Cute Chinese Children Sleeping In Funny Positions

From Mop:

Outstanding Sleeping God, have you ever seen children that sleep like this?

Chinese toddler asleep on the stairs.

Comments from Mop:


Son, if you sleep like this brother
daddy will not take you to go watch Sister Shou Shou’s video tape~~~


Pretty cute kid.

Isn’t sleeping on the floor cold?

LZ, not helping the child up, fine, but secretly photographing them too?


Who knows, maybe I was like this too when I was small.


I’m here to get soy sauce.


His appearance is really cute, but what kind of heavy work made this child this tired?

From NetEase:

Sleeping God again appears amongst the people: This kind of bed kung-fu I’ve never seen before

Empty bed, little Chinese girl fallen off.

Empty bed, where is the little girl?

This Chinese little girl has fallen off her bed but is still sleeping.

This little "sleeping god" is still asleep in the side of her mosquito net.

Cute little sleeping Chinese girl.

Comments from NetEase:


Future genius.


Careless parents, niu bi mosquito net!


This is a special use for fully enclosed mosquito nets, my baby has also several times slept like this.


Extreme sleeping. [She’s] also advertising for the mosquito net!


These two children, too funny!

Have you ever fallen asleep in a strange place or in a strange way?

Extreme sleeping. chinaSMACK personals.


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