Sinkholes Appearing Around China, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A sinkhole in the middle of a road in China.

From Kaixin001:

1. 2010 June 4, the road surface suddenly collapsed at the 1478km+520m marker on the Zhejiang Huang Qu Nan highway heading towards Nanping, with a doline/sinkhole measuring 8 meters in diameter and 10 meters in depth, which just happened to include the highway’s main driving lane and passing lane.

Sinkhole in an expressway in Zhejiang China.

2. 2010 May 31, tropical storm “Agatha” swept across Central America. While under this hurricane, a sinkhole reaching 60 meters in depth appeared in the capital of Guatemala. It is said that a three story building fell into the hole.

Sinkole in capital of Guatemala after tropical storm Agatha.

3. 2010 May 27 at dawn, in Chengdu Dayi Xinchang town, village resident Mr. Hou discovered a sinkhole while irrigating his rice field. The second day, he discovered yet another hole while watering his rice paddies 3 days later, in Chongzhou City Huaiyuan Town, village resident Mr. Zhou also discovered a sinkhole. Contrary to what villagers believe, two “sinkholes” are not precursors to earthquakes. This is considered normal geological activity.” Said Sichuan Province Geological Engineering Institute professor and senior engineer Liu Junxian.

A sinkhole in Chengdu, Sichuan province of China.

4. Beginning 2010 April 27, several sinkholes appeared one after another in Yinbin City of Sichuan province, with the number of sinkholes numbering over a dozen. The local land department has stated that the “sinkholes” were caused by coal mining, and through investigation has confirmed that there is no impact upon villagers.

A large sinkhole in Sichuan province of China.

5. 2009 June 13, a dried up fish pond in Yiling Village of Shuangqiao Town of Wuming County of Guangxi Province suddenly collapsed, becoming an 80 meter wide, 20 meter deep circular pit. There are also many cracks around the sinkhole, with the cracks growing in size.

Sinkhole from a dried fish pond in Guangxi province.

Here are some additional China sinkhole photographs from a post titled “Sinkholes discovered around China causes alarm” on NetEase and another post titled “Recently huge sinkholes have appeared in many places, but what are they indicating/predicting?” on Tianya:

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A sinkhole in the middle of a road in China.

Filling in a sinkhole in China.

A Chinese man measures the depth of a sinkhole with string.

A sinkhole filled with water.

A Chinese villager looks into a sinkhole found in his rice paddy.

A car stuck above a sinkhole that formed underneath the road.

Comments from Tianya:


Will what was the ocean become land and what is now land become the ocean?


Aliens come out of these holes?


Premier Wen is current selling ark tickets, with the governments of many countries stepping down one after another after getting their tickets.


God is very angry with earthlings polluting behavior and has decided to punish earthlings.


Before experts have refuted the rumors,
don’t be scared.


Guatemala, that one is a little too frightening.


Were there others before, except they were simple harmonized…?

And now information spreads too fast on the internet, so the moment something happens everyone knows before it can be harmonized…?


This is definitely something fresh I have never seen before.

Why are the holes so round, even humans can’t make it this round.

Why is there such frequency and intensity?

Why aren’t there any reasonable explanations?

Comments from NetEase:


Sigh, have aliens attacked? Here in Zhengzhou, there was a report just yesterday that a sinkhole was discovered, and allegedly the interior diameter is 3 meters. Scary!


Closer and closer to 2012!


Why be alarmed like this? Is it too frequent, or do you care too much? If there really is a 2012, then no one can stop it.


This is something that appears a lot in disaster films, as early warnings before the disaster. Yeah, the movies that do not include these are all unprofessional.


Let’s organize ourselves and quickly go to Tibet to find the ark.

Sinkholes. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

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    Oh come on CS…… this should be “Sinkhole-Gate.”

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    The water table is receding.

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    finally.. a post

  • Potemkin

    anyone able to explain Sink hole in a meticulous way ?

    • It’s usually due to a cave developing in limestone under the area. When the cave gets too big the roof collapses and a sinkhole is formed. But also mentioned in the article was the effects of coal-mining which can cause surface damage too.

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        No no no! It has to do with waixingren and movies of Maya calendars.

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    2012! Sorry, I just had to.

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    now it’s really getting scary. this year the weather is so abnormal! earthquakes happen so often, volcanoes burst out, who knows what will happen next? airplanes fell down, premiers’ demission…
    after Hawking warned us not to play with ET, all kinds of guesses come out.
    these holes are really difficult to explain, now who dare to believe chinese experts.
    or maybe it happens all the time, just nowadays internet is so popular, hehe! if one day chicken little become true, guess that time humanbeing also already find a way to trun on wormholes. exciting!

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    The end of the world is approaching…spend all your cash coz nobody will live beyong 2012. hehe sound stupid heim?

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    The minute I saw the title of this thread, I knew there would be people screaming, “OMG 2012!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!1”

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    I for one, welcome the apocalypse.. I just don’t think we’ll be that lucky…
    “Before experts have refuted the rumours,
    Don’t be scared”


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  • The possibilities for naughty jokes are endless.

