‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ Photos From Late Qing Dynasty

Warning: These historical photographs are very graphic.

From Tiexue:

Late Qing Dynasty female criminal “Death By A Thousand Cuts” photos

A woman who is about to be executed by the famous "death by a thousand cuts" punishment for heinous crimes in the late Qing Dynasty period of China

A middle-aged woman being tied about to face her death penalty during the late Qing Dynasty

A naked Chinese woman about to be executed for a very serious crime in the late Qing Dynasty era

A Chinese ciminal with her breasts cut off during the late Qing Dynasty period

Late Qing Dynasty photograph of a female criminal suffering the "death by a thousand cuts" penalty

Late Qing Dynasty torture and execution method involves cutting pieces of flesh and limbs off

A Chinese woman criminal's chest bleeds from Qing Dynasty torture

Qing Dynasty torture method "death by a thousand cuts"

A bleeding criminal during China's Qing Dynasty suffering torture

A naked woman with pieces of her body cut off during the Chinese "death by a thousand cuts" death sentence

A female criminal strung up surrounded by onlookers during late Qing China

Qing Dynasty government officials administering the "death by a thousand cuts" penalty to a female criminal

China, late Qing Dynasty period, a female criminal is executed by cutting off her flesh, arms, legs, and head

Death by a thousand cuts punishment during the late Qing period in China

Dismembered parts of the executed criminal are placed in a basket

Decapitated body of a female Chinese criminal during the late Qing Dynasty in China

Qing dynasty officials untie the headless body of an executed criminal

Dismembered limbs of an executed Chinese criminal are placed in a basket during Qing Dynasty China

Bloody body parts after the "death by a thousand cuts" punishment in China

The cut up body parts of an executed woman in late Qing Dynasty China

This punishment was for extremely serious crimes. These photos are famous and appear all the time. This is just a recent example.

Comments from Tiexue:


If these photographs make you uncomfortable, please forgive me!

This execution is beyond cruel!


Wasn’t it said that the person cannot be allowed to die until the very last cut? Why is it that by the middle of the photos, the head was already cut off ??? And also, was it really 3,333 cuts?


Aren’t there still 18-year-old female convicts sentenced to death?

I am sad for China’s men, your insult/abuse towards China’s women is the cause of China going bad.


Fuck! Yet another zhuang bi! As long as that person indeed committed a crime, what does she being a woman or not or how old she is have anything to do with it? Is the law made specifically for men only???


Suggest China reinstate this kind of punishment, specifically against corrupt officials.


Why are you posting this kind of post! What kind of rubbish are you advocating! Is this fun? Pervert/deviant.


Mothers, on the whole, are the wombs and breasts that gave us life, us respecting them is respecting ourselves, which is raising our own positions. When killing women, it is not necessary to have them on their knees or to cut off their reproductive organs, as people who know to cherish mothers are noble.


Too cruel! Is it necessary for an execution to be this way?


Each era does what each era does, unless you guys could ask a primitive man to no longer drink blood and wear fur, sit in a Western restaurant, and immediately pick up a small knife and fork to eat steak? Don’t you understand any historical materialism!


A sick/ill society [Qing Dynasty], even if foreigners did not invade, it itself would have slowly died away.


I’ve been on Tiexue for two years now and this group of pictures has made me the most angry! Doing this to an old woman, using such a cruel punishment, where is the humanity! Looks like liberation from the Qing Dynasty is Founder Sun’s [Yat-sen] incomparable greatness! I hate feudalism, hate ignorance, and I salute our founder!


The West doesn’t have torture? Kao!


Humans are the most cruel animals, also the most savage animals, also the most fragile animals.


No matter whether the photographs are posted or not, this kind of torture indeed existed in our country’s history. Knowing this is also a good thing.

Actually, it is said that there are death penalties/executions even more cruel than this in the West.

Nowadays, some countries still have torture.


It appears that this is not the authentic dismemberment execution. It looks like in that time of decline/decay, even punishments were in decline/decay.

The dismemberment execution I recall requiring 500 cuts, with the very last being a stab into the criminal’s chest before he can die, and if the criminal dies before enough cuts are made, the person cutting will be in trouble.

The punishment are savage, but sometimes it is very effective.

Some photographs of male criminals suffering the same death penalty:

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A criminal during China's Qing Dynasty is about to have his breast cut off as punishment and execution.

A criminal with parts of his chest and thighs sliced off during the dismemberment punishment in Qing Dynasty China

A male criminal suffers the death by a thousand cuts punishment during the Qing Dynasty

Some English information from Wikipedia:

Slow slicing (simplified Chinese: 凌迟; traditional Chinese: 凌遲; pinyin: língchí, alternately transliterated Ling Chi or Leng T’che), also translated as the slow process, the lingering death, or death by a thousand cuts, was a form of execution used in China from roughly AD 900 until its abolition in 1905. In this form of execution, the condemned person was killed by using a knife to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time. The term língchí derives from a classical description of ascending a mountain slowly.

Lingchi was reserved for crimes viewed as especially severe, such as treason and killing one’s parents. The process involved tying the person to be executed to a wooden frame, usually in a public place. The flesh was then cut from the body in multiple slices in a process that was not specified in detail in Chinese law and therefore most likely varied. In later times, opium was sometimes administered either as an act of mercy or as a way of preventing fainting. The punishment worked on three levels: as a form of public humiliation, as a slow and lingering death, and as a punishment after death.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Chinglish

    I’m vomitting…
    That’s feudal China!

  • geegee

    what … the … f !!
    thats gotta be the most graphic thing i have ever seen, in my whole life. and i have seen quite a few horror movies in the days.

    • Joel from London

      I bet if some Hollywood guy saw this . You will see the same thing in Saw 18 or whatever number they are running now.

    • Louie 1329

      Oh! You watched horror movies?! You say that like it’s a feat.. I laugh at your naivety. You have seen nothing, bruh

  • This punishment should be strictly reserved for the guy who keyed my car back in 2005

    • Nagexingqisi

      lol, those fuckers…

  • DWR

    Utterly horrific, although we’re lucky cameras weren’t around in the UK for hanging, drawing and quartering, which wasn’t exactly dignified.

    It’s sociologically interesting that people are capable of such horrendous cruelty, and able to dehumanise and depersonalise their victim to such an extent that this sort of action is possible, and even legitimate.


