Sinkhole in Shenzhen During Rush Hour, 5 Buried Alive

The rescuing personnel at the scene.

The rescuing personnel at the scene.

From QQ:

Shenzhen Road Surface Suddenly Collapses, Multiple People Fall In & Buried

2013 May 21 report, this reporter learned in the morning that on the night of the 20th at about 9pm, subsidence occurred in front of the Shenzhen Henggang Huamao Industrial Park, and a sinkhole appeared, visually estimated to be 10 meters wide with a depth of at least 2 meters. According to nearby local residents, it occurred just as it was the afternoon rush hour, and 4 to 5 people had been seen falling into the hole, amongst whom one was able to climb out by himself. As of 4pm on the 21st, the remains of buried people have been found at the scene of the cave-in (identities awaiting verification).

The scene of the incident.

This reporter hurried to the scene of the incident to get more information, with regards to just how many people were buried in the hole, and what the casualties were. The personnel on the scene were were not forthright in their responses. As it is understood, the Huamao Industrial Park where the incident happened is located between Shuiguan Freeway and Hongmian Road, which is currently being widened. And this area is a hilly land.

Family members of the deceased are devastated.

The scene of the incident.

On-lookers and the police at the scene.

2013 May 21 morning, a Shenzhen road surface suddenly collapsed, the scene of the incident.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 QQ:

These days, if you stay at home, you can’t escape earthquakes. If you take an elevator, and aren’t careful, you’ll step into an empty elevator shaft. If you ride a bicycle, you’ll fear getting hit by a car. Nowadays even when you’re just walking on the road, it doesn’t feel safe. How are people supposed to live?

腾讯河池市网友 小蛮□゛妖:

Ever since the girl in Changsha fell down a manhole cover, I keep my distance from the manhole covers when I walk on the street, deathly afraid I may step on a flimsy manhole cover and fall in! Now something like this happens, talk about not being able to avoid danger [wherever you go]! Better cherish every single day you have!

腾讯深圳市网友 smile慢羊羊:

Don’t know which unlucky bicycle was too heavy and made the road collapse this time!!!

腾讯阳江市网友 大头:

It is because of consecutive days of rain causing the soil to loosen that caused this unfortunate incident… the official response…

腾讯广东省网友 24K 纯帅:

The Heavenly Kingdom, the Heavenly Kingdom, one can just be walking and then suddenly disappear [die].

腾讯网友 空城少年 °:

The excessive exploitation of underground water has caused sinkholes to happen frequently in recent years. The Earth can’t hold out much longer!

腾讯网友 ゝ浮生若梦:

It’s caused by excessive extraction of underground water. There’s nothing that can be done about it, there are simply too many people in China. Rivers and lakes are too severely polluted to be drinkable so we can only extract underground water, and incidents like this will continue to happen frequently in the future.

腾讯网友 守望幸福:

Live one day at a time!

腾讯网友 that´s□why:

The Shenzhen Economic Zone should change its name into Sichuan Basin.

腾讯深圳市网友 々冲浪网事℃:

They are also building a subway in Xili, all sorts of fears.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Basic necessities of life have all become dangerous. My Chinese dream.


The trending 3D road-painting—becomes real.[疑问]


This is no longer news! Which city hasn’t had it’s ground dug empty now?! The usage of underground space!


Every step is a thrill~~


In this society you can’t even die in peace.


Born accidentally, die randomly~


These are sinkholes, and are caused by many factors: underground water, construction, the force of the universe. It’s also the Earth slowly heading to its doom…


Ever since I came to Shenzhen, one after another there the wall surrounding a construction site collapsed and crushed people, the ground in a neighborhood community collapsed and buried people, an escalator collapsed and crushed people, an elevator suddenly dropped and beheaded a person, a security guard fell from a building after trying to climb into a window to get keys for the homeowner, and the 10-meter wide road surface collapse yesterday. Just living, is a difficulty.


9pm and still peak traffic time [rush hour].


The road of Marxism.

The following was translated by Bing:

From IFeng:

Shenzhen: Road Sinkhole Measuring 12 Meters Wide, 4 Meters Deep Kills 5

The rescuing personnel at the scene.

The rescuing personnel at the scene.

The rescuing personnel at the scene.

