Sino-Japanese War TV Dramas Becoming Increasingly Ridiculous

Chinese martial artist splits an Imperial Japanese soldier in half with his bare hands in a Chinese TV historical war drama series.

Chinese martial artist splits an Imperial Japanese soldier in half with his bare hands in a Chinese TV historical war drama series.

The below video of the April 10th broadcast of CCTV news program News 1+1 criticizing Chinese anti-Japanese television dramas was uploaded yesterday April 11th and already has over 6 million views.

On Sina:

CCTV Criticizes The Churning Out of Low-Quality War of Resistance Against Japan TV Dramas: Competing to See Who Can Be More Vulgar

One hand grenade can blow up and bring down an invader’s airplane, one dagger actually being able to wipe out the enemy’s heavy artillery.
Wearing a leather jacket, Raybans, and riding a Harley, is this a War of Resistance Against Japan drama or a War of Resistance Against Japan science fiction series?

City resident:
All kinds of fighting and flying, with one kick reaching so far, so fake.

Acting in over 30 War of Resistance Against Japan dramas a year, being able to “die” 8 times in different casts and crews in one day.

Shi Zhongpeng, actor:
It’s because I make die relatively well on camera, so the directors like it very much.

Churning out without regard for quality, disregarding history, making entertainment out of suffering, some War of Resistance Against Japan TV dramas have already become unbearable for audiences.

chinaSMACK readers will recognize scenes shown in this video from another video we posted in an report last month about Chinese netizen reactions to a Chinese heroine being gang-raped by Imperial Japanese soldiers. Below is a summary of what is shown and discussed in the news program:

@5:30 in the video, the female host says: If just one of these TV dramas had a stupefying plot and character, you might blame it on the writers or director, but if series after series are seemingly competing to see who can be more low-brow, stupefying, or ridiculous, then what is going on?

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A commentator is quoted as saying that these dramas are no longer patriotism but obscurantism, that they will have a very negative effect on the public, especially the youth, and television channels and investors should not wantonly use them simply for ratings.

“Then that is even more frightening. When youth see these so-called historical dramas, how will their perspective of history be distorted?”

The host continues to say such shows are not only used for entertainment but also for the communication of values. She hypothetically asks what if foreigners who were interested in this period of China’s history were to see these dramas, what kind of impression would they have? How would it reflect upon the character of the Chinese people? Perhaps some people will say these are not made for foreigners to watch but for our own people to watch. She says, “then that is even more frightening” because how will Chinese youth’s perspective of history be twisted and distorted?

The next part of the program describes how large the industry for such TV series set during the War of Resistance Against Japan period, and includes multiple interviewees sharing their thoughts. One says there are often as many as 5 different dramas of this kind on television each night while another one says how such dramas are very different from when he was young, that they have become more about entertainment now.

According to statistics published by Hengdian World Studios from January 30 to March 2, of the 17 days that can be checked, a total of 10,846 “Japanese devils” have been “killed” in productions. The hosts rhetorically asks if Japanese soldiers were this easy to kill, just what happened during the 8 years of the War of Resistance Against Japan?

“Now if Japanese devils were this easy to kill, then just what was the extremely difficult and bitter 8 year war of resistance about?”

A professor is interviewed on the phone and one question asked is why there are so many films and TV dramas on this subject recently. The professor says it may be because the subject is considered relatively safe and that it is unlikely to run into any political mistakes.

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The host says ratings and profits for such dramas are high and although people saying such subject-matter and the intelligence of audiences should be treated with respect, how come the market seems to reward these kind of productions? And if the market rewards it, then writers and producers will continue making them, so how do we “break this vicious cycle?”

The professor is interviewed again here and says the solution should be three-pronged: One, the creators should restrain themselves, respecting themselves and history. Two, TV stations should not pander to audiences and instead try to guide them. Three, while there are some “young” audiences who like such “stupefying” plots, she believes audience in their hearts are still “clear” on what’s right and wrong. So, with efforts from all three, this phenomenon of vulgar TV dramas can be improved.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Since when has reality ever been a part of Chinese drama?

    • Rainer

      Since First Blood came to China when Ramble wasted hundreds, with one hand tied behind. :)

      • vincent

        haha it’s Rambo and he killed 46 people in First Blood.

        • BiggJ

          You’re thinking of first blood 2. When he goes to Vietnam.

          • vincent

            Oh snap you’re right, I’m going to edit that comment, thanks @biggj:disqus

          • BiggJ

            I love Rambo movies. :) My favorites of all time. When I was a kid they were great. I know it’s all over the top bullshit…but it’s entertaining.

          • vincent

            Same here man, but damn Sylvester was massive in Rambo 4 no wonder he had such a high kill count, it’s over the top but at least still relatively realistic compared to these so called ‘dramas’

          • mr.wiener

            Wiki search a little Finnish guy by the name of Simo Hayha, only 5’3″ but made Rambo look like a pussy.

          • the ace of books

            Fuck yes Simo Häyhä. That man was more badass than any of these ridiculous action hero movies. Guy gets shot in the face by a counter-sniper and what does he do? Shoots the guy right fucking back.

          • mr.wiener

            I believe it was 500 plus kills with his sniper rifle and 250 with his Suomi submachine gun. This guy was harder than a coffin nail.

          • vincent

            I read an article on about him, pretty interesting. Some times real life is way more bat-shit insane than the movies.

          • I think it was Audy Murphy (The US’s most decorated soldier in history) who, when they got his story for a WWII movie, said he had to dumb it down because people wouldn’t believe the shit that actually goes on in war.


          • BiggJ

            Yeah, I never heard of the guy until you mentioned him. Shit..this guy was hard as fuck. I just finished reading the wiki shit on him. His jaw got fucked up, looks like he had a massive stroke. Killed 505 people in less then 100 days…thats hardcore, plus like you said killed 200 more guy with a SMG….Rambo might need Dolph Lundgren to help him out with this guy. lol

          • BiggJ

            It may take all 3 of these guys to take out Simo Hayha. hhaha

          • MonkeyMouth

            ‘over the top’ was a stallone movie, too. did you do that on purpose?

          • BiggJ

            Someone got it. lol

          • MonkeyMouth

            awwwwwwwwwww ya

          • vincent

            I’ve seen a lot of his movies but I missed ‘Over the top’, I was just parroting BiggJ’s words haha perhaps we should ask him whether he did it on purpose :)

          • BiggJ

            Over the top was alright. He was an arm wrestler and he wanted to win a 18 wheeler at a competition. lol. The part I remember the most was this big honkin dude drinking motor oil before he arm wrestled rambo lol.

          • “You see, it’s like a switch: when my hat is in the front position, I’m just normal. But when I turn my hat to the back, that’s when I “switch on”; that’s when I am ready to compete.”

          • BiggJ

            hahaha, yeah. Remember the finishing move when he turn his wrist over the top.. lol

          • Rainer

            Guess you love all Rambo movies except First Blood One where Rambo didnt killed as much as Chinese movies do to Japs. :)

      • BiggJ

        Rambo did not kill anyone in the first blood….wait…he killed one person.

    • I propose a new Chinese series: based upon the popularity of the western import, it’s time for China to have it’s own “Chinese Mythbusters”. Topic include – well, every plot from War of Resistance serials.

  • Red Scarf

    Hollywood has aliens or as of lately some Asian country, China has Japan!

    • Panda Banana

      no, Hollywood has much more then just aliens…sharks and germans! You are right about China though.

      I think the increase in anti japan movies in recent times has obviously something to do with the conflict over the islands, so they might think its helpful to increase the brainwashing to keep the hate alive. I always wondered who the fuck watches this shit, from the 50 TV programs i was able to watch when i was in china, 50% show anti japanese war movies at any given time of the day. Saw once how a chinese girl was at the edge of a cliff holding a rope with 5 soldiers at the end of the rope, while she was being shot multiple times by the japanese devils she still was able to pull them all up to save their lives. She died right after that in the arms of one of them, but before she died they had to give her the promise to kill all the devils, which they did of course with their bare hands….dozens of armed japanese devils died that day ! I asked some chinese about… who actually watches this crap? They told me that there are millions of old fucks who still enjoy watching this shit, sitting at home the whole day with not much to do, except to watch this crap and wait that the child send his/her salary to them….

      • radbab

        If they just had great actors for the Japanese as Hollywood had for the Germans… Curd Juergens, or more recently Christopher Waltz. But what can you expect from those unsophisticated CCP propaganda pieces?

  • It may be a good thing that these dramas are becoming ridiculous, because by making it so, the people there, over time, will learn to forget the anger that comes with watching the Japanese soldiers on TV and may improve their perception of Japanese. While they wont forget the history, they will forget the anger. If you keep watching the drama that realistically depict your country being raped and murder every year, its impossible to let go of this anger. Perhaps a reminder that it is a work of fiction is necessary in the beginning of each episode.

    • I agree, if they kept making gripping tales about villages being raped/murdered/looted over and over and over again the anti-Japanese sentiment will never die down. Everyone there already knows how brutal Japan was during WWII, there’s no need to keep reminding them, and if seeing “Japanese” soldiers getting split down the middle and having an arrow shoved in their eye to make light the situation, I see no problem with it. Shit is kinda funny to watch though!

  • Rick in China

    This quote “how will their perspective of history be distorted?”

    It’s simply not the problem. It’s not about how their perspective of history will be distorted, it’s about how their perspective of REALITY will be distorted.

    I can picture it now: ChinaSmack in 10 years,

    Child attempts to kung-fu chop JAL plane out of sky, falls to death, as he chopped from balcony.

  • KMT Guy

    You guys know why they keep making such crap TV series? Because they DID VERY LITTLE in the resistance against the IJA during the war. Most of the fighting was done by the KMT army (or NRA, the National Revolutionary Army), including all major battles from Shanghai to Wuhan, from Changsha to Kunlun Pass, from the jungles in Burma to the Liuchow counterattack.

    While the communists basically holed up in the mountains near Yan’an, occasionally carried out guerilla tactics (which were disapproved by Mao). After 1940, the communists even started cooperating with the IJA to some extent, trading firearms and opium in the occupied areas of China, while launching attacks against the NRA (The 89th Corps of the NRA is wiped out in this way, facing Japanese frontal attacks while the communists suddenly started attacking in the rear).

    Here in wikipedia you can read about how the 89th Corps is wiped out.

    So, how do they make war films then if they did virtually close to nothing? Of course make something up! Throwing a grenade up in the air to blow a Zero away, using arrows and all sorts of Wunderwaffe which go against common sense, or even depicting a Kung Fu guy beating up all Japanese soldiers and even tearing one in half.

    This is too disgusting. I need to go to the toilet and vomit again, sorry.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If KMT was so fucking good, how the hell did they get their butts kicked off the mainland? Please explain. And if it wasn’t for Uncle Sam lending them a hand at the time, the baldy would not have escaped to Taiwan alive.

      • KMT Guy

        “Baldy”? Mind your word. He should better be called President Chiang.

        The communists won because they got unlimited Soviet support while Uncle Sam intervened several times for ceasefire negotiations when KMT was so close to victory, and even stopped the military aid completely during the crucial moment. The NRA alone could not stand against the communists and their unlimited Soviet aid, let alone unite all of China.

        Truman and Marshall thought they could keep China fragmented this way, and the plan backfired as Mao went on to conquer all of Mainland China. Uncle Sam’s lack of willingness to help was the exact reason why China turned communist, and indirectly led to Korean and Vietnam wars, while Chinese people suffered and we can then witness so many “ridiculous Chinese jokes” right now, including these TV series.