    • Harribo

      this post is meaningless, apart from the horror that they are real people suffering and being butchered, yet you pass on oh thank god we we cant see etchings of UK torture…like it actually means anything other than your relativist guilt, eat shit and die, you stupid cock spanner, thank god we cant see cavemen cannabalising their young..cunt what do you mean!

      • SalmonFish

        why are you so unchilled??

      • Think before you Speak

        well dear Harribo, actually your post is the one that´s useless. What do you want to say, huh? What´s *your* point? it is important that people here point out that these atrocities are by no means limited to “underdevelopped” countries (like China, countries in Central Africa or whatever region you wanna put in), but instead are a feature of mankind – so we don´t need any Western hypocrisy, saying “oh my god these Chinese! so cruel, so mean, we should do something about them!”.


      • DunkinDaDonut

        U crazy man…just crazy

  • ken

    Not surprising when you think about how China man is treating animals

    • gth793y

      Whales and Dolphins??!?!


      Chicken and Cow!!!!!

      • Pudding

        Even though I am a big South Park fan, I feel it necessary to remind you that it was the Japanese, not the Chinese in the episode “Whale Whores”.

    • C&N

      Sorry Ken. What we did you to you and your mom was wrong

    • Truthteller

      Not surprising how all of mankind treats animals. Not only animals, but all living things. The heart of man is corrupt. Evil is just one act away…whether it is exacted against a fellow human or another of God’s creatures.

  • This is too hard core for me…

  • C

    this is just my opinion but chinaSMACK, your choice of articles hasn’t been too interesting lately…

    i totally appreciate all you do like translating articles that show a perspective of china the world doesn’t know about

    but /this/ stuff doesn’t really have another side to it to discuss. it’s just the old extreme form of the modern death penalty. why not get something about the modern death penalty in china and the opposition? now that would be interesting

    just a suggestion

    • C

      or some points on why the big deal is that it’s females being executed?
      one of the translated comments was “I am sad for China’s men, your insult/abuse towards China’s women is the cause of China going bad.”


    • Misbehaving

      Great point,C. As an English-speaker without Chinese language skills, I rely quite a bit on ChinaSMACK to find out what’s really going on here, since that information isn’t available from the government-mouthpiece media.

      At first I was so excited and impressed by ChinaSMACK’s work, I recommended it to all my friends and family back home. Now, it’s a disappointment more often than not. Please, may we have fewer gory, silly or strictly sensational postings, unless they have some relevance to what’s going on in China today?

      • Totally agree, but as far as I know Fauna and the team translate the hottest Internet topics. If these are the stories that are the most popular in China then what are you asking for? A Filter for the content of higher intellect?
        I too think that the posts are loosing quality but its not necessarily in the hands of chinasmack!

      • Joe

        I think you guys might have to reread the about section on this site, chinaSMACK since its inception was always meant to reflect what Chinese netizens “themselves” are talking about and not what foreigners want the netizens to talk about. Sure, there are many silly, salacious, or gory posts, but the fact that netizens engage in active discussion regarding these topics reveal that they are in fact important and relevant. Keep in mind the issues of the day does not have the be formal, direct, or critical, in actuality, the beauty of the Chinese online sphere is that it’s full of indirect, satirical, or even nonsensical discourse on the nature of modern Chinese society. Although many readers here may not perceive the importance of some of the postings, I think it is important to keep an open mind and understand the Chinese online community for what it is, not what it should be [in your eyes].

        • Eh thanks Joe basically that is exactly what I said!
          I never questioned the importance of discourse and I did not mention or state what the community should be or should talk about, in my eyes!!!

        • Harribo

          Ohh Shut up you bell end, its obvious from the comments that the Chinese netizens themselves cant see themselves with out comparing to the ‘rest’ of the world, you sir are a momentous prick. China Smack is selective, salacious and sensationalist and obviously caters for drooling outside shit heads like yourself, who are you to tell us what to think or feel, relatively we are all one big happy family neh

        • C

          “Although many readers here may not perceive the importance of some of the postings, I think it is important to keep an open mind and understand the Chinese online community for what it is, not what it should be [in your eyes].”

          Cutting peoples boobs out is important as it showed how Chinese people used to execute people, but Chinese prep school kids living extravagant lives outside of mainland China along with some pictures of Gucci bags (as it turns out which has no relevance to the post) tells us something we know which is the clear divide between rich and poor in China.

          I wanted to make the point that the idea of ‘important’ is different in everyone’s eyes (in this case, the Chinese netizens, and us foreigners [or not] reading about Chinese issues). I never said that Chinese netizens shouldn’t be posting nonsensical-unrelevant-to-modern-day-society-in-China articles, but rather that you guys as facilitators between the online Chinese community and the rest of us that can’t read Chinese, could pick ones that we can discuss to a deeper degree on this thought inducing brain child of a site.

          it was a suggestion. obviously you don’t want to change, and idk if that’s for me to say, but it was a suggestion.

          • Harribo

            wankers….negative reaction to posting shit….hide behind china smacks impartiality inception…here’s a call, I work in the evil media trade, and I know enough about manipulation, and what you are doing here is classic deflection from the fact…pathetic, obvious….be what you are…free yourself from idealism…zhongguo bu nen wen

          • Daphie

            Just want to insert a short suggestion for Kai: would it be possible for you to write short comment straight to the point? I think you write so long that people dont read anymore…
            But I do think there shall be some change in the selection of the topics in this forum. It is either cat killer or death by thousand cut, are we trying to dig how dark humanity can get? What says on this forum is sometimes [too special].
            We have this forum to let outside world to know how normal Chinese people think, but majority Chinese people do not think about [death by thousand cut] – does Europe always talk about the middle ages torture?

          • Arthax

            That wasn’t the middle ages. The last case of slow slicing occured in bejing 1905 to a guy who allegedly killed his master.

          • Kai


            I hear and understand your suggestion. I’ll try but I can’t guarantee it because I happen to think I write as much as I do precisely to make my point very clear.

            Next, this blog professes to translate popular topics they find on the Chinese internet. Fauna clearly feels this post on Tiexue qualifies. Of course, it is silly to think chinaSMACK and its few contributors are capable of accurately representing ALL the discussions on the Chinese internet, but they’re doing what they can.

