquake disaster area’s people, delete the nude photos!!!


The moment something bad happens in the United States, something bad happening in China will not be far behind. This is a scientific law of disasters, so please everyone remember it. After the Boston Bombing, I knew a catastrophic incident would happen in China. This scientific law has been proven time and time again, with this time being no exception.


Sigh!! Some people spend all day calling for another earthquake to happen to Japan, but hasn’t it now happened to ourselves? May Ya’an residents get through this disaster!


Our Sichuan compatriots are so unfortunate, we wish you well!


Am I lucky or what… Fuck… During 512 [2008 Sichuan Earthquake], it was the long holiday, I was sleeping at home, 6th floor, the shaking was extremely fierce, with household items falling over, and I was shaken from one side of the room to the other… It went on for about a minute, and after I went downstairs, I stayed outside for over 10 hours; The earthquake this morning, 5th floor, it’s the weekend, and I had stayed up all night without sleeping reading the Tsinghua Poisoning Case post on Tianya, and just 10 minutes after getting in bed, before I had fallen asleep, I felt the earthquake’s strength traveling slowly from downstairs up the building, from the bed making noise to the bed shaking to the room shaking, the shaking getting stronger and stronger… Getting out of bed, it was a little difficult to stand steady, but the intensity and length of the shaking were both less than 512. After going downstairs for 10 minutes, I returned home~ Sigh sigh sigh… After experiencing 512, I’m a lot calmer.


How come there’s yet another accident in Sichuan? And it wasn’t predicted yet again this time?


A moment of silence for the departed, a prayer for the injured, a blessing for those alive.


Whoever donates is a SB!


Running outside in the helter-skelter of the earthquake, it’s not strange for people to not have all their clothes, so you shouldn’t post the photographs onto the internet, especially those of girls, it’s really unkind.


Sichuan brothers, learn earthquake preparedness systems from the Japanese… It’s really important!


Hope those who died were all the rich government officials, and not the ordinary common people.



The following video has over 3.2m views after being uploaded 12 hours ago…

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From Youku:

Sichuan Ya’an 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake, Strong Tremors Felt in Chengdu, Scene of People Fleeing for Their Lives!

Sichuan Ya’an experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake at 8:02am on April 20th, with the violent tremors felt in Chengdu, the shaking lasting nearly a minute, scene of neighborhood residents running for their lives!


Why wasn’t it predicted/forecasted??

灰常难改: (responding to above)

With current technology, it can only be predicted 2-3 minutes in advance.

扬帆起舞的兔子: (responding to above)

Then why did the United States predict in 2009 that Ya’an would be the next Wenchuan??

傲彦: (responding to above)

Can you provide the corresponding information and evidence to prove what you’re saying? Without such, how do you expect people to believe you?

秦哥来也: (responding to above)

An American scientist in predicted in 2008 that Ya’an would have an earthquake. Don’t believe me, go to Baidu Zhidao yourself and search for “Will Ya’an really be the next Wenchuan? Are the rumors true?”

SOFTHARD2013: (responding to above)


bhdbssjuieuwy: (responding to above)

Nonsense, no one can predict/forecast earthquakes.


Ya’an, we are with you, Jia you


Although everyone always says this or that is bad about TG [the government]…but when a natural disaster occurs… the government’s ability to coordinate rescue/assistance is still first-rate.


I heard a piece of news that made my heart very upset. Why is it that Japan has volcanoes and earthquakes yet the number of deaths aren’t as high as in Sichuan? Is it because of building/construction problems? Compatriots, stay strong…

445960109: (responding to above)

If you want to know why, then go look up why Japan is like that.


Better not prohibit video gaming this time.

[Note: After the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, the Chinese government declared a 3-day mourning period that included shutting down online computer gaming.]


No matter how it shakes, don’t donate money anymore.

[Note: Many Chinese netizens are unhappy with how donations and relief supplies were handled after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, as well as having little trust in China’s official charity organizations due to various scandals over the years, such as the Guo Meimei Red Cross Controversy.]


Eh? Chengguan… where’d they go? Go help people! I don’t see the chengguan anywhere.


Talk about being inhuman, they’re even laughing.

不拽不达不精明不纠结: (responding to above)

Everyone came out unharmed, shouldn’t they be happy?


Fuck, the school is once again organizing so-called compassionate donations to rip us off of our money, could those people in the disaster area not have ran faster?