        • Emilio Kléber

          Your attempt to belittle the Communist guerrilla operations in Manchuria is just as ignorant and one-sided as the CPC propaganda that only focuses on the Communist armies and ignores the Nationalist role in the war. The guerrilla war in Manchuria tied down many Japanese divisions and harassed IJA supply lines. The Nationalist soldiers knew that the Communists were good fighters against the IJA, which is why they forced Chiang to agree to the 2nd United Front in the Xi’an Incident.

          The Soviets pressured the CPC to make a peace treaty too. The USSR continued to recognize the ROC through the civil war while calling for a truce and coalition government, and Soviet diplomats followed the fleeing ROC gov’t south, staying with them until the fall of Shanghai in 1949. Similarly, the US only stopped aiding the ROC when it became clear they had already lost the war.

          The major thing that the Soviets did for the CPC was to hand over the captured Japanese weapons and control of Manchuria after looting it in 1945; that weaponry allowed the PLA to fight regular engagements against the NRA. It did not give them an advantage, it just put them on an even playing field

          The KMT/GMD basically lost the war because their army defected to the Communists. NRA did fight most of the battles in against Japan, but the Nationalists’ corruption and the Communists’ patriotic reputation made the soldiers switch sides. The Nationalist leadership pissed away their support among patriotic Chinese throughout the war by “trading space for time” and letting their own soldiers’ hometowns and families fall to the IJA without a fight.

          • KMT Guy

            Not really. The many IJA divisions (Kwantung Army) in Manchuria were not the result of the little guerilla action there, but a measure to counter Soviet threat in the north.

            Throughout 1946 and 1947, the US intervened for several ceasefires, but the most important one was when the NRA was at the doorstep of Harbin, the last communist base in China, giving the communists the opportunity to rest for several months and prepare for a counterattack, which ultimately allowed them to take NE China and advanced into the Central Plains. US aid stopped completely in late 1947, at that time the communists controlled only the countryside of NE China and Shandong, it is hardly what you described as “ROC had already lost the war”.

            CPC also used various Soviet weapons directly supplied by the USSR, amounting to millions of rifles, thousands of machine guns, artillery and ammo.

            The soldiers usually switched side only after they surrendered, with the exception of General Fu’s army in Beijing or NRA units which were commanded by communist undercovers. The communists gained peasant support via coersion and propaganda, making the peasants believe that they would welcome “a new world” where they could share the wealth of the rich and gain more land to farm. Mao even promoted the so-called “neo-democracy” to gain support from the intellectuals. Such propaganda is just as terrible as what we see now in the TV series.

          • Emilio Kléber

            This notion that the US betrayed Chiang Kai-shek, stabbed ROC in the back and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, is nothing but a latter-day Nationalist myth, created to justify their defeat, which they accomplished in spite of massive American aid.

            Like I said, the Soviets also called for ceasefires, and they continued to recognize the ROC until the very end of the civil war. The US did not similarly maintain regular contact with the Communists. It is true that US aid to Nationalists/ROC was not consistent, but neither was Soviet aid to the CPC.

            The Nationalist offensive into Manchuria only got as far as Harbin because the Soviets withdrew in 1946. The NRA did not hold back because Americans ordered them to, actually Chiang was very distrustful of the US and he would not have listened to American commands to let the Communists survive, if he thought he could have crushed them.

            The reason that NRA failed to capture Manchuria was not because they were too peace-loving or they got tricked by USA, it was really because they were overextended, trying to hold many far-apart cities while dealing with Communist guerrillas throughout the countryside in Yan’an, Manchuria and Shandong.

            The ROC only controlled so much territory at the start of the war to begin with because the US Air Force flew Nationalist soldiers around to accept Japanese surrenders and occupy all the formerly Japanese-occupied land, thus preventing PLA units from capturing towns and cities. Those towns and cities eventually got surrounded and fell to the Communists because they still controlled the countryside in Manchuria and other areas – a continuing result of their very real guerrilla operations against Japan.

            Mao’s moderate appeals like “New Democracy” and “Bloc of Four Classes” were so successful because the Nationalists alienated many Chinese intellectuals and businesspeople after the war by starting a new purge of “Reds” throughout the country.

            Mass NRA defections to the PLA at the end of the war are an undeniable historical fact. Of course they surrendered first, every defector in history has surrendered to the army he is about to join, before they let him become one of their soldiers. Calling every unit that defected “communist undercovers” is really selective thinking, this is just like how the Communists say everyone who opposes them was a “nationalist undercover” or “imperialist undercover.”

            I am not a CPC sympathizer or wumao but in order to intelligently oppose the CPC you need to honestly understand how they got to power, and that wasn’t just by being corrupt and evil. They really did fight the Japanese and the NRA soldiers knew it.

          • KMT Guy

            The US DID betray ROC and did it quite intentionally, what you take a closer look of what kind of aid was ROC receiving – oversized uniform, metal junk, and all kinds of surplus that was considered leftovers in the Pacific War, but not what the ROC needed most – trucks, artillery shells, fighter bombers. Why send the P-51s (a fighter plane designed to achieve air superiority) if the commies did not have an air force at all? In any case, the American aid could not be considered “massive” at all if you compare it with what the USSR or the UK received from the Lend-Lease.
            What I mean by “communist undercovers” are those unit commanders who held an underground CPC membership. Whether a membership exists or not is a fact and is not really any selective thinking as you suggested.
            And again, I need to emphasize that the US and USSR planned to have China separated into two parts – Northern China ruled by CCP and Southern China ruled by KMT, that’s why you can see the aid from both sides were not continuous. However, Mao disobeyed Stalin’s order and launched attacks across Yangtze in 1949.
            Please explain how the KMT alienated intellectuals and businesspeople, or where did you read about it.

            We all agreed that CPC fought against Japan to some extent, but if you compare the number of casualties between the Chinese Red Army and the NRA, you will come to know about the scale and the effort given in the war. It is just a matter of comparison.

          • Emilio Kléber

            Considering US aid to the ROC, Lend-Lease is not the object of comparison. The comparison would be to Soviet aid to CPC, and that is just as “junk” as US aid to ROC was… Soviets only gave captured Japanese equipment, they also looted Manchuria of industry, then they pulled out in 1946 and allowed Chiang to invade Manchuria and Yan’an, while they continued to recognize Nationalists and call for coalition government. Soviets betrayed Mao/CPC just as much as the US betrayed Chiang/KMT.

            KMT alienated businesspeople long before the final phase of the civil war (how about nationalizing banks during the Depression) but that’s another story.

            What you are saying is the KMT story, but that is only 50% true. The CPC story is also 50% true.

            KMT fought most of the war against Japan, but the Communist role was still very important.

            Soviet aid allowed the Communists to have a fighting chance, but it didn’t guarantee victory.

            If KMT beat Japan as you say, how did some evil opium-dealing peasant army beat KMT with those same Japanese weapons? CPC won because they did moderate reforms, and KMT was a very corrupt party that had discredited itself among Chinese people (much as CPC is discredited among Chinese people today).

        • Strangerland

          Hate to say this, but I agree with you. Remember the 8 foreign countries trying to divide China between them, like some pancakes they want portions of? American government that time dislike the idea of big china like Russia- they hoped to keep it small-ish and disjointed. Divide and conquer is the idea. Too bad they fail to recognized the danger of communism- and I think no other governments in the world feel sorrier for China than USA. That’s why it opened the economy trade in the 90s, I have a feeling USA government priority today about China is banishing the communism- so they would attempt through soft-force. China crumbling into separated countries like Russia is a bonus.

      • mr.wiener

        He wasn’t “Baldy” Gen. Stillwell referred to him as “Peanut” , his wife was the “Iron butterfly”

    • Zappa Frank

      here is your evidence? a wikipedia page? not that much.. i read all and the contrary…

      • KMT Guy

        Go read about 黃橋事件. This is a well-documented event and shall be available in many books.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          黄桥事件的主要战役是国军对共军的进攻作战, 这点在你所引用的维基百科上写得清清楚楚. 国军三万人进攻共军七千人还被反过来歼灭一万一千多, 这等无能的军队拿去抗日也不过是送菜罢了, 被消灭没有什么好可惜的.

          • KMT Guy

            Look what I have got here, another wumao trying to smear the NRA.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤


          • KMT Guy


          • Bugs Bunny

            we do not deny that KMT did defend japan hard but also who let japanese break into china?

            Mao is a warb but does not mean our red army did not defend less than KMT,take a read at our 十大元帅,彭德怀 林彪…who was not fighting agianst japan and at that time where was your KMT?I admire 林彪 most, he merely lost in wars. Mao was very scared of 彭德怀and林彪,that’s why killed them early.

          • KMT Guy

            You read too many Mainland history books, try to get info from other sources.

          • Bugs Bunny

            stop bullshit!
            your army just too weak and out of order.
            can not blaim others but yourself. look at nanjing,omg,even your leaders ran away can such kind of group lead china???

            north korea war we died so many people,even mao’s son died there, i ask you,jiang ever had the ball do this too?even kmt decided to fight against japan was forced by 张学良 杨虎城.
            this kinda team can not do anything great,no order, no rule, no courage.

          • linette lee

            omg bunny, mao had many mistresses, wives, and children. He abandoned his wives and children. Some were executed by his enemy. The son that died in north korea war he was mentally ill or had some kind of defect or something and Mao never thought much of him never cared for him. Nice propaganda by mao.

          • linette lee

            bunny, the taiwan and hk chinese were taught with history books not “contaminated” by the china gov’t. The china gov’t omit or exaggerate and rewrite the history. They control the information used in china school. I know because I see many young china chinese don’t know about Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. In hk we still hold annual candlelight vigil to commemorate 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown and those died sacrificed. Annually over 100,000 hkese attend this event. Last year 2012 over 180,000 hkese attended the candlelight vigil.

            How can HK or taiwan have good feeling toward the China gov’t??

          • Panda Banana

            i think that the TS incident was justified. The CCP had to do what it has to do to keep the country together and let peace prevail. As we see it no, it was the right thing to do. China was and still is constantly changing AND improving in a more or less healthy way.

            Some hooligans were killed that day and some student fools, maybe even one or the other “innocent” who wasn’t able to run fact enough. Knowing china, i wonder of all the people gathered together that day, how many of them were real protesters and how many just observers? Lets not make such a huge deal out if it. It was a tough decision to make and the only right one as we see now. China dealt with its “arab spring” already in 1989, and its better to sacrifice a few people rather then let the country collapse just cause a bunch of dumbheads want their wishes fulfilled and as a result of that a civil war probably, the country falling apart with million of deaths. Same shit what people ask for all the time and trying to pressure china, pretending that they care about the people. They care shit in my opinion, fucking hypocrites. Asking for democracy in a country which by its size, population and character of people, is definitely NOT ready for that without sacrificing millions of people in the process. Dumb asses, stick your heads out of your asses and see the real world! You people just know one thing: demand! demand! demand! without thinking about the CONSEQUENCES first!

          • Panda Banana

            and BTW, WOW, HK people holding candles once a year!!!! for a bunch of people “sacrificed” in another country, people they would in real life throw up upon. And thats the hypocritical about you folks, you spend more time and energy holding candles for the death then to help the once who are still alive. Go and better help this 200 thousand people in HK who have to live in cages like animals and provide them with a decent living environment, and show what great and warm hearted people you are, bunch of ignorant hypocritical liars.