            The whole of Europe obviously does not “always” talk about Middle Ages torture, but there’s probably some forum or blog in Europe run by a European that does feature a lot of people discussing it, because they happen to be interested in it, at the moment. This is just an example of a lot of Chinese netizens on Tiexue being interested in these photos, at the moment. A new popular topic will appear the next day, and a popular topic could be different on another forum.

            And be fair. chinaSMACK’s report on the cat killer was like 2 years ago.

        • LOLZ

          A far easier response would be simply to tell those who are unhappy with this blog to start a translation blog themselves.

          • Kai

            If you don’t like a lawyer, you fire him. After all, you’re paying him to represent you.

            If you don’t like the experiments they did at the space station, you can write a letter to your congressman. After all, you’re paying the tax dollars funding those experiments.

            If you don’t like the price McDonald’s charges for hamburgers, you don’t pay for it. McDonald’s isn’t force-feeding you and demanding payment for it.

            I’m not surprised that people get tired of chinaSMACK. I get tired of plenty of websites myself. chinaSMACK itself features a revolving door of arguably low-brow content. As I said above, different people will learn different things from that content, and even from the predictability of that content. However, I think some of us just feel that some of the complaints here amount to ungrateful expressions of unjustifiable entitlement.

            None of us are paying for this website, for the work involved in maintaining it. None of us are paying for these “professionals”. They don’t work for us. They work for themselves.

            None of them are forcing you to come visit this website, read its contents, and lament over how predictable it is in its representation of an arguably predictable reality. They even let you lament and talk shit about them on their website. Mighty gracious of them in my opinion.

            It might be wise to keep all this in mind.

            Anyway, those who will complain will do so. Some of us will complain about those who complain in response. That’s life.

          • jason

            because kai’s blog sucks! Even though he’s a good writer.

          • Kai


            I don’t understand how my answer goes against LOLZ’s logic. LOLZ isn’t stupid enough to think all of those complaining here are capable of starting translating blogs themselves. His point was to express displeasure with the complaints. In other words, he’s saying: This is their blog, they can do what they please, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to come here. Better yet, if you think it can be done better, go try and do better.

            If you insist on a literal reading of LOLZ comment as him thinking complainers can translate Chinese, you’re insulting his intelligence.

            Please explain my misunderstanding of “professionals”. Of course I know it can refer to someone who is an expert or is really good at something. How did anything I say contradict that understanding?

            You’re free to return “out of boredom” if you want. I’m free to find distasteful you complaining yet constantly returning to subject yourelf to what you profess to lament as predictable and boring. You don’t think your complaints are bland, ineffective, crap regurgitated here and elsewhere? They are.

            I never said you can’t give a suggestion or provide feedback, did I, Jones? I’m just giving you a suggestion and providing you with feedback as well.

            chinaSMACK is not your congressman. A congressman is in an elected office with the express responsibility to represent the interests of his or her constituents. chinaSMACK exists to serve itself, with any service rendered to you a byproduct of serving its own goals. You can communicate your wishes to them and others, like myself, will communicate our disagreement with how you communicate your wishes to them. I just happen to consider some of the complaints here to sound ungrateful and self-entitled. Just like you consider some of the content here predictable.

      • Chinglish

        Do not rely on ChinaSmack or any WWW to learn a true China.

        • I do realise ChinaSmack is just a tabloid. It doesn’t take long to outgrow this site especially when you’re 44 years of age. However, the pickings are slim. I don’t know what the ‘true’ China is. I can and do read books about China’s history, and it ~is~ flecked with periods of bloodcurdling violence, but everything else I can find looks like a travel brochure. There is nothing that conveys the issues and the reactions to issues currently dominating Chinese discourse ~in English~. So, I’m stuck with ChinaSmack and the issues that dominate the minds of what appear to be some barely pubescent Chinese netizens. Something is better than nothing.


  • alan

    Before lunchtime…nice?!?

  • 苏联人

    I wish they would bring back punishment like this, also crucifixion, burning at the stake, etc. There would be a huge drop in the crime rate, since those thinking of breaking the law would be scared shitless by the possible outcome.

    • wahaha, u really think so? As far as I can tell your examples result in death! How are your examples any different than what is happening today except for the pain factor?

      • 苏联人

        It is indeed the whole point. Criminals are aware of the consequences, and are willing to risk it anyway. Certainly spending a few decades in jail isn’t a pleasant scenario for them, but even considering this possible outcome it’s worth the risk to them. Now, if the risk involved an outcome of an extremely painful death, it would weed out a lot of the potential “risk-takers” and only leave the few hard-core guys willing to take such a risk.

        You westerners don’t seem to realize, that the type of people committing most crimes are not the kind that can be instilled with morality and etiquette, only fear can keep them in check. Only those with criminal intentions have something to fear, you see anything wrong with that?

        And indeed the “pain factor” is a very important difference, because fear of pain is for many people an even more powerful deterrent than fear of death.

        • Westeners?! So now the whole western world does not realize the point that you make! haha B-real is right you are a retard!

          People commit crimes for all types of reasons!!!
          To generalize the way you do and to categorize all criminals into the “potential risk-takers” and the “hard-core guys” is just naive and I hope that you dont have to steal to survive when your scenario becomes reality!

        • Harribo

          Im not a westerner and I dont realise what you arent saying isnt making sense

          • Capn

            > Im not a westerner and I dont realise what you
            > arent saying isnt making sense

            I can’t not agree with what you didn’t say there.

        • gth793y

          get Ivan the Terrible out of here.

          That kind of punishment will most likely get you coup d’etats, rather than lower crime rates.

          When most criminals are committing a crime, I don’t think they are expecting they will get caught.

          Death punishment as a deterrence device does not work.

          If you look at American states which stopped practicing the death penalty, they before and after rate for violent crimes did not vary much.

          • 苏联人

            Whether they expect to be caught or not, they know the possibility is out there. The western whining about the “human rights” of criminals is simply retarded, when they commit crime they forfeit any such “rights”.

            «I hope that you dont have to steal to survive when your scenario becomes reality!»
            It’s the state’s responsibility to ensure that its citizens do not have to “steal to survive”. Obviously, for this a proper socialist system would be needed instead of the capitalist crap. Besides, I’m advocating this type of punishment only for the worst crimes (murder, rape, etc), for stealing it’s enough to just cut off the thief’s hand.

