Sola Aoi Appeals For Friendship Between Chinese and Japanese

Sola Aoi

Sola Aoi

Sola Aoi is a famous Japanese pornographic AV star. She is quite popular amongst male Chinese netizens but is also quite known amongst many female Chinese netizens as well. Recently, however, she quit pornography and has transformed herself into an actress and singer, seeking development for her career in China where she has many fans who like to call her “Teacher Cang” or “Sister Kong”, such nicknames incorporating characters from her Chinese name.

Right now the relationship between China and Japan is tense because of the Senkaku Islands (aka Diaoyu Islands) dispute and Japan’s recent move to nationalize several of the islands in the chain. Protests and marches have taken place and are scheduled to take place in various cities in China as well as ethnic Chinese communities overseas. Although not widely reported in the Chinese media, there have also been incidents of mob violence and vandalism against products and establishments associated with the Japanese, such as Japanese brand cars and restaurants.

Chinese protesters are burining the national flag of Japan.

Chinese protesters.

Protesters in Chengdu.

Against this backdrop, on the night of September 14th, Sola Aoi posted the following photo of Chinese calligraphy on her Sina Weibo microblog account, which has over 13 million followers, that reads “People of China and Japan, be friendly with each other”, appealing for peace between the common people of both nations.

From Sina Weibo:

@苍井空May there be friendship between our people.

Sola Aoi's calligraphy.

Chinese netizens quickly responded to this microblog post with an amazing 140,000 comments. Some verbally abused her, not unlike what she normally faces from certain people given her past profession, while others as usual expressed their support…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Teacher, this isn’t cool, focus on making movies, politics is a topic for men.


When you Japanese people don’t take a good hard look at your own SB behavior, don’t bother coming here begging for friendship.


Definitely… The people of the world are of one family…


You should write “Diaoyu Islands belong to China!!”


Friendship your mother’s cunt, I’ll beat you to death, bitch.


Do you want to fuck?


Are you helping Japan or China!?


The Diaoyu Islands are China’s, and sooner or later so will you!!


A shared hope… but the current situation is really tense, Sister Kong…


Friendly, my ass, come let me fuck you a couple of times.


Teacher Cang, we still love you, [心][心] no matter what.


Are you trying to be cute here?


Don’t get involved in this mess. Better just go to bed early and get up early.


[亲亲] Let’s not talk politics, love you forever.


Teacher Cang may very well be the one Japanese person Chinese people dislike the least.


Both the Japanese and Chinese governments are rather disappointing, the common people are innocent.


I think you have to write that you belong to all the world and the Diaoyu Islands belong to China before [China’s] netizens will be satisfied 0 0


Teacher Cang is the bridge of friendship.


Be friendly, my ass, bring friendship with your AV discs.


There are good people and bad people everywhere, and you are a lovely one.


Sigh, it is so hard on Teacher Cang. Teacher Cang, regardless of whether China and Japan are friendly or not, I’ll always be friendly to you.


Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.


Teacher Cang, you might as well change your nationality to Chinese. [哈哈]


Well said, I hope stars like you can all come out and express their good will, and also wish your career will only get better and better.


Don’t know how to write Japanese, truly a pity. I too hope that China and Japan could always be friendly! Teacher Cang, you’ve done good!


Teacher, even if you comply with their [referring to some of the other comments] wishes, their mouths will still be filthy.


The Diaoyu Islands are China’s, take back the Diaoyu Islands, capture teacher Cang alive!


Sigh, what can we common people do?


[放电抛媚] Teacher Cang, please answer me directly: Which country do you think the Diaoyu Islands belong to?


Teacher Cang, you’d better lay low until the recent fuss blows over… This matter is not that easy to resolve.


Sigh, you’re such an excellent person in both your character and your work.


Be friendly, my ass. Revenge, bloodbath for Japan!


A hug for Sister Kong, everyone stop harassing Sister Kong!


Sister don’t be sad/hurt.


Haha, reading the comments makes me feel even happier! Remember, the Diaoyu Islands belong to China!!! Fuck you little Japanese… [怒][怒][怒]


You’ve now brought a lot of trouble on yourself, can’t believe you willingly inserted yourself into this mess…


The Japanese government may be a fucked-up government, but it doesn’t mean all Japanese people are. We can’t “use one pole to overturn an entire ship of people” [paint everyone with the same brush]. On CCTV, wasn’t there also a certain minister of Japan who supports the Diaoyu Islands belonging to China? We can curse those right-wing hypernationalist sons of bitches and those bastards who support the Diaoyu Islands belonging to Japan, but we can’t curse those Japanese people who like China. Of course, if they support the Japanese government’s policies and decisions, we’ll make it difficult for them in China.


Teacher Cang is a good girl.


Who the Diaoyu Islands belong to is not important, as long as Teacher Cang remains on my hard disk.


Japanese people are very polite and well-mannered, Chinese people are too lousy.


Sola Aoi, you slut!!


It’ll be good for the Chinese people to fuck you, get lost back to Japan.


Territorial disputes is a matter between the two nations’ governments, the people of these two countries should remain friendly.


Fuck you. Avenge my country. Fuck you till you die.


Hello, Teacher Cang! I’m a new follower of yours. He he, hope you’ll post more. As for the relations between China and Japan, don’t get yourself mixed into it. So as to avoid possibly finding it difficult with both sides.


Sigh, our countrymen verbally abusing her like this is truly face-losing [embarrassing]. This really shouldn’t happen [is wrong].


You must be afraid to update Weibo now, right!? If you have the time, come visit China! See how popular you are here! Even with protest demonstrations, you’ll still be a star. Large amounts of banners will be written for you: “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China, Sola Aoi belongs to all the world”, “Take over Japan, capture Sola Aoi alive”, [because] you’re not just any ordinary “popular” [but super popular].


Teacher Cang doesn’t represent the Japanese government, please don’t promote your “patriotism” here. If you have so much time and spirit to spit out your comments, why not change that into action and go join the army to serve the country instead?


I apologize for those idiots [in these comments]. After all, you too know what mainland China’s education system is like. So sorry.


This [overall problem] is the cowardliness of the Chinese government. But the people are all very emotional.


[怒骂][怒骂] Sola Aoi belongs to all the world? However much you say that, it’s still Japanese blood that runs in her veins!! I really don’t understand why you guys like her so much… [She] pretends to be sad and says a sorry and all of a sudden you guys rush to defend her. I don’t understand, old lady me [I, the commenter is a female] doesn’t understand!!!


Teacher Cang, no matter what other people say, I at least support you! You’ve shown me a different side of Japanese people. Jia you!


Every time I read the comments section on Teacher’s weibo, I always see this many disgusting people.


China’s men gangbang you.


Seeing such wretched and without character comments, I’m speechless. China, where is your hope?


Lowly cunt, the Diaoyu Islands belong to our China.


Those verbally abusing teacher Cang are dogs! –Two countries are each providing evidence saying the islands belong to them. In this kind of situation, even if Teacher Cang were saying the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, there would be nothing wrong about it, at least from her perspective. But we’d still firmly say that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. It’s just a difference in point of view and position! Besides, Teacher Cang is only saying “People of China and Japan, be friendly”. When you have no good reason, don’t go barking at innocent people, like [some of you are] towards your compatriots’ personal property [referring to the vandalizing of “Japanese” things owned by other Chinese people like cars].


Behind Japanese AV is a a huge plot and little Japan is playing a very large game of chess! Still remember the Opium Wars? Japanese AV is also a war “without smoke” [secret war]. They’re attempting to use AV to make all of China’s people jerk off long-term causing their physiques to steadily deteriorate and ultimately achieve the same effect/results as opium [caused Chinese opium users]. Why is it that the social status of female idols [AV stars] in Japan isn’t actually low? And are even respected by the people? Because they are national heroines and they shoulder a political mission!

What do you think?

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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        The Chinese are a bnuch of retards – but I guess 5000 years of eating white rice can do that to a race of people.

        • SZ


          • Irvin

            In every country and every website there are smart people and stupid people, pacifist and war mongers.

            During world war 2 there are japanese that protest the occupation of china, there are germans that protest against the war (Albert Einstein being one of them), during the Vietnam wars there were a lot of americans protest against the war.

            It’s just a sad fact that there are more stupid people than smart ones, more war mongers than pacifist. It’s ironic but majority of humans are a dead weight to it’s specie, seeking to hold humanity back than help with it’s progress.

            On another subject regarding the current topic pertaining to the diaoyu islands, looking at the situation from a logical point of view; even if diaoyu island does belong to china it’s more profitable to give up the island to continue relation with japan than to go to war and take it back.

            Japanese import over $340billions of goods each year, they open factories in china to boost our employment. Those islands are just dirt, going to war will cost us lost trade, money, unemployment and blood. Is dirt really worth our blood?

          • Canadian_Skies

            Irvin, you’ve got this whole thing wrong.

        • kodi

          The Chinese are not a race its a nationality. Asian is a race.

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        Can you retort to anything without using derogatory, sexual innuendo??

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          I would very much appreciate it if you would.

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            Please carry on scrolling away no one is forcing you to read my comments and I have no intention of changing my avatar, so kindly go forth and multiply.

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            The flaps belong to a young lady called Dominika C, she can be viewed on Hegre Art for the connoisseurs amongst you.
            eatkok loves her new avatar, it took weeks to store up all that jollop.

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            To the rest of you…here’s what’s going to happen. cc might get scolded and the avatar might get removed. And Little Wolf will get banned for calling out the hosts in public. As if I give a fuck.

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      Can you retort to anything without using derogatory, sexual innuendo??

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  • BigJ

    HAHA….I just read the comments from Chinese people…..some are normal…others just plain fucked….sure she’s a whore..but at least her message is positive. I don’t mean to sound like a dick…but pretty much the world is laughing at you China…If you guys are so worried about face, then acting like a retard on crack is no way to save that. :)

    • Cooljackal

      A retard on crack is still somewhat composed compared to some of these guys.