          • linette lee

            dame. you are a communist supporter. Go move yourself into China. YOu will fit right in with the China gov’t.

            And no, you don’t have to kill so many people to maintain peace. It was a peaceful demonstration by mostly university students. You said you don’t care so shut the fuck up.

            You don’t see corruption as a big problem in China gov’t. Hkese do. You don’t see so many rural chinese still have no equal access to china gov’t healthcare and education as problem. Hkese do.

            Hk have many charity organization donating money to the poor people in HK. And the money DO get to those poor hk people. No one died of hunger in HK.

          • Panda Banana

            You are right, i AM a supporter! And do you know who I support? Answer: MYSELF! Since i have no stake in the outcome of things, i keep it as simple as possible. Which means translated for you: as long as i can make enough money and can fuck a fair share of nice girls wherever i am, I don’t give a shit who rules which country.

            I am not a hypocrite like you guys, pretending that you are something better and want to liberate Chinese people while a good bunch of your own people in HK have to live in fucking cages paying 1500 a month, hahaha, what a bunch of assholes you guys are. I have staff in my office in HK, local people who are able to get gov. Housing in fucking soho/mid levels( where i live) for the exact amount these poor cage fucks pay. You have really nerves to talk shit about fairness, when people who earn 50k+ like some of my staff do, can apply for Gov.housing in the better parts of the city and get it for 1.5k a month(which is laughable for HK) standards, while over 200 thousand people must pay the same amount for a 1m2 cage…..go light a candle for the bastards who lost their lives on TM square if that make your ignorant hypocritical ass feel better, hahaha….i advise you to clean up in front of your own door first BEFORE you talk about the garbage of others, you BTW know extremely little about!

          • linette lee

            Fxck off. People that do that are cheating the hk gov’t. Just like so many people in USA getting welfare and gov’t subsidized housing lying about their true income. You have scam artists in every countries.

            And you are exactly what you are. A pervert preying on girls from poor family. Maybe you are spreading disease. No need to talk shakespeare with you. Go back to your own country and rot.

          • Panda Banana

            Wow, someone is getting angry? Can’t handle the truth? It just shows again how less you know-:)! EVERYONE in HK, even the ones earning 50k can apply for gov. Housing. I know even a bank director, who is a friend of mine, who lives in gov. Housing! It’s not illegal in HK, you apply officially, they put you on a waiting list, and will offer you first some crap in NT and shit. You just need to reject the offers again and again until they come up with something more suitable. That is how fair HK is to its poor people, they give rich people the same rights as poor:-))). Damn you live your whole life in HK and know so little?? Don’t tell me you are some sort of looser, like so many in HK?! Maybe that’s the reason you are angry when you see mainland people buying shit you can not afford? Sucks, huh?!

            Why i should go back to my country? When i can stay in HK and can live a tax free live? All according to the law! As a matter of fact i get by the end of the year more back in tax returns then i pay in. HK loves people like me, even i am a foreigner, it gives me all the freedoms i want, and its a great place to live.

            Isn’t it strange that i am the one who is doing more for HK then people like you who are citizens? Of course i have already a perm.ID, not that i need it, i just took it so i can cross mainland border without visa.

            Go light a candle you looser! You should feel shame the way you look down on poor people and on mainland people!

          • donscarletti

            If the HK government does in fact provide nice apartments in the Mid Levels for 1.5k a month, then they probably shouldn’t.

            It’s not so much whether those people are really poor or are being deceptive about being poor, it’s just I can’t think of any reason someone should have a nice apartment in the mid-levels without paying for it when there are so many people willing to spend their hard earned cash for the privilege.

            If I lived in Hong Kong, I would certainly want to live on the Mid Levels assuming that I could afford it, since it is a lovely place with a lovely atmosphere. It’s an expensive place though, because the area is not large, it’s mountainous, difficult to develop and the apartments are highly sort after. If the government is taking some of those highly prized apartments and giving them out almost for free, then it’s doing a huge dis-service to those who can now no longer find one in their pricerange.

            If what Panda Banana is saying is correct, the government should redevelop and sell those precious apartments at market rates and use the money to provide basic social security to a larger number of HK people, rather than providing a luxury windfall for a few.

          • Panda Banana

            scarletti, i paid a 2 digit million sum for my apartment, they guy who works for me for around 38k a months lives just a few blocks away, same for another one who makes 50k a months. Usually the rent where i live starts at around 28k and goes up. Needless to say, 80% in our building are the actual owners. I am not pissed cause i paid a shitload of money, cause i love the place. I am also not pissed cause the gov owns appartments in this area and rent them out for 1500-1800(the common rent for gov housing in HK). Sunday i invited some friends to Cheung Chun where i own 2 flats to eat some great seafood at my favorite restaurant there. We talked about housing and so on, and i didn’t know that one of my friends also has a appartment there. From what i know he can be considered a rich guy. There is gov housing even in Cheung Chun, you know how much rent he is paying??? 350HK$ a month! and he is definitely NOT a poor guy.

            Our 2 watchman at my mid level home, work 12 hours a day, earned until last year around 4500 a month, after i heard that we owners get together and complained about it. Since january this year he makes11k, cant say he is happy though cause he is still complaining like a MFer:-)

            HK made 40 billion surplus out of land sales and stamp duties only, in just the first 3 months of this year alone!!! they have now 1.5trillion in fiscal savings! What they do is hoarding the money which has the effect that rents and real estate prices go up into the sky. I for one can’t complain cause according to the market, the value of my overpaid appartment is not 25% +. While this are good news for me, it could very well be that cause of such politics, within this year, the market could crash and real estate would loose 40% of its value by the end of this year alone. I for one don’tgive a fuck cause this happens every now and then. I just say what this girl Linnette wants everyone to believe is pure BS! HK is great to me, in fact to everyone who has money. Real estate is what made many HK people rich and wealthy, at least the ones who bought shit 20 years ago or during SARS times.

            You can be a bank director and you can apply for gov housing, trust me on that. While poor fucks will be put on the waiting list for 6-8 years and offered just shitholes of apartments, others with a relatively good income just need to wait around 3 years and get offered the ones which are in the better locations. Just to get sure there are no complains later on, they offer you some appartments in New Ter., where they tell you to reject it, so they can file that they were offered to you, every now and then something nice shows up in Wanchai and Central in real nice areas for the same fucking price of 1500. 350 for Cheung Chao is not bad at all, when someone dont mind the 30min travel by boat everyday, the fucking monthly ticket is just 470 as far as i know, at least thats what i paid last time…living in HK for 35 euros a month, fuck! while this poor bustards they rip off pay 1500 for a fucking cage! So this girl should better stop complaining about the inhumanity of the CCP. HK gov. is not much better, they just smile a bit more.

          • linette lee

            It’s a very sad case. HK gov’t wants to build more gov’t buildings for low income people but was greatly objected by many local native hongkese. Their reason for objection is because no matter how many more new gov’t buildings there will never be enough. They are saying HK is already very crowded. People are still coming in trying to live in HK. So the more skyscraper gov’t buildings they build the more people will move in. It’s true. HK is extremely crowded. Very sad.

            Hk do have many many low income subsidized apartments for the poor people. The poor people gets gov’t aid. They have healthcare just like middle class access to public hospital. Nobody starve or not able to get emergency care in hospital in HK. The biggest problem is living space, crowded school and hospital. Very crowded. Many hongkese feel they are crowded out of their own lands by so many new immigrants.

          • moody

            That greater good shit again ?

            you Sir are a Moron (with a capital M)

          • Panda Banana

            not just greater good my friend, just get sure that you are on the right side when it comes to sacrifices. From my own personal experience, I can say that most sacrifices i have seen in my life, were stupid sacrifices…call me a Moron if you wish, the advice was for free BTW..

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            其一: 黄桥战役并不是共军对国军的攻击, 而是国军倾巢而出向共军进攻. 论据就是你自己引用的维基百科.
            其二: 从双方的兵力和交换比来看, 这股国军的战斗力差到了极点, 很难想象他们在对日军的作战中能起到什么作用. 所以就算共军把他们全歼了, 也没有对抗日大局造成什么损害.

          • KMT Guy





          • 白色纯棉小裤裤


            我为你贴一下那个维基百科页面对战役过程的描述. 根据下面这段的描述, 战役经过是国军集中大军向黄桥进攻, 共军采取诱敌深入各个击破的方式歼灭国军.


          • KMT Guy





          • linette lee

            為什麼還要繼續同內地的中國人爭論歷史? 他們在中國內地教育裡面長大. 他們永遠不會承認歷史的事實. 還總是說台灣不好. 台灣更不好台灣人也可抬起牌子抗議台灣政府而不會被台灣政府殺害. 在中國可以嗎?

          • KMT Guy




          • chapo

            Give it up. The mainland Chinese are not worth anybody’s effort to “save.”

            I hope Taiwanese people like you (assuming you are in fact Taiwanese and not a mainland fake, since this forum is full of them) will become fewer and fewer. You have nothing to do with China and China has nothing to do with you, except as a source of low-wage labor and comfort women.

          • KMT Guy

            You are right, people like me are becoming fewer and fewer. Most of the young people in Taiwan nowadays are supporters of Taiwan independence and the DPP. Sigh.

          • linette lee

            很多香港人也有同感. 香港人跟內地的中國人爭論歷史,就是想他們明白歷史真相. 同他們講政治是想他們明白什麼是人權和民主政治. 但內地的中國人他們不明白,因為它們不是在民主政治環境中長大. 正因為如此,他們不喜歡聽你說台灣或香港的民主政治有多好.

    • Rainer

      Seems you didnt see the movies before you threw up since you failed to notice these movies and TV were not only about communist fighting Jap while there were many where Nationalist took the lead.

      • KMT Guy

        You mean those produced in Mainland? Yea there are a few, but very few.

    • 不要脸

      SHAMELESS, Fucking Shameless. I did my degree on this and KMT lost the mainland for a reason. They were corrupt, murderous, treacherous, cowardly and incompetent to boot. The CCP did most of the fighting in the North and that’s partly why they were so popular, the KMT sold their soldiers’ weapons and food and made the march around chained to each other. The CCP has really been magnanimous in treatment of the KMT in the war in the interests of re-unification. Originally the KMT fascists were allied with Hitler but even he eventually turned on them in disgust. The reason more KMT soldiers died in WW2 is because they’re commanders were snobbish and willingly sacrificed them in hopeless strategies.

      • KMT Guy

        Hello there, wumao.

      • linette lee

        The ccp mao were popular because during that time China was very corrupted. Many people were poor and starving. Mao got majority of the china chinese support because majority of them were poor farmers working on lands owned by the rich landlords. Mao promised these poor farmers of freedom from debt and from their landlords. When Mao took over he confiscated lands and executed many landlords and educated chinese. Millons died and books burned. He burned books across country symbolized his absolute power(or no one can become educated enough to challenge his politic and power)

        Unlike the mainland Chinese, Mao is not considered a hero by Hkese.

        • moody

          Mao was popular because China was what it was, and Communism in this time and place just sounded really nice to most people.
          It was an easy sell really

        • iLL

          Panda Banana is just trolling mutherfucker. lol

      • OMG

        LOL, what kind of degree is it? The degree of Maoist Bullshit and History Distortions? Do you mind tell me where can I get this awesome degree?