          • maximoe


            no reply button??? For the bottom comment…

            The only way to loose human rights is to become unhuman, you are clearly on the way though with your judgemental attitude. How can you put yourself into the position of denouncing someones human rights, unless you think you are something better?
            Oh yeah and the socialist thing haha! It has been tried, it failed, and by the way this capitalistic crap is enabling you to speak your opinion here on this board. You are just full of shit, Im out!!!

          • 苏联人

            Even if they are innocent, would spending their entire life in jail be better than dying right away? If you’re innocent, it’s better to die and get on with your next incarnation than wasting decades in prison.

            I know that China is currently not socialist, I was talking more about the Soviet Union (and before you western devils start saying your propaganda about it falling apart because it didn’t work, the real reason is because the traitors Gorbachev & co. decided to dissolve it themselves).

            Obviously, for juvenile offenders the punishment should be much milder (like whipping, for example).

            And no, I haven’t stolen anything, unless you count economical guerrilla warfare against the enemy (i.e. online scams targeting Americans) ;D

          • soi

            I must agree with this statement. Many people are only as honest as their risk of getting caught. If someone knows this is waiting for them then maybe they will be good little boys and girls

        • anc

          punishment don’t really deter crimes. If so then feudal china should have way less crimes than today, certainly not the case. We have less crimes compared to the feudal times yet the punishment is not as harsh anymore

    • Duchemin

      I’m not sure the crime rate was lower when China, European countries and other nations tortured criminals to death in public.

  • Shoeshine


    • Comrade Kim

      Blimey, Lu Xun’s posting on Chinasmack.

  • ralphrepo

    I’ve seen these pictures before; indeed grisly and gruesome but historically all Chinese. They have been sometimes mistakenly referred to as examples of Japanese wartime torture of Chinese in Nanjing.

    Lingchi (or the dramatic “death of a thousand cuts” moniker coined by westerners), was a form of punishment that was considered so extreme that it eventually fell from favor even before the end of the Qing and was abolished by imperial decree in 1905. The provenance of these images were likely French though there is some argument and speculation that some were actually taken by native photographers. Thousands of copies were made and sold from the original set of plate glass negatives.

    Depending on the degree of punishment that authorities wished to impose, the condemned may actually be cut in such a fashion that they do not bleed to death immediately; fed with congee (rice gruel) and kept alive while the process continued, they’re returned to the execution ground over the course of several days, as more flesh is exactingly removed. The finale is the decapitation. Another similar method was trunkation, in which a victim was cut in half midway through their torso. Regardless, an antecedent event is usually the execution of all related males heirs. This was important in that the condemned then knows that line is permanently ended; that there remain no male descendents to either honor him or to carry on his familial lineage.

  • Rick in China

    Yada yada.

    Pretty much every country, culture, and religion has a history of incredibly gruesome and inhumane tortures, executions, ‘war crimes’, etc. This article, while sensational, is nothing new…just another round of something that has surely been posted many times with the same comments from a slightly different set of people over the years, and will likely continue to be for a long time. Basically the result of someone with nothing better to post.

    • You obviously have nothing better to reply to!

    • Harribo

      yeh, and is a clear indicator of what this site is really supposed to be about……division and hate

      • This site documents the things that are posted and discussed amongst chinas netizens. Your little conspiracy theory is out of place, this is something china discusses and not placed by chinasmack to piss you off!

        • Harribo

          I’d like a second opinion other than you contributor..word is out and its spreading, china smack is not on, and I’m not pissed off as a true narcissist I can only describe the water that you are drowning in… without any real care if you sink or swim.. moe? if that really is your real name you sad metal thrash fan…this site documents shit, this site runs nationalist feng qing a ling dickheads against jilted americans and watches shit fly, it is morally redundant car crash web viewing and I’m more than aware of how this shit flies, so go put your apron on elsewhere moe, you shit stabber

          • Alikese

            Err… if you hate this site so much, why don’t you leave?

  • Hongjian

    Ah, these pictures again.

    Nothing special. Mostly Lichi was only an overglorified form of corpse mutilation, since the convict dies quite early – there werent so many great masters of torture in every province, who understood the art of inflicting pain.

    Interestingly, Chinese cooks and torture-masters learned and shared a lot of knowledge with each other.
    There are still dishes today that requires the animal to be alive while the meat is sliced from their bodies. Decadent rich Guangdong people pay lots of money for this sort of stuff.
    Which is quite funny, since this is just another proof that the Chinese culture is inheritendly cruel and brutal. Now I want to hear gullible westeners and stupid idealist chinese intellectuals to talk about ‘democratizing’ China and shit, when the whole culture and whole history of 4000 years is build upon sadistic traditions and oppressive political culture.
    China is the real-life equivalent of most fantasy-literature’s depiction of dark elves: Thousands of years of cultural achievement and refined intelligence, only for the sake of inventing more and more fucked up ways of sadistic murder and efficient oppression for the amusement of the bystanders.
    To change that fact, China needs a second cultural revolution, akin to post-war Germany’s de-nazification, smashing everything old mercilessly and brainwashing the whole population to drive out all cruel traditions and ideology.
    But since this is stupid, it is the best when China learns to live with it. Which its does., luckily.

    So with this said, I think China needs to reintroduce some old imperial measures for corrupt officials and their respective families and their whole guanxi-network.
    Like collective punishment of nine generations and beyond, just like in the good old imperial time, reinforced by modern information technology and effective control mechanism.
    This would be the best way to root out the low and high-level corruption from which China suffers so much. Rip out the cancer of corrupt guanxi in one strike, by punishing everyone who is even remotely related with the respective official with zero tolerance.

    • Harribo

      you had me at dark elves

    • dim mak

      lol the dark elf thing is going too far

      9-fold executions was a Qin dynasty thing, and everyone hated it, it’s not the norm in Chinese history.

      • Hongjian

        Yeah, like everything else thats lasting in China, it was cultivated in the Qin Dynasty under the legalist/proto-facist rule of the first emperor.

        But the ‘rule of the nine generations’ was well established until the last Dynasty. But mostly for the long-winding power-struggles in the imperial court, though.

        And what is wrong about dark elfes?
        Those guys are cool shit.
        Or is there any other culture or civilization, that cultivated the refined art of torture so much as the Chinese?
        90% of all of China’s cultural achievement was invested into the cuisine and in the same way into inventing torture techniques. The last 10% are for everything else.

    • Jeremiah

      You lost me at “cultural achievement and refined intelligence.” LOL. Tell me you’re joking.

