Sola Aoi Appeals For Friendship Between Chinese and Japanese

Sola Aoi

Sola Aoi

Sola Aoi is a famous Japanese pornographic AV star. She is quite popular amongst male Chinese netizens but is also quite known amongst many female Chinese netizens as well. Recently, however, she quit pornography and has transformed herself into an actress and singer, seeking development for her career in China where she has many fans who like to call her “Teacher Cang” or “Sister Kong”, such nicknames incorporating characters from her Chinese name.

Right now the relationship between China and Japan is tense because of the Senkaku Islands (aka Diaoyu Islands) dispute and Japan’s recent move to nationalize several of the islands in the chain. Protests and marches have taken place and are scheduled to take place in various cities in China as well as ethnic Chinese communities overseas. Although not widely reported in the Chinese media, there have also been incidents of mob violence and vandalism against products and establishments associated with the Japanese, such as Japanese brand cars and restaurants.

Chinese protesters are burining the national flag of Japan.

Chinese protesters.

Protesters in Chengdu.

Against this backdrop, on the night of September 14th, Sola Aoi posted the following photo of Chinese calligraphy on her Sina Weibo microblog account, which has over 13 million followers, that reads “People of China and Japan, be friendly with each other”, appealing for peace between the common people of both nations.

From Sina Weibo:

@苍井空May there be friendship between our people.

Sola Aoi's calligraphy.

Chinese netizens quickly responded to this microblog post with an amazing 140,000 comments. Some verbally abused her, not unlike what she normally faces from certain people given her past profession, while others as usual expressed their support…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Teacher, this isn’t cool, focus on making movies, politics is a topic for men.


When you Japanese people don’t take a good hard look at your own SB behavior, don’t bother coming here begging for friendship.


Definitely… The people of the world are of one family…


You should write “Diaoyu Islands belong to China!!”


Friendship your mother’s cunt, I’ll beat you to death, bitch.


Do you want to fuck?


Are you helping Japan or China!?


The Diaoyu Islands are China’s, and sooner or later so will you!!


A shared hope… but the current situation is really tense, Sister Kong…


Friendly, my ass, come let me fuck you a couple of times.


Teacher Cang, we still love you, [心][心] no matter what.


Are you trying to be cute here?


Don’t get involved in this mess. Better just go to bed early and get up early.


[亲亲] Let’s not talk politics, love you forever.


Teacher Cang may very well be the one Japanese person Chinese people dislike the least.


Both the Japanese and Chinese governments are rather disappointing, the common people are innocent.


I think you have to write that you belong to all the world and the Diaoyu Islands belong to China before [China’s] netizens will be satisfied 0 0


Teacher Cang is the bridge of friendship.


Be friendly, my ass, bring friendship with your AV discs.


There are good people and bad people everywhere, and you are a lovely one.


Sigh, it is so hard on Teacher Cang. Teacher Cang, regardless of whether China and Japan are friendly or not, I’ll always be friendly to you.


Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.


Teacher Cang, you might as well change your nationality to Chinese. [哈哈]


Well said, I hope stars like you can all come out and express their good will, and also wish your career will only get better and better.


Don’t know how to write Japanese, truly a pity. I too hope that China and Japan could always be friendly! Teacher Cang, you’ve done good!


Teacher, even if you comply with their [referring to some of the other comments] wishes, their mouths will still be filthy.


The Diaoyu Islands are China’s, take back the Diaoyu Islands, capture teacher Cang alive!


Sigh, what can we common people do?


[放电抛媚] Teacher Cang, please answer me directly: Which country do you think the Diaoyu Islands belong to?


Teacher Cang, you’d better lay low until the recent fuss blows over… This matter is not that easy to resolve.


Sigh, you’re such an excellent person in both your character and your work.


Be friendly, my ass. Revenge, bloodbath for Japan!


A hug for Sister Kong, everyone stop harassing Sister Kong!


Sister don’t be sad/hurt.