The scene of the incident.

Original title: Road Cave-in Accident Updates in Shenzhen: the Fifth Victim Found

From ChinaNews, Shenzhen, May 21st (reported by Chen Wen) — On May 21st at 17:00, Yu Zhiyun, deputy director of the subdistrict Office of Shenzhen Longgang District, reported the news of “5.20”, the Huamao Industrial Park Road cave-in. Five bodies have been retrieved. The identities of four of the deceased have been verified. Search and rescue efforts are still under way.

According to a site investigation, preliminary analysis of the cause of the collapse accident suggests that it is the recent continuous rainfall, sewer erosion, and hollowed concrete pavement soil under the formation that lead to the collapse. The exact reason will be identified by a professional department after detailed investigation.

May 20th at 21:00, a road cave-in occurred in Huamao Industrial Park, Longgang District in Shenzhen. The pit measures 12 meters long, 6 meters wide and three to four meters deep.

On the night of [May] 20th, Longgang District Public Security, Fire Department, Three-Prevention Bureau, Emergency Department and other relevant departments rushed the scene for the rescue. And one wounded individual was saved. According to eye-witnesses, two people were buried in the collapse accident, but by the rescuing staff’s further survey (investigation), the number of people who had lost connection was 5. Up till 17:00 on [May] 21st, 5 bodies hadbeen found. The identities of four of the deceased had been confirmed. Search and rescue efforts are still under way.

It is understood that the subdistrict office set up seven working groups on the night of the accident including an emergency rescue group, rescue nursing group, rehabilitation group, etc. to carry out rescue and rehabilitation and also arranged the medical treatment, care and daily life management for one of the a wounded.

Comments from IFeng:

凤凰网河南省洛阳市网友 小正之风:

Fast urban development is not always good. Influx of population, large urban water consumption and industrial water usage, and the excessive extraction of groundwater made the urban underground become a funnel in some cities. There are no landslides in the city, however, one day there may be a sinkhole, sigh, where is safe?

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 谷树人:

“Holes” appearing all of a sudden in cities in China is not a strange phenomenon. It occurs several times every year, just in different sizes. The pit in Shenzhen this time is more serious, and it occurred in the frontier city of reform. The only reason is because of underground engineering fraud. Underground engineering in Western countries is referred to as “the conscience project”. In France, Britain and other countries, the underground engineering has hundreds of years of history, it has withstood damages during the World Wars. But our projects don’t even last 20 years. [It is] a whole society of people losing face. Looking at their report, it’s even more interesting. First, leaders give out orders, then relevant departments react to an emergency. They just won’t tell us the basic reasons. No conscience.

凤凰网辽宁省葫芦岛市网友 qhdwzf123:

Shenzhen has become a deep hole. Shenzhen is so deep!!
(Note: The word for deep hole, shenkeng (深坑), sounds similar to Shenzhen (深圳).

凤凰网山东省济南市网友 缺金少火:

Unprecedented development of modern science and technology lets humans feel incredibly powerful. People think they can become the master of nature, but they don’t know when they maliciously destroy nature, nature has its own way to respond to the arrogance of mankind. Chinese people already go against the idea of the unity of nature that our grandparents followed.

凤凰网湖北省咸宁市网友 下海泡澡:

So when we are alive, we should learn to be satisfied with what we have.

凤凰网浙江省温州市网友 梧桐花落地:

Even when walking around, we face danger!

Comments from Sohu:

[搜狐浙江省嘉兴市网友] 布衣渔者:

The real killer on the road.

[搜狐陕西省宝鸡市网友] wwm56912:

Now we worry about not only what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, but also what is under our feet. It’s so hard to live!

[搜狐江西省赣州市网友] 大漠孤烟798879:

Who is responsible for such incidents? Who will be responsible for the loss of life?

[搜狐河北省石家庄市网友] 自动档好开:

Finally, I know why people want to grow wings. Now to see it, it’s not bad even just to be a tiny littlebird that can’t fly too high. What does it matter if it can’t soar? At least it can fly and doesn’t have to worry about falling into holes.

[搜狐浙江省绍兴市网友] 痴心易碎51372738:

Damn, this really is the “path of socialism” with Chinese characteristics

The scene of the incident.


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