Sinopec Chairman Hasn’t Heard of ‘Gas Price Profanity Gate’

Young Chinese man interviewed by the news on the street about a recent gas price increase asks if he can use profanity.

Sinopec Chairman Fu Chengyu at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.

This was the most discussed article on popular Chinese news portal NetEase last night…

From NetEase:

Sinopec Chairman: Haven’t heard about “Rising gasoline prices makes city resident wants to use profanity”

April 1st, Sinopec Chairman Fe Chengyu said during the Boao Forum for Asia that he understands the feelings of private car owners facing rising gasoline prices and no subsidies. A journalist asked Fu Chengyu for his views on the “Gas Prices Profanity Gate” that spread online, to which Fu Chengyu claimed he hasn’t heard of it and couldn’t comment.

Young Chinese man interviewed by the news on the street about a recent gas price increase asks if he can use profanity.
"Can I use profanity?"

“Gas Price Profanity Gate” refers to a recent television news report where a reporter interviewed ordinary city residents on the streets for their views on the recent increase in gasoline prices. While most of the interviewees expressed the need to economize, one young man replied by first asking if he could use expletives and obscene language. When the interviewer replied by asking if he’s quite angry about the issue, he quickly declared that if he couldn’t [use crude language] then there was nothing for him to say, and walked away.

Young Chinese man interviewed by the news on the street about a recent gas price increase says he has nothing to say if he can't use profanity.
"If not, then I have nothing to say."

Here is a copy of that news report. The young man appears at the end around 1:25:

Below is a video of the Boao panel where the journalist asks Fu Chengyu if he’s heard of the above. When he responds that he hasn’t, laughter can be heard from the audience:

Comments from NetEase:

jy22904468 [网易广东省网友]:

I only want to say: Fu Chengyu, CNM.

binbinss [网易上海市松江区网友]:

Read my lips: C N M!


Fuck your mother, old me will be the first to say it for you to hear.

chen81237 [网易浙江省丽水市网友]:

Those below represent me in asking about Fu Chengyu’s mother?

fjianyu [网易山东省网友]:

With this kind of state-owned enterprise leader, it’s no wonder the people are in an abyss of suffering.

楚门界 [网易广东省潮州市网友]:

He hasn’t heard of the city resident wanting to use profanity. Everyone knows what to do now, right?

寡妇村嘟嘟侠 [网易广西贺州市网友]:

Just because you haven’t heard it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Recommend you pay more attention to the voices of the people.

V4V [网易陕西省渭南市网友]:

Yep, with this kind of animal, if you think cursing/hurling abuse at it will work, then go ahead and keep cursing. Cursing while letting it continue to bite you, hehe.

卖身葬二奶 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The low people live in China’s villages, far far away from the capital. The big important people not hearing is therefore quite normal.

971621209 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

1 billion people want to send their regards to Fu Chengyu’s mother, and his 8 generations of ancestors.

本帖值一块 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Everyone should comment rationally. Our country has always had a lot of people with very little resources. To have made accomplished what we have today in a short 30 years of reform and opening up is already very impressive. Now, which one of our country’s leaders are not like gods of wealth, given the highest standard of treatment, when going abroad, like “the stars around the moon” [the center of attention]. Seeing these things, as a Chinese person, are you not proud? Right now the country is in a key phase of forward development, it is difficult to avoid the some social problems from appearing. The anti-Chinese powers outside the country deliberately embellish and exaggerate these problems, misleading the our countrymen to insult and slander the country. Everyone “clean their eyeglasses” [open their eyes], and take it upon themselves to maintain social stability. Remember: A son never thinks his mother ugly, a dog never thinks its home poor! If you have the time, spend it on learning how to be like Sima Guang in smashing the jar, like Kong Rong in giving up the pears, like Nezha in conquering the seas, and other traditional culture of our nation. Don’t blindly worship the foreign, and at all times don’t forget that you are a pure-blooded successor of Marxism-Leninism!

25454998 [网易浙江省网友]:

Fu Chengyu grass mud horse.

[Written on the forehead of this grass mud horse is Fu Chengyu’s Chinese name.]

Sinopec Chairman Fu Chengyu at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • cardaver

    I find all these gate stories so annoying, they seriously need to find a new way to say stuff

    • lonetrey

      I know right? Soon, there’ll be a “Gategate gate” story, the story about a story about controversy about -gates stories.

  • Dogbert

    Just another corruptocrat jerking us off.

    • Word of the Day



      -a corrupt bureaucrat insulated from both the public it’s supposed to serve and the life it creates/enforces policies for. Usually found in an Audi, a KTV with ‘hostesses’ or in a banquet dinner paid for by others.

  • Loubo

    State-owned or private still unaccountable. Look at obscene profits of western oil companies.

    They got everyone by the balls and they know it, the economy runs on gas and they have all the gas.

  • Showdaddy

    What a bunch of online dicks. I mean, my wife and I don’t watch TV because we’re too busy actually spending time working, spending time with kids, and spending time with friends. Most of my online time is spent doing research for my job. I get a bit more (like now) during holidays.