On Sina Weibo:

@新浪四川 [Sina Sichuan]: #Ya’an 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake# Today was supposed to be Ya’an Television Channel host Chen Ying @cying12‘s wedding, but now she is wearing her wedding gown reporting on the disaster. [心]


This microblog post was reshared over 100k within 5 hours of being posted, with nearly 18k comments. The following Youku video of a news report about her already has over 500k views after just 3 hours of being uploaded:

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From Youku:

Ya’an Television’s “Most Beautiful Bride” Reports on Disaster Situation Wearing Wedding Gown

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        God damn that was fast Billy. :) Yeah true enough, kind of dick move. Not much really to say really. Most of the comments above are about not donating money and wishing this would have happened to Japan instead. It’s a shame this this happened. I feel sorry for them…..what else is there to say? I’m not going to be a cunt and wish this on the chinese or anyone. So…Let’s just hope people get the help they need.

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    too many natural disasters in recent years

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      Been happening since the beginning of time man. Just the internet and cell phones bring the information to you within seconds.

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      God says “Oh sorry, my bad. I went on vacation and left Jim Carrey in charge… that moron!”

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        lets not be too harsh on god, he has lot of shit to do. Billions and billions of prayers need to be answered everyday! Bobby wants a new car, Kathy wants to pass her exam, and i pray to get a blow job from Scarlette Johannson…

  • working on your wedding day? thats dedication. It wont be surprising in the future if she choose her work over her husband…. When her husband becomes dull. As the case with couple overexpose to one another…. The illusion and fantasy you have of your loved one just isnt there anymore… A common disappointment that will hit all lovers…. then we will all just settle with the thought that our loved one are just….normal….

    Oh off the trail, pardon me. My sympathy . I will donate money if there is an organisation near my place that setup relief fund, I promise. It wont be much but my thoughts are always for the victims.

  • Paulos

    Damn, I feel guilty as hell now. A lot of the Chinese netizen comments about the two recent disasters in the US really rubbed me wrong and I caught myself wishing something happened to them. Fuck. I don’t trust cash donations, but if anyone knows any reputable organizations that are taking canned food, clothes, or other supplies in the Shanghai area please post their info.

    • Paulos

      Also, this got me thinking, I did a check on CNN and NBC to compare the ratio of assholes to human beings. So far my research tells me that while China has a much higher percentage of assholes, the US produces significantly more religious nut-jobs.

      • POS

        I noticed that as well, Yahoo is full of second coming numb nuts but relatively few vindictive celebratory types (who we down voted by large margins).

    • hang

      Remember how some were saying the Boston incident was deserved, and some form of divine retribution for the evils of America? By their logic, does that mean that this earthquake was divine retribution for the evils of China?

      It is a sickening attitude to applaud the deaths of others in such incidents, simply because someone disagrees with the foreign policy of someone else’s government.

      • Paulos

        That’s exactly what I was saying.

    • Panda Banana

      You feel guilty cause you wished for something bad to happen, and now you want to buy yourself free of your guilt, by donating your second hand clothes and a box of cheap food???

      Are you fucking kidding? You created a fucking earthquakes which resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousand of injured and homeless people, and you think by donating your worn out shoes will make pay for that?

      First of all, let me assure you that it impossible that you had anything to do with it. Are you some sort of Jesus freak, ? I know that you guys feel guilty all the time for all sorts of shit. Probably cause you all have some evil shit going on in your brains and need your bible, church and prayers to prevent to put this fucked up mess into action?

      But you can trust me that your wishes or prayers had nothing what’s or ever to do with this earthquake. It can be explained scientifically!!!!

      But hey, go donate your things if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy afterwards and let everyone know that you are one of the good guys!

      • A point about the money is valid though.

      • Paulos

        Umm… okay. I think you may have misinterpreted my post a little, tough guy. Let me clarify:

        No, I do not believe that I personally created the earthquake… obviously.

        I felt guilty/ashamed of my own knee-jerk reaction to Chinese comments about the Boston bombing and Texas explosion. I was wrong for wishing harm onto others, regardless of whether or not they wish harm onto me.

        And no, I’m not a “Jesus freak”, but I do believe that we should do for others what we would like them to do for us. Mozi would have called it 兼爱. So go ahead, be as snarky as you like, but I’m donating and I hope you do too.

        • Panda Banana

          its not about “what we should do….”…..its about “what we shouldn’t do….”….fool!… know that disappointment comes from wrong expectations, right? go cry, cause bad things happen….!

          • Paulos

            Honestly, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Might be a misunderstanding, so I’ll just leave it at that. Good luck.

  • I doubt China will allow independent media.

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    once i even made a dream of this,as when it happens i am lying nacked in bed,can not run…

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    What’s sad is that you can’t even donate money or anything and know it will get to the people who need it. What kind of heartless mother fucker would take money donated for people who need it and keep it for themselves?? Not much you can do worse then that. I do understand why chinese hesitate when it comes to donating money in china.

    So im setting up my own chinese donation sites around china….