  • geologist

    hey, instead of speculating the end of the world, how about you lot do some simple geology research, sink holes are normal, want prof, read this:

    • eattot

      why all so round? maybe mechanics expert can give an explaination. even it accords to dynam( not very difficult to understand ), still they are too round.
      my major was full about biology&chemistry& physics. (how cool i am as a girl), i am a big fan of science.

      • Rick in China

        They form because of water eroding porous rock beneath the earth. If you imagine the physics and geology behind forming stalactites, then imagine cutting a stalactite off of the roof of a cave and imagine the shape — it’ll also be a circle. It’s different of course as it’s not creating mineral deposits but eating away porous materials, but I think you can quickly understand why it’s shaped as it is.

        Very cool looking in any case, I can imagine the property in certain districts of Guatemala is pretty cheap right now – wonder if insurance covers their 100m drop into the earth.

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      Of course we do. That’s what makes this website worth visiting. Your words are like the words of Obama – they lighten us up and give us almighty power.

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    explaining the roundness of these holes, is like explaining the crop circles.

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    what does that sign say in (the 9th photo from the top)?

    “Watch out for dinosaurs”?

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    people use water and coal. so if you don’t want to see so many sinkholes, then get rid of people. based on my reading this is more of a localized pollution problem which is ironic because in theory china could just fall into a huge sink hole if they keep overusing and polluting their water supply (and mine for coal).

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    China is DEEP.

    This is now an article for DEEP discussion only.

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    Not to put a downer on your sink hole post but one of your picsis from south america and was viral on facebook / reddit.

    How innaccurate are your other posts? :-(

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    Sinkholes?? Damn! Another reason to stay clear away from China!!

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          dont blame the koreans, blame yourselves!!

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    What’s that movie… with the random sinkholes, and people’s kids falling in them to who knows where?

    That’s all I can think of reading this…

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      the movies is call “Kung Fu Sinkholes” starring Jay Chow!

  • These holes on the earth and skies are gateways opening up from the spirit world and other dimensions.

    Prepare for war…because not only is there wars in the physical world but definitely in the spiritual too.

    I’ve seen a crazy event happen on the last full moon (may28th). The sky was shape shifting so fast and loud rumbling sounds echoed. I felt the presence of good and bad spirits around me and saw the animals like birds freaking out.

  • HaWu

    There some piece of woodlands near to we’re I’m living that is bumpy and full of small sinkholes, impossible to go there for picking mushrooms. It’s not as there are more sinkholes every year, quite the opposite because of the dry weather.

  • skeptic

    look fake to me

    • korean_guy

      your skepticism seem suspect to me.

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  • Ju Ju

    Probably a result of the American HAARP program located in Alaska

  • Lex luther

    I heard iv these sinkholes to be releasing methane gasses into the air,,
    This shocked me as a close source told me of a phropit that explanes this not on obvious detail but I cant think ov much else, but for all u who are reading on am guessin u want to no more… The profit explanes about the sings to look for when the world ‘is past its sellby date’ he qoutes lakes of stone… Refers to roads obv,, then goes on to speak about the sea of black been the oil spill and then this,, interestin too say it was sed bc ….

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    sOooooooooooo scary>…….
    is diz the enD of the world?

  • brian

    this might have something to do with the LHC. its 100m underground. on march 30th the LHC reached record collision speeds. a new record for high energy particle collisions. im reading this right now but dont know the website that my brother found it on. canada, guatemala and a few places in china have sinkholes.

    • Salise Kid # 7

      your maybe right. china has been nuclear testing for a time.

  • Anon

    The sinkholes are most likely caused by the movement of water from above ground to elsewhere (i.e. transportation of food), prevention of water moving underground (i.e. paved streets) or pumping of groundwater to the surface so the water cant stay underground. Water is part of the underground soil that supports it. Think about it, if it wasnt for all the water in our body we would be a small pile of dust.

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    go to for answers

  • Salise Kid # 7

    the world is changing, lets get ready for something new and something evil, who knows maybe our world is unstable and its time for us to go.

  • synchronicityhappens

    It’s the Large Hadron Collider. It has created black holes which are consuming the Earth from within. The first unambiguous sign that the Earth is in fact imploding is that our GPS satellites will start delivering erroneous position data.

  • Edwinski

    Although sinkholes themselves are a normal geologic phenomena, the recent plethora of sinkholes in intriguing.

    There are numerous empty spaces under the Earth’s surface, and erosion by water will undermine the superstructures above. A leaking sewer line above a subterranian cavern is one cause. Irrigation is another, as is flooding.

    These round, large holes are amazing, however!

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  • “Why be alarmed like this? Is it too frequent, or do you care too much? If there really is a 2012, then no one can stop it.”

    Very, very wrong comment! Every one can stop “The End”. Just think positively, be good, and be altruistic.

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  • Guys,

    The sinkholes are created by massive dark matter particles orbiting through the earth in a 2 body kepler orbit. They collapse ordinary matter around them. Low pressure systems at the particle’s exit point from earth approach the sinkhole as the orbit decays into the earth. On my blog @