Haha, reading the comments makes me feel even happier! Remember, the Diaoyu Islands belong to China!!! Fuck you little Japanese… [怒][怒][怒]


You’ve now brought a lot of trouble on yourself, can’t believe you willingly inserted yourself into this mess…


The Japanese government may be a fucked-up government, but it doesn’t mean all Japanese people are. We can’t “use one pole to overturn an entire ship of people” [paint everyone with the same brush]. On CCTV, wasn’t there also a certain minister of Japan who supports the Diaoyu Islands belonging to China? We can curse those right-wing hypernationalist sons of bitches and those bastards who support the Diaoyu Islands belonging to Japan, but we can’t curse those Japanese people who like China. Of course, if they support the Japanese government’s policies and decisions, we’ll make it difficult for them in China.


Teacher Cang is a good girl.


Who the Diaoyu Islands belong to is not important, as long as Teacher Cang remains on my hard disk.


Japanese people are very polite and well-mannered, Chinese people are too lousy.


Sola Aoi, you slut!!


It’ll be good for the Chinese people to fuck you, get lost back to Japan.


Territorial disputes is a matter between the two nations’ governments, the people of these two countries should remain friendly.


Fuck you. Avenge my country. Fuck you till you die.


Hello, Teacher Cang! I’m a new follower of yours. He he, hope you’ll post more. As for the relations between China and Japan, don’t get yourself mixed into it. So as to avoid possibly finding it difficult with both sides.


Sigh, our countrymen verbally abusing her like this is truly face-losing [embarrassing]. This really shouldn’t happen [is wrong].


You must be afraid to update Weibo now, right!? If you have the time, come visit China! See how popular you are here! Even with protest demonstrations, you’ll still be a star. Large amounts of banners will be written for you: “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China, Sola Aoi belongs to all the world”, “Take over Japan, capture Sola Aoi alive”, [because] you’re not just any ordinary “popular” [but super popular].


Teacher Cang doesn’t represent the Japanese government, please don’t promote your “patriotism” here. If you have so much time and spirit to spit out your comments, why not change that into action and go join the army to serve the country instead?


I apologize for those idiots [in these comments]. After all, you too know what mainland China’s education system is like. So sorry.


This [overall problem] is the cowardliness of the Chinese government. But the people are all very emotional.


[怒骂][怒骂] Sola Aoi belongs to all the world? However much you say that, it’s still Japanese blood that runs in her veins!! I really don’t understand why you guys like her so much… [She] pretends to be sad and says a sorry and all of a sudden you guys rush to defend her. I don’t understand, old lady me [I, the commenter is a female] doesn’t understand!!!


Teacher Cang, no matter what other people say, I at least support you! You’ve shown me a different side of Japanese people. Jia you!


Every time I read the comments section on Teacher’s weibo, I always see this many disgusting people.


China’s men gangbang you.


Seeing such wretched and without character comments, I’m speechless. China, where is your hope?


Lowly cunt, the Diaoyu Islands belong to our China.


Those verbally abusing teacher Cang are dogs! –Two countries are each providing evidence saying the islands belong to them. In this kind of situation, even if Teacher Cang were saying the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, there would be nothing wrong about it, at least from her perspective. But we’d still firmly say that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. It’s just a difference in point of view and position! Besides, Teacher Cang is only saying “People of China and Japan, be friendly”. When you have no good reason, don’t go barking at innocent people, like [some of you are] towards your compatriots’ personal property [referring to the vandalizing of “Japanese” things owned by other Chinese people like cars].


Behind Japanese AV is a a huge plot and little Japan is playing a very large game of chess! Still remember the Opium Wars? Japanese AV is also a war “without smoke” [secret war]. They’re attempting to use AV to make all of China’s people jerk off long-term causing their physiques to steadily deteriorate and ultimately achieve the same effect/results as opium [caused Chinese opium users]. Why is it that the social status of female idols [AV stars] in Japan isn’t actually low? And are even respected by the people? Because they are national heroines and they shoulder a political mission!

What do you think?

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.