      Converting historical monuments into dens for the pedaling of cheap, shitty goods; and the outright theft and pirating of any/all foreign intellectual properties is hardly grounds for you to make such a bold and ludicrous claim.

  • cmfeirs

    Doesn;t seem too much different from modern times in China.

  • Flamesy

    TI thought I wold just have a look at chinasmack. I had no idea I would see such terrible images. Truly horrific. Let’s not get nationalistic. It’s just terrible isn’t it.

  • Harribo

    fauna, here are some other people being cut to pieces I also have pictures of……..fuck off and die

    • maximoe

      do you make the kids happy? Prick!!!

      • Harribo

        yes,very, this comment was too short so Prick prick prick prick prick prick, willy, diggle, shclong, member, weapon, spanner, ding dong, spear, member, china smack member, black mamber, spitting cobra, baby’s arm, shaft, black shaft, rubber fist…china smack member

      • Harribo

        hahaha, and you are a contributor, what a fanny

      • Harribo

        oh wait is that a you are foreign you must be an english teacher jibe or is paedophillia your tang…interesting as they make more than most of your phd’s here, actually im one of few to turn you 3g mobile guys into hungry customers…. ring ring kerching kerching it s called creativity and protected IP, even from you naughty monkeys…love those teachers…bring it on fellas

  • opensights

    Man’s inhumanity to man

    ‘Many and sharp the num’rous ills
    Inwoven with our frame!
    More pointed still we make ourselves
    Regret, remorse, and shame!
    Man’s inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn!

    Robert Burns

  • Harribo

    hmm conspriacy theory you say….yes i wonder too how this site stays open in China mainland….. why no reaction to Obama meeting the Dalia Lama…just old pics of Chinese killing Chinese like no on else can…fauna, you started this to learn english, well learn this…..get a proper job and stop peddling hate and piss flaps

    • Harribo

      elephant in the room, how about some more recent tank victim pics from that square up north

  • Harribo

    or some of those lovely teacher thrashing to death pics, i love those

    viva la revolution

  • too yellow

    first girls that cut themselves, now this? Chinasmack does have interesting way of picking articles, especially considering most of post are essentially complains against the spring gala

    • Harribo

      yeah galas are shit but child mutualtion and historic executions are not festive enough..how about some animal conservation….sharks or tigers (both here in HK) or the weather or xinjian…. i dont know, china smack grow some balls i know laowai stupidiy makes good copy but please,,,sincerely please grow balls or move operations outside of mainland, taiwan is cool

  • Harribo

    message to china smack: what you want is foreign reaction, your audience is foreign, don’t manipulate them, and dont be afraid of posting topics that heaven forbid, thanks to our freedom of speech we actually have access to the FACTS not opinions or revision of the opinions…..you’re sight is false and harmful to the Chinese people who visit and the people who may wish to visit, guarantee over the next few years things will change as to how we can actually communicate, and this site as a historic record will do nothing other than create DIVISION AND HATE, unless you take a proper editorial and stop lying behind your passive bullshit position….just look at your headlnes and this most recent post……..and believe me i know i actually withi no irony intended live amongst netizens and this is a MINOR topic….you are catering to the lowest common denominator as ALWAYS…so you and your ill advised friends need to wake up…you have an audience, what do you really want to do with it??

  • Hongjian


    Sure is butthurt in here. For whatever retarded reason…

    If you guys cannot even appreciate/stomach some little bit gore and carnage, you shouldnt be in China in the first place.

  • Hongjian

    Man. Some laowais here sure have a really weird and screwed China image, now getting all worked up because you saw the ‘real face’ of that country your are working in as english teacher or something?

    You guys thought that China is just some sort of cute, cliched and colourful communist wonderland where funny little people are doing funny little things to amuse obese and decadent laowais? Just like some kind of socio-political real-life zoo where weird looking monkeys are eating your bananas or something?

    THIS is the real China. Grim-dark and without mercy, hope and compassion. A giant social-darwinist battlefield tainted by constant bloodshet and hate since the dawn of history. All these so-called ‘glorified achievements’ of chinese history, such as the great wall, the grand canal, the inventions, or the long history itself, are all both direct products and causes of millions of massacred people. China is, was and will always be death, oppression and cruelty – no matter under whatever government, dynasty or emperor, no matter if it’s communist, capitalist, feudalist or democratic liberal.

    Knock it out, for thinking that there can be a different China, beside Taiwan, to suit your needs for a political- and ethical-correct version of your favorite zoo for getting the exotic asian expierience, you guys seems to be desperately in need of.

    China is just; love it as whole, or hate it as whole. Nothing in between. You cannot calim to ‘love’ China without knowing that it is actually a giant, compressed piece of stinking and decaying meat, dug out from the nearest massgrave of human history.

    • bobiscool

      your mom.

      Since the dawn of history? If that was so, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and virtually all other asian countries would’ve been conquered by China. Dude, western people are brainwashed into thinking China is cruel, not vise versa. You’re hilarious, buddy.

      • Hongjian

        This is the main difference between China and the Western world.
        Everytime the western world has internal problems, they go and let their anger out on other people, colonializing, genociding and looting them for the great profit.
        Unemployment and poverty of the massess? Send them to you neighbor or to overseas as soldiers to conquer them.
        Famine and Starvation? Go and rob someone else’s food.
        Low on ressources and money? Go and loot Africa.
        Trade deficite? Go and rob China’s silver.
        Low on workforce? Go and enslave Negroes.

        THIS is how the western world worked and still works. Always remain clean at home by outsourcing all problems in other countries to deal with.

        China on the other hand, always prefered to deal with all problems in their own country, by letting the own population pay for societal, political and economical problems:
        Political instability? Kill your own people.
        Unemployment? Kill your own people.
        Famine and starvation? Kill your own people.
        Poverty? Kill your own people.

        Instead to cleverly outsorce the problems like western nations, China always paid their price themselves.
        Thats why China can always be perceived as more cruel, more brutal and more oppressive than the west, since they never were able to cover it up by letting others clean up the mess.
        So, thats why Japan, Korea and other neighbors werent conquered by even the most oppressive and cruel dynasty since this is just the typical Chinese characteristic to direct all cruelty and brutality to oneself and not to others.

        Luckily, nowadays CCP dynasty is clever enough to send poor farmers to colonialize africa instead of kiling them themselves, like in earlier dynasties. It seems that there is still some hope.

  • D

    Oh come on!