    “BiggJ’s donate a cent event!!!! We except cash, jewelry, plastic bottles, e-bike batteries, american food stamps, rims, copper, cigarettes, apple and samsung products and a lot more!!! Don’t hesitate!! Donate today!!! With special guest speaker “Some white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes we dressed in a cheap suit to make us look important!!!!” So what are you waiting for!!! Help us help the needy today!!! Thank you for time and hope to see you there!!!”

    Now all jokes aside…If that were a real donation center….I would choose that over the chinese red cross.

    • Ryo

      You think other people all over the world don’t get dips in donations? They simply call it a “non-profit organization” but with salaries way above average.

      CEO’s of so called “non-profit” organizations getting 500k to millions a year. This list doesn’t even show what the guys under the CEO gets. Even at 1/3 of that seems a lot. So non-profit my ass!

      If you are going to donate, the best is to donate canned goods or other tangible items. NEVER donate money. You’re lucky if 0.25 of every dollar you donate reaches the victims.

      • ChinaSpit

        Therefore, it’s perfectly OK if it happens in China too.

        • Ryo

          Did I say that? I think by saying “NEVER donate money” means I don’t approve of it, in any country.

          • MrT

            China shouldn’t need a single penny of donations, they have give away enough money to the US that could sort most the problems out in China.
            In the same way the US as wasted money on wars that could of been used to keep the US afloat and not doing a supernova.
            Now the UK government says its need a fleet of new Nuclear submarines because of the threat from North Korea, seriously WTF!!!

            FUP governments world wide.

          • ChinaSpit

            You didn’t. I agreed with your point of view. I was only being sarcastic by alluding to the general mainland mindset. Anyhow, even donating only canned goods is a fairly risky thing in China. What’s to stop the powers-that-be from diverting the stuff to the PLA canteens or something similar (rather than it going to the victims)?

      • BiggJ

        I bad all you said, never donate money. But I do think the chinese do are more evil about stealing money from donations.

        • Ryo

          Difference is Chinese steal it illegally while the other countries “steal” it legally by way of salary.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah true enough, I guess it depends on which charity you choose. I remember seeing commercials on tv for “World vision”…they seem alright, they say only 5% goes to management. But all it is is you sponsor a child in some fucked up country for like 25$ bucks a month or something. What got me was Alex trebek was the guy in the commercial.:) This guy host a show called Jeopardy. He’s a pretty stand up canadian guy.

          • James

            suck it trebek

          • James

            so if you’re going to spend 40 or more hours a week working at something you are willing to do it for free?

    • ChinaSpit

      Several years ago, my wife was forced by her employer to “donate” a minimum of 100 kuai for the Sichuan earthquake relief effort. All the employees dutifully did so, but only to find out a few days later that the bosses used this hard-earned money to throw an obscenely lavish dinner to honor themselves. I’m sorry for the victims of this latest disaster, but we’re not giving away one fen this time.

      • I agree, without transparency no way of knowing where it will go. I almost got guilt tripped tonight, but I refused to donate.

  • Tadd

    Damn.. can’t say that much about this, I just hope all will recover from this in time.

    The Chinese military are pretty hardcore… their soldiers can run through a huge boulder blockading the road (and in the process smashing said boulder into smitherines) without breaking a sweat.

    • VX

      Another interesting coincidence

      Earthquake Destroyed China’s Largest Military Armory, Says Source

      By Zhang Haishan – A high-level Chinese military source secretly disclosed that the earthquake in Sichuan caused a chain-reaction of nuclear explosions in the Sichuan mountain areas. The explosions destroyed Chinese army’s largest armory, new weapon test bases and part of nuclear facilities including several nuclear warheads. This information is considered China’s top military secret.

      After carefully analyzing seismic data, military experts in southeast Asia confirmed a non-geological shock had occurred at the earthquake epicenter. The energy released was equivalent to that of an underground nuclear explosion.

      Many villagers were working in their fields at the time of the Sichuan earthquake on 12 May 2008. The earth suddenly shook and shortly afterwards, a thunderous sound came out of the mountain. Immediately after the explosion, they then saw a huge hole form at the top of the mountain. Many things were pushed out of this hole like toothpaste being squeezed out. “Was it magma?” somebody asked. “No, those were concrete blocks.”

      Earthquakes may sometimes result in a volcanic eruption, but no concrete eruption has ever been recorded, said an expert. Based on the CNS report, several experts have suggested the eruption could have been caused by a huge explosion beneath the mountain, which shattered the concrete cover of the underground facilities and pushed them to the surface. The thickness of the concrete blocks pushed to the surface seemed to match the cover layer used in China’s underground military bases.

      Consider this:

      The official death toll was 80,000.

      HAARP shut off 8 hours before the quake struck.

      Earthquake was of magnitude 8.0.

      It happened on May 12th (5/12 = 5 + 1 + 2 = 8).

      The earthquake occurred exactly 88 days before the Beijing Olympics.

