Single Netizens Buy Out Movie Tickets To Ruin Valentine Dates

Single Chinese netizens buy odd numbered movie theater seat tickets to ruin Valentine's Day dates for couples.

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From QQ:

There Really Are People “Buying Out Odd Number Movie Seats” on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day on February 14th is almost here, a sweet day for couples, but also for singles to come and ruin it. A few days ago, a netizen who is also single launched a campaign to “buy out all odd number movie seats” [every other seat, to prevent couples from sitting together], which was met with wide support. Yesterday, the Shanghai Xintiandi theater’s prime time Valentines Day movie showing times were “attacked and occupied”. Not wanting to reveal his real name, the organizer accepted an interview with this Shanghai Morning Post reporter, saying he had just broken up with his girlfriend last year, and that this was just a joke, and he “hopes couples will understand”. Many netizens who participated however did so with the goal of “meeting new friends”, hoping to turn a “prank” into a “blind date”.

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Comments on Weibo:


An act lacking consideration for others and without any social responsibility, this kind of person will never accomplish anything important, no wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend.


If you had the guts [ability], go out and book all the hotel rooms. Now that would be an expression of resentment.


If this isn’t mean, what is it? No wonder he is single!


Such narrow-mindedness, no wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend…


So retarded! You don’t think people will just switch seats!


If he bought the white seats, he could’ve saved 9 tickets.


It seems that when buying tickets online you must buy tickets adjacent to the seat that was already bought.


This is [fake news], only capable of fool people who have never watched a movie [at a theater]. Theaters typically don’t sell tickets with only a single seat open beside them.


Must be the act of a ticket scalper. Girls should let the boys off the hook this time, and not go watch a movie [for Valentine’s Day]. Then let’s see what those who have the tickets do.


No choice but to go on a blind date now.


This is the dream for many singles, finally coming true.


Sigh, child, why bother? They can buy two tickets and sit in one seat, and some would even thank you for it.

Top: "Sorry, miss, but we want to buy seat numbers 2, 4, and 6." "No Problem Sir" Bottom: "FUCK!"
Top: “Sorry, miss, but we want to buy seat numbers 2, 4, and 6.” “No Problem Sir” Bottom: “FUCK!”


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai