Cute Chinese Children Sleeping In Funny Positions

From Mop:

Outstanding Sleeping God, have you ever seen children that sleep like this?

Chinese toddler asleep on the stairs.

Comments from Mop:


Son, if you sleep like this brother
daddy will not take you to go watch Sister Shou Shou’s video tape~~~


Pretty cute kid.

Isn’t sleeping on the floor cold?

LZ, not helping the child up, fine, but secretly photographing them too?


Who knows, maybe I was like this too when I was small.


I’m here to get soy sauce.


His appearance is really cute, but what kind of heavy work made this child this tired?

From NetEase:

Sleeping God again appears amongst the people: This kind of bed kung-fu I’ve never seen before

Empty bed, little Chinese girl fallen off.

Empty bed, where is the little girl?

This Chinese little girl has fallen off her bed but is still sleeping.

This little "sleeping god" is still asleep in the side of her mosquito net.

Cute little sleeping Chinese girl.

Comments from NetEase:


Future genius.


Careless parents, niu bi mosquito net!


This is a special use for fully enclosed mosquito nets, my baby has also several times slept like this.


Extreme sleeping. [She’s] also advertising for the mosquito net!


These two children, too funny!

Have you ever fallen asleep in a strange place or in a strange way?

Extreme sleeping. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • Haha, the child is so fat.

  • 傻子

    what a stupid article.

  • Sara

    I saw these pics on kaixin yesterday. The children are so cute. 卡哇伊

  • whichone


    I suspect cuteness in children may be an evolutionary adaptation so parents won’t abandon them for crying and crapping all over the place.

    • PDT

      Lol, you don’t have to analyze everything. Nobody will think you are stupid if you don’t say something new in every article.

      • whichone

        I hope your future comment will include something about the post, the substances of my comments, or at least advance to a slightly more colorful and original insult, then you (and perhaps I too) can truly laugh out loud at your own cleverness instead of suffering through an awkward chuckle.

  • GaryZ

    lol ,the 2nd kid look like Old Master Q comic’s big potato :P

  • Zhegezhege

    Now come on, guys. We’re really not trying here.

    If we can turn the fact that Avatar (kids movie btw) losing out to Hurt Locker (the kind of middlebrow crap that wins Oscars) in to a debate about whether or not The Rothschilds/Illuminati/Priory of Sion/Jews/whoever secretly controls The Big Bad West intervened to make one dumb movie lose to another dumb movie in an award ceremony that was culturally regressive and appallingly stupid, then WE CAN TURN THIS IN TO A POLITICAL ARGUMENT, TOO!


    • yournametobynow

      i dunno somebody start arguing about small penises or how laowai make better boyfriends or something, that usually makes for a lot of comments

    • YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!


      nice comment

  • DerNacktePRinz
  • dongshizhang

    corey haim is dead

    • zammo hung

      Never heard of him until today.

  • GDS

    It all goes back to Obama and the socialists. Trying to take my rights away. Goddamn government.

  • Name (required)

    The people who sleep in net bar is even funnier.

  • Lincoln

    The quality of net is very good.what brand is it?
    Be careful,son. you will get cold in that way.

  • InstantNoodles

    pad the side of the bed with blankets. It sometimes helps.

    My grandma actually installed pegs to the edge/bottom of the bed, added little loop extensions to the blanket, and hooked my dad in so he won’t kick his blanket off.

  • B. Prichard

    While I agree that the children are sleeping in unusual positions, I see nothing to suggest that these children are cute.

  • Gem

    is it Chinese sleeping kongfu? it’s said that peoples start to learn Chinese traditional Kongfu when they are just baby

  • Hu YaoBang

    Dull. Misleading title. Indeed the children are sleeping but ‘cute’ is perhaps too great an extension of the word.

  • Josiah

    It is cute, but mosquitos can still get that kid if he sleeps right against the mesh like that.

  • what a cute baby!

  • Annie

    lol how lovely baby

  • I used to sleep like the 2nd child haha