      The Beijing Olympics took place on 8 August 2008 at 8:08 PM.

      Chinese colonel says latest bird flu is U.S. biological weapon

      • VX

        Glen Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was Inside Job

        Glen Beck claiming he has proof the federal government carried out the boston marathon bombing as a false flag opperation. He said that Obama has till monday to admit it or his show will reveal the evidence for his conspiracy theory!

        • VX

          Proof: Boston Bombing was Inside Job

          This is staged. I can show you. Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.

          Frame 6

          Frame 8

          Frame 9

          Frame 11

          Frame 14

          Frame 20

          Frame 6 – Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.

          Frame 8 – Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.

          Frame 9 – In frame eleven after recieving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.

          Frame 11 – Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.

          Frame 14 – Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.

          Frame 20 – These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy.

          • Reptilian
          • BiggJ

            Oh shit, we found the same pic lol

          • mr.wiener

            It must suck not having a social life, so many empty hours to fill I suppose.

          • BiggJ

            Let me ask you something. If it was something the government did for whatever reason….why would they hire actors and do a bunch of fake shit? If was I was in change of this operation for the government I would actually do it. I would have real bombs and kill real people. Why go though all the song and dance with fake legs and blood and all that shit….just really do it. And then blame whatever group of people you want. The government is not going to take that kind of risk. They will just really do it. There would be need to go through all that song and dance bullshit.

          • moody

            “Hoho, Retard Alert, Retard Alert !!!!!”

          • Germandude

            Dude, I don’t know how to put it… Well, you simply suck.

          • James

            And I thought the happy cow was crazy……

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        Are you hoping Morpheus will come and unhook you from the matrix if you keep posting things like this? Could you be the new Neo??

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          What is a NEO? Morphine? What the fuck are you on about? Is Emurica becoming a fascist country? you gonna run? bastard sheeps.

          • BiggJ

            Don’t play dumb with me, you mean to tell me all the bullshit you talk and you have never watched the movie “The Matrix”. Or are you one of these “Hate everything american” chinese guys.

          • VX

            NeoGeo system (video game console)?

            In physics, Matrix string theory is a set of equations that describe superstring theory in a non-perturbative framework.

          • BiggJ

            Ok, well since you dont know, if you see this guy and he wants you to take a red or blue pill, take the red pill. all your questions will be answered.

          • Reptilian

            These are actors. This is staged. Nobody died in China. Chinese motherfuckers!!!

          • mr.wiener

            Could you act like you were more respectful of people who died harming no one and minding their own business for a while?

      • BiggJ

        To hear more of VX’s stories come to the park next sunday…he’ll be there.

      • The Hungus

        And a link to the Daily Mail at the bottom- how… credible.

    • MrT

      yea pretty impressive, they don’t fuck about the PLA, no need to declare a no fly zone (in 12 months)and bring in any drones.(next day)

  • vincent

    RIP to those who lost their lives, seems to be a bad week all over, hopefully the rescue efforts are well coordinated to avoid further loss of life.

  • wafflestomp

    Karma for all the hateful comments about the recent American tragedies

    • Walala

      Hope you’ll get yours soon too.

    • Panda Banana

      You religious freaks are really nuts ! karma my ass MFer! Tell that to this big fat cunt called Buddha, or the Chinese netizens who pray and ask the sky for answers and help….

      When I was 10 i wiped my ass with pages from the bible, at that time there was not really toilette paper around, so you had to chose between leaves from a tree or newspaper, well I used my grandmas bible…….fuck, karma must really work to this god loves me very much, cause he made me a millionaire and a ladies man!

      • BiggJ


        • mr.wiener

          In that case I’m booking my seat in hell next to Panda Banana. I’ve heard it’s not so hot down there these days, Maggie thatcher has already had half the furnaces shut down and their crew of demons laid off.

          • BiggJ

            lol, yeah, problem with hell is all the people I think are cool would most likely be in or be going to hell:(

        • The Enlightened One

          Okay you got me, how do I walk along Jesus in heaven?

          Oh that’s right! The Church needs money!

          The creator of all things, the universe and everything in existence is broke and needs money!

          How much to walk beside you Jesus?

          • BiggJ


          • Only the penitent my dear lad, only the penitent…

      • Jehovah loves you, drink only orange juice, and eat your cornflakes for breakfast, and keep it zipped up. I shall say a prayer for you tonight!

    • donscarletti

      Yep, 100+ deaths and thousands homeless is a fitting punishment for a few kids making rude comments on the internet.

      By your logic, for this comment here, may your family be abducted and raped to death by bandits.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Yeah this is just as embarrassing as it is sad.

    Some people were caught without clothes on when it happened. Be courteous and not show pictures of them all over the internet.

