Sichuan Ya’an 7.0 Earthquake, Chinese Netizen Reactions


On Sina Weibo:

@中国国际救援队 [China International Rescue Team]: At 8:02am on April 20th in Lushan county of Ya’an city in Sichuan province (30.3 degrees latitude north, 103.0 degrees longitude east), a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred, with an epicenter depth of 13 kilometers. If your mobile phone has receptions, please hurry and tell us your location, tremors, and the damage situation you see.


This microblog post was posted on the popular Sina Weibo microblogging social network at 8:29am this morning. Since then, at the time of this translation, it has been reshared nearly 400k times and had over 37k replies.


From NetEase:

7.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Sichuan Ya’an City

Latest Number of Casualties: According to information from the China Earthquake Administration, as of 6:16pm, the number of dead has reached 124, with over 3000 injured, with detailed casualties still being processed. (CCTV reporter Sun Yang)

According to information from the China Earthquake Administration, as of 4:22pm, the number of people who have died from the earthquake has risen to 100 people, with over 2000 injured, with 383,000 people being hit by the disaster.


This post on popular Chinese web portal NetEase so far has over 10m pageviews and over 73k comment section participants.


Comments on NetEase:

夏日摸摸擦 [网易重庆市网友]:

I’m in the Fuling suburbs of Chongqing [formerly part of Sichuan], fuck, the shaking was really strong. When the bed shook, I at first thought it was children being naughty. My prayers for Ya’an.

黄家马的逼 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

Prayers, hope the ordinary common people are safe and sound.

网易重庆市网友 [zshzshzsh]:

A 5.9 becomes 7.0, such deception.

大爱烩面 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Luckiness in unluckiness, it was 8 o’clock, most people were already up. Prayers for the Sichuan ordinary common people. Those who can give money, give money, and those who can lend a hand, lend a hand. Let’s get through this difficulty together.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [难人哭吧不是罪]:

the Chengdu military base emergency deployed 2000 people to Lushan and assigned 2 helicopters to survey the disaster. 20 minutes after the earthquake, the Sichuan armed police corps immediately deployed 1200 people to the disaster area. The road between Ya’an to Lushan is already blocked, so the troops are currently rushing there by way of Yingjing county, so the casualties situation isn’t clear. At a training location, two soldiers suffered minor injuries, surrounding walls of the camp collapsed, and the drill ground was in disrepair. A few buildings in the area around the training location had collapsed.

网易四川省成都市网友 [黑得粗起]: (responding to above)

At present it has already been confirmed that the Ya’an earthquake has already caused 10 deaths. At present, the road leading to the disaster area is blocked and urgently being cleared. The Chengdu Shuangliu Airport has shut down, and planes can only land at Chongqing. Sichuan’s level 1 disaster response plans has already been activated.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [吃个饭先]: (responding to above)

In connection with the Ya’an Lushan 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the captain of the Sichuan province fire department says at present, the [damage to the] Ya’an city area is not severe, but things are a little more severe in Lushan. The road to Lushan has already been cut off, and there are many collapses. Chengdu special police have already departed for the disaster area to provide support. Helicopters have already arrived in the air above the disaster area.

a9504191xiangrh [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (responding to above)

Captain Ye Liejian indicated during an interview with CCTV that the area of the earthquake epicenter had been badly hit, with 50% of old buildings having collapsed, wounded outdoors waiting for assistance, some mountains exhibiting landslides, and could see roads being blocked. At present, the situation of collapsed buildings is not as severe as “5.12” [the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake (aka Wenchuan Earthquake) occurred on May 12th].


Sichuan Ya’an earthquake, everyone please forward this on! Everyone give way on the Chengdu-Ya’an highway! Leave a path for the rescue, hospital, and military vehicles, the golden 72 hours [critical time after a disaster]! Time is life! Also, communications to Ya’an Lushan county are currently down, so please for the moment don’t continuously redial Sichuan telephone numbers. Everyone please use microblogs and text messages instead for communications, leaving precious communications resources to save lives! Please spread this! Pray for the disaster area’s residents!

网易四川省雅安市雨城区网友 [李之柱]:

Requesting help! There are about over a thousand university students in Ya’an city Shangli town doing still life drawings, the bridge out has collapsed, and we’re stuck here. Today and tomorrow’s weather is going to be cloudy with light rain. We’re surrounded by mountains, so there can easily be landslides. It’s very dangerous. Requesting friends to help!

吃个饭先 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Help pass this on! Are there any netizens near Shangli town? Please extend a hand to help them. Our reporters are also currently contacting the local authorities to confirm the exact situation.



From Tianya:

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Earthquake in Chengdu (Sichuan Ya’an, Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake, Hundreds of Casualties, This Post is the First on Tianya)

Chengdu had an earthquake, just now!





Comments from Tianya:


So scary. Even sleeping, the shaking awoke me. Can’t get through on the phones. It’s a little smaller than 512, wonder if it is once again some place near Chengdu?


I was just looking for some place to make a post. My dad is in Chengdu, called to say the ceramic tiles on the walls had all fallen off. People standing on the ground were swaying and rocking back and forth. I pray for everyone to be safe… So scary. Why does the Earth get angry every so often…


Heaven protect Chengdu! Heaven protect my fellow hometown residents and friends!!!


Is Li Keqian coming to Ya’an? This is the first relatively big natural disaster since the new premier took office.


Sichuan Ya’an earthquake, those people with N-mistresses, those people who fuck people’s daughters will once again get to get new purses and cars.

Donate… those who fuck daughters and have 23456 mistresses will once again rake in bunch of money.