    The only thing really amazing about this is that China was still doing it after cameras were invented.

    chidun is right! The foreigners posting here should learn more about their history and take pride in their native forms of torture and execution. We have a lot of ways far more creative and entertaining than this!

    The Catherine wheel was a cool one. They would lash your body to a wheel and tie your arms and legs to fill in the gaps between spokes. Then when the wheel started to rotate, they stuck in hammers and bars and used the force of the rotation to break each of your limbs several times.

    Crushing took a bit less preparation. They just added heavier and heavier stones to your body as your insides slowly broke apart. Sometimes they would bring in horses or elephants to stomp around on you—I guess this wouldn’t work today since furries would probably get off to it.

    Western Europe was fond of sending its enemies of the state to be drawn and quartered. Each limb was lashed to a different horse and sent off on its merry way, ripping apart the body. After that the kids in the village square sawed off your head and used it for a game of rugby.

    The Africans were pretty creative too. Consider the still popular practice of necklacing: you take one big rubber bike tire, fill it full of gasoline stretch it around to bind the accused’s arms, and light it up!

    Boiling someone to death in a big cauldron of tar sounds awfully slow and painful. The Greeks had their own take on this with the brazen bull—a big cast-brass bull they would lock the prisoner inside of, then heat it up till it was red hot, slowly roasting the man alive.

    The Greeks and Persians had another good one too: scaphism. It went something like this. They tied you naked to a boat with your head, hands and feet all hanging off. Then they stuffed you full of milk and honey until you started shitting yourself. Then they massaged honey into your skin and cast you out to the middle of the lake, where all the fish could nibble at your limbs and the honey and shit would attract insects to eat your body: alive. Sometimes—just for fun—they would toss a wasp nest into the boat before kicking you out to sea.

    But for the really creative shit, you have to respect the Romans. These guys knew how to do it.

    For spectator sports nothing beats the Roman tradition of using non-citizen enemies of the state as bestiarii: nude, unarmed men and women left to fight an unending army of lions and tigers and bears, oh my. And the ticket sales can supplement tax revenue!

    Caligula loved hanging his enemies upside down and sawing them in half, slowly, from nuts to skull. This kept blood going to the brain so they didn’t die, and I’m sure that serrated edge tickled the flesh in ways those smooth Chinese knives never would.

    But the punishment for patricide was just awesome: I mean awesome as in truly awe inspiring.

    After whipping you and standing you up on two pedestals so everyone could chuckle at your doodle, they would sew you up in a bag and toss you in the Tiber. But before they finished sewing, they gave you a few friends: a wild dog, a live monkey, a young rooster and a snake. A fucking snake.

    Yeah, it takes a priest to think up shit like that.

    • too yellow

      true, the whole concept of baiting intrigues. 5 dog and a bear, who wins? a dog and a monkey, who wins? the possibilities are endless.

      I especially liked this one:
      On 6 July 1874 the Daily Telegraph published an article, written by James Greenwood, in which he reported on 25 June 1874 to have witnessed a fight between a man and a dog. Greenwood recounted the tale in his 1876 book, Low-Life Deeps, in the chapter called In the Potteries.

      The fighter, named ‘Brummy’, was a middle-aged dwarf about 4.5 feet (1.4 m) tall, with oversized features, and bowed legs. He had apparently agreed to fight the dog for a bet, on his theory that no dog “could lick a man”. His “opponent” was a white bulldog named Physic. Held by its guardian, the dog apparently did not bark, but was excited to the point where tears ran from its eyes. The fight, watched by an audience of about 50, occurred at an old inn at Hanley, Staffordshire, in a large guest room, its windows closed and its floor covered in sawdust, with the ring cordoned off by a line.

      During the fight Brummy was bitten deeply several times on his arms, and the Bulldog was dealt several heavy blows to the head and ribs. After ten rounds the Bulldog’s head was heavily swollen, it had lost two teeth, and one of its eyes was closed. The fight lasted until round eleven when Brummy knocked the dog out.

      Wonder if michael vick recreated that, must be amazing sight.

  • bingbing

    I shall punish my boyfriend by forcing him to look at these pictures!

    • Keith

      you sure that’s a good idea? he’ll probably want to make love to you after he views it. you’ll be sorry..

  • Comrade Kim

    We’ve had considered history of the changes in discipline and punishment from chastisement of the flesh to an attempt to reform the soul, but really I know fook all about Foucault.

  • Is there a Firefox app. (yes, I know, I should switch to chrome) which allows you to unsee things? Because I dearly want to unsee this.

  • stevelaudig

    In the “comparative horrors” department, consider the U.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching_in_the_United_States. It is not for me to judge why the poster put these up but I found the comments both on the topic and the poster enlightening.

  • opensights

    The French did open air public exections by beheading with guilotene, the last one was done in Paris in 1939. Awful to watch but quick and painless I should think?

    see it on youtube


  • stevelaudig

    “Which is quite funny, since this is just another proof that the Chinese culture is inheritendly cruel and brutal.” But this comment I found a bit racist/ethnicist/ whatever since it attempt to characterize an entire nation by the appetites of few members. Rather like judging all Americans by what happened at Guantanamo. Such generalizations about large groups of people usually incorrect and unhelpful to cross cultural understandings.

  • Chinglish

    I hate this fucking boring site which was full of stupid cunts.

    I’m leaving…

  • Li RuiKe

    If you like such gore, try “Beijing Coma”. It’s fiction, supposedly, but it just takes the stuff of several non-fiction works of the same period to a more graphic level.

  • FYIADragoon

    For a second I thought I was looking at pictures from Nanjing during WWII… Way to treat your own people, China…

  • Simon

    the level of cruelty is only proportional to the degree of hatrid harbored in the psyche of this nation of “harmony”;

    There is no question, Chinese people hate other chinese people the most. If you read some translated comments above – many people sure want to apply this “chinese-invention” to corrupted officials of today. Remember they are a nation where mass murdering was still legal as recent as 1989, and mass baby poisoning by melamine was hugely politically favorable only a couple years ago. How can you not hate?

    Then they hate foreign invaders the next, especially invaders from neighboring countries;

    Then they hate the white ghosts, doesn’t matter you are brits spinicks or yankees, cause they are taught so

    • Hongjian

      This comes from the cultural heritage of legalism, or more specifically, the human image of it.

