Six Harbin Police Beat To Death University Student

Dead university student body on the street after being beaten by police.

From NetEase (1 & 2):

Law enforcers break the law, hurt and kill people.

October 11, around 10pm at night, six Harbin City railway police beat to death Harbin City Sports Academy student, Lin Songling. At the time, the railway police were in plain clothes had a quarrel with the dead victim Lin, who was waiting for some classmates at entrance to Harbin entertainment center Candy bar/nightclub [Box Club / Club of Box]. Then the six police carried the dead victim Lin to a place 80m away from the bar/nightclub, unclothed the dead victim Lin’s shirt and cruelly beat him to death. They also screamed: “Do you still know people? I will see who you know, there will be no problem even if I beat you to death!” Just like this, the life of a 22-year-old young man who has not yet done anything in life was ended!! Regrettable!!!

Dead university student body on the street after being beaten by police.

Pictures of family, victim, and victim's body on the street.

Comments on NetEase:

A hooligan with a license!!!

Waiting for your resignation.

Ding” this up. if this is true, punish the police. If it isn’t, then punish the “lou zhu.”

Resign, hmph, resigning after beating someone to is enough to solve the problem? At least go to jail. Today is the second day, the body is still on the streets, it will be very difficult to easily resolve this without punishing them.

Use the truth to speak, send this to more media!

Again China, sad, sad ah, with this kind of country, how do you want your citizens to live?

Only anger!
In the morning, the traffic police sealed off the street crime scene (Xi da zhi jie), so cars had to make a detour. There were a huge group of people at the crime scene, also saw wreathes, the surrounding intersections all had traffic police. I specially listened to the traffic report thinking there would be details, but the host only simply said, “‘Xi da zhi jie’ has traffic…”
Just like this, a 22-year-old life is gone…
Savage police!!!

I am a Harbin person…Harbin police and Harbin’s black society are all “TMD” the same~~~
Harbin police meeting Harbin black society is like meeting their grandfather~~~
Fuck their mother, crap attitudes and crap society~~~

It is true, I passed by this morning, there were some people around looking, wreaths placed in the middle of the road, the police surrounding and maintaining order. The dead victim’s body was placed at the side of the road, hope the police are punished severely no matter who was right or wrong. Six police beating one university student, until death, they are even more black than black society. This really makes us ordinary common people feel unsafe. Can this kind of police protect the ordinary common people?

This type of police were trained through torturing prisoners, in prison they use their shoes to beat prisoner’s faces. Coming out, they still believe hitting people and insulting people is correct. This is occupational inertia. This happens a lot, it is not strange.

The impression police give me:
Hooligan scum = one part entered prison + one part became police + one part friends of police.

I have never expressed what I think on a discussion forum, but I must say something now!! I do not know why the media does not go report this matter, a case involving human life is the most important!!! 6 beasts tore off a youth’s upper body clothes and beat him to death. Where is the justice? Do us ordinary people still have any place to voice ourselves!!! This matter happened right near my home, absolutely true. I hope everything with a heart will “ding” this up, so the child will not have died for nothing!!!

Everyone who has a heart, look at this innocent student!! 22-years old and beaten to death by 6 police because of a quarrel!!! They say they have connections, us ordinary people already understand. The Communist Party protect them even if they beat someone to death, and even if they are punished, it will be a joke. Everyone await for this outcome! Just those six police safely and with no problems! Even if we ordinary people have our arguments, we cannot express them clearly!

Did you see that? Beaten to death. They will say they were temporary hires, hahaha! So terrible, the country is what you six and your friends say it is, hahaha. If Chairman Mao was alive, he would execute all of your families!!! Kill even nine generations of your kin! All speaking lies, can you sleep peacefully at night?

Absolutely true, this group of police normally are no different from hooligans, a lot of people in the vicinity looking on all said this. What more, it took from 10pm last night until this morning before the Harbin public security bureau sent someone here. I saw a person in the morning filming the scene, wondering why no one has been sent here yet, was it because it has been blocked off? It really makes me feel indignant. A young life so easily ended, regret! Poor parents, losing their son forever in a blink of an eye!

Tonight, riding the #55 bus line and only after passing by the scene of the incident did I know something this big happened. On the bus, I heard a passenger mention the three occupations (teacher, doctor, police) that people most respected 30 years ago are now the most corrupt. Hearing this was rather profound. I am waiting to see if television programs and these two day’s newspapers can have news about this.

Because there are six who beat one to death; there was one who killed six!

Mother cries after seeing dead son's body.

Flower wreaths placed near scene of crime.

Comments on Mop:

I am here to see how long it will take for this topic to be harmonized [deleted by the authorities].

I feel the police did not do the right thing, according to the law. But that university student is from the Sports Academy, not much different from some minor hooligan. I am a Harbin person, those Sports Academy students are not fit to be called university students.

One less 22-year-old punk. Nothing better to do than going to a nightclub to play, getting into a conflict, I bet he is not a good guy.  Though, I still dislike Northeasterners, they only know how to have damn fights. Our school’s Northeasterners have nothing better to do than have fights. Brainless.

Other than bullying the common people, what else does China’s police know how to do?

Where is Yang Jia?

Give them Sanlu to drink!

This student also was not a “lamp that saves oil” [someone who does not cause trouble]! He went clubbing, went to cause trouble, the problem is not just the police!

Dog eat dog…who wins and who loses.
A university student who drives a luxury car in the middle of night to a nightclub to seduce “MM” is also no one good.

…weird, where is Harbin’s version of a knife murderer…

It is true. Right now all over Harbin people are discussing this incident.

“They also screamed: “Do you still know people? I will see who you know, there will be no problem even if I beat you to death!'” From these words, everyone can see that it was the young man who was looking for trouble at the time…and who provoked who…
But, both sides have fault. If we are going to blame, blame the Northeasterners for their “die but do not bend” attitudes…the result is death…
Actually, if at the time he was not so insolent, the police would not have beaten him to death…

This matter has already become big. Right now, Harbin students are preparing to skip class and go demonstrate!! Yesterday, I already heard of this! I did not think I would see pictures!~

Calling the people’s hero, “Yang Jia.”

Is this China??? No, it cannot be, I believe these things must have happened in the 20th century!! Only in that time period’s society could something like this happen! We are now already a harmonious society, this is impossible! We are now taking big honest steps towards a Communist society!!!

It does not matter who is right or wrong, looking at that mother crying, I think everyone will be moved.

Serves him right. Who told him to open his mouth and say he knew people? American police all often shoot black people to death. Endure it [and do not open your mouth].

Currently, all six policemen have been detained.

UPDATE: Many new posts on BBS forums and a media from Heilongjiang have reported that the dead student, Lin Songling, started the fight with the police officers over car parking. The six police were drunk but initially tried to avoid a fight. However, Lin attacked the six police and threw bricks at them. They responded after this provocation and Lin was beaten to death. Supposedly Lin’s behavior (not afraid of police) is because his family has some “connections.” Many people now feel that Lin was looking for trouble and found it.

UPDATE: For the Heilongjiang television news report that include the surveillance video showing that Lin Songling, the university student, attacked the police and new Chinee netizen reactiosn to this information, please read: Harbin Student Killed By Six Police Started Fight.

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Harbin police fend off onlookers and civilians.


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