  • moop

    Ding! Hurrrrrrrr. Ding! Fully support tofu buildings falling on the heads of Chinese peasants hurrrrr 555555555 payback for oppressing Tibet wait a minute…oh god dammit

  • moop

    In all seriousness a sad day. Really hope standards can improve enough to something similar to Japan as far as buildings are concerned

    • ChinaSpit

      Especially since the tremor appears to have been a 6.6, rather than a 7.0. That’s a big difference in destructive power. I guess that the government had to somehow “explain” why there were so many collapsed structures.

      • ChinaSpit

        BTW, it’s 6.6 in megawatts (MG). MG is the measurement most commonly published in reports worldwide and that’s what we think of when we read news about earthquakes (even if we are not aware of it). The 7.0 that the mainlanders use is in MS (i.e. surface wave magnitude). In other words, saying 7.0 and not explaining how they arrived at that number stinks of subterfuge. Just saying “magnitude” doesn’t cut it. Also, the Japanese tend to use millijoules (MJ); in this case, that country reported the quake as 6.9 MJ.

        • James

          Interesting I see what you’re saying power vs energy vs whatever they’re measuring waves in (amplitude?) but is it actually milijoules or mega joules?

          • ChinaSpit

            mJ = millijoules

            MJ = megajoules (or marijuana)

            When I said MJ, I meant megajoules, not millijoules. Thanks for spotting that. Anyway, I think that megajoules is what the Japanese agency uses (I’m not entirely certain). Megawatts are used by most other countries and that’s what I and most other people “think of” when they see a report of an earthquake’s “magnitude”. In China, they often report “surface wave magnitude” (MS), which yields significantly higher numbers than the far more commonly reported MG.

          • James

            ok, I thought you meant mega but geologic mechanics is sort of out of my knowledge base. I take it all the scales are dB. Interesting to know various countries use different measurements I’ll read about it sometime.

          • ChinaSpit

            dB is decibels. That unit is basically for measuring loudness. Maybe you meant something else.

            One thing is for sure, if common events in China were measured in dB (e.g. retail store speakers on sidewalks, dinner parties, conversations, phone users, spitters, TV’s, etc.), the government would have to come up with some sort of unit to bring down the numbers, I reckon.

          • James

            I used decibel as a term of convenience for what you’d probably just call logarithmic measurements, as in the Richter scale, which is log base 10 ie. 6 is ten times greater than 5, 7 100x greater, 8 1000x etc.

            Decibels are used to measure strength in a logarithmic scale of various things, sound among them. I’ve used them in Bode plots for measuring systems response in electrical/electronics. You can google for a better description than mine I’m sure.

          • ChinaSpit

            Got it. Thanks, man.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        An atomic bomb explodes 100 miles away does far less damage to you than a grenade explodes right under your butt. The magnitude(震级) of an earthquake does not necessarily equal to the damage it caused to human inhabited areas. You should look at the seismic scale(烈度) if you want to blame the governement for the collapsed buildings.

        • ChinaSpit

          Your comment makes little sense in relation to what I said. Since you didn’t understand me the first time, I’ll explain again by using an analogy.

          Most countries of the world use metric units to measure distance. For my analogy, let’s use kilometers (km). A government states that something happened 350 away. Most people would assume that whatever event took place was 350 kilometers away. However, the source did not say that 350 actually refers to miles (i.e. much farther away than 350 km).

          This is not the best analogy in the world, but a moderately sagacious person should be able to understand my point, which is:
          The PRC has not outright lied regarding this; it has merely misled or “cheated”, if you prefer.

          • elizabeth

            To be fair, the USGS initially gauged it at 7 but revised it down to 6.6. If I wanted to be picky I’d question their motives too.

            As for the different units of measure, just because China uses a different one than the US, it does not necessarily mean they are trying to cheat. They might simply be used to a different system, much like metric vs imperial. In any case, both the USGS and China’s figures are reported in terms of ‘magnitude’ and China would have known better that they would be exposed easily if they had really wanted to mislead.

            7 or 6.6, it is strong enough to cause severe damage to buildings that are not built to withstand tremors, a fact that is rather difficult and pointless to cover up anyway.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I think you don’t understand what I was talking about. Either “MS” or “MG” have nothing to do with the real damage a building will likely suffer from an earthquake. Because “MS” and “MG” are both measures of the MAGNITUDE. In some circumstance a building can withstand a 9.0 MG earthquake but the same buiding can fall to a 6.0 MG earthquake in another circumstance. There’s no point in lying about the MAGNITUDE of an earthquake because what really matters is the SEISMIC SCALE.

  • Ryo

    Lot of government officials is gonna get filthy rich from this.

    Welcome to China.

  • Scorando

    It’s hard to feel as much sympathy as I would have if there hadn’t been so many vile comments on the forums about the bombing/fertilizer plant.

