Silly, Funny & Creative Chinese Supermarket Product Displays

An impressive Lays potato chip supermarket display in China.

An impressive Lays potato chip supermarket display in China.

From Mop:

Supermarket employees so lonely [bored] their balls hurt (#‵′)凸

Funny supermarket product displays in China.

Silly supermarket product displays in China.

Funny Chinese supermarket product display.

Silly Chinese supermarket product display.

Bored supermarket employees create funny product displays in China.

Bored supermarket employees create silly product displays in China.

A funny supermarket product display that looks like Disney Pixar's Wall-E character.

Chinese supermarket employees create funny product displays.

Chinese supermarket employees create silly product displays.

Chinese supermarket employees create silly product displays.

An incredible Super Mario supermarket product display made from cases of Pepsi, Crush, Sierra Mist, Mugs, Lipton's, etc.

An amusing supermarket product display for blue slippers that looks like the 2010 Shanghai World Expo mascot, Haibao.

Comments from Mop:


Absolutely genius…


Our country has awesome people too!!!


The Haibao and Super Mario are pretty good.


Worked in supermarkets before, so no really surprised/impressed anymore.


China doesn’t lack human talent, it just doesn’t know how to use human talent.

Comments from NetEase:


Haha, what supermarket is this, I’d like to go there to shop.


I will pay 10,000 yuan per month to hire this salesperson.


Hehe. This salesperson is really creative.

Hope to see even more of your creations in the future.


True art originates from the masses!


I thought [these displays] were from [supermarkets] abroad, [but I] see Chinese…

Actually, I think the Wall-E and Super Mario displays are from outside China.

Creative talent in the most unexpected places. chinaSMACK personals.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Chinese Netizen

    Finally…we get creative!

  • meh

    Thought it a bit Corn-E

  • Rick in China

    The first few are pretty lame.

    The last couple are awesome, though.

  • Ryan

    I saw a display that set up boxes in the shape of the China pavillion from the Shanghai Expo. That was pretty good, but these take the cake!

  • 250

    Is it me or does the manaquin with the metal lids/bowls/whisks on it (4th from bottom) look spookily real? Something about that face just isn’t right.

  • Beijinger

    The second one is Carrefour in Beijing’s Zhonguancun store. I’ve seen it a couple of times.

    • Ryan

      I think they did something similar at the Carrefour near me. Wasn’t as good as this one, though. Maybe it was a chain-wide promotion idea?

  • ninjaboy

    Chinese people aren’t this creative. Do these supermarkets have Japanese employees?
    In any case, these displays are totally awesome!

    • Chunghwa

      >implying that Japanese people would want to go to China to work in a supermarket

      oh you.

      inb4 shitstorm

    • bobiscool

      To you and all other idiots who keep spewing the false argument that chinese people are not creative, please go educate yourselves.

      It has been scientifically shown that IQ and creativity has stron correlation until 120. The average IQ of Chinese people and other East asians is 107. Compare this to Europeans at 102, Americans at 100, Africans at 80…

      It seems clear that East asians in general, including the Chinese people are not lacking in creativity. The reason why people believe that the Chinese lack in creativity… well the reason besides simple bandwagonishm is because of the lack of cultural exports from China. Indeed, China is one of the only communist countries left, and in competition with the US, a superpower. It is very hard for China to export their culture unlike Korea and Japan, which are under the US sphere of influence.

      The fact is, Chinese people do not lack in creativity, they simply lack a means to show it to ignorant Westerners. Most people on this site are Americans, and clearly would watch American media, entertainment and the likes. If you watch American entertainment, obviously you would know about it. However, as you do not watch Chinese shows, you don’t know about it.

      Stop tryin to comfort yourselves with such a subjective thing. “Chinese people are uncreative”. It’s hard to measure creativity, but certainly Chinese people, as well as other East Asians in general (and Jews) dominate in intelligence. Elite Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford are filled with Asians, and would have more if not for AA. Even though only 5% of America is asian, Berkeley has over 40% asians.

      • snicker

        I would love to watch the great TV shows in China, but all I can find are old Japanese war reruns, stupid-assed host-and-audience-and-cart-and-pony shows, singing competitions and state news. Oh, and laughing at people getting injured. It never fails.