      • Panda Banana

        degree means shit here on the internet. Its pretty much evident that you know what you are talking about, so take this one from someone who has also a degree: don’t tell anyone about it on the internet! and don’t try to win a fight. There is nothing to gain and nothing to win here, just enjoy the time and in case bugs bunny invites you, be careful, cause she got herpes…

    • linette lee

      That is why China is still fxcked up with so many internal problems. No human rights. The china chinese have no clue what’s human rights. These pigs and low life did next to nothing during invasion of Japan hiding in holes. They let the KMT army did most of the fighting and then chased the exhausted KMT army out of china into Taiwan. Then the mao and his party took control of China. They procreate and make more pigs and low life and have their descendants control China fxck up china more. They enslave the poor rural chinese and have them breed like rabbit so they can use their cheap labor…making these pigs mao descendants even more rich and powerful.

      oh…if the poor china chinese would have a taste of life in taiwan or Hong kong. Understand what is like being treated equally before the gov’t even when you are poor, they will then see the evil of the china gov’t.

      • BiggJ

        I think human right gets cancelled out after your population gets over 500,000,000….or if your a commie.

      • Charles

        Wow Linette is kicking some ASS! Sadly, I have to agree with you.

        • ManofEarth

          it is just kicking its own ass – and it doesnt care nor matter to itself

          thats the real sad part of it…

      • Panda Banana

        the beginning of your post was bad as usual, some nonsensical bashing of the mainland….then you actually made some good points regarding KMT and mao…..but then again you fucked up at the end as usual…

        “oh…if the poor china chinese would have a taste of life in taiwan or Hong kong. ”

        well, lets go a bit more into detail here. I pretty much have a great life in HK, (same i had in china and other countries), due to the fact that i have enough money. But when you talk about poor china you should be careful , cause china has improved significantly and pulled millions of chinese out of poverty over the last decades, which now live pretty good lives, and many can come to HK and buy all this luxury stuff you as a HK citizen can’t. But back to “taste of life in HK”, cause i would argue that the over 100.000 cage people in HK would disagree with you. Thats an official number, but everyone in HK knows that the number is actually over 200 thousand. People who are living in cages smaller then 2 cubic meter, which is in fact an industrial cage pallet, which they consider their home/appartment. Its not unusual that 1 room has 10-20 of this cages with stacks of 3 on top of each other. 10-20 people must also share the same toilette/bathroom/kitchen….and each one of them pays around 1500HK and sometimes more for his cage.

        Not sure, but i haven’t seen such shit on the mainland. What helps all your crap freedom of speech and right to vote when you must live this kind of fucked up life. Canton people are amongst the lowest scum on the whole mainland, speaking of GD province, BUT i must give them that, they don’t give a fuck about politics, they just care about money. So before you bash again and again about the poor people on the mainland, it would be nice if you would at least recognize that even in HK its not all gold thats shining.

        Dont understand me wrong, I dont give a shit about the poor in HK, China, or elsewhere, I just think that you open your mouth too fast and come across kinda ignorant. Since i dont give a shit about them I also dont feel the need to help anyone of them, i think thats fair. But its obvious that you do give a shit about lots of shit, and you promote HK all the time while you bash the mainland. So what you are going to do about the shit happening in HK? Let me take a wild guess: ignore it and keep on complaining about the shit which is going on in China? Thats my girl !

        • ManofEarth

          as usual / well commented give-a-shit-panda / thx to u i need no longer urge replying this lil thing nicked linette / gratitudes!

          • Panda Banana

            my opinion is that no one has to love china or the CCP, i too have lots of things to complain about, even i made some good money over the years. BUT facts are facts, and when someone denies facts out of irrational ignorance only, writing shit out of her comfort zone without having ANY sort of practical experience, never lived in china, never worked there, simply basing her knowledge on “observation”, (whatever that means) then someone has to set the record straight.

            There is a lot of room to improve in china, and based on its size and amount of people it would be silly to deny that, but it also can’t be denied that during the last 20 years so many things has been improved to the better. I think most people, especially from HK, are just pissed of seeing all this mainlanders coming over the border and buying all this expensive shit, they themselves can not afford. Yeah, life sucks, where the commies got the money from? Why the fuck people care? The shops in HK don’t care and make a large part of their turnover from mainland tourists. The only ones complaining are the people which have some personal issues with mainland people. Maybe they feel some sort of shame that others comparing them with mainland chinese. I think HK will have to learn in the future that we live in very fast changing times, and fact is that HK now a days very much depends on the mainland. The game is tilted folks, so you better get used to it!

            At least they should be fucking honest for fucks sake. I at least admit that i don’t give a shit about poor fucks. I myself came from a poor background and worked my ass off to achieve something in life and to make something out of it, but bashing the mainland with the typical HK hypocritical way like

            “oh…if the poor china chinese would have a taste of life in taiwan or Hong kong. ”

            while in HK more then 200 thousand people have to live in fucking 1 square meter cages, worse then animals, paying 1500 every month, thats already fucking 3% of the population. This fucks have to manage just one city and can not even handle 200k people to provide them a life in dignity, but bitch about the mainland all the time…yeah poor chinese, i am not sure they would like to taste and appreciate the life in a 1 square meter cage in HK.

          • linette lee

            Just to fucking let you remember, the china folks that come over to HK to buy luxury goods, where do you think they got their money from? Majority of them are people with power in China stealing money within the china gov’t. Most of them steal money from China people and come down to Hk to invest buying properties and cars. They can’t keep those “dirty” money in China. Fuxk off because you dont’ know. I don’t need a non Hkese and non china who is a pervert pedophil preying all poor china women from poor rural areas to explain to me what’s going on.

          • Panda Banana

            Mind your manners girl, you loose your temper! Show some education once and for all!

            We can all just hear you bitching and complaining! Your posts are all based on assumption only and you just sound like a jealous child who must watch how others can buy shit! It’s obvious that you just talk out of your ass! Why you care where this people got their money from? You even don’t know anyone of them, but from the extremely little you know, you make up your BS stories! Never been to china, but puking out an opinion abou them. I can just advise you to stop the hatred and educate yourself, find a better job, then you too can buy things….other then that you can keep on sounding like a looser!

          • Rick in China

            You’re right Linette! Nobody in China made money without stealing it.

            Everyone who started a business and sold a product or service, invested in real estate or stocks, they’re all thieves. All of them. Why? Because you’re angry that they have more money than you and go to HK to buy up shit you can’t afford. Cry more cupcake, we all feel for ya :(

          • linette lee

            I am not saying all of them are thieves. I am sure many of them benefited when China gov’t were constructing the city like those in Shanghai got apartments from china gov’t back in the days and now their property is worth money. They are regular people like you

            and I. You do have many who makes honest money not from stealing. But majority of the ones coming in HK who are extremely wealthy are either corrupted china officials or family related to someone that has power in china gov’t. I am not saying those come in to buy LV bags and so on. Those are regular people.

            I am talking about the ones come in to drop US$2 millions and buy a condo with cash from China. Cash. You don’t see those china officials carry cash like millions to bail their kids out of jail in USA? Where they get their cash from? A gov’t worker making millions? Driving mercedez and 10 luxury watches? They are not donald trump and have big businesses. They need to take their dirty money to HK and USA. They can’t keep it inside China.

            You don’t know China gov’t officials are notorious for stealing money? Stealing millions.

          • Rick in China

            There are way more business people than gov’t officials in China. Who do you think owns buildings? Who owns the businesses? Who owns the joint venture partnerships with foreign enterprises? These are all normal people, who have worked for private industry. Some may have CONNECTIONS, but like any country in the world, often success requires connections. You say shit like “Majority” of the people who come *ARE* xx yy zz corrupted blah blah, which is absolute bullshit made up statistics by linette, without any fact or evidence to support it other than your own anger. Show me one statistic or objective source that determines how many US$2m condos paid for in cash are paid for by gov’t officials. Show me ONE, please. What do you think all the rich and successful business owners are doing….sitting in their local sandbox jerking off, and only corrupt gov’t officials who take bribery for their cash are able to spend money outside of the mainland? Get real! Your logic is just horribly wrong.

          • Panda Banana

            gov officials are even restricted to travel outside china. Its extremely hard for them to get out of the country for holiday and shit. But its true that they send some of their relatives to HK to buy shit.

            I myself collect luxury watches and know most of the bigger jewelry stores in HK. Its not unusual that a mainlander comes in to buy a half dozen watches worth 1million HK$ each. That shit happens, but its definitely now like it used to be years ago. One still can’t say for sure if this goods will end up on the wrist of an official or business man. An official, as powerful as he might be, can’t just walk around with a watch worth 1 million or drive in a mercedes all day, that shit is not as easy as poor linnette wants everyone to believe.

            Its obvious that her BS rants are just what they are: BS!! she was never on the mainland and has no experience at all about the subject. She just repeats the crap she heard somewhere else before. She is like a brainwashed child repeating the same shit all over again. When you call her on her BS, she will just keep in repeating the same crap all over again….luxury goods, mercedes, condo…pretty obvious that she just mentions the shit she will never be able to afford herself. Understand this HK people, life is tough down here. Its hard for them to find a good job, or a good paid job. real estate prices are skyrocket high and most can not afford to buy one. Rents for even a small BS room in Mongkok, YauMaiTai of just 10-15m2 can be around 5-10k a month. Thats already a third or even half of their salary, and they must share this small room together with some cockroaches and from time to time a rat is passing by looking for food! Its still china though, just leave the city centers and you will see the difference cause it pretty much looks like the mainland. So yeah, i understand her frustration, she being a girl, its also very hard to find a suitable husband in HK. Life can be a bitch for some….so bitching and complaining about others can be seen as a way to release frustration and pressure about ones own incompetence. Especially for a women who’s biological watch is ticking and ticking and ticking….like a fucking role of toilette paper, as closer it comes to the end, as faster it roles. Its very likely that she hears this ticking sound and the toilette paper role is getting smaller and smaller….

          • Guest

            Are you a gw sycophant or a snivelling hyena? I’m hoping you are an annoying snivelling hyena, but your posts suggest the former. Far too many foreign young grovelling weasels spitshining shoes in china lately.

          • linette lee

            panda banana is your prime example why foreigners in China has such a bad reputation. Read his post. He wasn’t kidding. His intention is real. He claimed all he cares is go to China and fxck as many girls as possible for free and have a good time. The way how china gov’t regulate the country is great. Hongkese should just accept it and stop complaining. I am sure it’s great for him because he can f as many girls and even rape some girls in poor rural areas then pay himself out of jail. China a heaven for pervert and criminals with some cash. Not hong kong. In hong kong if you break a law you go to jail. No way you can buy yourself out. Not so good for pervert like him.

          • linette lee

            I don’t have problem about being chinese. What about it? So I am chinese and you are not. You have a fxcking problem with that? You are just a pervert pedophile talking about how to bang as many poor china girls for free as possible on this site.

            In case you have reading comprehension problem I am telling you again, I don’t have problem with mainlanders. I never did and I have many friends who are from mainland china. They tell me things about China. And like many Hongkese, I just don’t agree with many things china gov’t is doing. I don’t like their segregation system how they treat the rural and urban chinese differently.

            All you fxcking talking about is how rich is china this and that. So move yourself to those poor rural areas inside china and live there. Wealth is not everything if more than half of your population living in the rural areas are not treated equally before the gov’t. Look at those migrate workers and their children in China. How they are treated.

            Hong kong like any other city in the world, have poverty too. Most of them are elderly and family with domestic problem like single moms…so just like those in USA. HK has housing program many are still on wait list to move to better housing but space is limited. Let just say it’s not easy to live in major city.

