Sleeping Chinese Train Passengers: Funny or Sad?

A Chinese train passenger using a "Burberry" scarf tied around the back of his seat to keep his head up while sleeping.

A Chinese train passenger using a "Burberry" scarf tied around the back of his seat to keep his head up while sleeping.

China’s October 1st National Day long holiday is approaching and many Chinese people will be traveling during this time. For many migrant workers, the holiday is a chance to go home to see their families and friends. Train travel is the most affordable, but it is often the slowest and most uncomfortable. This results in some unusual and unflattering sights. Many Chinese netizens find these sights amusing, but many others find it too easy to empathize…

From Sina Weibo:

@糗事大百科: My heart breaks for every person sleeping on a train…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


My heart breaks for those people who didn’t manage to get seats/sleepers and want to sleep but have to stand in the aisles unable to sleep as well as constantly stand aside to let the snack/food vendor carts pass by.


Is this really funny? The majority of those taking the trains are working people, every year carrying innumerable bags onto trains to make some money from their hard labors. Who wouldn’t rather take the plane if they had money? Who wants to spend so much of their time on the road? Maybe they can’t see this, but doesn’t this count as violating other people’s privacy? (Personal opinion and if you don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do anyway :)


[挖鼻屎] Am I the only one who mistook the eighth picture?


If they weren’t completely exhausted, could they have fallen asleep? Heartbreaking!


This is why I want to criticize the idiot who designed the hard seats on trains!


Every single person who had slept on a train was an angel with broken wings in their past life [拜拜] Please cherish them…


Actually, these are quite depressing.


Missing Person Notice: One night two years ago on the day before National Day on a train from Harbin to Beijing, a 20-something young guy borrowed/took my little stool. Later, I don’t know where he went, and the train car was too packed so I couldn’t find him. The stool was a gift from my first love. We’re to be married soon, and my first love says if I can’t find the stool, we won’t get married. Everyone help me.


The either picture, what the hell…


I’ve seen these [types of situations] before and frankly what I want to say is that they are actually quite tired [have it hard].

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