        Or how about that very creative western brand bashing in 798? Or the very creative western brand copies in zhongguan cun? How about the “Bicycle and Pedestrian friendly Beijing by 2020”? now THAT’S creative. work of fiction…and other urban planning masterpieces that are being carbon copied across the country?

        As for IQ tests…I never fared too badly on them, but give me a break, they have huge cultural and language biases, as do all standardized tests. You’re talking about Africans as though they are poor slob retards and asians as though they are all intellectual superwizzes…but in fact, if conditions (including culturally relevant content) were the same, you’d probably come out with vastly different results that what you have listed here, uncited.

        Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, etc. are global universities, even though they are located in the US. Given that more than 60% of the world’s population is asian (, 40% at Stanford is not, therefore, particularly impressive (especially given that it is geographically the closest US global university to asia). Especially given the lack of good universities in Asia. (I make this point to counter your argument that having these universities full of asians means that asians are somehow more intelligent).

        Well, the news, and methods of getting business licenses and travel visas can be pretty creative sometimes…now where did I put my memory hole again?

        After all that, what’s my point? Intelligence and creativity are not necessarily linked, neither are easy to measure, and indeed, every culture will have its own brand of creativity and intelligence. Some of those innovations will escape from their own cultures and become transcendent, but most of them won’t, and it won’t really matter where the creator comes from. The fact is that innovation and creativity will come from an open and creative environment, where people are encouraged to chase their dream, even if they are different. It seems people from different cultures perfrom equally well under these conditions. It doesn’t have much to do with Chinese people being uncreative, but in fact the cultural-social-political system in which they exist which fails to foster and promote real innovation.

  • shenmeniao

    this is silly and funny, yet creative also

  • eattot

    super mario, hahaha!
    how i loved it!

    • snicker

      I agree with you because I finally see your face and you’re cute. Go Mario!

      • eattot

        where did you see my face>?

        • snicker

          Oh, whose face is in the picture now? It used to be covered…….

          • eattot

            oh, i thought you saw my photoes from my blog or….i am worried

  • draco

    who would grab a slipper in the last picture???

  • Jessica

    I quite my pr job and now I see why. ;

  • bscalled

    That’s not “Mug Rootbeer” – that’s “Hug Rootbeer”

  • S from Snitterfield

    After spending 4 and a half weeks in China, I can definitely say that the Chinese are in general very creative! The art & craft work they are taught in school certainly reflected well in the displays as shown.

  • codamoda

    I have a feeling that the Mario display case pic is not from China. Seen it and others floating around on forums…

    I don’t even think that the 8-bit Mario is even a fixture in Chinese pop culture.

    • elf

      agreed – something about the background makes me feel like its not a chinese supermarket – plus, some of those labels are brands i’ve never seen in china o_O

  • haha, that first picture (the ones with the crisp packets) – that makes me laugh because I can see in there the ‘Blueberry’, ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Lemon Tea’ flavoured crisps! You need some kind of f*cked up crazy display to sell crisps that taste that bad…

  • Chinese Netizen

    OH absolutely alain!! For sure ANYTHING is better than America. What are you? A self important Frog from Paree or a sub-frog from French Canada? Maybe a Belgian? EVERYTHING is better in Europe, right?

    But I digress….Yes, I absolutely agree… all displays everywhere are better than anything done for marketing, display and advertising in America…

    Americans…hah!!! Laughingstock when it comes to supermarket displays!!

    You are tooooo cool, alain…

  • Dildo Baggins

    Ya, Mario is definitely not in a Chinese supermarket. I do like the blue Gumby!

  • Too great. What imagintation!!!

  • Ellie Clinton Issa

    Wow!!!! The displays are fantastic…..

  • @@@

    “please don’t touch”

  • fireworks

    bored shitless workers.

    Kitchen utensil man should win fashion award of the year.

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  • Obviously not every picture was taken from China, or from same market. It is a funny post and that is it. Please do not relate this joke to creativity of the nation or so like, which is nonsense.

  • joshua

    I love this. I wish Canadian supermarkets did this.

  • spiral

    I don’t think China has Mist or Crush. And probably doesn’t have those kind of soda can boxes. I don’t think the Mario was done in China.

  • Uber cool!

    Well, to compensate for their lack of service standards and attitudes, they do provide entertainment now and then.

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  • Haski

    I will pay 2000€ per week to hire this saleperson.

  • JM

    If only all Chinese stores were this great…

  • melissa

    wow, thats so cool

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