            And you fxcker, many hkese are not rich but we are comfortable and educated. Even the poorest hkese know his rights before hk gov’t and expected to be treated like humans and fairly rich or poor. You don’t care about those things because you are not Hkese. You are foreigner trying to get away with laws you know you can’t that if in USA or in your own courtry. That is why you love CHina. Foreigners get away with many things. There is no real law in China only money and corruption.

            Stop talking shit about HK if you hate it so much. Move yourself to China. You can kill a person and eat it in the rural areas of china and don’t have to go to jail for it. Just pay China officials lots of money. No problem. fxck off.

          • Panda Banana

            when you know so much, please tell me JUST ONE name of someone you know who bought a condo for 2mill.$US in cash, driving mercedes (you can’t even spell the name right) and has 10 luxury watches!! come on bring it on and shot that you dont just talk out of your ass. Fact is that you cant bring up even one name, so this are again just assumptions. I on the other side do know a good bunch of chinese which did exactly just that, and NONE of them is a gov official. Can’t you realize that you just make a fool out of yourself? You kinda breath and eat fucking rumors and puke assumptions. Nothing you can back up or base on experience. But you do know the exact amount of watches someone bought? You know what car they drive, really? You know how much money they paid in cash for a condo? Damn girl, i spend more then that for my mid levels apartment, and i am sure you have NO IDEA what it takes to pay everything in cash and get away with it without anyone investigating where the money comes from?! Even in HK you must declare shit when the sum is over 120k HK$ if i remember right….obviously you again just talk out of your ass. You must be a poor ass MFer working for peanuts?

            Since you suffer so much over a LV bag, why not this way. I will buy you one, when you stop talking shit, just to shut your mouth up and prevent that you make a fool out of yourself. So many posts and you never provided ANY evidence for anything you claim.

            Which gov official you know who stole money and spend it in HK? And even he did, why the fuck do you care? You are chinese, get used to it, and that people outside HK will just see you as a chinese, is something you better get used to….you are a poor example.

            I am just glad that most who read the shit you post, take it as it is. Some BS from a frustrated depressive HK girl who can’t afford the luxury shit mainlanders can buy.

          • linette lee

            Same in USa. Every dollar you have when buying properties required you to show evidence and source where the money was obtained, but still don’t stop criminals and mafia from using dirty money to buy mansions or businesses. There is always a way and money laundering is not that hard.
            It’s not so bad with china corruption blablablal…You are chinese, get used to it blablabla…,……Well you are white living in China and you know it’s very common also when white dude live in China loving it.
            It’s a great place for pervert pedofile like you to live.

            And I only use human language to speak to human. Pervert pedofile like you I don’t need to use human language because the F word you are very familiar with.


          • Panda Banana

            now you crack me up girl! When did you become an international expert on money laundering. Now you switched over to the USA and accusing people who can buy themselves a mansion or business to be criminals or members of the mafia?

            Girl, you are obsessed with other peoples money and the way they spend it. Are you trying to justify somehow that you are a looser who has no money and can’t afford to buy “expensive” shit, by accusing that the people who can, must be criminals ? Again, even they are, what the fuck does that have anything to do with YOU? Are you some sort of stalker? Stalking people around the corner of an LV, Gucci, Prada store,….cause you come across this way.

            Girl, you better concentrate on yourself and make some changes. This obsession is killing you from the inside.

            When you try to make a valid point, which you haven’t brought up yet, then its helpful not to make a fool of yourself all the time by calling people names. Especially people you don’t know, thats weak. But on the other end, thats probably all you can do, since you accuse others of being thieves simply cause they can afford to buy luxury shit… on yourself baby, wise up fool, wise up!

          • Nothing wrong with those who earned money honestly and through dilligent work and financial prudence. But I guess Linette is talking about the corruption and dirty business stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I’m pretty sure Linette does well for herself, but each to their own eh? Foreign teachers in Chengdu might be happy earning 5,000 a month and owning nothing, just as some richer chinese and expats may be happier working longer hours to have more and earn 50 or 100,000 a month. Vive la difference, and differences are always good, will get your blood boiling and keep your mind young and sharp and your pecker up.

          • Panda Banana

            and what the fuck Linnette or anyone else know what is going on “behind the scenes”. The term in itself is contradicting, so how can someone who is not behind the scenes talk about what happens behind the scenes? She is accusing most mainlanders to be thieves or corrupt officials without knowing ANYONE of them personally or the way they earned their money, simply cause she sees or hears that they buy luxury goods. Makes sense right! I am sure in her own world it does…

          • I agree stereotyping everyone as thieves is wrong. But questions should be able to be asked, those students snapping up LV stuff on boxing day in England, where do students get that kind of money from? Their “oh my family are poor farmers” line just does not wash, even farmers in China can get subsidies and make money. Nothing personal against you panda, anyone with a handle named after one of my fave animals, can’t be a bad bloke:)

          • Panda Banana

            questions? YES! of course questions should be asked. So show me ONE question she has asked! Just one! I doubt that you will find one.

            The only thing you will find are posting rumors and assumptions as FACTS(from her point of view), without providing any sort of evidence to support her claims. Aggressively calling people names who question her claims, she by her own accounts just make up out of “observation” alone. That sounds like a stalker to me.

            Asking questions is one thing(she does not), spreading rumors based on assumptions only and selling them as facts, is a whole different story. Especially when her criteria to do so is simply based on “that people buy luxury things” and “where the money comes from”.

            China is a big country with lots of people, more then a billion, its the worlds factory, so why is it so fucking mysterious that at least few million out of more then a billion are able to make something out given opportunities and spend their money?

            What people dont realize is that in ALL post communist countries, people are obsessed with luxury shit. I am too from a post commie country. Once the freedom was given, many will approach their goals in a more aggressive way, trying to make as much money they can in a short time, to be able to make up for the time lost. What the chinese are doing is nothing else. They dont like to wait, the first thing they do is to buy a fancy watch and a car. I did the same, 20 years ago when i was 20 the first thing i bought for myself was a gold rolex day/date. People seem to believe that everyone in a commie country must be poor. Fact is that lots of us had already money, the problem was that there was nothing you could buy with it. The money was there already, but no opportunities to spend….so i think china is not much different…but to say they must be thieves, without considering that its the fastest growing economy which also happens to produce lots of people with power and money, is ridiculous…

          • What people dont realize is that in ALL post communist countries, people are obsessed with luxury shit

            I’ll agree very much so here, I’ve had the misfortune to have met ukrainian women, far far worse than Chinese gals.

          • Rick in China

            I don’t think your example is very apt.

            So, lets look at how many “legit” millionaires there are in China. That means on the books millionaires, people where their money can apparently be accounted as being legitimately earned. They may have a LOT more, though, unaccounted for – still….just legit millionaires:

            WELL OVER A MILLION.

            That means over a million millionaires with kids. Most millionaires in China will probably consider sending their children overseas for education. Many of them will. Some of them will end up in England. Lets say a fraction of a percent end up there. That still means THOUSANDS of children of millionaires in England studying, fully capable of buying LV bags and shit with their parents money. That’s if only a fraction of a percent of the potential people capable of paying for it without any problem are there. Not to mention, often when people overseas “snap up” bags, they’re buying for their friends back in China as well..

            So, is it really so “questionable”? Or is it just the fact that from your perspective it’s unreasonable that they spend so much cash on things so the first thought is, Hmmmmmmmmmm…..something fishy! I’m 50 and can’t afford a pair of bally leathers, why can these students buy LV bags!!!!

            I think that’s nonsensical, illogical, and embarassing thought process.

          • Nothing personal, if someone likes LV bags fair play to them, personally I don’t although my gf may beg to differ. I never really questioned it, nor said you are wrong,was just curious about it. Hope your enjoying the sunnier weather in ChengduL-)

          • Rick in China

            Weather is nice these days, heading out shortly to enjoy it while the sun is still out!

          • Rick in China

            I’m not saying there isn’t corruption or dirty business. Of course not. But making statements like “the majority of people” where there’s nothing to indicate that’s the case, is what I have an issue with. I don’t know why you’re talking about English teachers and Expat workers and their salaries – I’m talking about blanket statements that are simply wrong being made by someone who constantly claims to be the “true” knower-of-all-things HK/mainland whereas the rest of us are just idiot foreigners who have no idea about how things really are. See the difference in subject?

            Linette is just angry so many mainlanders have massive amounts of cash and can buy up property/luxury goods in HK at a rate that pushes out HK locals from being able to get property of their own without being part of the more elite social class, and have to put up with their general lack of manners relative to what’s normally accepted in HK while they line up outside of LV buying up a bunch of ish average workers in HK simply can’t buy… and her anger shows through ridiculous statements that she actually believes to be true.

          • Panda Banana

            you seem to be obsessed with luxury goods and others peoples money. What all that has to do with you, except that you obviously cant afford any of them? Can’t help myself but in 7 years i have never heard or seen anyone in HK like you, talking such crap. Can’t you see that you are intellectually on the same level together with a mainland-brainless-cant think for his self- nationalistic-lunatic bashing japan.

            I ask myself who taught you such crap that the MAJORITY of mainlanders who can afford one or the other luxury item, who can invest in real estate or buy themselves a car, must be either all thieves or CCP members! Are you really so blind and full of hate that you can’t see that you talk such shit that it makes you appear like one of mao’s red guards. You bash them, but you are closer to them then to anything HK relates too.

            One thing is criticizing out of knowledge with reasonable arguments being able to back them up when it becomes necessary, but what you are doing is accusing people which bring money to your city; money HK depends on, businesses depend on, which guaranties that people have and will have jobs, can make a living, and a steady economic growth.

            I want to see a hypocrite like you running a business(which is very unlikely with such a brainless thinking you have) and mainlanders come in to buy shit from you, and you tell them to piss off cause most likely they stole the money from chinese people?

            You try so hard to make a difference and to get sure that people do not identify you as a mainland chinese(maybe thats where your hatred comes from?). And by doing so you appear ridiculously stupid. I applaud you! You can very much identify yourself with a nazi in 1935 claiming that jews cause they are successful and own property must all be criminals and stole it from the german people. Or like i said you could also have been one of these radical mao’s guards. From a character point of view, your behavior and the crap you post is pretty much identical.

            You close your eyes about facts from your own city where prices for food and other goods in poorer areas, like in Tin Shui Wai by example are 50% higher then in a rich area where i live.

            You bitch and complain about chinese gov. being so rich, but help the poor so little(like thats an wasy thing to do with a population of 1.4billion!), while your city has just around 8 million people (just around 0.5% of the mainlands population), has a fiscal savings amount of 1.5 TRILLION HK$ but somehow can’t get 200 thousand people out of cages? and cant stop price increases in poor areas of HK where people must pay 50% more for food and domestic goods, then someone like me does? You guys will have a 60BILLION surplus this year alone, but hey, fuck that, lets light a candle for the poor sucker who died at TM Square right, so you can show your hypocritical solidarity and feel better about yourselves.!

            1 in 3 elder people in HK already live far bellow the poverty line, in total 1.2 million, which is 20% of the population. Most of you people live in small shitholes you call rooms where you can dream about luxury goods all night. Life sucks girl, so better get your shit together and do something about it. Mainlanders are not the reason you see yourself as a looser and behave like one! Stop making fucking excuses for your own misery and incompetence! You are chinese, you are born chinese, you look like one and you will die as one. There are fucking worse things then that in life! Get over it and stop feeling shame for other peoples (your own) behavior and stop trying to come across as modern and western like, when you are NOT!

