Sinopec Spends Millions On Wine & Liquor, Raises Gas Prices

Receipts and invoices show that Sinopec spends hundreds of thousands on expensive wine and alcohol purchases.

Receipts and invoices show that Sinopec spends hundreds of thousands on expensive wine and alcohol purchases.

From NetEase:

Sinopec’s million RMB alcohol bill exposed, netizens ask if they are shifting [the costs of] their high consumption onto gas prices

Summary: Recently, a netizen made an online post exposing Sinopec’s million RMB alcohol tab, with the multiple copies of invoices/receipts publicized online showing that most of the alcohol purchased by the Guangdong branch of Sinopec being famous high-priced alcohol like “Lafite” and Maotai, with one purchase being nearly 820,000 RMB worth of Maotai. With regards to this, netizens question if they are shifting [the costs of] their high consumption onto gas prices. Sinopec declined this reporter’s interviews, and has not given a direct response.

Receipts and invoices show that Sinopec spends hundreds of thousands on expensive wine and alcohol purchases.

Receipts and invoices show that Sinopec spends hundreds of thousands on expensive wine and alcohol purchases.

The above images of copies of invoice for alcohol purchases may have first been uploaded onto the internet on this Mop post but the post has since been deleted/removed.

Comments from NetEase:


Astronomically expensive lights, astronomically expensive alcohol, only in the eyes of you rabble are these astronomically expensive. If we told you the really astronomically priced things, you would be scared to death.


Nothing really out of the ordinary, these are all given as gifts to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).


Fucker, I’m Sinopec, you can’t afford to mess with me.
Fucker, if there is anything I have, it is money. I will spend it however I wish. Tomorrow I’ll spend 10 million on alcohol, and what can you do? Can you do anything about it?
Who do you think you are? You fucker are just one of the rabble…do you know what rabble is? Do you know?? Do you know?
Rabble means when I can increase prices whenever I want, that I can collect however much I want, and you rabble can only obediently line up to fill up gas. I’m Sinopec..


The head of Sinopec and the head of the NDRC went out on the town. After drinking, the head of Sinopec says: Big brother, today we have drank some very rare and fine alcohol, only thing is that the bill will be hard to deal with! The head of the NDRC says: What are you afraid, just find an opportunity to increase the prices a bit and it’ll all be taken care of. On this, you have my blessing. But in the future, you must be careful, you absolutely must not let those netizens get something on us, otherwise we won’t be able to deal with it. Forget the alcohol, even our positions will be endangered.


Civilized society, TMD starts with rational internet posts!!!


TMD, when facing these worse than beasts bunch, are you able to be rational?


Don’t say anymore, watching this makes me upset, Sinopec’s oil is the ordinary common people’s blood. The monopoly prices, corrupt system, who can solve/fix these?


This is the most number of comments I have ever seen on NetEase. Over 110k people participating at this time…let me add my bit.


Tip of the iceberg!
Who knows what other even more shocking things there are!!!
It’s just that no one has reported them yet!


Corrupt away then, this is the high point before the end [calm before the storm, peace before death]…
Corrupt away more fiercely, so that the end will come sooner, there are too many moths now, the foundation is not solid…


This is all the result of a monopoly. The ordinary common people can do nothing, and can only endure it!!!!!!


What brother is filling up is not gas, but Maotai.


Give PetroChina and Sinopec to the private people.

As long as competition enters the oil industry.
Break up the monopoly.
Break up the monopoly.


When Sinopec and PetroChina are dealing with foreigners, they don’t even dare to fart, but they have many different methods of dealing with Chinese. For example: Limiting the supply of gasoline, increasing prices, repeating. Seeing what ordinary Chinese people can do about it.

UPDATE: More developments and English-language information…

On China Daily:

93.8 percent of netizens surveyed on believe that the alcohol was for personal use at public expense.


Officials at the branch company in Guangdong sent an announcement in response to this issue, saying, “The company has noticed this post and set up an investigation team. We will announce the results to the public soon and punish anyone involved according to regulations.”

But about 89 percent of 7,553 voters online still held a negative opinion, saying that this investigation will go nowhere and nobody would be punished.

On Scene Asia:

Within days, the company realized it had a major public relations debacle on its hands and had to respond. It launched an investigation into the matter and on Sunday — six days after the original posting — the company announced it suspended its Guangdong manager.

What do you think? About Chinese gasoline prices?


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