      The legalist traditions regards the human nature as something inheritently evil, that wont better itself through either love, virture or education, but only through oppression and harsh punishment.
      Humans are piles of shit. And only beating the shit out of them can turn them into something vaguely good and useful for a functioning society.
      This absurdely negative view on human nature is barely present in the western world.
      Even Christianity, that also supported the view of humans as ‘sinners by nature’ have at least a bit of hope for humanity, saying: Hey, even if you are a steaming pile of shit, Jesus still loves you!

      China and Chinese traditions doesnt have this kind of stuff that gives people spiritual hope.
      Thats why it can be easily understood that hate, violence and stability and peace through strenght and cruelty is traditionally accepted by the common people, which has been stylized as ‘Mandate of Heaven’ by confucian traditions (which just means in fact: I am the ruler, because I am the strongest).

      And for the fishes who think this is just so darky dark and edgy pretentious cool etc. I just say that this is just how that country you are jobbing in as english teachers, works.
      Take that common credo of the older generation of chinese parents for example: A child that wasnt beaten by his parents cant be a good adult.

      clearly a product of legalist influence in everyday life and family values.

  • LOLZ

    This is actually a little less gruesome than the Brit’s execution method “Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered”.

    Looking at the pics does make me a little nauseous. Punishments back then are used as a deterrent so they have to be scary.

    As usual the China bashers have to politicize this shit, which means then the China defenders have to defend.

  • moo

    I usually don’t bother replying but I just gotta say..

    Although I admit this is not the wisest choice for topics, All these haters should seriously calm the fuck down and stop cussing out the creator…if you don’t like what you see then don’t come back, or create your own damn site. Stop ruining the comments section with your whinning and bitchin

    • Daphie

      Isnt the forum creater to give space for people to discuss what they think? They give opioions so the forum can be better.

  • Capn

    Fortunately this sort of thing doesn’t happen in modern China. No, in modern China, it happens in a surgery and the organs are sold off.

  • james

    Same everywhere and every country has done it. It doesn’t limit to what country, every country has or had torture

  • Chen

    Not shocking enough. Chinese are known to more cruelty, although this one really causes alot of pain. Take the “5 horses split the body”, or what Empress Lü Zhi did.

  • Spore

    Wow, torture most exquisite. Hard to imagine the culture and social mores of the time i.e. whether people on the street found it perfectly normal and acceptable. It is certainly a shocker.

    That’s a little history lesson.

  • 小 白 菜

    像 清 时 的 杨 乃 武 与 小 白 菜 偷 欢 案 吗!! 冤 枉 呀,大 人!

  • ????

    China is the land of sadism. ppl there enjoyed torturing the weak. It’s their hobbies.

  • Brandon

    i was eating……..

  • fabi

    niceeeee :]]
    betttaaa than any japanese pr0n ;o

  • Joe Friday

    Judging past actions by today’s standards does not work. Most countries have brutal pasts and many still use brutality. Is a terrorist act or unjust war any different?

  • Jan

    C’mon, laowai’s, do not be so hypocritical, how about this politically correct execution in the world oldest democracy – UK?


    I bet the people who designed it had much more pervert imagination! Last time used by the way in the USA in 1840…

  • Bob

    The culture and history shows a people who have no empathy for others – it is a genetic trait that few Western nations appreciate. Today the same lack of empathy exists. The desire to dominate the world at any cost. To not be concerned about who or what suffers in that pursuit. To laugh at others suffering. To skin animals while they are alive for the fur trade. To collude in the destruction of the economies outside China in the hope China becomes the most powerful nation. The PRC is still in the dark ages and the UN does not see it.

  • Macintosh

    China is the country that executes 90% of everyone executed. Then the killed person’s organs are harvested and sold on the market. A lot of what is Chinese culture today, is medieval to the civilized world.

    • Jan

      How about the “civilized world” killing every week a couple hundred of innocent civilians in Afganistan? And then apologizing for the unfortunate mistakes and collateral damage? Or what do you think of nuking a few Japanese cities by the civilized US pilots? Would you like to be fried alive, would it strengthen your respect of Western civilization?

      • Macintosh

        It is apparent you live in a very narrow-minded culture, like that of China, when you don’t see that Afghanistan is struggling for democracy, with the help of many different countries which are there to assist.

        Nuking is always wrong, and that the Japanese today have forgiven the U.S. for this is magnanimous and something to learn for the Chinese, who are still complaining about European invasion 150 years ago.

        What has frying alive got to do with anything? You would be torn to pieces if you ever dared meet me.

  • Mei Nu

    You know no country is better than another. every country has things in their past that would shame hell.
    I find chinese are waaaay to touchy about these kinds of issues. Learn to accept your countries history or occasional criticism. No country is perfect at all. Sure my country, the UK, has an abysmal and appalling history and our government can be a total dick when it comes to oil (iraq, fauklands) or weapon deals, but so is china.

    The west makes arms deals, hell we even supplied saddaam hussein at one point, however, china makes arms deals and is responsible for the deaths of innocent people.
    China eeven supplied weapons to both sides of the eritrean-ethiopian war. – this is one of maaany examples.

    It’s a bit rich to have a go at the US nuking Japanese. Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think in the west we have footage of the anti nuke and peace protests carried out my Chinese people in order to stop the detonation of the horrific nuclear bomb, but however, if you can point me in the direction of a decent enough link that would be superbio. In my experience, chinese people love that little nugget of history, especially because it put an end to the humiliation of the poor chinese.

    China is also allying itself with Iran, who have gone public with their nuclear capabilities. China are not defending Iran out of brotherly love or even because it’s also a totalitarian regime that bums the CCP, but because they are one of their main suppliers of OIL.

    Basically, don’t sink down to ‘west = evil, china = amazing, lenient and morally devoted to human life’ because it’s all BS. Try distancing yourself from the assholes who lead your country like people in western countries tend to do. That way you won’t get so offended. All world leaders suck, nationalism and patriotism are vile. Learn to accept that bad things happened in your country’s past (and still do) just like people in western countries do and that it’s not x-country’s propaganda against your country.

    Someone had already mentioned hang drawing and quartering, along with the point that this isn’t about.
    ‘so the west did it too!!’
    No one was saying, ‘oh rah in the west we never never tortured anyone’.
    You have to admit the torturing is nasty. Any torturing is nasty. Just cos it’s chinese torturing doesn’t make it suddenly good and ok.
    (and chill this happened before the CCp was in power, so it’s an eg how what evilness the CCP defeated before gloriously ascending to power).