          • linette lee

            I don’t have problem about being chinese. What about it? So I am chinese and you are not. You have a fxcking problem with that? You are just a pervert pedophile talking about how to bang as many poor china girls for free as possible on this site.
            In case you have reading comprehension problem I am telling you again, I don’t have problem with mainlanders. I never did and I have many friends who are from mainland china. They tell me things about China. And like many Hongkese, I just don’t agree with many things china gov’t is doing. I don’t like their segregation system how they treat the rural and urban chinese differently.
            All you fxcking talking about is how rich is china this and that. So move yourself to those poor rural areas inside china and live there. Wealth is not everything if more than half of your population living in the rural areas are not treated equally before the gov’t. Look at those migrate workers and their children in China. How they are treated.
            Hong kong like any other city in the world, have poverty too. Most of them are elderly and family with domestic problem like single moms…so just like those in USA. HK has housing program many are still on wait list to move to better housing but space is limited. Let just say it’s not easy to live in major city.

            And you fxcker, many hkese are not rich but we are comfortable and educated. Even the poorest hkese know his rights before hk gov’t and expected to be treated like humans and fairly rich or poor. You don’t care about those things because you are not Hkese. You are foreigner trying to get away with laws you know you can’t that if in USA or in your own courtry. That is why you love CHina. Foreigners get away with many things. There is no real law in China only money and corruption.
            Stop talking shit about HK if you hate it so much. Move yourself to China. You can kill a person and eat it in the rural areas of china and don’t have to go to jail for it. Just pay China officials lots of money. No problem. fxck off.

          • Panda Banana

            “You are just a pervert pedophile talking about how to bang as many poor china girls for free as possible on this site.”

            Sexual Pervert? Yes, i never denied that! Bang poor girls? Actually i always go for face value first, but prefer girls/women with some style, most poor girls don’t fit that description. Nether the less, yes, i also fucked one or the other waitress, once a girl from the hairdresser saloon, and nearly all of my former secretaries. Even i would not go so far to call this chicks poor since they all had a job.

            “In case you have reading comprehension problem I am telling you again, I don’t have problem with mainlanders. I never did and I have many friends who are from mainland china.”

            sounds like the racist who say he isn’t racists cause he has black friends:-)))

            I will skip your hypocritical part where you pretend to care about poor mainlanders from rural areas and shit…

            “And you fxcker, many hkese are not rich but we are comfortable and educated”

            well i am glad you said that cause you set a good example that providing education doesn’t necessarily means that the person can use and execute education in her/his life.

            “You are foreigner trying to get away with laws you know you can’t that if in USA or in your own courtry. That is why you love CHina. Foreigners get away with many things. There is no real law in China only money and corruption.”

            yes i am a foreigner, and lived 7 years mainly on the mainland. And i can assure you that there ARE laws even in china. In my experience they were just executed to squeeze some money out of my ass. So yeah, there is lots of corruption in china, but you make it sound like i was able to get shit for free. Trust me i paid more then a fair share to get things running, but i dont bitch and complain, its just the way it is and the price you have to pay IF you want to get shit done.

            “Move yourself to China. You can kill a person and eat it in the rural areas of china and don’t have to go to jail for it. Just pay China officials lots of money. No problem. fxck off.”

            Well,i will not go into detail about your foul language(i remember you said you were educated? hmmm)…do you know of anyone who killed someone and get away with it? any example? i am sure there are some, but i ask myself how’d you know about them? and even that is true, why you bring that shit up? I have no intention to murder or rape anyone in the near future, especially not in china.

            Again you show very little and limited knowledge on the subject….you are really a sad example of an educated HK citizen. Now hurry and light a candle for the poor in china, and go feed some cage people!

          • linette lee

            You don’t care as long as you can fxck as many chinese girls for the time you are staying in HK and china…

            why do you go to hong kong yahoo and post that and have a few words exchange with the hongkese. You fxcking pervert pedophile.

          • Panda Banana

            Why the name calling? Again just assumptions and wishful thinking? Since nothing else is left?

            You sure sound more and more like a looser! Don’t know much about your own city, otherwise you wouldn’t complain about people who bring their money and spend it, fucking hypocrite…let some of their children take a shit on your street from time to time, for fucks sake, they bring a lot of money and create profits for HK businesses. You on the other side seem to be left behind? Poor Linnette Lee, only thing left to do is to bitch and complain?

        • linette lee

          You have poverty in every country. You never seen poverty in China? Many HK poor people have the option of moving out of central HK and to a more rural areas of HK like lamma island or new territories 新界. There are many more rural areas in HK with more space and mountains and beaches. But public transportation is not that convenient. Limited space is part of problem living in major cities in the world.

          It’s better to be poor in HK than in China. In China the poor people are not considered human. They are cheap labor slaves to the china gov’t and the rich china people.

          And you, what are you doing in HK? Living in HK for 7 years? I hope HK don’t give you the HK ID. Because just by reading what you post, you seems like a pervert preying on girls from those poor china areas. Hong kong and China don’t need pedophile.

          • Bugs Bunny

            no,not as you thought.
            several days ago a HK guy planed to move to small city in mainland to have a better life, buy an apt and this and that,people all laugh at him,he thought mainland is still so poor as before, 1 million hk dollar can not make him trouble free in third level cities in china at all nowadays. only in small town is possible.
            and also do not look at mainland girls like that,a lot girls nowadays from middle class can live very well too.those hk or tw actress want to marry mainland rich so much nowadays.

          • linette lee

            I am not looking down on mainland girls and say Hk people are richer. We both know there are rich and poor people in china

            and hk. When you are rich you can live comfortable in Hk or China. Go to good school and get good healthcare. When you are poor you better be living in HK…you can still go to good school and get good healthcare.


            Most conflict between HK and China is mostly due to how China gov’t regulate the country. There are still many places in China with extreme poverty and that shouldn’t be because china gov’t is wealthy. No china chinese should starve by now consider how wealthy china gov’t is. No china chinese should be without access to attend school or get treatment in hospital during emergency.

            Majority of the hk people prefer the “two system one country policy”. Meaning hk gov’t and China gov’t each have their own rules and laws but it’s considered one country. That is just telling you hongkese still don’t have faith with the china gov’t and their laws.

          • Your grammar needs work, I will say this about Hong Kong, great that english is spoken everywhere, and well.

        • chapo

          “I pretty much have a great life in HK, (same i had in china and other countries), due to the fact that i have enough money.”
          On 50 cents per post? You gotta be kidding me.

        • ex-expat

          So you are saying that the average standard of living on the mainland is better than that of HK and Taiwan?

      • grand

        you are a fucking moron. KMT was very inept and corrupt and the chinese people hated his rule and supported CCP. that’s why he lost the war you idiot. the CCP won the war with primitive weapons while the KMT had US backing with air support.

        • OMG

          I guess you’re drunk on some cum juice from Stalin

      • chong

        regardless of what linette lee says she is still a chink.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        And where are the traditions and the respect TO THE ANCESTORS???

        The commies surely were quite a disrespectful lot, but don’t talk here like people in HK/Taiwan is walking around in Shen-yi, using their guan headpieces and the ‘talk of the town’ is the new kunqu presentation, while their youth learns traditional music and other grassroots education…

    • Duke

      Ditto. the Chinese military has ALWAYS gotten it’s a55 kicked. Whether it’s the Sino Japanese war or WW2. Both examples are the same. In both cases Japan was able to win despite facing larger forces that were in defensive positions. Either the Japanese army is comprised of super bad a55es that couldnt be stopped(both times) or the Chinese army has never had a clue how to defend its land. I still don’t understand why a country would make so many movies and TV shows about wars in which they got their a55es handed to them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make movies about things that China has done right?

      • Damo

        Aren’t they taught in schools a different history though? A history where China was top dog with a little help from the outside.

      • OMG

        So was the French in both World Wars…they performed even worse in WW2, the French surrendered in two weeks?! Insanely useless group of people.

    • Chang Liu

      Sry your version of history is straight up KMT propaganda. Read any third party (i.e. non aligned) history such as the brilliant biography of Chiang Kai Shek by Jay Taylor
      will give you an idea of the degree of corruption and ineffectiveness of the KMT.

      Excuse my while I vomit for your ignorance.

      • KMT Guy

        Straight up KMT propaganda? Try to prove me wrong then. But I still think you should get paid more than 50 cent per English post.

        • Chang Liu

          Who am I kidding, KMT Guy, the clue is in the name.

    • Chang Liu

      I am no expert on the history however I have read some third party history such as Generalissimo, Chiang Kai Shek and the China He Lost by Jonathna Fenby. Check it out, might give u a more balanced view rather than this pent up teenage anger drivel.

    • HanJaeMin

      Very informative :)

    • Justin

      I hate to break it to you but the KMT weren’t exactly saints, either. Nor has Taiwan always been a beacon of freedom in democracy. Martial law ended there in 1987.

      Chiang Kai-Shek was a fascist who massacred millions of Communists in China after brokering a deal with them to join hands in fighting the Japanese, so I think the communists can hardly be blamed for taking similarly shrewd steps when fighting for survival against the KMT.

      Then, the KMT’s massacre of civilians in Taiwan in the 228 Incident made Tiananmen Square look like a walk in the park, not to mention the subsequent 30 or so years of martial law, torture, political murder, etc.

      And you can say Mao killed more or whatever. That’s not up for debate. He also had a lot more people to kill as the ruler of a whole country and not a tiny island. If Chiang Kai-shek had won, I guarantee you his death toll would have been just as high, if not higher, though there probably wouldn’t have been the starvation of the Great Leap Forward since he would have taken foreign aid unlike Mao, since Chiang was a favorite of capitalist economies.

      Anyway, to summarize my point I think you look like a fascist asshole for taking as your moniker “KMT Guy”. You might as well call yourself “Blueshirt Guy” since that’s what Chiang Kai-shek called his fascist secret police, modeled on Hitler’s Brownshirts.

      • OMG

        LOL, yes yes yes…facist police?!

    • moeimoei

      I know, this is the sad truth :(
      but you know there are still ppl in China waiting for the return of KMT!!! :) is that ever going to happen?!

  • moldavidian

    I look forward to a time when China can make another decent film. It’s been a while.

    • the ace of books

      Out of curiosity, what would you consider a decent Chinese film? To Live tears my heart up, and I really liked King of Masks and Wedding Banquet; I also really like anything with Ruan Lingyu, who’s fucking gorgeous and mostly a silent film actress.

      But what about recent films? Aside from Ang Lee, who would you consider a good modern Chinese/Taiwanese director?

      • moldavidian

        I agree with you on To Live and King of Masks but those were the decent films i was thinking of. I like most of Zhang Yi Mou’s films and a few other older films like Shower, Xiu Xiu, Beijing Bicycle among others but they are not recent films. I hope to soon discover a new wave of good Chinese directors.

        • the ace of books

          Aha, alright. Yeah, I know Zhang Yimou’s good (although Curse of the Golden Flower was silly as shit), should watch more. Will look up the other ones you’ve mentioned, although I believe I’ve seen Beijing Bicycle (maybe – if so, ages ago, so Inunno).

          • Bugs Bunny

            i wanna make friends with you. where you stay in china? and may i know how old you are?
            hmm, i feel we can be good friends, we can share so many things together…

          • Panda Banana

            “i wanna make friends with you”

            makes me smile, i must have heard that a million times during the last 7 years in china….nothing stranger then when someone you have never met before comes out of nowhere, jumps in front of your face just an inch away to say: hellooooooow! looking at you with eyes wide open…..right after that he/she says: “i wanna make friends with you”…”i feel we can be good friends”….

            it took me some while to get used to it, and even now it still scares the shit out of me when someone approaches me in such a way….never happened in HK though, don’t know about Taiwan….on the other side, when the girl looked nice, i of course make friends with her.