Get new purses, get new cars.


The Chengdu-Ya’an highway truly deserves being yelled at! With this many cars going to help with the disaster relief forming a huge back up, they’re unbelievably collecting fare one by one. A reporter asks them to please just lift up the toll gate, and unbelievably the response is: We haven’t received the order from above. This should be a passageway for rescue and relief. Highway department, please stop collecting fares!


The Earthquake Bureau might as well just be disbanded, as it only knows how to do things after the fact, a waste of money.


Before 512, I liked sleeping in the nude. In the future, no matter what, I’ll have to at least wear a pair of underwear.


How I wish this piece of information is fake.


Please respect the earthquake disaster area’s people, delete the nude photos!!!


The moment something bad happens in the United States, something bad happening in China will not be far behind. This is a scientific law of disasters, so please everyone remember it. After the Boston Bombing, I knew a catastrophic incident would happen in China. This scientific law has been proven time and time again, with this time being no exception.


Sigh!! Some people spend all day calling for another earthquake to happen to Japan, but hasn’t it now happened to ourselves? May Ya’an residents get through this disaster!


Our Sichuan compatriots are so unfortunate, we wish you well!


Am I lucky or what… Fuck… During 512 [2008 Sichuan Earthquake], it was the long holiday, I was sleeping at home, 6th floor, the shaking was extremely fierce, with household items falling over, and I was shaken from one side of the room to the other… It went on for about a minute, and after I went downstairs, I stayed outside for over 10 hours; The earthquake this morning, 5th floor, it’s the weekend, and I had stayed up all night without sleeping reading the Tsinghua Poisoning Case post on Tianya, and just 10 minutes after getting in bed, before I had fallen asleep, I felt the earthquake’s strength traveling slowly from downstairs up the building, from the bed making noise to the bed shaking to the room shaking, the shaking getting stronger and stronger… Getting out of bed, it was a little difficult to stand steady, but the intensity and length of the shaking were both less than 512. After going downstairs for 10 minutes, I returned home~ Sigh sigh sigh… After experiencing 512, I’m a lot calmer.


How come there’s yet another accident in Sichuan? And it wasn’t predicted yet again this time?


A moment of silence for the departed, a prayer for the injured, a blessing for those alive.


Whoever donates is a SB!


Running outside in the helter-skelter of the earthquake, it’s not strange for people to not have all their clothes, so you shouldn’t post the photographs onto the internet, especially those of girls, it’s really unkind.


Sichuan brothers, learn earthquake preparedness systems from the Japanese… It’s really important!


Hope those who died were all the rich government officials, and not the ordinary common people.



The following video has over 3.2m views after being uploaded 12 hours ago…

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From Youku:

Sichuan Ya’an 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake, Strong Tremors Felt in Chengdu, Scene of People Fleeing for Their Lives!

Sichuan Ya’an experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake at 8:02am on April 20th, with the violent tremors felt in Chengdu, the shaking lasting nearly a minute, scene of neighborhood residents running for their lives!


Why wasn’t it predicted/forecasted??

灰常难改: (responding to above)

With current technology, it can only be predicted 2-3 minutes in advance.

扬帆起舞的兔子: (responding to above)

Then why did the United States predict in 2009 that Ya’an would be the next Wenchuan??

傲彦: (responding to above)

Can you provide the corresponding information and evidence to prove what you’re saying? Without such, how do you expect people to believe you?

秦哥来也: (responding to above)

An American scientist in predicted in 2008 that Ya’an would have an earthquake. Don’t believe me, go to Baidu Zhidao yourself and search for “Will Ya’an really be the next Wenchuan? Are the rumors true?”

SOFTHARD2013: (responding to above)


bhdbssjuieuwy: (responding to above)

Nonsense, no one can predict/forecast earthquakes.


Ya’an, we are with you, Jia you


Although everyone always says this or that is bad about TG [the government]…but when a natural disaster occurs… the government’s ability to coordinate rescue/assistance is still first-rate.


I heard a piece of news that made my heart very upset. Why is it that Japan has volcanoes and earthquakes yet the number of deaths aren’t as high as in Sichuan? Is it because of building/construction problems? Compatriots, stay strong…

445960109: (responding to above)

If you want to know why, then go look up why Japan is like that.


Better not prohibit video gaming this time.

[Note: After the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, the Chinese government declared a 3-day mourning period that included shutting down online computer gaming.]


No matter how it shakes, don’t donate money anymore.

[Note: Many Chinese netizens are unhappy with how donations and relief supplies were handled after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, as well as having little trust in China’s official charity organizations due to various scandals over the years, such as the Guo Meimei Red Cross Controversy.]


Eh? Chengguan… where’d they go? Go help people! I don’t see the chengguan anywhere.


Talk about being inhuman, they’re even laughing.

不拽不达不精明不纠结: (responding to above)

Everyone came out unharmed, shouldn’t they be happy?


Fuck, the school is once again organizing so-called compassionate donations to rip us off of our money, could those people in the disaster area not have ran faster?

On Sina Weibo:

@新浪四川 [Sina Sichuan]: #Ya’an 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake# Today was supposed to be Ya’an Television Channel host Chen Ying @cying12‘s wedding, but now she is wearing her wedding gown reporting on the disaster. [心]


This microblog post was reshared over 100k within 5 hours of being posted, with nearly 18k comments. The following Youku video of a news report about her already has over 500k views after just 3 hours of being uploaded:

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From Youku:

Ya’an Television’s “Most Beautiful Bride” Reports on Disaster Situation Wearing Wedding Gown

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