    • Capt. WED

      The world has this hatred against the CCP. CCP are dicks, sure. You still can’t deny that in general Chinese people are better today that before. At a heavy environmental cost.

      Sure people can laugh but so what. China is doing things par for the course as far as human behavior is concerned. The thing is these so called civilized people like to act like they’re civilized and above it all but the evidence is clear that they’re not. Not that much better. Majority of people whether they like it or not still serve the interests of a few.

      The world is laughing. So what?

      • moop

        “You still can’t deny that in general Chinese people are better today that before”

        yeah so? thats not because of the ccp. lets say you are moving to a new apartment. you pay a company to move all your things. you then have a house-warming party at the new home and one of your friends says “wow, you set things up rather quickly, do you move yourself?” and then you’re like, “yeah, i moved myself, i opened the door for the movers, didnt even break a sweat”… welcome to the ccp

        • Capt. WED

          CCP is an balancing act, if it gets too bad they will definitely lose power. Chinese people may complain it’s still not to the point it’s so bad people are openly revolting. Things like transitioning to a new system will take sometimes. Or of course the cynics will scoff at that.

          You said “the world” is too kind to China. Then don’t be. Server ties with China. It’s not that hard. I thought you guys had control of that? Make China become the new North Korea by force! What is so hard about that?

          • Capt. WED

            Why can’t west server ties? Why can’t south America server ties? Why can’t Africa server ties? WHY? Why is that so hard?

          • Kukuku

            “CCP is an balancing act, if it gets too bad they will definitely lose power.”

            A bit like slave owners in America. They had to balance being assholes with taking care of their slaves somewhat properly or they would revolt and kill their masters in their sleep. That’s what you meant right?

          • Capt. WED

            Not that’s not an apt comparison at all. the CCP did not buy and capture Chinese people, ship them across the atlantic in

            freed these slaves, and partially fought wars because of it. Not really like that at all.

            The CCP is partially responsible moving millions of people out of a dollar a day poverty by definition, being the government of China. These are facts. Whether you disagree on how much they’re responsible for doesn’t matter. Chinese people’s lives are better is a fact. It’s not bad to where the point people are openly revolting, not yet. Also a fact.

          • Kukuku

            Actually it would be difficult for you to show how Chinese people are “people” in their Maste… governenment’s eyes.

          • Capt. WED

            The analogy just fails, let’s just talk about the damn thing like how it is.

            CCP is a relatively modern political system, just like any other political systems in the modern day. So part of it’s reason for being is to control people. Rest of it is just arguing, such as the merits of a two party system like in the States who ultimately is to continue the status quo power structure. It’s kind of relative.

            It’s natural that your are more ideological about the difference between the systems because you are in China, you at the forefront of the clashing systems.

          • moop

            “CCP is a relatively modern political system” really? serfdom is a modern political development?

          • Capt. WED

            “Actually it would be difficult for you to show how Chinese people are “people” in their Maste… governenment’s eyes.”

            That sounds like rhetoric to me. yes some people are treated badly, no doubt. However you cannot seriously suggest Chinese people are treated like actual slaves in the past? The only thing you can do is make analogies. Most of which will look quite ridiculous if you actually look at facts.

          • moop

            “Chinese people are treated like actual slaves in the past?”
            yeah, their bones are part of the great wall. slave labor is actually not too terribly uncommon here in china. ever been on a subway, seen beggars on the street? a lot of them are slaves forced to go panhandle. you saw that lady get beaten by those officials, is that something that happens to a free person? the hukou doesnt keep each citizen on their plantation?

          • Capt. WED

            sorry bad grammar, I mean to say–are Chinese people today are treated like actual slaves in the past? That’s a resounding no. Are a lot of Chinese people being marched to their death building some Dam project? No. In before but there political prisoners are being haversted. Never said they weren’t dicks. But are majority of people political prisoners? No.

            You listed examples of corruption and terrible things says yes China has many problems. But it’s not proof that CHina is worse off than the past, or that the the life for a substantial number of people had not improved. For example there are more things to buy. There are more entertaiment. I mean In the 70s there are none of these things. In the KMD there were way more beggars.

          • Kukuku

            There is no difference between China under an Emperor’s rule or CCP’s.

          • moop

            “Are a lot of Chinese people being marched to their death building some Dam project?” no, but they were forced to leave and those that refused were thrown in jail and beaten

            “For example there are more things to buy. There are more entertaiment.” yes, a lot of FOREIGN things to buy and a lot of entertainment based on FOREIGN shows. again the CCP has done nothing to help this, in fact they restrict it. the ccp restrict the number of foreign films, you need a foreign passport to legally get a satellite in your home. hell, they cancelled a game show because people could vote for the winners. the ccp is still the problem, the people are not free, not even close. thats why they control all forms of information. there’s a reason plantation owners didnt teach slaves to read.

            “I mean In the 70s there are none of these things. In the KMD there were way more beggars.” the ccp was in control during the 70s…. not sure what you’re getting at here

            i dont think anyone is arguing that china is not better than it was in the past. but you are giving the credit to the CCP, when in actuality they have only been a hinderence to political and economic freedom

          • Efe the foreigner

            modern ccp is the result of purging all the intellectuals during “the great leap forward”. this helps a lot when trying to understand things here……

        • glowndark

          yeah..simply open the door.. no sweat, smart ain’t it? yes, it’s a sleigh of hand..but now im your banker….so don’t fuck with me! btw, so you think your economy is built from ground up? pure hard work without stealing, robbing, killing from the land you colonized?

          • moop

            china could never call in the us debt and if it did they’d get a big middle finger. china got fucked real hard and has no choice but to buy the debt, smart aint it?

          • glowndark

            @moop: yes, that’s pretty much the same way your people signed the deal with the indians, aint it? and btw, you can also nuke china…like you machine-gunned the indians in the past.

          • moop

            the native americans bought US debt? hurrrrrrrrrrrr

            i wonder, how did the chinese empire grow so large since the qin dynasty? peaceful negotiations?

            typical mainland mouth breather, arguing with one is about as useful as giving medicine to the dead.

          • Hey clowndark….as a so-called “indian” if we needed any of your hipster “Remember Wounded Knee” defense horse-shit we’ll ask you. Otherwise, you don’t represent us. It was a long time ago and most of us have moved past “White man come, shoot all buffalo, catch all fish, cut down all tree”.
            Run along now and moan about the Opium Wars some more or something that actually has something to do with you would be even better.

          • glowndark

            im talking about your deceptive tendencies! the evil codes in your fucking genes! you would steal, if get caught, you will kill. these evil gene codes wont go away in a few generations, will it? china in the past are warring states, using “warriors’ to fight each others, not by slaughtering inferior tribes killing their women and children and claiming their lands!

          • Sorry dude, I just went downstairs of my office to get a Red Bull and walking by the barber shop and seeing the guys working in there, it’s kind of hard for me to reconcile the words “Chinese” and “warriors”.

          • glowndark

            @ little wolf: No, i didn’t try in anyway to represent your people. I have read books about Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Sitting-bull, and i highly respect them and your people, and the beautiful horse-riding culture that’s now vanished from “your” land. I also love Sora Oi, and i don’t hate japanese as you may think. What pissed me off is a bunch of self-righteous idiots whose sole intention coming to chinasmack is to demonize chinese .

          • Boris

            Hang on, Mr. Wolf. Could you equate warriors ANYWHERE with hairdressers! My London barber used to blast out Erasure on his ghetto blaster and dance around the salon when business was slow.

          • Well…my father was a Creek and different from the Sioux and Apaches that people are more familiar with from movies and books. But how can you not think Chinese are acting like such shits about this? I normally stay away from political topics but the Chinese are being so mind-boggingly stupid and childish about this affair, I can’t bring myself to find a shred of empathy for them. This isn’t about spitting and shitting on the sidewalk or crappy driving or cutting in line. I remember laughing my ass off when I read a Chinese official give the “With great power comes great responsibility” line. Well, here’s your chance to walk the walk instead of talking the talk.

            Boris….I suppose you have a point but I’d put my money on your barber in a punch-up with any of the haircut guys near my office.

          • Rob

            Actually, it’s really easy to call in the US debt. As bonds mature, you simply don’t roll them over. You take the cash and buy something else. For non-mature bonds, you just sell them on the open market to anyone who actually wants them. There, done deal. In fact, given that China has many bonds with higher rates than current, it would be very easy to sell them off. And in doing so, it would crash all demand for new bonds, forcing the US to monetize all new debts or offer significantly higher rates. Higher rates at this point would crash the US into a depression.

        • Hongjian

          Moop , you are a fucking idiot.

          Without the CCP managing the economic development and guiding the way of the market forces to the right direction benefitting the whole country and creating public goods, China would be nothing like this today.

          If raw market forces create everything and the CCP has nothing to do with China’s economic success, WHY THE FUCK IS AFRICA STILL A SHITHOLE THEN?



          Just look at all those free niggers and how they are still worse off than the worst Chinese peasant, while western investors and the western democratic capitalism was flowing into their country. Their goverments are the perfect libertarian wet dream: Too weak to manage anything and to control the market powers for the sake of the nation, and only capable of “opening the door” for the western capitalists to move in and to exploit their country after which they just simply get the fuck out, leaving nothing but barren and lifeless lands.

          Facts for you little libertarian piece of shit still sucking Milton Friedman’s necrotic dick:

          Letting capitalism only into your fucking country to exploit you doesnt make your nation any richer than before. It only gets you exploited for short term benefits. Managing the market forces is what makes your country strong. The CCP was and still is good at that.
          Not to mention Japan, who also did the same but with a similiarily strictly controlled and economically-authoritarian (for some, even socialist) govt. who forced every single fucking western company into joint ventures with their own companies to learn from their technologies. Do you want to say that Japan’s govt. was also just like the CCP, totally needless for Japan’s economic miracle of the 60’s till 80’s? Oh wait. You are too young and too uneducated for any real answer, you little piece of shit.

          FUCK YOU.