            To be more precise, just males get so close when they say:helooooow…..girls just say: i wanna make friends with you! Pretty direct approach, makes things much easier…

          • Bugs Bunny

            none your business!
            he is a decent and well-read good person, not as you, go away!

          • moldavidian

            Personally, i’m always flattered when somone asks me if i wanna make friends. Especially, if they are female :)

          • the ace of books

            Hey, I’m happy to make friends! But I’m in Harbin, and that is a very long away away from everything else in the Zhongguo, so I don’t know about hanging out…

            Got a QQ, though! If you give me your number I can add you. My email should be on my disqus profile.

          • OMG

            Ah…free streetwalker at it again…you remind me of the Vietnamese streetwalker from Full Metal Jacket….”Me so horny….fucky fucky….”

          • 2046, temptress moon, farewell my concubine, raise the red lantern, ju dou, zhou yu’s train, chinese botanist daughter, balzac and the little chinese seamstress…

            does memoir of geisha count? its not Chinese but there are three world class Chinese actress in the film

          • moldavidian

            Good suggestions. I found Farewell My Concubine a bit slow but i liked the last two you mentioned which i believe have the same director. I haven’t seen 2046, Temptress Moon, Zhou Yu’s Train or Memoir of a Geisha but the latter just doesn’t seem like it would be interesting at all.

          • Memoirs of a Geisha is basically about tragedy and destiny, its passionate and brutal I enjoy the story and the acting. Besides this the cinematography is also beautiful, I would recommend it. As for Chinese cinema, its quite difficult to find a good one. Once in a while there would be one. I no longer expect to find movies like Ju Dou or The Chinese Botanist Daughter anymore…

            you can try for one of the recent one

            whispers and moans (2007) <- about prostitution in Hong Kong I am not too sure if you would like it but for quite a recent movie it is watchable

            the second woman (2012) <- would have been really good if they take out the annoying detective conan bits… anyway this one is quite interesting to watch.

            besides these movies that we have mention, have you any recommendation? it would be interesting to me and others who also seek good Chinese films.

          • moldavidian

            Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I wish i could recommend some others but i have all but forgotten the other few decent Chinese films i have seen. Blind Shaft comes to mind. It’s quite good. You might want to check out Unknown Pleasures. I really liked Zhang Yi Mou’s Happy Times and his more recent film, Under the Hawthorn Tree.

          • If I can flip this around: if you value your sanity and ideals, don’t watch mainland Chinese romance films. Even if mainland Chinese comedies are hit and miss (I thought “Lost on Journey” was not actually funny, but instead very charming), its rom-coms take you deep inside the twisted logic of a young Chinese girl who wants love over money but still wants money, which is more important than love.

            The tropes are mind-blowing:
            * every movie is a love triangle between a plucky girl having to choose between a rich guy, and a guy who is still rich but not as rich as the first guy
            * the male characters are flawless – they work hard, never lose their temper, as loving as a father (see what I did there?)
            * the female characters flawed because their’s is a trip of self-discovery, but they are never faulted for it
            * every movie must contain this line: “I didn’t know what you liked to eat, so I ordered everything on the menu for you.”

          • linette lee

            Farewell My Concubine was very good. It won so many international awards.

          • the ace of books

            Will add these to my list! Farewell My Concubine I watched with my parents and brother this winter. Brother didn’t like it because he wanted to watch Warlords instead, but my parents liked it. I was somewhere in the middle – it was definitely a good film, but it was not one I enjoyed inteh same way as, for example, Mao’s Last Dancer.

            Memoirs of a Geisha irritates me for many reasons. A few:

            a) the author disregarded his source material’s request to be left anonymous
            b) “lookit how exotic Japan is lol”
            c) “lol girls are so catty all the time it’s funny”
            d) love stories where the characters, as TVTropes so delicately puts it, Cannot Spit It Out irritate the balls off me, because seriously, folks, you got feelings? say it already.
            e) the author had no sense of color and put like orange together with pink.

            in conclusion: the film of Memoirs of a Geisha was far better than the book, because the author was a dipwad.

          • haha cannot spit it out is one way to look at it. I read an article a long time ago about East Asian practise in constraining in love and sex in order to build up the tension and frustration before they become one and… explode. Thats what I thought I was seeing in the movie. Besides, being direct in love and sex is unseemly, even a little vulgar to the delicate and polite East Asian culture during those time. Which explain the catty dialogue between the two main character to the climax of their rivalry where she just doesnt care and burn everything down. I love that part the most, its just like the constraining practise in sex, dancing around the circle until one of them explode with… madness. A little madness is always good in sex and love.

          • moldavidian

            I didn’t see Curse of the Golden Flower. As i said, i just don’t know of any decent, recent Chinese films.

          • the ace of books

            Don’t. It is exceedingly silly, and it’s basically one long, convoluted, overdramaticized Shaggy Dog Story. If you’d like to watch a silly movie, at least go watch Zhang Yimou’s Hero, which is one of the most color-coordinated movies I’ve seen. You can basically ignore the plot and just revel in the glorious rainbow of scenes. Seriously.

          • Sorry. “Curse of the Golden Flower” is the best Chinese movie that should never have been made, which then makes it among the very best Chinese movies.

            Zhang Yimou’s movies are like that: once you figure out what he’s trying to say, the viewer realizes that what an awesome spectacle they’re actually seeing:

            * “Curse” – China is corrupt. Fundamentally corrupt. Like, even the word “China” and the thought of it is corrupt.
            * “Hero” – tyranny is justified

            “Red Sorghum” had a tacked-on ending the belies the real ending that occurs earlier (like “Top Gun”). As for “Flowers of War”, it’s just remarkable that this guy was able to sexualize the War of Resistance and raise the anti-Japanese trope to a higher aesthetic.

            Conclusion: everybody should watch Zhang Yimou’s movies. Yes, he sold out and his best movies are the Gong Li stuff, but the mainstream stuff is by far among the most subversive art on the planet.

          • moldavidian

            Enjoyed reading your comment.

          • As awesome as I am (see?), don’t take it from me – go watch Zhang Yimou’s movies. Especially “Curse of the Golden Flower”.

            If you don’t get it like our pal “azzabuks” , hey, that’s okay – Xi Jinping doesn’t get it either (sorry, no link, but he did directly say that). Here’s my watching tips for that movie:

            1) watch it. Enjoy it for Jay Chou’s non-acting, Gong Li amazing ability to be ugly and beautiful at the same time, Chow Yun Fat throwing his career in the trash, outdated CGI and bosoms. Lots of bosom. Finish it.

            2) See how it ended? Now go backwards and try to explain how the preceding bit happened because of each successive steps. It formulates a chain of logic: Z happens because of Y, Y because of X…

            3) Since all films can’t be Chris Nolan’s, just watch it again and understand why everybody and everything happens.

            Because…. (as my comment previously stated).

            “Curse of the Golden Flower” isn’t my favorite Chinese movie. But it is the best Chinese movie that never should have been made. It is honestly the biggest troll job in China.

            Go. Watch. It Now.

          • He should watch it to enjoy the colourful spectacle, the attention to detail Zhang Yimou’s put into the movie (the armour, the pillars, the cutlery, the way those flowers were arranged etc) and those pleasant little ritual present in the story. I liked it, I thought it was good movie. There is a high chance he will enjoy it too.

            besides…. Nolan is overrated. I only like his batman others are kinda average, like inception, so overrated. Bioshock Infinite overrated. Yimou is a better director.

          • I’ll say that when I first saw this movie, I thought it was terrible. “It’s so gaudy! Jay Chou can’t act! Gong Li does not give me a boner!” And, it took so long to get to the ninjas and the kickass fighting with the Guanyu blade.

            It’s so colorful and gaudy. Despite the main theme of the movie.
            It stars Jay Chou. Despite the main theme of the movie.
            Gong Li looks terrible. Despite being completely bonerific. (I’ll admit, I loved her in “Miami Vice”. Every single mangled English word).

            By all accounts, “Curse” should be banned and forgotten. But it isn’t. It’s that weird movie that people watched and can’t forget.

            Sorry, but I’m going to keep up gushing about this movie. Also: Nolan isn’t overrated, he’s worth his weight in IMAX cameras. Also – can’t say for Infinite, but Bioshock I couldn’t be a better work of art, despite being a crappy, broken game.

          • Gong Li is not the type for banging… she is the type for loving. She is an acquired taste.. as dark chocolate, bitter, rich and sweet. Away with simple taste! They are only for the narrow minded and for teenage girls.

          • Gongs are not for banging? What the hell kind of Chinese opera is this?

            Sorry, not with you on dark chocolate. The food, that is.

          • is there any other kind of opera than this?

          • Flesh ballet?

          • linette lee

            red cliff from john woo is pretty good.

            Love you you from director Ma Chor Sing is a lovey dovey movie, but I like it. It made me feel like I am on vacation on an island. ;)

            Vengeance from director Johnnie To with actor Johnny Hallyday is not bad.

            You don’t have to watch only ancient films.

          • the ace of books

            See, here’s the thing. I love Red Cliff! It’s a fun movie with great music! And yet it seems common that Chinese folk don’t like it. I’ve already asked Eattot about why, and I’ve gotten one answer – what about you? If I remember correctly, you’re Chinese living in America (?) – what do you think about it, and why?

            I’m not usually into romances, but I can give it a shot? I remember the only real Chinese romance I’ve seen (that was not in Chinese Film Class) was Perhaps Love, and that was so long ago I don’t remember it. (Unless you count Wedding Banquet, which … lol.)

            Will check that out too.

            I don’t, usually, but I like going into a movie and knowing it’s going to be good – I don’t like coming out and being like “god damn I could’ve used those three hours on something useful, like clipping my toenails or waxing the cat”.

          • Linette lee

            I like red cliff too. It was a long movie but i wasn’t bored. The story was good and the scenes were epic with epic battle scenes. I laughed how tony’s army stoled arrows from his enemy using tactic. I bet u like movies like last of the mohegan , the patriot, braveheart. I like them

          • the ace of books

            Well, sort of – I like some action movies, but I like science fiction, fantasy, and those kinds of movies better. I like it best when you’ve got a movie with weird things going on that has action in it – EG, Dark City, one of my all-time favorites.

    • MonkeyMouth

      ‘let the bullets fly’ was pretty good……

      • moldavidian

        Didn’t see it but from the title, it sounds more like a Tarantino knock-off. I’ll have to check into that one. Thanks.

        • I didn’t see all of it, but it’s rampant with symbolism to the Revolution. I imagine the English subtitles won’t carry the subtlties of the word play.

          So: it’s like “Dream of the Red Pavillion”, but with guns and mustaches.

      • It was well worth the huge budget they spent on mascara making all those pencil-thin mustaches.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Red Cliffs is okay, but you need to have some knowledge of Chinese history to truly appreciate it. Not recent history, ancient history.

      • Sorry, it was terrible. Great to see the bro-love zither jam in part one, by the “pro-peace” ending (uh, spoilers?) was ridiculous. Same with have Zhou Xun padding out a wiener roast and the idea that Chinese were rocking out with football trick back in the early AD.