    • Jan

      “China is the country that executes 90% of everyone executed…” – I love this Western BS!:) Pls go there – http://www.capitalpunishmentuk.org/ and you will be amazed to learn that 90% of the world execution are performed by USA and their democratic ally Iraq! Many thanks for bringing democracy to the backward people of the Middle East!

      I fully agree that all governments and politicians are crap, and no country is better than the other, what pisses me of is “Westerners appalled by Chinese cruelty” BS. At least in China we do not have Ling Chi Fan Dian, like “Drug, Drawn and Quartered” pub in London, where you can enjoy a pint of ale in the nice atmosphere of good old days, when they performed this humanitarian acts on your countrymen.

      • Yes, I know. US still has the death penalty. You can also read about it and articles that discuss how terrible it is on popular news websites. Even in schools we have lessons debating this kind of stuff. You may have even noticed that the website you gave out was a uk based one, ie western. Iraq had the death penalty before the US wrongly invaded. The US didn’t suddenly introduce them to it…:-/
        It’s not clear if the death penalty saves lives, evidence suggests it doesn’t.

        I really think you are totally missing the point here ok? No one, except a few idiots are saying, ‘OMG!!!CHina like tortured people once how barbaric!!! We in our western civilised countries never did that!!’

        Why aren’t you getting angry at the ‘netizen’ who posted this?
        Also, to say, ‘the west did it too, so it’s ok.’

        Totally missing the point. Learn to have a ‘discussion’ rather than a slanging match. Develop a proper interest in world politics. The way you do that is by reading, reading as much as you can from a million different sources. Never read something that is one sided, believe it and close the browser. You should check the original source, think about it, be critical and look for opposing evidence. Think about and then debate. We are brought up with, ‘don’t believe everything you read’ meaning ‘think about it and read around the topic before charging in with a one sided argument’. Someone a nationalist, overly partiotic twat, of any country, is not going to do.

        Ah yes the ‘Hanged, drawn and quartered pub’ (I like how you typed ‘hanging, drawing and quartering’ into Google and it’s brought up the wikipedia page ;-)) which is close to the sites of old execution ground. You can actually role play and practice torturing your fellow drinkers and have it filmed all for £50!! It’s amazing! (nb this a joke). Ser’sly, you need to learn about pub names in the UK. The name hardly represents the pub or the atmosphere. There’s chain pub called the ‘Slug and Lettuce’, there you can eat slugs and lettuce. That’s all. It’s surprisingly popular (nb a joke).

        People don’t go to ‘ave a drink and bathes in the glory days of olde in a pub named after torture against fellow citizens. Fuck. read up about pub names first. Yes, you can use wikipedia. You should write a paper on the political incorrectness of pubnames.
        Shit, there is new club close to me on Gongti, beijing call ‘Hei hei’ as in Black black, talk about racist or what!! (please note here, im employing sarcasm) See exactly, you are talking rubbish.

        (the chinese had hanging drawing and quartering in qin and han dynasty, i found that on wiki too!)

        You just keep missing the point by trying to shock the westerners with, ‘oh yeah well your country is evil too’ and just missing the point of my last comment. You read my comment, saw I was from the UK and went out looking for a shocking fact.

        Arguing with chinese people is like hitting your head against a brick wall. They dont discuss, just pitch the same one sided point over and over again with ‘shocking western FACTS!’ as if we don’t know or aren’t in agreement with them that the west has and does abuse it’s power in certain situations.
        (I can’t wait until china ‘rules the world’ ser’sly! 1984 here we come….)

        • Capn

          Nice to read a reasoned response.

          Trying to engage Chinese people (generalisation used intentionally, as it’s pretty universal) in a reasoned discussion on any of the hot-button topics is a recipe for an immature “well you guys did it too” response.

          As an example, let’s look at Jan’s response:
          > How about the “civilized world” killing every week
          > a couple hundred of innocent civilians in Afganistan?
          > And then apologizing for the unfortunate mistakes and
          > collateral damage? Or what do you think of nuking a few
          > Japanese cities by the civilized US pilots? Would you
          > like to be fried alive, would it strengthen your respect
          > of Western civilization?

          Regarding the moral rightness of dropping the bomb, it could be argued that the bomb drop *saved* the millions of lives on both sides that would have been lost in the execution of the ground-force invasion of Japan (Operation Downfall).

          But that’s not the point. The point is that Chinese people are so insecure and sensitive about their past and present, that their one and only response is name-calling and defensiveness.

          China is a nation that is need of a good deal of growing up, and no, maturity is not measured by the size of one’s defence force or GDP.

  • Jack Guard

    Hell the CCCP after 1949 used to corral the convicted ones into soccer stadiums and MAKE the people watch as they brutally murdered them—From the Qing and beyond and up to now—things are really quite the same—

    • Jan

      Bro’ – you are mistaken here a little bit!:) Mass murders at soccer stadiums were performed in Chile by Pinochet’s Junta. And Pinochet’s regime by the way was imposed on chilean people by USA, to protect their commercial interests in this country. And none of the thousands people brutally killed by Pinochet and americans ever were CONVICTED of any crime.

      • and here you are again, – ‘quick western fact!!!’ the it makes china ok!

        missing the point.

        All leaders and actually humanity sucks.

        Power to the ANiMalS!!

        • Jan

          Look, I tell you an anecdote, Western btw:

          Two little brothers peeked into their parents bedroom and saw their Mom performing oral sex to their Dad. The older brother turned to the younger and said in disgust: “And these people slap us for picking our noses!!”

          Thats what we feel when Westerners lecture to us!

          • Mei Nu

            and then the elder brother reached puberty….

            Your metaphor doesn’t work on man levels, and one being that you relate to china as a child and the ‘west’ as a parent…shooting yourself in the foot then.

            This metaphor also suggests, ‘kids no nothing’

            or do you actually think oral sex, especially a woman going down on a man is dis-guzzzzzzzz-ting?

            oh dear poor nationalistic virgin

          • Mei Nu

            * correction
            ‘kids know nothing’

      • Anon E Moose

        And Che Guevara, he of T-shirt fame, was a commandant of prisons filled w/ some of the 10,000-15,000 executed political prisoners in Cuba. And none of the perpetrators ever were CONVICTED of any crime.

        But he did get his ass shot up in Bolivia.