Sister Feng’s New York Job Interview With Sinovision

Sister Feng with Zhang Jian at Sinovision for a job interview.

Sister Feng on a New York wubway.

Last week, we reported that Chinese-American netizens have spotted Chinese internet celebrity Sister Feng in New York. Why is she there? On her Sina Weibo microblog, Sister Feng had written (in English), that she had woken up at 4:00am on “Black Friday” to buy herself a 499 USD Sony notebook computer at 7:00am. However, maybe her real reason there is because she is applying for a job with American Chinese-language television station Sinovision?

From NetEase:

Sister Feng goes to American television station for interview, praised as having independent thinking

Self-proclaimed Chinese internet celebrity

Recently, after being quite for a long time, Sister Feng has once again captured the attention of netizens by crossing the ocean to a distant land. And what has recently begun spreading on the internet is her interview video at Sinovision [a Chinese media company in America].

In the video, the Sinovision reporter says: “She was witty throughout the entire interview, and has also changed my previous view of her based that was based upon the publicity surrounding her.”

The news director that interviewed her praised Luo Yufeng as not being the way China’s media publicized her as being but rather an independent-thinking, frank and sincere, clear-eyed, and quick-thinking person.

During the interview shown in the video, Luo Yufeng showed her characteristic self-confidence: “I am presently the hottest internet celebrity in China. Search for my name in Baidu and you will find a lot [of results].”

Already passed first round of interviews

With regards to Sister Feng’s performance, Zhang [the news director, also seen in the video below] appears to be relatively satisfied, his speech indicating approval, and especially praised her memory, able to very quickly memorize a news manuscript.

At the end of the video, the Sinovision reporter’s evaluation: “Facing media pressure, internet criticism, Luo Yufeng has never gotten stage fright.” It also disclosed that Sister Feng has passed the first round of interviews, and will participate in the second round of interviews next Monday [December 6th], going on field interviews with journalists.

Sister Feng’s latest [Sina Weibo] microblog messages

I want to learn English. This way way, even if all the Chinese people do not give me a way out, at least I can go to the Americans and find a job. This morning while job searching, I was deceived and could not take it anymore. Have they ever considered, that if this is publicized/hyped, my dignity can be trampled but my life cannot be trampled. If in the future I can no longer find a job, what can I do being alone in New York? I’ve said it before, if I run out of money and I can’t find work, I will go in front of the American Chinese-language television station’s front door and kill myself.”

Leaving the country, I never planned to come back…in the future, I will come back, if my people need me…I believe as a woman, getting married should be a profession. For women, getting married and having children is the greatest happiness. Although I don’t have these, I am working hard [towards them].

So Han Han really is married…but since I’ve come already come to America, everything in China should become passing clouds.

I have a principle, which is that if I am hit, I will not hit back, that if I am yelled at, I will not argue back. What she is criticizing is the journalism profession, not me personally.

Because I am someone in the entertainment circle, I will go research those people who will likely make the first page, that the masses will care about, and have a higher chance of making waves, such as what they did to hype themselves, what they did to become famous.

The above video begins by summarizing how Sister Feng became famous: when she passed out leaflets seeking a potential husband with a list of very high demands, which we reported in 2009 November (see Ugly Girl Seeks Marriage With Leaflets & High Demands).

@0:50 – She explains in a past media interview that she like British Prince William’s body, the muscular type, and that she had watched American President Obama’s speech and thought it was pretty good.

@1:02 – The narrator continues to say that most of the discussion surrounding her, whether in the media or online, are negative criticisms and ridicule.

@1:15 – The interview director Zhang (mentioned above) says she is smart and comments about her clear-thinking, and “better than he expected”. A clip of her interview is shown where she says she cannot comment on Obama yet because he is still in office but that she likes former American presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt.

@1:40 – Another clip of her interview where she explains how she would try to get an interview with Obama (by considering where he would go).

@2:06 – Zhang says that many people say the Chinese media hyper her but he feels she actually really knows how to hype/publicize herself. Her comments in her interview were repeated in her Sina Weibo messages (translated above).

@3:00 – Sister Feng practices reading an English news script.

@3:44 – The interview director says she is brave for someone who has just arrived in America and although her English can’t be understood, there is room for improvement. He also says her memory is very good. Then a clip is shown of her reciting from memory a Chinese language news report that she had only looked at once.

Zhang posted about his interview with Sister Feng on his MySpace page.

Sister Feng shaking hands with Sinovision director Zhang.

Comments from NetEase:


I want to marry Sister Feng!!!!


According to Sister Feng’s standards, there are only 6 men in the entire country qualified to marry her.


Uncle Obama, be careful! Sister Feng has is at your door and has been interested in you for a long time now!!


Was the immigration officer one of Sister Feng’s fans?


It isn’t one’s own fault if one is ugly, at least she has guts/courage, do you? If you don’t, then what qualifications do you have to go criticize her person? Has she interfered with your basic necessities of life?


Netizens are the judges/referees. In this circle, you can quickly become famous if you follow the rules of the game. But your attitude of if it doesn’t interfere with my life then it has nothing to do with me shows that you are not a qualified Chinese netizen. Also, I believe this [Sister Feng going to America] is another publicity stunt, [because] how is she able to go to America? The promoters behind her are the key.


Attention is power, onlookers change China.
Sister Feng, if it weren’t for the rabble onlookers [paying attention to her], would she be as popular as she is today?


First they “laid off” the workers,
I wasn’t a worker, so I didn’t say anything;
Then, they plundered the farmers,
I wasn’t a farmer, so I didn’t say anything;
Later, they arrested the human rights lawyers,
I wasn’t a lawyer, so I still didn’t say anything;
Even later, they imprisoned liberal intellectuals,
but I was just a lowly city resident, so I still didn’t say anything;
Finally, they came for me, and there was no one left to stand up to speak for me.
Don’t want to be like me? What should be done, you already know—-
Attention is power, onlookers change China!


Sister Feng has already gone to America, what is Furong Jiejie supposed to do? Where is she preparing to go?


The power of the internet is infinite, it can send you to heaven, it can also send you to hell, all you have to do is find the right packaging company [promotion company].
That this sister’s level [Sister Feng’s “low, crude, crass” character] can become famous in this world, her packaging company’s abilities are indeed niu.


I have begun to change my views of Sister Feng. I hope she can work hard in America and make her way…

Sister Feng during an interview with Director Zhang of Sinovision.

On the website, there is now the following public statement:

Statement regarding the cancellation of “Sister Feng’s qualifications to participate in the second round of interviews

Given major developments in the near future for the business of Sinovision, we are presently recruiting in the news and entertainment areas. When Miss Luo Yufeng [Sister Feng] heard of this, she voluntarily contacted this company’s human resources department to apply, and on December 3rd arrived at Sinovision to participate in an interview. Our company originally planned to conduct a second interview with Luo Yufeng on Monday (December 6th). However, after the first interview, Miss Luo expressed some comments on her microblog, saying that she was deceived in her job search and even wanted to come to Sinovision’s front door to commit suicide. After consideration, our company has decided to no longer give her a second interview opportunity. in accordance with Luo Yufeng’s personal request has as of December 4th deleted all relevant interview videos and images. We also sincerely wish Luo Yufeng the best in her job search in America, and thank all the viewers and netizens that have expressed their views regarding this matter. We hope that everyone will continue to watch Sinovision and visit

Zhang Jian
Sinovision News Department Director

Not up to Sister Feng’s standards? Personals @ chinaSMACK.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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