    My point: I didn’t know about “Gas Price Profanity Gate”, either.

    So all these netizens too busy jacking off to online porn and too lazy to spend time with actual physical people know all about every “gate” there is. Then they want to feel all self-important by mocking a guy who obviously isn’t online every waking moment. Self-righteous assholes.

    Look, this guy, Fu Chengyu, could be a corrupt, out-of-touch leader, but don’t criticize a man for not sitting on his ass all day/night watching TV.

    Now, if he was laying on his back all night being serviced by a string of mistresses on the country’s dime, that might be something to criticize him for.

    • Stimpy

      Agreed. If I was Chinese, I think I would want my executives NOT to have heard of this. I mean, surely they have better things to do, like actually running the company.

  • Kukorica Jancsi

    >don’t blindly worship the foreign
    >don’t forget that you are a pure-blooded successor of Marxism-Leninism


    • Yeah seriously, let’s hope he got more than wu mao for that massive load of drivel.

      • 本帖值一块 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

        • I don’t get it, sorry.

          Does that signify something?

          • donscarletti

            It’s the web handle of young man from Shenzhen who posted above.

            Basically it amounts to:
            1 China has progressed very much over the last thirty years due to market liberalisation and reform.
            2 Chinese common people have always been poor. But rich Chinese officials create face for the nation overseas and are flattered, which brings reflected glory to the peasantry.
            3 Social discontent is the invention of anti-Chinese conspirators overseas.
            4 A loyal citizen must love China even if China is unloving and abusive back.
            5 Egalitarianism and social justice are dangerous foreign concepts, focus more on Chinese concepts such as polygamy, rank and the right of the emperor to put thousands of people to death for trivial offences (particularly Qin Shihuang, Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Di).
            6 China is still a Marxist-Leninist state, so in reality, what’s good for the state is good for the worker. But please do not read Marx without someone to put it into context for you, otherwise points 1-5 may confuse you.

          • The commenter’s name is “This comment is worth 1 kuai

          • Thanks Fauna, I saw the name, but I didn’t recognize the “kuai” as the monetary value, but rather the “fast” character…

            Still have a long way to go on my reading skills.

            @Don: thanks, but I got that from the posted comment, I was only asking about the user name that Fauna reposted in response to my joke about being 5 mao.

          • I don’t think you guys were joking. That is why I commented.

          • CHNinUS

            I find the sarcasm of this one post is especially hard for westerners

          • The key is not sarcasm. It is his name. He is pretending to be wumao and it is obvious to Chinese commenters who see his name says his comments should be worth double (5 mao * 2 = 1 kuai). It is just another example of Chinese commenters commenting on an aspect of Chinese internet culture.

            I did not point out the commenter’s username because I originally want to leave it as a funny bonus for some readers such as those who can read some Chinese or those who question what they read. However, since some people did not realize this and then take it seriously, I want to make it clear now to avoid more confusion.

  • Brett Hunan

    Name one topic at which young people dont use profanity. I cant remember any articles on Chinasmack without netizens cursing.

    I bet half the people complaining about gas prices in China dont even drive.

  • whichone

    Stupid question by an unprofessional reporter, coupled with angry netizens (when are they not?) over an issue they have no control and little understanding epitomizes the Chinese internet. Oil executives’ job are to make money, in all economies of the world oligopolies and monopolies produce less and charge markup for their commodity. China does not have adequate legal framework to protect the public welfare, that’s no reason to heap hateful language at oil executives, much less his family.

    These people are so angry at everything.

    • donscarletti

      Well, I respectfully call bullshit on your point that “Oil executives’ job are to make money”. Sinopec and Petrochina are state owned companies and thus are supposed to be serving the people. If they are turning a profit, it should be delivered to shareholders (People’s Republic of China) and not in the extravagant lifestyle that they have been living.

      In the case of private oil companies like BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, etc. then I also dispute the notion that the oil that they are pumping should really be considered theirs to turn a profit on, since they didn’t put it there in the first place and when it is gone they have no means to create more. Those guys are just like corrupt officials, entrusted with power over something valuable and using it to line their own coffers, shameful.

      • whichone

        If the state can properly regulate their state owned enterprises then the profits should rightfully belong to the people. Are their some laws the execs are breaking by not turning over the profits? If yes then arrest them, if not then make more stringent regulations. If their extravagant lifestyles are obtained legally, why hate the executives?

        Same situation regarding the oil companies. There is an argument to be made that the natural resources of a country belongs to the people of that country, if the people decide oil industries should be government run monopolies like the post service than make the necessary changes to do that. Isn’t it a little unfair for governments to grant business licenses to oil companies and then turn around and say oh no you can’t turn a profit.

        • whichone


  • typingfromwork

    Oil, oil everywhere, only cheap in Venezuela. (and I mean like, crazy cheap. For real.)

  • Jane Feng

    Chinese pedestrian is quite humourous, so is the creative Chinese netizens! At the time of muddledness and act of omission from the govern., Chinese people are good at displaying resent and complaint in a reserved and smart way!