          If I ever meet you little piece of shit on China’s streets, I’ll fucking sodomize your ass with a kebab knife wrapped in a financial times issue until your anus is turned into a bloody mess of shit and your mom’s pig sperm.

          • Jennster


          • Kukuku

            But Hongjian, ma boi, you cannot sodomize a foreigner for you are a weak Chinaman.

          • BigJ

            Someone never got their moon cakes this year. :(

          • Brian

            Wow Hongjian, you really are stupid and ignorant.

            For all you defending the CCP, explain the flow of capital outside the country and explain why so many flee to western countries. They are a kleptocracy, plain and simple. China was in such a terrible state after 1976, a monkey could have delivered it out of poverty. The monkey would do nothing, but nothing is still far more progressive that backwards, destructive policies of MZD.

            Africa is in its state because their governments, for the most part, are also a kleptocracy. Their problem is that they don’t even try to focus on infrastructure projects and instead just steal everything. Now China has come in and is exchanging infrastructure projects for resource rights. We’ll see how this one plays out over the next 20 years, but I can promise you it will not end well for China or the African countries they are ‘helping’.

            I challenge any one of you nationalist idiots to tell me what the Senkaku / Diaoyu islands truly mean to you. How do they effect your life? How will your life be better after you have burned down your fellow countrymen’s stores, cars, and electronic products that they paid for and are left with a few uninhabited islands in the ocean? Have any of you intellectually-challenged dimwits even considered this before?

            My suggestion to you is:
            1) Read a few books, educate yourself. Come to terms with the fact that WW2 was 70 years ago. Understand that the CCP has Japan to thank for their rise to power. Had the Japanese not distracted the KMT with their invasion, the CCP would have never had the strength to take over power. Now digest that fact and then re-think about what kind of goivernment the CCP really is
            2) Work on respecting yourselves and your fellow countrymen. How about focusing your energy on advancing China domestically and bettering the country instead of having a meaningless pissing match with Japan
            3) Focus on innovation, quality, integrity. Show the world Chinese products can be great and that business here does not have to be a giant game of distrust

            Japan is already advanced, by distracting you with things like this, they will always be more advanced. Don’t take the bait. Focus on what is important. Man up and accept your responsibility as a global superpower. Make people take you seriously through your actions.


          • moop

            hongjian, you really are a debased retard.

            “Without the CCP managing the economic development and guiding the way of the market forces to the right direction benefitting the whole country and creating public goods, China would be nothing like this today.”

            you mean lining their pockets off the sweat and tears of the chinese and foreign investors? you mean misallocating capital and building things like infrastructure and buildings not based on how good a company is at doing their job, but instead who runs the company. the stamping out of intellectuals and the educated in preference for farmers, how is that good for any country? an education system that destroys much more than it creates is a great example of a public good made worse by communism.

            “If raw market forces create everything and the CCP has nothing to do with China’s economic success, WHY THE FUCK IS AFRICA STILL A SHITHOLE THEN?”
            my point was that slack-jawed cadre-fellating natiolist turds like you give waaaaay too much credit to the ccp, where in fact they actually hindered a lot of potential growth and opening a door to foreign investors is not even a contribution when compared to what foreign investors gave to china.

            “Facts for you little libertarian piece of shit still sucking Milton Friedman’s necrotic dick” dumb cunt, friendman wasnt even a libertarian. libertarians dont normally proscribe to the chicago school of economic, but rather mostly to the austrian school. africa is not a libertarian paradise, and your comment only shows your complete and utter ignorance. the lack of protection of private property would exclude it. there is no libertarian heaven on earth. but anyways….

            “Managing the market forces is what makes your country strong. The CCP was and still is good at that.”
            haha, ask europe and the us about that. you really are just a clueless mongrel, the sweet air of germany is too good for you, please immolate yourself. the ccp’s management of the economy is FAILING stupid. they prop up the housing bubble because none of the m want to lose their wealth. their stimlulus was a total failure and lead to provincial and local governments getting a very large amount of toxic debt. they create the inflation hurting the average person. stick to playing call of duty or whatever it is that makes you feel like a touch guy, or better yet, read a book on basic economic principles. japan was already industrialized, one of the reasons how they had the ability to invade china and rape your ancestors.

            “If I ever meet you little piece of shit on China’s streets, I’ll fucking sodomize your ass with a kebab knife wrapped in a financial times issue until your anus is turned into a bloody mess of shit and your mom’s pig sperm.”

            eh, no, you wont. you’re weak, physically and mentally. keep trying, but if there is a day when you actually do see me (99.999999% unlikely) and you want your manhood, you’re welcome to come and earn it

          • Oh this is some good masturbatory shit… almost as good as Sola Aoi! mmmmmmmm….

      • Kukuku

        “You still can’t deny that in general Chinese people are better today that before.”

        In spite of the CCP, ya.

        Everything that made Chinese people better than before such as trade are things the CCP would see gone forever in its ideal world.

      • Everyone today is better off than the people from 60 years ago. Mostly because most of the people alive 60 years ago are now dead. It’s hard to get worse off than dead.

        • moop

          thats not true. there are currently 1.3 billion people who are worse off than the dead

        • Capt. WED

          I don’t think you can truly say that. If we normalize the numbers and compare them you can’t not say that. It’s not supported by facts.

          Let’s just look at the 1980s and onward. They are more private enterprises. Untold increase in number of goods available. These are all facts. Yes a big part is due to international trade. You have to give some credit to CCP for improving that after they screwed it up during the 60s. These are all facts.

          Another fact is CCP had majority support of the Chinese when they came to power. KMD was corrupt, if not more corrupt, than the CCP is today. If the KMD was so good why did they lose?

          You seriously can’t be saying life has not improved in the since the days of KMD?

          • Kukuku

            “If the KMD was so good why did they lose?”

            In real life the good guys often lose.

          • moop

            you still dont get it do you my han nationalist friend? everyone is better off than they were 60 years ago. again, the ccp did NOTHING. china picked itself up DESPITE the ccp, using western knowledge and technology.

            lesser of two evils isnt really a good argument. the kmt probably would have won the war if they hadnt been doing most of the fighting against the japanese. its not hard to gain support from a bunch of illiterate pig farmers when you promise them the world

          • Kukuku

            Chinese people are not treated like real people by the CCP:

            -They can’t own property that can’t be taken away arbitrarily.

            -They aren’t free to leave China.

            -They aren’t free to go anywhere they want in China.

            -They have absolutely no say on who owns them.

            -Related: their life is always dependent on the whim and feelings of their owners. Be careful not to fall out of grace (Ai Weiwei anyone?)

            -They can’t access the whole of the internet and the entirety of its knowledge, especially knowledge of history. Remember the great famine? Oh ya… they died because of floods….right.

            These are all facts.

          • Capt. WED

            I’m not a nationalist. I was arguing with a Chinese person earlier about why Chinese is so nationalistic (lol you don’t know what I fucking argue about in real life) why I don’t see any rational thinking and the topic of how lives for the average Chinese has improved came up. And in the end I have to agree. I was born in China okay. And a lot of people in the cities agree that their lives has improved. That’s because life was just so shit in the past. Why do you think the 40s and before was some magical time for the majority of Chinese people? Why did communism came to power? It had people’s support. Communism would have never gotten hold if China was anything like US.

            This is what a lot of Chinese believe. They may be brainwashed into thinking their lives has improved, I’m simply telling you what they feel.


            Those things you listed are certainly true. We got side tracked into talking about being treated like a person. It’s kind of relative though. I mean China is communist after all. The thing is the general feeling is that it takes time to transition and the average Chinese give CCP credit for improving their lives. Are they brainwashed? I mean if you are Chinese you can directly gauge how your life may have improved. For substantial amount of people yes their life has improved, this is in agreement among generations in a household because of the collective memory they share about the past. It’s like if your grandma has lived through the great depression and can think back and say yes our lives has improved, by a lot! This gives credence to the idea that CCP given time can transition to a better more free multi partied system. Therefore #1 on your list can change. #2, they can’t travel but it’s not like other countries want a whole shit load of Chinese people into their country anyway. #3 see above, the generally feeling is it takes time to tansition, stability is what is important. Ai Weiwei is kind of attention seeking but we need people like him. His art kind sucks tho I don’t get it.

            Basically it’s relative. Collective memory says life is better…so still holding out that it will eventually transition to a better system.

            Personally tho I think everything sucks so I’m not sure how it’s gonna turn out. I don’t really care.

            A lot of the stuff you listed is not really from an average urban middle class Chinese’s perspective. They may complain a lot, but they’re (I gues slaves lol) content at the moment.

            I’m writing so much tonight!!!

          • simon

            moop, i guess most africans are better off than they were 60 years ago right? governance does make a difference.

            The CCP hindered itself for a long time being a closed economy, but thankfully deng xiao ping opened up the nation with a slew of economic reforms modeling itself against the asian tigers. If getting poor countries to develop was so easy, Africa would be the shizniz by now.

          • Capt. WED

            I’m simply stating what average urban middle class Chinese thinks. I don’t think I’m right and you are wrong. It’s just your perspective doesn’t reflect what average Chinese thinks.

            From your perspective we may all seem like slaves, relative to you.

          • moop

            i guess most africans are better off than they were 60 years ago right…. uh yeah they are, you ever heard of apartheid dummy?

          • moop

            “I’m simply stating what average urban middle class Chinese thinks.” yeah, but why does he/she think this? because all the books he’s read, all the news he’s seen were written/produced/censored by the ccp. have they ever admitted they were wrong about anything? EVER? whole decades are missing from their museums. i dont really care what the average chinese thinks. the average chinese is the product of one of the most controlled informational environments on the planet

          • Jahar

            You can’t seriously say it wouldn’t have improved as much without the CCP either. Who knows.

          • No, I am very certain that when comparing a dead person to anyone alive, the dead person is the one worse off. At least as far as standard of living goes. Because being dead has absolutely no standard of living.

            Realize a joke when you see it, Capt. Cock.

          • Also, when comparing KMT to CCP, improvements in standards of living, etc…since we can’t really do much more of an experiment other than looking at the status of both of them today…CCP in China, KMT in Taiwan…I definitely do not see an improvement over the KMT at all. Everything is way better off in Taiwan, except the abundance and quality of Sichuanese food and Lanzhou La Mian.

          • BigJ

            Joke of the day:

            Capt.WED says “I’m not a nationalist.”

      • Naoko

        If China really believes that these islands belong to them… “then take them.” Sending fishing boats and surveillance ships to creep near the islands and then turning around sends a weak and ridiculous message. China can only bully it’s people… it’s what they’re good at… and they’ve had plenty of practice over the years. And to simply keep stating “the islands belong to us”… over and over… is pretty funny. Maybe Chinese are used to haggling over the prices of street food this way… but this won’t work with Japan. It makes China look soft and juvenile at best. I don’t agree with the Americans often… but when they enforce something or they want something… they go and get it. I say this to all Chinese with the most respect… “Grow a pair.”

        • linette

          Americans often… but when they enforce something or they want something… they go and get it……..

          That will require military force and war.

          How about set up some kind of agreement between China, taiwan and Japan. Japan needs to give something back. Maybe money or something. I don’t know. And also allow Chinese fishermen to fish in their own water next to diaoyu. Also to use the diaoyu island. Something like that. Anything except war.

          • Naoko

            Again… it’s all just noise. If you aren’t willing to do what’s needed to get back what was stolen… then what’s the point. Move on and quit crying about it… and as far as all these countries coming together and working it out… I don’t know what planet your from, but that just isn’t how the real “asian world” works. I’m so ashamed to be asian… it just so petty.

          • BigJ

            “How about set up some kind of agreement between China, taiwan and Japan. Japan needs to give something back. Maybe money or something. I don’t know. And also allow Chinese fishermen to fish in their own water next to diaoyu. Also to use the diaoyu island. Something like that. ”

            So what does Japan get from this deal??? Moon cakes?

          • Kukuku

            They will get Chinamen gloating and laughing at them.

    • Chineseare going to lynch mobs the japs and muslims are going to lynch mob the israelis-americans-europeans. this was fortold by Nostradamus

      • Getrealson

        You fucking fool! what exactly did he say? Chinese can only lynch stray animals and other chinese. They are a weak petty people with no balls! As for the muslims, they have been provoked about as much as could be. What are they waiting for? the right moment to strike?

        • cc

          Muslims waiting for the right moment to strike! Shite,
          better stock up on bacon

          • mr. wiener

            It would go nicely with the beef curtains.

          • tai wai

            It would go nicely with the beef curtains.

            I’m thinking Arby’s.

          • cc

            It would indeed, side dish of pork scratchings as well

    • elizabeth

      From what I was told, the islands belonged to China but the USA ‘accidentally’ gave it to Japan when returning other islands after some kind of conflict.

      Yeah i should google but anyone care to verify?

      As for Aoi’s appeal, I find it strange to take someone’s possession away and then extend a hand to make peace. Would she have done it if China had claimed the islands?

      • linette

        USA ‘accidentally’ gave it to Japan…………

        That is one big “accidentally” hxll of a fxck……;)

      • Getrealson

        Senkaku belong to Japan! end of story!

      • red scarf

        The story is a bit more than that. Its a bit like saying that Tibet, in ancient times was an independent country, but now its part of China but it can’t be independent today because its part of China. If you believable then the problems lies if the islands wasn’t part of Japan before but they became part of Japan through invasions, error etc etc then they have just an equal claim to the island being Japanese territory just as Tibet is part of Chinese territory, although in ancient times they where not.

    • Canadian_Skies

      Hey, Capt. WED, I’ve read your comments on other articles. Wanted to know what your comments are on a few things.

      Some of what I’ve heard, is that –
      – the islands were always shown on China’s maps as not being a part of China.
      – the islands were sold to Japan by a Japanese family.
      – there isn’t any record of the islands being claimed from it’s indigenous kingdom in China’s history.

      please reply dude

      • Getrealson

        brother, before you start that idiot, Get ready to bang your head against the wall!

        • Kukuku

          He’s going to paint his wall bloody-red!


        • Canadian_Skies

          I’m not your brother. Did you have anything relative to the issue to say, or was that you submitting to fact?

          • Getrealson

            What fact?

          • Canadian_Skies

            Your obvious feigning ignorance bores me, troll.

          • Getrealson

            Is that you Capt Wed? you sad little man. call yourself to respond to your own post! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU’VE HIT A NEW LOW!

    • This is the best one –
      “Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.”

      This is how tyrants are born.
      I don’t have a problem with him personally sacrificing his life for any reason he wants, but he actually doesn’t care about all China be filled with graves.
      So pathetic…

  • k

    How selfless of her, bringing two countries together with her vagina ^_^

    • Peter Barefoot

      Indeed. I was so pissed off while translating those rude comments. Retards like them make me sad.

      • Cooljackal

        I like your honesty! +100

    • BigJ

      Making 2 countries “cum” together with her vagina is a great idea. I’m sure things will get a bit messy, but in the end it will all work out. :)

      • k

        and there will be a bastard child called Chipan.

        • Gontraf

          Chipan if it’s a boy, Jana if it’s a girl.

          • BigJ

            what would the last name be? Senkaku or Diaoyu? :) LOL

          • Efe the foreigner

            best banter on this topic. kudos guys, kudos

        • cc

          chipanzee ooo ooo ooo aaa aaa aaa

          • Getrealson

            AAAAAAAAHAHAHA HA HA HA! Brilliant!

    • 404 name not found

      Hi K, I’m 404

      • k

        Hi 404, Im the 11th letter of the English alphabet system.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          hi 404 & K, sorry to interrupt, but….i am the season before spring =.=

  • We should not be against everying from Japan, can any Chinese young man swear no to watch Japanese adult video?

  • DrHungLow

    the photo with the overpass is in GZ. Its right near the main train/bus station…

    Just now this morning there was a protest right outside where I work in Dongguan. The police formed a line to stop the protesters getting through but about half did anyway. Then these same protesters doubled back pretty much surrounding the police. It didnt kick off or anything but I was amazed at the sheer stupidity by the coppers. There were a few thousand people and all they did was march and shout a lot

    • DrHungLow

      or maybe its not GZ but it looks like it

      • Efe the foreigner

        pretty sure the pedestrian overpass picture is from chengdu. the students in chengdu flipped the fuck out and had some crazy riots. that photo was taking near the most popular shopping area ….. 98% sure

        • elizabeth

          Yes, plus my 2% makes it 100% Chengdu.

          • Efe the foreigner

            i have confirmation on Qunxi Lu, repeat i have confirmation. elizabeth, are you a fellow sichuan inhabitant?

          • elizabeth

            Negative, sir, negative. I was there on transit for volunteer work light years ago. Over and out.

      • Efe the foreigner

        pretty sure the pedestrian overpass picture is from chengdu. the students in chengdu flipped the fuck out and had some crazy riots. that photo was taken near the most popular shopping area ….. 98% sure

        • Efe the foreigner

          sorry bout the double post. my internet here sucks……

  • Poltergeist

    Well at least this time the comments show more than just one perspective. This comment gives me some hope that China still has a chance:

    “I apologize for those idiots [in these comments]. After all, you too know what mainland China’s education system is like. So sorry.”

    • Alice S

      Personally I don’t think behaviour/thinking about Japps has ANYTHING to do with the education system. I have never received any such education & I’m like yeah you know.

    • Alice S

      I think behaviour about Japp associated things has to do with personality.

  • El Puma R.


    “Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.”

    Dude, the grass itself it’s already having a hard time growing in China.

    Looking for torrents of Sora Aoi sitting in my sofa.

  • Misiooo

    Something is in the air. Things in Beijing must be desperate if they let their dogs out… Anyway, just watching TV these days you can see for yourselves there is no difference between Chinaland and, for example, Pakistan.

    • Suicidal tendency

      Maybe a few dirty things on the agenda.
      Ever heard of scarecrows in politics?

    • Nick in Beijing

      Tons of Japanese chain stores and restaurants closed today in Beijing. Heard it from several friends, then saw it for myself when I wanted to go to Ito Yokado to buy some moon cakes.

      • moop

        boycott mooncakes!

        • MrT

          Im eating one now, woops

          • moop

            so am i!

        • linette

          mooncakes is chinese. We are having our moon festival. It’s big.

          • moop

            i know they are chinese… and they taste terrible

          • linette

            You are not supposed to eat the whole one piece. You can only nip a small tiny slice. It’s very heavy and rich and high cholesterol. Have it with tea without sugar and milk. I like a sometime. It’s too rich.

            Moop, you seems to hate everything that’s Chinese. Is there anything you don’t hate or you actually enjoy it about Chinese?

          • Kukuku

            linette: The only mooncakes I like are the fruit ones from Maky or More Delicious (can’t remember which one has them). And btw: Maybe the Chinese will eat them in pieces, but us foreigners need to have 2-3 to feel satisfied or even more . :)

          • jin

            best thing to do is ignore and flush moop through the toilet, cause his name means morning poop. hes nothing just a racist and a hater, guess he didnt get treated like a king in china as he hoped for. he got treated like shit because he is shit, even his name says so. and so thats the reason of his hate.

          • linette

            hehe..I can only eat like 1/4 or 1/2 of the cake the most. Most of the time just 1/4. It’s too rich and high cholesterol. Heart attack moon cake. :)

            When I was a kid, we played with lanterns too. I remember I had rabbit, fish, butterfly, round or tube ones with colorful decoration. It was so fun.


          • the ace of books

            I like the Holiland rose-flavored ones. But then I like rose-flavored anything (ah holy shit local Lebanese bakeries I miss yous!), so that’s that.

            There was this giant-sized mooncake I found at Wu-mart about four years ago where they were packaged in Moomin boxes. Moomins! I ♥’d. Then I bought all four of the set.

          • moop

            “best thing to do is ignore and flush moop through the toilet, cause his name means morning poop. hes nothing just a racist and a hater, guess he didnt get treated like a king in china as he hoped for. he got treated like shit because he is shit, even his name says so. and so thats the reason of his hate.”

            i dont hate chinese people. i hate mouth-breathers like you. i am however deeply dissapointed in how docile and morally bankrupt most mainlanders are. i dont respect most mainlanders, but you, of course assume its because they are chinese, because you’re a brainwashed collectivist dirtbag. i dont respect most mainlanders because of the way they act with no regard for others and that most of them have the moral compass of a hun. please jump from the nearest window

          • linette

            I like the moon cake with green tea flavor. It’s so nice. :)

        • jin

          Sure shows how smart you are moop.
          Massive poop: “boycott mooncakes!”
          MrT: “Im eating one now, woops”
          Morning poop:”so am i!”
          Linette: its chinese…
          Moop: “i know they are chinese… and they taste terrible”

          yet you eat it and ofcourse you know.

          • MrT

            I eat mooncacks because they look like really tasty pork pies but like everything here once you take a bite the illusion is shattered.

          • jin

            then stop eating the cheap ones, and try to buy one for 80RMB atleast, with the flavour you like.

          • Jennster

            try this brand: gong de lin(g)

          • Jennster

            pork pies are “xian rou yue bin”? those are way nicer in china than in western countries

          • Kukuku

            I like eating Chinese girls’ mooncracks.

          • BigJ

            People have been giving me moon cakes left and right. :) I have 10 different boxes on the kitchen table. Some are decent..I got one set of moon cakes that the box had gold trim and looks something like a humidor. I feed them to the new litter of kittens close to my house, they love that shit. :) I feed them a few moon cakes every day. Every time I go outside I have kittens following me around now. :) They are cute as shit :)

          • MrT

            These were the expensive ones,they were given to me, i give the rest away. No such thing as a nice mooncacks, only less horrible ones.

            “pork pies are “xian rou yue bin”? those are way nicer in china than in western countries”
            Your talking out your arse. You have clearly never been to Melton Mowbray.
            Also you should try the Chinese food in Western countries, its far better then the crap you eat here.
            Yes its true Western people love Chinese food world wide (as seen in the movies you learn from) but not when its cooked in China.
            Again Chinese are being sort changed and sold crap.

          • moop

            @jin i was joking you ignorant sinocunt. 1) i wasnt eating mooncakes 2) i like 五仁 flavor mooncakes, their ok.

          • Jennster

            I actually prefer Chinese food in China not in Western countries, except from Australia because the shops there are more authentic. But then again we know where the good stuff are in China.

          • jin

            for good chinese food, go to guangzhou and dont be afraid to spend some 1000RMB on food.

          • Alice S

            Even if they are Chi produced… consider it the price of weakening another’s military! If the Japs move the stores to country X, even if everyone buys something every month, the Chi market is still larger!

    • Alice S

      Thank you. Pakistan is truly a great place compared to some (no offence).

  • moop

    what a bunch of savages. the world really has been too kind to china, even in the days of the opium war.

    • Capt. WED

      YOu mean the white man has been too kind?

      • moop

        nope. the mongols and the manchurians were also too kind.

        • Capt. WED

          That’s not something for you to decide. But hey at least we know how you feel, horray for not hiding your feelings at least.

          There has always been douchebags like you who loves to judge. Deflecting your own uncivilized behaviors. You have a history of meddling in other people’s business, such as regime change to topple democracies that are not in your interest. This is why you can sit on your seat of rape and pillage to say things like we have been to kind to you. The Mongols has indeed been kind. At least we didn’t turn out the way the Americans or the Africans did. Why is that BTW?

          So I don’t think the world like your type of kindess at all. LOL.

          • moop

            do you actually think china wouldnt be involved in these activities if she was actually powerful enough to? they sell weapons to anyone with the cash, you think they are morally above manipulating regime change if they had the pull? they tried to intimidate norway for the nobel prize, an award that the norwegian government doesnt even give out. you really are an absolute idiot if you believe that any government in this world wouldnt do the same or worse if they were in the US’s shoes. that is the nature of government.

            but back to the mongols. i am glad you realized that they really were too nice. they should have ravaged the land and extinguished china’s rancid culture. but unfortunately they didnt. they allowed the arrogant chinese to to cling to their belief that they were somehow the center of the world and culturally superior. an attitude that continues till this day despite a lot of evidence to the contrary. the average mainlander is a barbarian when compared to much of the world even though they look down on everyone else. xiao riben? what a joke. that little island made you its bitch and despite its violent past the people there have become civil and peaceful. in fact, england (another small island) made you their bitch as well. the western half of the country lives at the poverty level of some african countries, education and health care is a joke, safety standards and hygiene standards are pathetic, the military is 20 years behind, and 99% of the country believe that cold drinks and air conditioners are deadly. yeah buddy, china truly is a great nation. pathetic.

          • Cooljackal

            moop, you forgot that people still use tape to remove ink from their papers because they think fumes from whiteout (which now had almost none) are dangerous. Yet being around people who smoke 24/7 is okay.

            We are all humans, but some of the arguments made in China with regards to stuff like this doesn’t really make any sense.

          • Naoko

            Meddling in other people’s business? I guess if you’re beating your dog in your own back yard… it very easy to get in the habit of telling other people to “mind your own business.” When you’re paranoid of exposing one’s own misgivings that’s when everything becomes a “state secret”. The more face you try to save… the more you lose. That’s what Chinese thinking will never understand.

          • Capt. WED

            You said the west were too kind to China implying you support killing more Chinese (what a fascist statement) because it would suit your interests better. I simply reminded you how you are not in what you doing is many things but it is definitely not “kindness”. You then went and changed the direction with a tu quoque, and even upped it by saying Chinese is way worse.

            So to respond to a fascist statement I replied hey thanks for you white man kindness lol which you deflected with something about Mongol. IMO this mongol thing is pure speculation on your part. Why? Quite a few historians think that Mongol invasion is the cause of decline of the Islamic civilization. After the mongol invasion the Islamic world retreated into religious paranoid. Speculation: 9/11 is caused by the Mongols. LMAO! Also due to the mongols many knowledge transferred from the east to the west. You are the one who should thank the mongols!

            Anway, so we don’t know what Chinese is actually like because we went went through a long stretch of decline. And also other multitudes of other reasons such as the science & exploration in the west. It is what it is. This is what I’m saying, you stand on a foundation of rape and pillage. You are mad when people mention this and deflect with but China since the Qin dynasty, blah blah. I’m not saying you are better and worse, just saying you play the fucking GAME. But you are like no but you are a fascist! LOL. You can make fascist statements like the west were “too” kind but at least admit a statement for what it is–fucking fascist.

            Basically you are allowed to play geographical games because you are better? When other people play the same geographic games in then they need to be shown the hand? Why because they’re fucking up your interests? Because you have a better culture therefore you can do as you please? Anyone make the observation that yes you play a lot of geographic games on the world stage, you are the dominate power, they’re nationalists?

            You tell me you are not a fascist?

          • Capt. WED

            “china truly is a great nation.”

            when did I say that? When did I even imply that? I was simply responding to your fascist rhetorical statement that the west should not have been kind the Chinese. The audacity you display is insane saying that you now demand gratefulness in conjunction with the gains from your geopoltical games. LOLLOLOLOL. I’m responding to that, but you have to twist it into I think China is #1 in order to backtrack on your fascist statements. LOL.

            The issues we’re all having here is we don’t even agree on the basic fundamental things. I thought that we all know that most of the reasons for the corruptions, the backwardness, etc, is tied to development level (which consequently ties to what I’ve been saying about the foundations of the west). But you assume that’s somehow it’s due to the West being too kind or some such bullshit. WTF??? You are fucking fascist to the core!


        • chabuduoxiansheng

          Mr. Moop. Your comment below is pure genius. You’re right on pretty much all levels.

  • I honestly do not believe that any of these douchebags know what they’re so angry about.

    • “Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.”
      Dumber than a sack of hammers.

      • BigJ

        That’s Capt. Wed dumb. :)

      • The Enlightened One

        The funny part is that most of these dumb asses didn’t even know about this island a couple years ago…


        Yeah point it it on a map… no moron… that’s Australia.

        • DrHungLow

          Yeah point it it on a map… no moron… that’s Australia.

          Hahaha, funny you should mention that. The girl I am currently shagging couldnt even point to Beijing when I showed her a map of China, but yeah, she was 100% sure that historically these islands belong to China.

          • Do you always whip out a map and give all of your girls geography lessons?

    • Mike Check

      Been said before, but a few days/weeks ago they couldn’t find these little rocks on a map, probably still can’t.

      • Dr Hung Low

        yes, it works like a charm

  • Last comment makes sense.

  • pokosan

    They dont grow up since 通州事件.

    Most demostrators are not arrested because of 愛国無罪?

    Now they sent thousands of ships to the nearby area of the senkaku islands.
    人治国家 like china and koreas do not know what law is…
    They never solve issue with using the concept of laws.

    • linette

      By reading the history book us Chinese honestly believe diaoyu is part of china and is located on china’s water and next to Taiwan. Japan and USA fxcked it up with military power back then and some man made 8×10 treaty, and mishandling returning diaoyu island and now this whole mess.

      Yet still many chinese don’t want to see any violence and war with and against japan and their people. Riot and looting of some brainless china people is not right, but China corrupt party wants to see that. Let their china citizens do the “dirty” work for these corrupt china officials.

      Many chinese also do not want to see anymore violence and attack from Japanese coast guards against civilian Chinese fishermen in the water around diaoyu and taiwan. Attempting to sink their ship killing them or capture them.

      • Getrealson

        you right about the last part. If they protest Japan, send in police. If they protest China, send in the army!

  • Reading these comments and looking at the furious protesters, you’d think that someone just made an amateur video insulting their prophet.

    • Gontraf

      Isn’t that exactly what happened though?

      Hasn’t someone told their Motherland to fuck off ?

      • Nope
        It looks like they’re telling everyone else’s motherlands to fuck off.
        Try again later.

    • Efe the foreigner

      we should move all the arabs to the desert in xinjiang, move all the xinjiang people to syria, so they can be close to turkey. then tow japan and korea close to hawaii. then, and only then will there be world peace …… thank you, thank you.

      ps fuck the prophets

    • MrT

      I downloaded this today Sam Bacile Muhammad Movie FULL HD – Innocence of Muslims_(720p) its pure totally bad made crap, god knows :-) why Muslims would get angry over it, to me its made the fucking idiotic race that made it look even more childish then i first thought they ever could be.
      If I was a Jew (which im not thank god :-)) i would be on the streets protesting at how dumb and retarded this comic book sketch as made them look. In fact Mossad should be doing a hit on all them involved including the American government for letting it happen.
      For Christs sake!

  • the ace of books

    ” incidents of mob violence and vandalism against products and establishments associated with the Japanese”

    …and people. No really, shit’s gotten a bit too het up over here. Howsabout let’s not beat up foreign students and suchlike? It’s times like this when people need desperately to, and yet still cannot, understand that PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR COUNTRY.

    I like “共同期望。。。但是现在局势很紧张呀空姐。。。” . Basically sums it up.

    But, OTOH, you gotta love 旱水鸭仔’s comment for its absolute top-notch conspiracy gold. Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great/ If a sperm gets wasted, god gets quite irate!

  • the ace of books

    Also, a last note: godDAMN some of those comments are vitriolic. I mean, holy shit, some of them are worse than /b/! Look dudes, I know she’s a porn star, but she’s a porn star AND a human being! Some of that shit is awful to say to a person. And it’s worse because she’s trying to get across a plain and peaceful message.

    Come on, humanity. Come the fuckon.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Don’t waste your breath man. These are savages.

      I almost go hit by 4 cars today while out on my e-bike. Each and every one of them was some savage peasant driving like a mad man. Speeding in the bicycle lane on the wrong side of the road, cutting my off and then IMMEDIATELY slamming on the breaks. I almost ran into the back of that car at full speed on my e-bike, but hit my breaks and swerved just missing it. Motorcycle rides up along my left-hand side, stays for a moment, then cuts me off to make a right turn and somehow I am the asshole for being in the way. I am riding on a road that gently curves left, and the road branches off to the right, leading into a small shopping street. I follow the road (going left), and a black saloon car blasts right in front of me and clips the front of my bike with it’s fender.

      In one of those cases I am the asshole, and why? Because I’m white.

      Qu ni ma de laowai!

      Laowai shabi!

      Primitive fucking savages. I feel so deeply disappointed by my decision to move to this country, and even more disappointed that I sincerely thought this place was developing and was on it’s way to being a model of a new way of life of some kind. 4 and a half years in this city has changed that perception entirely.

      • BigJ

        It took you 4 1/2 years to find that out buddy :) It took me about 3 hours :)
        Ah well, just milk the cow until it’s dry:)

        • BigJ

          or until it get mad cow disease and has to be put down. :) haha

      • Gontraf

        Yeah lots of Chinese drivers are scum. I live in Beijing as well and the place does have that effect: you sort of have to struggle every day of the week to not fall into drawing racist generalities about the Chinese.

        Though I have to admit that with the Diaoyu islands business, it’s getting really fucking hard to find a bright side to the Beijingers.

        • Nick in Beijing

          That’s exactly how I feel, and why it’s taken me 4 and a half years to get to this point. I’ve tried really hard to see the good points of China and focus on them. I am well aware of the problems, but I always believed that there are good points, and they should be increasing. Now it’s just getting harder to identify them, and it seems the number of good points is shrinking as China becomes more nationalistic and it seems to be doing a willful backwards slide into ignorance.

          • Getrealson

            Dude, I drive everywhere and sometimes I just stay home because it is too frustrating.

            I drive a black Audi A6 that was in mint condition. 2 xiao beng beng’s have hit me (their fault!) and countless people opened doors and banged into mine. Cunts! your right, it’s hard not to be racist when driving here, especially with my wife in the passenger seat. One of the for mentioned xiao beng bengs did a runner immediately, the other got out and when he saw I was a lao wei, I shit you not, he grabbed his leg and took a dive screaming in pain. Like you see in a FIFA match!

            Can’t wait to leave and never return!

      • Mike Check

        Dude, that’s what you get, Beijing sucks. Can you imagine judging the US based on D.C.? Can’t think of any other good analogies because most countries capitals know how to represent.

        • Efe the foreigner

          D.C. is america yo. rich, creamy, jesusy center. bitter chocolate outside, sprinkled with tiny asian babydicks and jalepenos, or something…….

  • the ace of books

    He swears his life to reclaim about 5 square kilometers of grass and rock inhabited only be goats and an indiginous mole.

    …yeah, buddy, you go ‘head and do that.

    • the ace of books

      Fuck my internet. Sorry about the double comment, guys, this was meant as a reply to whiskersthecat above, re: defending small rocky islets with one’s life.

    • BigJ

      Fuck man. :) your comment made me laugh:) hahaha
      I just shows how fucking retarded they are….Not all chinese…about 1/2 hahah

  • fish

    Love the chinese comments. HILARIOUS! made my day :D

  • Dr Dust Cell

    “Even if China is filled with graves, Little Japan must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands.”


    • glowndark

      anybody with a keyboard in the internet is kicking ass , big talker! in this case, i don’t see you are any different from the chinese netizens, nothing but empty big talker, watcha gonna do? huh? slam your keyboard at me?
      To Fauna: i really think you should provide some kind of talk back from chinese netizens to these self-righteous faggots! they make me wanna puke!

  • GodsHammer

    And still no explanation as to where and why the next premier disappeared to for such long time? Everyone also forgets about party secretary scandals and murders etc…corruption etc? It was reaching fever pitch not long ago, but it was internally directed. Now, conveniently, Japan is again the whipping post for Chinese angst.

    • moop

      please stop making sense

    • Dr Dust Cell

      He was sworn in for one of the higher positions in the masonic order. Obviously.

    • Wu

      I want to ask that question all the time when I am in China. Or what about the island trouble they were having with the Philipines? Did they forget about that too? ( Or did I miss that being solved?).

      Or there is officer Wang trial over going to the US embassy this summer…

      Or all those smiling officials with the nice wrist-watch…

      Or the revision to the econoic outlook…

      Hell, it worked for Hitler…

    • Cooljackal

      We should all put those as our qq statuses. See how long it takes before we get locked out of our accounts.

    • Brett Hunan

      He and Hu Jintao pulled a John Travolta-Nicholas Cage. Had to wait for the sutures to heal. Jintao for another decade baby!

      • GodsHammer

        I kid you not, that has crossed my mind! Hahahahaaa…

    • Alejandro

      THere’s one more thing… the government secretly supported these protests..because now after the violence and riots, they will make ilegal even communicating to others thoughts of rioting. This law Xi’an and Chongqing I think it was already starting to have it.

      So, if you send an sms, email, weixin, feixin, whatever, to someone saying you want to protest against government or whatever.. they can arrest you inmediatly.

      They’re getting ready to the next change of president.

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  • Rod

    So sad. I’m surprised that they haven’t killed any Japanese people here yet. It will happen though.

    • BigJ

      All Japanese people have to do keep their mouth shut and Chinese won’t be able to tell the difference. They blend right in. :)

      • Brett Hunan

        Exactly. I was just talking about this over at koreaBANG.

    • Alice S

      Hopefully. Who knows? Maybe 1 died of starvation after he lost his job due to the joint activity of pro-Diaoyu, pro-Dokdo & anti-whaling ppl!

  • Chinarama

    I have lived in China for almost 5 years. This hysterical sense of nationalism and righteousness has been a most unpleasant thing to see unfold. Perhaps all countries must go through it at some point in their development, certainly Japan and the glorious West have and, although much more subtly and sensibly, continue to do so.

    Chinese people demanding that their precious islands be returned to them, as though they were recently and aggressively taken, is such an absurd display of patriotism it staggers the mind. My experience is that Chinese are usually ignorant of their true history, and most other things besides, caring more about vanity and their social value, but in a situation like this, in which the entire country seems to be up in arms and in many cases acting with violence, it is shocking that nobody is taking the time to look into the history of the these islands.

    Frankly it is hardly worth it. Before the Japanese annexation, they were never settled and hardly occupied. Those who had spent time on the islands seem to have just been passing fishermen from whichever country.

    It was first recorded in history by the Chinese as a landmark on an official voyage to visit Japan during the Mind Dynasty. Later it was used as a border demarkation between China and Ryukyu Kingdom (a tributary state to China, as was Japan and Korea at the time), with neither side claiming them (the border falling on either side). In 1879, Japan conquered the Ryukyu Kingdom (to the consternation of the Chinese Qing rulers) without claiming the islands, even referring to them a few years later in a survey map as part of the Qing Empire. In 1895 Japan annexed the islands (claiming incorrectly that they were the first to discover and survey them) and has occupied them ever since (the US occupied the Islands from 1945 to 1972). Potential gas and oil fields were found around the islands in 1962 and in 1972 Taiwan and the PRC first made their claims over the territory.

    Given this history it doesn’t seem like their is any right or wrong owner for the islands (although Japan’s 112 year occupation might give some legitimacy for their claim of ownership). It all just seems like a load of bollocks.

    If my history is inaccurate or incomplete, please let me correct me. I am trying to understand what all this fuss is about.

    • Wu

      I am no expert on these islands myself, but naval explorations is always about who tells more people about it first. IE, Columbus is known for “finding” the New World, but European fishermen always knew about “really nice – dont tell everybody about the secret spot” fishing grounds to the west, and the Vikings stopped by a few times too… Columbus mostly just let the cat out of the bag… One way of looking at it.

      The fuss is the PRC claims that anything that was “ever” part of a Chinese dynasty is today part of China. Thats like Italy claiming anything that was part of the Roman Empire…

      I mean the PRC isn’t the same China that as Ming, Song or whatever. They rebeled, fought and overthrew the old “China” and claimed a new China.

      A big part of these asian island issues is that Japan claimed them all in WWII, but the USA beat Japan. Everything Japan took was “returned” ( even if the Japanese never went on the island in the first place, and the the US only claimed them by word), the places with people setup Governments and worked towards independace from the US protection/occupancy. They didnt really make plans about the places that didnt have people on them, or not in great enough detail.

      • Chinarama

        They were annexed by Japan in 1895 after the first Sino-Japanese War. The United States occupied them as a military installation after the Japanese surrender in during the Second World War in 1945. They returned the islands to Japan in 1972. During that period they were still considered to be part of Japan’s territory.

        China even made several references to the islands being Japanese during the 1950’s and 1960’s, once in The People’s Daily and once in a government published map.

        • Chinarama

          (Although they were annexed just after the First Sino-Japanese war, they were not included in the treaty that settled China’s surrender. They were annexed independently after a Japanese survey found that they islands had never been settled or shown to be a part of the Qing Dynasty)

        • hess

          “China even made several references to the islands being Japanese during the 1950′s and 1960′s, once in The People’s Daily and once in a government published map.”
          please, for the love of everything holy give me a link to those references! Would be so nice to make some of my less rational friends to eat their words

          • Chinarama
          • Chom

            Chinarama, with respect, the link about the China Daily article proves nothing. I can’t read Chinese, can you? Is so, maybe you can confirm if it actually says that in the article.

            Even if it does, how can we be sure it is authentic? At the bottom of that page their is a link: “The So-Called Nanking Massacre was a Fabrication”………………………………………………………………………………………Do you think that website should be considered a reliable source?

    • Wu

      I would point out, if the Chinese first saw them on their way to visit the Japanese court, wouldnt the Japanese seen them when they first moved to Japan from the main landmass? Or some time thereafter, or on one of their trips to the Chinese court?

    • wacky

      that is the exact historical explanation i got, but consider this, but i dont think that china’s ultimate goal is merely to take the island or because there are plenty of natural resources there (it could be one of the reason)
      if you look at the map today you’ll see that chinese eastern front is blocked by chain of islands which mostly are japanese territory the other one is taiwan which is also a pro japan or at least anti mainland. i think china as a growing power also wants to project its power to the pacific and the fact that japan is blocking the access, and as america shifts their focus to the pacific it is more urgent for china respond to it.
      i dont know how do you see it as taiwan itself by internationally accepted one china policy should belong to china but has never been pushed to be so and the fact that america gave the island to japan suggest that america already knew and therefore took a preventive steps to block china from projecting its power to pacific.

      • linette

        It’s exactly that. America did it on purpose mishandling the return of diayo. Japan military is too close to China patrolling around diaoyu causing too much conflict. Japan on all these small islands in China’s water like right in front of their yard. Japan needs to move out of diaoyu and back into Japan. Why come all the way from Japan to diayu island located in China’s water to cause conflict?

        • GodsHammer

          I supposed we should now listen to China as she makes claim on yet another sovereign nations territory this year. Philippine Islands, Japanese Islands…Viet waters, North and South Korean waters, and of course the ever popular Taiwan Island.

          “America did it on purpose mishandling the return of diayo.”
          So, what? No America beating Japan into a pulp in WWII and all of China would be under the rising sun. So, really…Japan got a small party favor and ;)

          BTW. If anyone besides Japan has control of these islands by right, it’s Taiwan. Uh-oh…see what I just did?

          • wacky

            what territory, most of the territory in asia are determined by the western power based on the colonial border.
            as china grow stronger it also grow more and more assertive, and of course all the territories you mentioned above are claimed based on historical evidence and not at all a baseless claim china does not claim any mainland territory of either vietnam or philippines.

            and you already know that territory changed many times in the past and the only way that could happen is through war, that is why i always said that china needs war

        • Cooljackal

          Some people say the same happened when the british left the indian subcontinent and the years of fallout gave rise to the current pakistan, india, bangladesh.

          It has happened all the time throughout history and it still happens to this day. Unfortunately “historical” claims to land means absolutely nothing, usually force, diplomatic power and chance determine land ownership.

          • wacky

            agree, claim alone does not change anything but, historical evidence is needed to support the legality of the claim.

          • Cooljackal

            I don’t think historical claims can’t really have their legality judged when it concerns two separate nations. There really isn’t a set standard for it unless a third party (usually a more powerful one) intervenes or some kind of conflict/conflict resolution take place.

            Like I said, historical claims to land, even with evidence, means absolutely squat. Land ownership, occupation, boundaries have changed over time constantly. In the real world, the “big stick” is usually what gets things done unfortunately.

          • Cooljackal

            *can in the first setence

          • wacky

            i dont mean that historical claim automatically make it legal, but in order to claim something you must have at least an evidence and historical claim in one of them.

    • BigCAD

      Pretty good breakdown, the issues are as follows from what I can see:

      A. Chinese children are taught from an early age (a disturbingly early age) about the crimes of Japan against China, but they have omitted the whole forgiveness part we are taught. The reasoning behind this is to create the myth that China is weak and beset by enemies on all sides and only the Communist Party can save China (the part about Mao withholding his forces during the Sino Japanese was is also conveniently forgotten). A victim culture has emerged in which everyone else is out to get China, this varies from the small such as the Nobel Peace Prize, to the possibly more justified NATO bombing of 1999 (NATO HELL YEAH!!!).The island issue is China once again opening old wounds and then whining about it as part of the cult of victimhood.

      B. Oil and Gas, similar reason to the rescent Argentine whining about the Falklands.

      C. Takes pressure off the Chinese government during a transitional period, same thing happend in North Korea recently with their own hand over.

      D. If you can’t protest about a real issue such as corruption, house prices, can’t get laid….. protest about something else, this recent organised protests are a sop to the masses.

      E. China is one boring fucking country. Watch the video below as an example, also note the bit where he notices a Japanese person, after they expose themselves as not being Chinese by logically completing a basic task.

      • wacky

        a. china was invaded by japan because china was weak it is a historical fact, the action china takes today would show to the chinese people whether the country is still weak or not, the fact is many of the comments on china smack (which are just a small minorities show that chinese people want the government to take harder action), CCP wasn;t and isn;t a messiah but remember that ccp has able to unify china under one rule, one china without a single warlord running around, or any foreign concession in chinese land, so far better than any other chinese government in 200 years.
        b.oil and gas is needed but it is not the only thing or the ultimate thing matter on this issue, there is also sovereignty and the need to project its power further
        c. i fail to see this, how demonstrations show the capability of the ccp during the transitional period
        d. of course ccp doesn;t want to be challenged by anybody but that is not at all related to this anti japan protest
        e. wtf are you talking about ?

        • BigCAD

          A. KMT achieved the same, however the country was dragged back some 20-30 years thanks to its ‘liberators’, bless them…sniff….bless them for demolishing my home for fertilizer and having us melt down our wok to make pig iron, at least those dasterdly foreigners won’t be around to stop us from persecuting each other, come the cultural revolution.

          However that wasn’t the point of my argument for A. the point is the Chinese population is taught to be weak and self defeating, by their education system, sad but true. However thankfully the Communist party is here to show ’em the way, I think the national restoration percentage has recently topped 60 percent, thanks Hu.

          B. Oil and gas, so this also isn’t the reason for declaring the entire South China sea as fair game, or keeping Xinjiang in cheque, it’s about sovereignty….thanks for clearing that up….still taking time to process that one.

          C. It’s not to show the CCPs capability, it’s about keeping the masses doing something else whilst the hand over take place, kind of the same reason for the Great Wall or Grand Canal were constructed, keeps em distracted.

          D. Once again you miss read, Chinese people have more important issues in their lives, like poisoned milk, abuse of power by the state, illegal demolitions and so on and so forth. Why not protest about a REAL issue not a rock in the ocean you will never visit.

          E. China is a very boring country, extremley boring country lacking anything to do but drink and shag, unfortunatly most of those in the protests still look like virgins so I think they need an outlet for all those hormones and they join the ‘protest’ in order to let out some rage.

          You obviously never saw ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, its a city in which everyone does the same, thinks the same and attack anything different, you’d dig it, it’s just like China with out the maotai.

          • wacky

            a. KMT did not do the same the earlier years of republican china were not at all an independent nation, foreign concessions were all over china, and warlords are everywhere, xinjiang and tibet started independence movement, even KMT had to rely on the warlords to fight them.
            i believe that education all over asia teach the similar history, many of the asian countries are former western colony and were occupied by japan during the ww2.
   you really believe that china could claim the whole south china sea?? china is a growing power who wants to project its power and south china sea is one of the area to do that, i dont think china can or want to own the whole south china sea for its own but china certainly wants to gain something there as the US is shifting its focus to asia,china wants to be more assertive to answer the challenge
            c. keeping the mass doing what?? all the problem has been there for a long time why do you think that the mass would do that “something else” now????
            d.territorial integrity and sovereignty are real issue, why do you think that this is not a real issue?? ccp would crack down on the people if the demonstration was an anti ccp one there is no question about that, but this issue is different, do you think that these people go out on the street because they were controlled by the party??
            e. and you have the special power to see who is a virgin and who is no?? wtf

  • BigJ

    Let me tell you how rational some chinese people are….

    This girl i know calls me up and wants to know if I want to go shopping. I said sure, she said she will come pick me up. So as we were driving she keeps going on about Japanese dogs and just plain bullshit really. So we are stopped at a light and when the light turns green the car infront of us never moved…..the car was toyota…the first thing she say was “fucking stupid japanese car, what an ass hole” I told her “yeah it’s japanese car but a stupid chinamen is driving it” :) Like it was somehow the cars fault for the guy driving not going. She has nice tits so I forgive her stupidity. :) But I’ve never seen so much hate before :) Blind hate:)

    • Wu

      It’s a unviversally common thing, for Chinese people, its normally Japan.

