Smoking Japanese Air Passenger Delays Plane, Riles Netizens

Smoking Japanese Air Passenger Delays Plane, Riles Netizens

A China Southern Airlines domestic flight from Shenzhen to Shanghai was delayed by 6 hours due to a Japanese passenger smoking in the WC. The incident was alerted to cabin crew half an hour before the plane’s scheduled take-off. The reporting passenger said the smoker was able to smuggle a box of matches aboard, and also somehow avoided setting off the smoke alarm. Police made the offender formally admit his error in writing on arrival in Shanghai, after which he was let go. Netizens complained about the preferential treatment he received, saying Chinese people would have been arrested.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Here we go…

  • Amused

    Plot to Harold and Kumar 2 is going thru my head.
    Possibly you guys could combine this story with the “Aussie horticulturalist” one, throw in a Central Asian dude and we’ve got box office gold ala the “Chinese like substandard flicks” story.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    That’s a picture of a TRAIN, dummy.

    • Teacher in China

      Jeebus….things really are going downhill here.

    • Vance

      And they are not smoking in the bathroom.

    • HaHa – yes – And they aren’t Japs

      • your baby is so lovely!
        a lovely baby girl is my dream! i do not wanna boy at all.

        • Thanks –
          She is a doll!
          (but she is my Sister’s daughter)

    • Bman

      Hey chill man, a train is just an airplane without all that fancy flying and stuff. Practically the same.

  • donscarletti

    Today I noticed a coworker had some XBox games on his desk (consoles of any type sell poorly in China, but I work in a games company), I ask him why didn’t he buy a PS4, he said that his father would have destroyed it as it is Japanese.

    I want to see an Asiavision song contest so that no matter what is performed, the TV commentary will come down to territorial conflicts and WWII and voting will be based on awarding the countries closest to you with no points.

  • vonskippy

    I love when asians try to grow face hair and then think they’re cool. My neighbors 14 year old daughter can grow a thicker mustache then the guy in that picture. Bwhahahahahahahaha

    • Alex Dương

      So how cool is it to talk about how uncool other people are on the Intarwebs?

  • KamikaziPilot

    What cartoon characters are these guys trying to look like?

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