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At a STO Express salesroom in Guangzhou Lizhiwan District, the parcels are stacked like a hill.

At a STO Express salesroom in Guangzhou Lizhiwan District, the parcels are stacked like a hill.

From QQ:

Mountains of Parcels at Express Delivery Companies after “Double Eleven” Holiday

November 12, many domestic electrical appliance stores held a 24-hour madness sale on “Double Eleven [Singles Day]” and as a result, express delivery companies too were overloaded. At an STO Express Delivery salesroom in Guangzhou’s Liwan District, the parcels were piled up like a hill, the warehouse unable to accommodate them all. The express delivery company claimed they had already begun deliveries since 4 in the morning, and these parcels alone were what’s still left that hasn’t yet been dispatched.

At a STO Express salesroom in Guangzhou Lizhiwan District, the parcels are stacked like a hill.

According to statistics, during the sales promotion of electrical appliance stores on “Double Eleven”, just Taobao alone set a record 19.1 billion yuan single day sales “miracle”. What more, this figure is more than twice as much as the 7.16 billion yuan in sales achieved by 130 major commercial enterprises in Beijing over 8 days during the “October First [National Day]” Golden Week holiday this year. Because the orders are largely concentrated, they far exceeded the processing abilities of online shops and the delivery capabilities of express delivery companies. For many urgent merchandise, some online shops will need as much as around a month before they can send them out.

A worker is carrying goods into the warehouse for scanning.

November 12, Guangzhou, in the warehouse of an express delivery company, merchandise have already been piled out the door, with workers continuously carrying more goods into the warehouse for scanning.

Workers are sorting out a mountain of parcels.

November 12, At the parcel sorting center of STO Express in Ningxia, workers are sorting a mountain of parcels. November 11 has been jokingly called “Singles Day” by many people, and during this just passed “Double Eleven”, many electrical appliance stores seized this business opportunity to launch an online shopping promotion and discount sales season. After the peak of online shopping, all kinds of goods began being sent out, with express delivery companies also facing a peak period for parcel deliveries. According to a person in charge of a parcel sorting center at an express delivery company in Nanchang, the number of incoming parcels on November 12 reached 50,000 items, 25% higher than normal, predicting that the highest peak in parcel deliveries will be around the 13th.

Workers are handling the parcels.

A worker is handling the parcels.

Workers are handling the parcels.

November 12, at a parcel sorting center in an express delivery company in Nanchang, workers were handling the parcels.

Workers of an express company in Hefei are sorting out the parcels.

November 12, workers of an express delivery company in Hefei were sorting the parcels.

The parcels are stacked like a hill that the warehouse can't even accommodate.

This sort of “holiday sale” is similar to America’s Black Friday, or perhaps Cyber Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯深圳市网友 晒肚皮/:Z:

I rather admire Taobao Tmall’s service and its website’s order checking features. During the first minute of Double Eleven, 10 million people rushed into the site simultaneously. An ordinary server would’ve probably shut down immediately. Just look at that Ministry of Railways online ticket booking platform and you’ll see the difference.

[Note: Earlier this year, the Ministry of Railways launched a new online train ticket booking system and website that performed incredibly poorly and was constantly unable to meet demand, despite the astronomical sum of money spent on its development, leading Chinese netizens to once again lament the probability of government malfeasance and corruption].

腾讯成都市网友 金沙:

China Post [China’s government postal service] should deeply examine itself! Why can’t the express delivery business of the postal service with the largest delivery network all over the nation compete with private express companies?

腾讯绵阳市网友 大风歌: (responding to above)

The software the Ministry of Railways invested 100 million yuan into can’t compete with 10% of Taobao.
The countless branches of China Post has can’t compete with private express delivery companies.
From this we can see, that state enterprises are synonymous with inefficiency and waste.

腾讯网友 正在连接….: (responding to 金沙)

Because China Post is a state-owned enterprise, its employees can not work and still get paid.

腾讯网友 餹 餹:

The Ministry of Railways ticket booking website really should learn from Taobao Tmall’s network capacity!!!

腾讯网友 . o等:

The days are getting cold, don’t forget to say a thank you for their hard work to the couriers when you receive your parcels!

腾讯肇庆市网友 一级方程式:

The rent for brick and mortar stores is too high, employee costs are also high, various fees and taxes are also high, so that’s why online shopping in China is developing/growing so fast.

腾讯网友 Menmory:

So this is how my things are piled [handled by express delivery companies]~~~ God! My heart is aching to death.

腾讯厦门市网友 /xinChina超:

Should immediately upgrade the warehouses to level 2!

腾讯网友 清清绿溪水:

We should really congratulate Chinese people on their improved living standards. People are getting more and more fashionable, as well as lazier and lazier…

腾讯常州市网友 寒江:

Businessmen wish every day was a special day. Even Double Eleven has been hyped up [into a day of consumerism].

腾讯网友 明:

The logistics of express delivery companies are directly constricting the speed of growth for online electronics stores.

腾讯网友 Andy:

Didn’t spend a single cent passing by [referring to self not having purchased anything on Double Eleven]~~ I wonder how many parcels will be lost this time.

腾讯新疆网友 腾飞:

The Ministry of Railways and China Post! Do you two bosses feel ashamed? Everyday, the online ticket booking says the system is busy, and [people] can’t book [tickets]. I strongly protest against the Ministry of Railways.


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