    • Problem?

      Then it just makes you as vile as all those who made those comments

      • Curt

        No, saying the Chinese deserved it for invading Tibet would make him as vile. Studied indifference, on the contrary, is a rational human reaction to knowing that they love it when we die.

    • mr.wiener

      All it shows is we are all ants under nature’s cruel glare. Anyone who says “this is a judgement on you”, is talking through their arse.

    • abdul m.

      There were tons of sympathetic comments as well. The fact that you let a few bad comments change the way you feel about an entire population shows how simple minded you are.

      • Scorando

        As I was scrolling down, I kept hoping it would only be a “few comments”, unfortunately it was far from that

    • donscarletti

      Not necessarily the same people. Most people who died would have been peasants who don’t know where Boston and Texas are.

      • Irvin

        Isn’t boston in new york? no wait! now I remember! it’s in central park!

        • James

          Boston was once the capitol city for New York, but no

    • Tey

      Exactly! I hope the Ya’an people died painfully! U gotta admit an explosion is quicker!

      • mr.wiener

        Have you finished you homework yet?

      • moldavidian

        You need to learn to accept that some of us have transcended this racist hatred that dribbles out of the mouths of certain retards.

    • cc

      Just nature,it can be cruel

    • PixelPulse

      Would it make you feel better if you knew that someone posted this on /r/funny in Reddit? Or are you just thick-headed enough to keep the childish cycle of “well some of them were rude so Im gonna rude right back”?

  • Steven

    A moment of sympathy for all the victims, please.

  • Rick in China

    I woke up just before 8am briefly, took a shit and about to go back to sleep.. then the quake hit. It was pretty strong here in Chengdu, I just grabbed my kitties and hung out near doorway in case it got worse and glass started shattering/ceiling falling. None of that happened, so when it ended I hopped online to check USGS data and message a few “Another quake in Sichuan” messages…

    Outside I could hear tons of people running out and waiting at the building entrance. The strength was so not that bad. I went back to sleep.

    I’d be curious to see how many deaths were due to building collapses/mudslides/rockslides or due to trampling type situations..

    • I was visiting a friend in Chengdu, let’s just say I insisted on a real irish coffee and a few smokes after that:-) Glad to hear your ok, was pretty terrifying higher up.

    • linette lee

      Lucky it didn’t happen while you were doing your “business”. It would be a shxtload of mess. lol.

  • Dr Sun

    contributions to the Chinese red cross 30,000 rmb, guess folks got bored with buying Rolex’s and Harvard scholarships for the govt running dogs.

  • Brian

    How about an article on the Boston Chinese student who died?

    • BiggJ

      Why, want to read more racist and US hate filled chinese comments? :)

  • Pierre MIROCHNIKOFF Beijing

    I am so, so shocked and saddened by the news

    of the injuries and death toll caused by this latest earthquake in Lushan county, Ya’an.

    I’m am in shock with how terrible things have been for your province twice

    My Deep condolences for the ppl of Yan an

    To those who have lost loved ones, work mates and friends please accept my Deepest

    and most sincere Sympathy. And to those who have been both mentally and

    physically affected our prayer are with you for a speedy recovery.

    Beatiful people and cities has been ruined by nature.

    But be brave to recover

    My heartfelt sympathy to all in Sichuan and to all who have friends and family

    affected by this catastrophe.

  • Pierre MIROCHNIKOFF Beijing

    I really feel so sad for humanity when i read some comments here
    How can people reaction can be so ugly I really wish you will be affected by such disaster one day in your life and remember what you loosely wrote on this blog
    And you are proud of you now ???

  • garbo

    That is a beautiful area, I have been through there several times. I’m sad about the earthquake.

    • James

      lotsa places are beautiful Japan, Taiwan, Kali but they seem to shake like hell

  • MonkeyMouth

    yep….. was quite the jolt. thought it was a truck driving on the road at first… then it got louder and louder and the building began to shake with gradual increasing intensity, then BOOM…. this side-to-side mayhem. i just stood in the middle of my dining room and ‘surfed’ it out….. not that any of you really care about my story… but just throwin it out there….

    • The Hungus

      I would care more about your story if there was buttsecks in it.

      • MonkeyMouth

        is that hungarian>? ‘hungus-arian?’ buttsecks?

    • moldavidian

      Glad you’re still alive so you could share your comments :)

    • linette lee

      I am so glad you are okay and safe.

    • James

      gotta glue those plates to the shelves now

  • M

    They are just ordinary people like you and me, but some(chinese blogs above and few comments blow) write stories with jokes, puns, even karma… excellent way to pay your respect. keep typing you cold blood.

    I respect every single citizen because we are them.

  • Jeff

    My guess is that this was man-made by the local government as their big black cars that they bought for themselves and their families with all the money they stole from donations from the last earthquake are getting kind of old and it’s time to upgrade.

  • Tey

    Ha they deserve this for saying the United States deserve to have a fertilizer plant explode, and the Boston bombings!

    • mr.wiener

      Tey, quiet please, the adults are talking….They’re not exactly talking at a mature level mind you, but still something you should wait until your nuts have dropped before you pipe up with your childish opinions.

      • Tey

        If you r an American, I don’t know how u can stand them making fun and disrespecting ur dead from the bombing and explosion. I can’t even I am not an American.

        • mr.wiener

          I’m an Ozzie.
          I think you fail to appreciate that the people who made these stupid comments on both sides are unlikely to be the ones who were maimed or died in said attacks/disasters/bad-shit.
          The world is full of arseholes mate. The only way to stop them is to not be one [kinda like not being bit by a zombie and turning into one I like to think]

        • moldavidian

          Who are they? There might be a few Chinese, nationalist morons who wish ill will towards America but i’m sure they’re are just as many American, nationalist morons who wish ill will towards China. What should we do? Don’t anger more people over this, just find the morons and kick the shit out of them.

    • Panda Banana

      “THEY” deserve that? Who is “they”?

      Nationalism is a desease my friend. This fake sort of pride and over patriotism you guys carry with your selves does not do any good, it just hurts….maybe one day you will find out…you know what they say:

      symbols are just for the simple minded !

      Once you make yourself free of god and nationalism, you will be able to feel, taste and see this world from a completely different and better perspective…

      • James


    • M

      then you are doing the same thing, kids, with two “deserve”.

    • moldavidian

      Fuck anyone who says someone else deserves to die!!!

      • cc

        You deserve to die

        • moldavidian

          Why do you say that? Are you one of those sexist, racist, assholes everyone hates?

          • cc

            I’m waiting for my fuck, come on now you promised to fuck anyone, I want my fuck. Wanka

          • moldavidian

            You have to be the worst excuse for a human on Chinasmack. What did i do to you for you to be such an ass?

          • cc

            You started posting you’re opinion

          • moldavidian

            So it’s ok for you to have an opinion but no one else?

          • cc

            you said you would fuck anyone, come on, still waiting, you self opinionated twat.

    • christina

      Then by that logic you’ll be facing your judgment very soon.

    • James

      I’m sure most of them didn’t

  • 圣 王

    YunFeng’s big earthquake prediction (Ya’an earthquake) was proved again

    ‘Mo Ni’ is our family member in Sichuan who proved chairman YunFeng’s earthquake prediction (Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12, 2008). I remembered that day is the birthday of Buddha.

    We can see their communication. It is surprising for us. Chairman YunFeng’s words is super accurate. Every word or prase which was proved by news and it is truth. Let us see what happen in recently!!!

    On April 18. 2013, the greatest spiritual leader YunFeng told me two words —- ‘big earthquake’. At the same time, he also announced ‘big revolution declare’ which will happen in the world. The declare published on eleven clock on April 18. 2013. In China’s time (April 19. 2013), Japan news network reported that Japan happen a 7.0 level earthquake.

    Mr. YunFeng published ‘big earthquake’ to us in yesterday. Fortunately, anti-Japan is our first action in five anti actions. The big earthquake happened in Japan. That is the god mission.

    After that, Ya’an earthquake happened, 157 deaths and more than 5000 injured for several hours. ‘Mo Ni’ is a important person who proved two big earthquakes. I hope everybody check our post and see the truth. Chairman YunFeng’s prediction and words wrote on specific term which is very technology for earthquake scientists. Only they can understand chairman YunFeng’s earthquake prediction.

    Contact: Patrick

    QQ: 20632342

    AIM: Patrick Chen

    • Panda Banana

      tell great spirtual leader YunFeng to go fuck his own mother…tell him the great chairman Panda Banana said that!

    • MrT

      I predict it will rain again this week.
      You can contact me at any local bar.
      AIM: Mr Twat.

      • MonkeyMouth

        its this a f-a-l-u-n gong thing?

        • MrT

          Fallen Bong.
          Well pick it up then!

    • James

      his rheumatism musta been acting up

  • elizabeth

    Volunteers rushing to the scene, thousands offering donations, netizens helping to spread the message, Japan offering help and the Chinese willing to learn from the Japanese about earthquake preparedness – it is sad but at the same time heartwarming that disasters can bring out the best in people and build diplomatic bridges.


  • MrT

    Well the Chinese govt got plenty of manpower and money to deal with it.