        Most interested of all is that Tony wanted to play “Cao Cao”. Now that would have been a cool red cliff.

        • the ace of books

          The ending was shite, I agree — a friend and I were watching and discussed, afterwards, how it’s basically “cool battle cool battle cool battle oh btw war is hell, kids”. And the rainbow …well. Part Two overall was just kind of ehn, and the screen-tearing transitions got real old real fast. But I liked Part One, and the overall soundtrack. Also, Takeshi Kaneshiro.

          Caocao was so obviously black hat it was like the actor was just going “FUCKIT I’M A-GONNA HAVE FUN” and then he did.

          • I hate how Caocao has become the villain to suit every occasion, but nevertheless he’s the prototypical model of success for all Chinese. If Liu Bei is really the model hero, then China today wouldn’t be as successful as it is now since everyone would get nothing done due to crying all the time — wait…

            I see what you mean about the guy playing Caocao playing the “black hat”. For me, the big disappointment was the “invincible trigram formation” or whatever; it was cool, but too cool to be realistic and not cool enough to be actually cool. Since they were building stuff out of shields, they should have transformed into a giant mecha to cross the river and whomp on Caocao.

      • linette lee

        The Warring States from director jin chen. It’s about Sun Bin. He was the most famous military strategist during the warring states period of Chinese history. He wrote a book Sun Bin’s Art of War. 孫臏兵法 very famous. All chinese know this historical figure Sun bin.

        • the ace of books

          Hmm, I like me some ancient strategists. This one’s going on my list!

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Indeed, mongolian!!
        Needs a bit of knowledge of the TRUE chinese history to understand a bit of it, not just commie propaganda, or westernizing sh**.

    • slob

      Last one I saw would have been ‘A world without thieves’ which is a great movie, but that was like 7~8 years ago. ‘Yip Man’ was pretty good though I guess. Other than that, haven’t been blown away by anything recently.

      • moldavidian

        I’ll have to check those out. The first one sounds great. Thanks.

      • the ace of books

        World Without Thieves was good but also a bit Shaggy Dog-ish. I like movies set on trains, though, so that gave it some definite points.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I have always wondered what a Chinese version of Mortal Combat would look like…

  • PixelPulse

    I really need to watch one of these damn movies.


    Cleo’s probably masturbating to the first picture.

  • YEah these films and TV series are not propaganda.. of course not. But then I ask myself why they all went bloodthirsty when Japan claimed those shitty islands the Chinese never cared about… and neither care about now.

    • hess

      They went blood thirsty when the prc claimed them

  • stevelaudig

    Why should this genre of rather mindless entertainment be any different than the rest of Chinese [or US or Russian or wawa] television for that matter. Anyone who spends much time watching tv hasn’t much of a life anyway so why bother with quality?` The US has hundreds of channels of crap and China is catching up. Turn of the TV and read “A Plague upon Humanity” by Daniel Barenblatt. It was worse than you think.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Now see there is a limit to what you can do. When Americans make dramas out of their historical conflicts, they stretch out the battles, maybe add a love interest between the two main characters for a subplot.

    When Europeans make dramas of their conflicts, they focus less on the fighting and more on the people involved(usually the ones that die) to build up tension and drama when those people take that bullet/arrow that kills them.

    Though that being said, I would like to see a drama where Andrew Jackson curbstomps the entire British army with a pitchfork or something, or maybe where FDR takes on an army of Nazi werewolves and-oh nevermind that was done already.

  • vincent

    These dramas should be reclassified as Sci-Fi.

    • the ace of books

      There is so much better science fiction out there. These movies should be reclassified as Crap.

  • the ace of books

    Just like vampire/werewolf/undead/supernatural romance series in America, this is a trend. Hopefully it will, like vampire/werewolf/undead/supernatural romance series in America, die off soon and be replaced by something else.

    • Panda Banana

      not exactly the same, one follow a trend to make money, the other to create/manipulate public opinion….

      • Kai

        Actually, the argument CCTV is making is that the growing wave of ridiculous Sino-Japanese war “dramas” is increasingly about making money too. The over-the-top plots are getting ratings, and the ratings lead tv producers to continue making these dramas with ever more ridiculous plots in order to continue attracting audiences. That’s why the program repeatedly brings up how the market is fueling the production of these dramas.

        These dramas are now more about pandering to the tastes and entertainment of low-brow mass audiences, than they are about creating or manipulating public opinion in the traditional sense of propaganda. These dramas are less about teaching watchers to hate the Japanese as it is simply about using the Japanese because they’re convenient politically-safe bad guys.

  • Morden Guy In China

    Stop living in the past china.. oh my god.. this is the 21st century. cant you guys move on in life and not live in the past? Movies / song / dramas are just for entertainment. If you want educational purposes, go to a library and read history. Be more open minded. Old traditional fashion just shows that you are so damn outdated.

    • stupid chinese

      this is good.. china people should all stop watching tv. they are downright stupid.

    • stupid chinese

      Four words for the chinese pigs.. EAT SHIT AND DIE

      • mr.wiener

        Show them how.

        • hoppy1

          haha.sir. Nice one :)

          • Panda Banana

            yeah, every now and then weiner gets back on my hero list…classic counter! fact it wasn’t a counter cause MGIC was not attacking weiner. So it can be considered as a sucker punch from behind while MGIC was unaware….nether the less, funny…

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Stop being a traitor/enemy of China and saying that anti-past JUNK.

      We need to keep on with the ways of the ancestors and pay proper respect to the ancient ways!

  • stupidpigs

    which fpig deleted my comments.. fuck you big time.. shame on u.

    • nerd

      chinese pigs

      • china OUT

        shame on you. dman outdated china. move on in life .. its only for entertainment. not history lessons.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Could you maybe stop replying to yourself? I’m really worried for you.

      • ashamed china chinese citizen

        agreed. China noobs.outdated mfkrs.. so ashamed of being a china chinese.

  • markus peg

    “CCTV Criticizes The Churning Out of Low-Quality War of Resistance Against Japan TV Dramas”
    The fact that CCTV has said this is great and a step in the right direction. lets take away the good from this story.

    • Panda Banana

      i think you guys misunderstand something: CCTV is NOT criticizing the ridiculous amount of resistance against japan movies (anti japan movies) and the historical sophistication in the movies…its just criticize the low quality of this movies, which means they should be done in a better quality, you know the real shit, like 10 chinese heroes with no weapons kill 1000 armed japanese soldiers with their bare hands…

      “The fact that CCTV has said this is great and a step in the right direction”….

      that sounds more like wishful thinking…they just realized that some scenes in the newer movies do more harm then good to the higher cause which is to keep the anti japanese brainwashing alive. When people start to laugh about the ridiculousness in the movies they will most likely take the propaganda less serious. Thats the body language behind the CCTV comment…

      • markus peg

        I understand it was about the quality and not the shows story. But perhaps you are right about the wishful thinking. Maybe …

        in a strange sort of way it may be better to have the crazy things added so that people can recognize how misleading these sorts of programs are.

        • Panda Banana

          “in a strange sort of way it may be better to have the crazy things added so that people can recognize how misleading these sorts of programs are.”

          thats exactly what happened, so the CCP/CCTV had to intervene and demand to get back to normal. When you want to get sure, the people you put so much effort in to brainwash them over decades, stay that way, then its counterproductive when such movies results in laughters rather then empathy for the PLA. The CCP relies on nationalism within the population, so i think the comments were just some sort of wake up calls to get back to normal and take the shit more serious, especially in times where they need the backup of the population with conflicts like the islands and so on…

  • Damo

    Why does China still continue to make hundreds/thousands of war against Japan TV series/movies every year? Do they realise it’s now 2013 and time has moved on?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Nothing keeps a nation tied together than being united in hatred against someone else.

      Examples: America and any terrorist group with Islamic affiliation.
      Nearly any Arab nation against Israel.
      South Korea against Japan.
      North Korea against Japan.

  • vincent

    Totally off topic but for those who drink bottled water from the company Nongfu Spring should be wary

    • Rick in China

      Shit. I literally have a big bottle of it on the table beside me…….

      • vincent

        Might want to try a different brand for the time being Rick, just to be on the safe side.

  • KMT Guy

    Guys, you will be utterly shocked if there is a historical accurate film/TV series about the Chinese Red Army in World War Two, because all you see would be how they plan to expand their territories behind the front line as much as possible and fighting the NRA, draining additional NRA manpower which was very much needed for the front. Yes, Chinese fighting against Chinese, assuming that the TV series focus on the Red Army, not the NRA.

    Although Mao and others promised to cooperate with President Chiang to create a united front against the Japanese, the Chinese Red Army, in reality, disobeyed orders from the Chongqing government and fought against the NRA instead of the Japanese on many occasions. The only occasions where the Chinese Red Army fought against the Japanese were the Pingxingguan ambush and the Hundred Regiments Offensive, which both were disapproved by Mao and the unit commanders were criticized.

    A historical accurate TV series would show Chinese soldiers ambushing Chinese soldiers, Chinese soldiers killing Chinese soldiers and you will also see how landlords are tortured and shot in areas occupied by the Chinese Red Army (The CCP already started practicing radical land reforms during the war).

    • OMG

      Yeah funny story the CCP came up..they said they beat the Japanese by tunnel warfare and guerilla tactics…lol I thought Mao and his pussy posse were busy breeding and recruiting for their Soviet Commie pimps?

  • Despite Japan’s past, and some people’s ‘different’ views on history, Japan in 2013 is not an enemy of China. Chinese people, keep going on with your divertion tactics of hating Japan all the time, with your violent anti-Japanese protests and ridiculous anti-Japan propaganda dramas….all the while ignoring real threats in the world and in within China. You’re just going to look more foolish by using Japan as a punching bag instead of critiquing your own government, or trying to tame North Korea. I find the timing to be suspicious. Whenever there’s trouble in China or in North Korea, they seem to ramp up the anti-Japanese crap.

    The more they do this, the more the Chinese people look so desperate to hide real concerns in their own country and abroad. What a shame.

    • Panda Banana

      right on!

      • Damo

        So true.

  • MetalRules

    Actually most of these ridiculous drama are directed by HK director

  • Justin

    These remind me of Spaghetti Westerns. I have to wonder if one day this will be considered classic cinema, too, like Django.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Spaghetti Westerns are more ‘realistic’ than these….

  • breed11

    It seems the Japanese really messed up the Chinese psychologically, kind of like blacks and whites in America. Except these “blacks” have nukes. Oh boy!

  • Groinsmash

    These shows are terrible it’s true, and I wonder if they’re actually popular. HOWEVER, I would like to refer readers to the Rambo series of movies.

    Making ridiculous movies/tv series about historical events is pretty standard.

    • BiggJ

      Dude….Rambo is for real. What? you’ve never seen a man rip a dudes throat out with his bare hands?

    • Rick in China

      It makes sense to bring up 30 year old cheesy action movies when talking about almost every series brought out in China _today_.. and I’m not being sarcastic – they’re at about the same level in terms of quality of production and ridiculousness.

  • Bob H

    I exist because of an impressive amount of resistance put up by one Chinese man who brought food to the Japanese soldiers near his village who controlled a POW camp. He brought in extra rice to feed my grandfather and several of his fellow soldiers in a Japanese POW camp near Mongolia during WW2. If he had been caught he would have been murdered by the guards but he helped my grandfather survive and for that I have always had a warm spot in my heart for the Chinese. Make a movie about that compassionate act.

  • Murrican

    Holy crap, they can bisect people with a single chop? We are done! Game over man!

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