‘Sister Feng’ & ‘Brother Sharp’ Celebrities Were Engineered

Sister Feng & Brother Sharp, China internet celebrities.

Sister Feng & Brother Sharp, China internet celebrities.

We first reported about Sister Feng last year when she became famous on the Chinese internet as the ugly but audacious girl in Shanghai distributing leaflets with a list of high demands seeking a boyfriend and eventual husband. Last month, we discovered that she works in a Carrefour supermarket and that one BMW driver sought a date with her for Valentine’s Day. Her latest news?

From Mop:

Sister Feng hugged and kissed by new boyfriend, hot scene!!

Luo Yufeng, March 9th on a Shanghai television show, with new boyfriend, rumored to be a student at a certain Zhejiang media school, for whom Sister Feng has given up her oath to only marry elite Tsinghua graduates in Economics or similar.

Sister Feng and her new boyfriend?

Netizens have named Sister Feng’s [凤姐 feng jie] boyfriend “Sister’s Husband” [凤姐夫 feng jie fu].

Maybe it is only funny if you understand Chinese.

Comments from Mop:


If this guy does not marry Sister Feng, everyone search out this bastard’s information, so we can go block his door every day and pour shit on his door until he commits suicide in apology.


Cute Sister Feng,

actually being seized by someone…

Sister Feng, how could you go for him?

– – ! Have the two of them XXOO yet?


If this man does not marry Sister Feng, he is bound to be killed…


Good thing I haven’t eaten…gag…this man is too NB…going this far…just to become famous!


This man…is crazy? [crazy 疯 feng is the same sound as Sister Feng’s name 凤 feng]


The guy simply loves those with heavy flavor~


What a tragedy. To contribute towards a new page [of comments]. How can that guy match Sister Feng? What a tragedy. Obama, your woman was stolen… [This commenter is joking that only Obama would be good enough for Sister Feng].


There truly are all sorts of people! Liking this kind [of woman], is very special/unique!


This guy has a lot of guts, not afraid of being human flesh searched


The guy wants to become famous, so he found Sister Feng. That row of teeth is still so characteristic. Ho ho!


Too TM disgusting!!!
Asian girl vomiting.

But there is bigger news than Sister Feng with a pretty boy…and this news also involves Brother Sharp, a beggar in Ningbo who suddenly became famous when photographs of him were posted online and Chinese netizens hailed him as the most handsome and trendy beggar. Last week, due to the attention of so many netizens, Brother Sharp was admitted to a hospital and then reunited with his family who have been searching for him for years. What is this bigger news for both Sister Feng and Brother Sharp?

From Xinmin:

Recently, a post-80s generation internet venture/promotions team published a post on a certain famous BBS discussion forum claiming that they were the masterminds behind the Brother Sharp and Sister Feng celebrity phenomenon.

When this information was published, it immediately incited a great uproar — — with a netizen commenting: “Us previously following Brother Sharp and Sister Feng so closely was only because it was engineered. Once thinking they were cups, only to discover now that we were the true cups!”

Sleeping four to five hours each day taking turns refreshing

“Netizens, you have all been deceived, Sister Feng and Brother Sharp were both single-handedly engineered by a certain behind-the-scenes group, and the engineers were us” one netizen whose internet name is “Extraordinary Dreams” revealed all over the Tianya BBS discussion forum, immediately attracting the curiosity of many netizens. Afterward, journalists contacted the poster, Cheng Long, and according to his explanation, they are a venture/promotions group in Shandong, with a total of 4 people, and as the team’s core, he directly participated in making these 2 people “suddenly famous”.

When Sister Feng was still in Lujiazui [Shanghai] handing out leaflets, they had approached her, and after she had participated on the television talk show, they immediately and frenziedly reposted Sister Feng’s quotes/comments. To prevent their posts from sinking down [becoming “buried” by new BBS discussion forum topics], they only slept four to five hours every day taking turns refreshing them [keeping them at the top of the forums].

As for Brother Sharp becoming famous, according to them it was completely by accident. Cheng Long claims that they just happened to encounter the down and out Brother Sharp when they were traveling and then posted his photographs onto the internet, never expecting that they would inadvertently raise and even allow Brother Sharp to overtake Sister Feng.

Squatting the “Sister Feng” domain name awaiting business opportunities

As it is understood, these 4 people have already squatted all “Sister Feng”, “Brother Sharp”, and related domain names, with one dating website with the domain name ” Yu Feng Jie [Sister Yu Feng]” having already launched a week ago.

According to their plans, this dating website allows registered male and female members to arrange dates after paying a set fee. Allegedly, in the week since this website was launch, there are already over 200 registered members, with daily pageviews steady at around 500.

Do you believe them or do you believe they are just trying to become famous using Sister Feng and Brother Sharp?

Not the “Yu Feng Jie” dating website. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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