    The long term solution is to relocate people into safer areas and better infrastructure to cope. There is no cure for earthquakes so its better to fuck off out the way.
    We all knew this would happen again and again and again.
    No good turning a blind eye, people should wake up, govt and the local people accept the fact they/you need to live some where else.
    Buildings yea you can improve but how can you stop boulders the size of a school falling down from those mountains on top of people.
    You cant so get out the way.
    Nearly as stupid as building a explosive Chemical plant in the middle of a town.
    Nearly as stupid to let people walk around with back packs at major events when your country is under constant threats of terrorism.
    Its a world of DFs.

  • Alphy

    It’s really sad that people are suffering from yet another disaster. I hope people in Sichuan will get prompt help and be able to obtain whatever relieve they need. Hope my friend in Chengdu is doing fine as well.

    Earthquake detection technology cannot give us the accuracy needed to prevent needless lost of lives at the time when large earth quake take place. Though I do hope one day there will be a global system in place for the general public to tell the stress level across different region, and their probability of triggering an large earthquake. One thing though, every time there is a large plate shift, generally it leads to another shift at a different location. I am pretty sure something like a underwater earthquake will occur soon, just hope it won’t be a big one.

    To those who spill conspiracy on human/natural disaster, really should wake up and see how easy it is for people to make mistakes and realize how weak we truly are. It doesn’t take much to cause a plant fire like in Texas, and there is not much people can do living in an earthquake zone. It’s just life, deal with it. The simplest answer is usually the correct one. And to those who find joy in the death of people either in Boston or at this Sichuan tragedy; Shame on you.

  • So who felt the earth move in Chengdu then?, condolences to those in ya’an.

  • Paneraman

    not gonna donate cause the CCP is gonna rake 90% of the money and leaving 10 % to the rest

    • Panda Banana

      oh! and you think that Caritas, Red Cross, Catholic Church, or any other “organization”, doesn’t work the same way? Look how much money mother Theresa this fucked up cunt has received during her life time and what she did with the money. All this freaks let the poor suffer, like their jesus has supposedly suffered and died for peoples sins, fucked up shit…the CCP just do what most, if not all (with the exception of doctors without borders) other organizations have done before and still do…

      if someone really wants to do good and want to get sure that his money/donations reach the people in need, the go the fuck directly on your own and hand over shit and not out of your comfort zone at home transferring money over the internet and feel good about yourself…

      • Germandude

        It would be great if you supported your statement with some sources regarding Caritas, Red Cross and Catholic Church withholding donated money. I am also doubting that you understand the whole “non-profit” organizational thing.

        And considering the presence of Caritas and Red Cross all over the world, I think there is no doubt that these organizations provide help. Hell, even the church is helping and being supportive in many different areas.

        Without sources, and I mean real sources, your statement is simply bullshit.

        Let me claim that you are not a Panda Banana, but a Donkey Banana as there is no need for providing any info why that is.

        • Behind Panda Banana’s colorful post is actually a very valid point: Non-profit organizations still pay their workers a competitive salary (CEOs included). The non-profit part has more to do with the shareholders’ dividends.

          Much of the money donated goes towards the NPOs’ salaries and overhead costs. Relatively speaking, the actual people they are trying to help see very little of the donation.

          That’s not to say that you shouldn’t donate. Many of the personnel deserve to get paid for their work (and often they take a cut to their usual rate)! But in the end, you are still paying first world prices to do work in third world countries.

          There are better ways to do this!

          • James

            In the US they have to file so you can check the percentage that goes as actual charity, usually it’s 80-90%

        • Panda Banana

          fuck the church, god, jesus and mother theresa, and while i am at it, fuck you too!

          • Germandude

            While I agree with most of your post, it’s not nice to be put into a religious corner that I cannot identify with.

          • Panda Banana

            oh, didn’t know that. Since i am in china, let me react and reply chinese style, cause apologizing would obviously mean loosing face, therefor: fuck you again!

  • MrT

    You know they spend most the days being A-holes but when the sht hits the fan, they really do get there sht together

  • Chris McKenna

    What about the Pandas?

    • Panda Banana

      just talked with my brothers and sisters, they are all well…

  • cc

    Nice box on the burd in pic 6, looks like she has a full bush there.

  • Frank

    Japanese cheer and congratulates China for the earthquake and wishes more Chinese deaths.

    • moop

      eh, not really, i see more comments about poor construction quality and dislike of ccp than actually cheering for harm against china’s people. maybe try a chinese site and maybe more nationalist retards will bite

      • moldavidian

        I agree. Why fan the flames? There’s nothing to see there. Carry on.

  • My first earthquake. Quite shaky.

  • Chang Liu

    I cycled through there last year. Lovely town Ya’an. Just donated some money. Hope you guys can do the same.

  • Octavian

    Too bad there weren’t more dead.

    Most Chinese don’t deserve life.

  • cc

    Just watched the video and i would definitely do that little brides maid up the poop chute

  • Pavle Dukanovic

    How terrible