Silly & Funny Chinese Dance Performances

Dance performances are common for many big events or parties at Chinese company and school events. Here are some popular videos of funny performances that have been watched many times by Chinese netizens, including one by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is less serious than many of the bad news on BBS forums.

Tianjin Hebei Post Office:

Video on Youku.

Comments on Youku:

The long-haired guy you cannot miss…genius.

I cannot help but admire their courage. 赞

Brave performance…
worthy of encouragement!!!

That guy…his pants ripped -=
[He] was dancing too hard~

赞 Too hilarious, uncle also

Too cute~~~the little fatty’s pants even ripped open…

So even men can dance this ridiculously, too amusing! Ding ding ding!

Before watching, you must not drink any water! Otherwise you will choke like me! :)

Comments on KDS:

I laughed each time I watched it. Truly too talented.


After watching, it made me feel that Tianjin people are not bad.

The fat guy’s pants even ripped open, so hilarious!

Beijing people say they are humorous, Tianjin people laughed.

Who created this dance, they are too talented~

Our office had a party today, so we imitated this.

Haha, downloaded/saved, hilarious~~~after watching, my mood is better~

What is genius? This is genius!!!

Even though it looks stupid/silly…
I still admire this kind of men who can go all out like this.

China has many geniuses/talents!

That fatty with the ripped pants kept watching the skinny guy with the long-hair. He did not remember the routine~

So amusing, even after watching it five times, I laughed five times, tonight has been happy.

Actually, this video’s highlight is the one guy on the right whose pants ripped open.

Southwest University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China) 2004 Graduation:

Video on Youku.

The person who uploaded this video said it surpasses the “PwC” version…


Video on Tudou.


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