      You shold here a Taiwanese person bitch about how different Chinese people are for them… Its a very strange thing to listen too when they talk about how Chinese people talk about Japanese people…

      • BigCAD

        You should see the Taipei Zoo……sorry I mean National Palace Museum at feeding time……sorry I mean then the mainlanders come to gawk at stuff they were unable to smash during the cultural revolution, the irony is breathtaking. The Mrs. also found a new way in which to tell mainlanders from those fortunate Taiwanese who escape the mainland (besides inability to line up and dead eyes), the stench….of multiple mainlanders in one place if nauseating.

        60 years of Communism has created such a wide gap between us and them it’s awe inspiring.

    • linette

      So some China people hate Japan so much, like some hong kong and taiwan people hate china gov’t so much.

  • MrT

    Good girl, keep up the good work.

  • wacky

    not my favorite av

    • MrT

      who is?

      • Boris

        John Thomas Allcock.

  • A Japanese Guy

    The below comment is the funniest comment of all!!

    “Behind Japanese AV is a a huge plot and little Japan is playing a very large game of chess! Still remember the Opium Wars? Japanese AV is also a war “without smoke” [secret war]. They’re attempting to use AV to make all of China’s people jerk off long-term causing their physiques to steadily deteriorate and ultimately achieve the same effect/results as opium [caused Chinese opium users]. Why is it that the social status of female idols [AV stars] in Japan isn’t actually low? And are even respected by the people? Because they are national heroines and they shoulder a political mission!”

    • MrT

      I must of been a opium addict in my previous life then…

  • hess

    the islands clearly belong to Sweden.

  • bert

    15 years ago this place was generally a nice place to live. Sure you couldn’t find the western food stuffs so easily but we lived with a small income and were still happy. You could ride your bike without worry. Today it is full of mouth breathing local retards that poop their pants when their feelings get hurt and think that to have money means to be classy and a right to be rude to the point of criminality. It is also full of newbie westerners who are from a younger generation that show their parents taught them nothing. They arrive and the first order of business is to find the bars and clubs to get drunk in and find tail and think they are really being cool. Most of them can’t hold a real discussion and have no sense of humor. It is disturbing.

    • JackLondon

      Bert fan club should begin.
      This comment says it all, you are very right. This is what I used to see 10 years ago here, Chinese people with manners and wisdom.
      Now it’s mostly been replaced by greed, and westerners acting like their in Las Vegas every day, drunk hopping from one girl to the next.
      Sometimes if I start talking to a girl, “how much you earn” I tell them I’m dirt poor and homeless.
      Used to be nice girls who might want to learn English or teach me Chinese, and learn about each others customs. Now it’s “how much money” “why you haven’t got Mercedes?”

  • xiaohouzi

    So many horrible comments from Chinese… either they are easily influenced by others or they are just ignorant thugs or both.

    • MrT

      retards is the word your looking for.

  • Brett Hunan

    Like I said on the last article. You protest against Japan and everyone is happy. Protest your own problems and this happens.

    • Boris

      Great article. Cheers Brett.

    • linette

      Those Chinese demonstrators should put up a banner that said…
      “Tell Japan gov’t to give Chinese back our democracy, freedom of speech, freedom to vote, equality in human rights, universal healthcare, equal access for all to free education, and break down segregation law! 打倒日本!”

  • Getrealson

    Did anyone else get the feeling from these comments that Chinese men, think fucking a woman is some type of punishment?

    • Strangerland

      To be fair, I think most men from non-developed countries(and some from developed countries!) do think so. It’s ancient behavior of men, you know that during plunders or wars between tribes, the lost side’s women would be raped. Or how the losing soldiers would be raped by the winning side, regardless of sexual preferences. Rape is ancient tool of punishment, of power and domination. Raping here is not only about sexuality, it’s also about power over someone else. That’s why the old saying was “fate worse than death”- because it is far worse than death for the victims. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve spoken to some rape and sexual assault victims, from both genders from both developed and third world ones. It’s horrifying to think about, I’d like to believe that we would advance and leave such behavior in the past- but I may be too idealistic.
      I have a very very bad feeling regarding this Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute, I hope I’m wrong but it seems that on the next world war- there would be a lot of island disputes solved by blood. Just like the old times. God helps our future generations, having to kill each other for their ancestors’ feuds.

    • Efe the foreigner

      rape is a strange and very real part of chinas sexual culture. i was told once ” rape is to be expected, and is tolerable if i love him.” i died a little that day.

      • MrT

        yea the women here are always raping me.
        Who do i complain to?

        • Jennster


          You are one of the few posters here who don’t have a grudge against Chinese. Just wondering, are you possibly one of those foreigners that the Chinese are nice to? In other words, are you alpha?

          • MrT

            Nice to? do you mean that they are always dragging me to their family homes to eat crap, where i pretend to love the food and i think they are so great?
            yes I’m that type of foreigner.
            I draw the line at being forced to sing crap KTV songs thou.
            Also i like to clear up a point here. there’s plenty I hate in China but not as much as I hate in the UK such as the British government and low life that have been allowed to breed and flourish. Also the UK is infested with horrible foreigners. I suggest China closes its borders now before its to late.
            Start with the Japanese.

    • Dat Ankle

      Ive seen a bunch of dudes from America that talk about hate fucking so I think it might be more of a universal thing then a Chinese thing.

  • Cleo

    LOL, that is a Blood Elf. I don’t care how good Japanese plastic surgeons are supposed to be, no amount of cutting will make a Vivian Hsu out of this:

    but to the Chinese, a Blood Elf is as “good” as any other Murloc princess:

    Compare Akihito’s Beast of an Voyeur Raping mother to Empress Wang Rong and it is OBVIOUS why The Last Empress (as far as we know) suffered so at the “mercy” of the Japanese.

  • hong

    o ,she is a good person that we should appriciate who try to maintain the peace of both of China an Japan.Politics dispute may not be solved easily by wars.We chinese need peace and make more effort in economic constructions to keep pace with the developed countries.No matter what choise our government will make ,the constructions to make a beautiful future should be the most essential tasks .
    As for Sola Aoi,a freigner coming from the island which we have been think as a hostile country,her original intention should be appriciated on the one hand and should not be overweighted on the other hand .

    She was just an av actress.Her voice just belongs to the citizens’ opinpions but not coming from the authority.
    Don’t care too much about her .Friendship maybe the only topic what she can talk about and even not her honest feelings .

    • Alice S

      Women are much more nicer than men.

  • jeffli

    more Chinese died from the CCP (100 flowers/Great leap forward/cultural revolution) than Japanese occupation of China during WW2

    Yes………… Chinese KILL Chinese!!!!

    All the time! Why?

    I saw some Chinese harassing some Japanese when shopping today. I told the security guard if he didn’t stop this at once I’d report him to management, he grinned at me and did nothing! I reported him.
    The manager was French, the security guard was sacked. He didn’t do his job!

    I have zero tolerance for this mob violence, especially so when they start on children.
    F’K WW2 that was a long time ago. And yes Japan did submit a formal apology to that idiot Mao who responded something like “your actions helped the CCP”.

    China Leave the Senkaku islands alone!

    • Jennster

      try not pretending to be chinese first darl.

      • BigCAD

        Where did he mention he was Chinese? Shouldn’t of skipped reading class that day Jennster.

        • Jennster

          jeffli is overseas chinese name. he’s not darl.

          • Cooljackal

            Jennster sounds like the name of a shoe, backpack, or an online service. Are you any of those?

          • moop

            hermaphroditic doucher is more likely the case

          • Jennster

            this just means my name is jenny. he’s last name is asian. got the difference?

          • Cooljackal


            Your responses make me think you have a semi-robotic/cold personality.

            How do you know he is overseas (do you know him personally)? Why couldn’t he in China? Also, I could post under the name JennLi, and say the exact same stuff, would that make me an overseas Chinese as well?

  • vincent

    Being lectured by a porn star , LOL
    Shame on you guys

  • Kim Jung iLL

    Everyone knows Diayudao belongs to Japan. China just want to have a piece of pie.

  • red scarf

    Will young Chinese boys delete their hard drives in a boycott of Japanese porn?

    Now all the Japanese need is some snappy sounding protest groups.

    Senkaku Islands, Is, was and always will be a part of Japan.

    • Chom

      and you, don’t, have never and will never know what the hell your talking about.

  • Jennster

    If the Chinese breed with a Japan woman, and she has a son, the child’s bloodline is still half Japanese. Even worse, if it is a male child. Just a thought.

    • jeffli

      WTF Jennster?
      so now you’re making it a genealogical issue?
      get with the program!

      • jeffli

        for the record……
        I’d play with this pornstars “‘lil black map of Tasmania”

        • like i said before; for chinese guys revenge is fuking da japanese women, just like black guys get revenge for slavery by raping white women

          • Getrealson

            Fucking DUMBASS! yet another obscure link to justify your stupidity! do you actively search for this shit? Typical uneducated (or should I say State educated) uninformed self deluded monkey!

          • Yeah…. Keep dreaming. Chinese guys go to Japan hoping to grudge-fuck Japanese girls only to find all the hookers are Chinese. Sheez, you guys can’t even buy a break.

    • red scarf

      So you can have a son whos male too?

    • BigCAD

      Jennster, there is a good chance that not only is there Japanese blood in you but also Mongolian……..think about it for a second, then do us all a favour apply your above ruling to yourself.

      • Jennster

        I probably do have Mongolian, but I am pretty sure I don’t have Japanese blood, nor would I want to. Mongolian and Manchurian and korean and han Chinese are all fine.

        • Cooljackal

          +1 Bigot

  • MeiDaxia

    The US landed on the moon leaving flags and other items to show they’d been there, then came back home and never went back. The Chinese, at one point in history, went to the Diaoyu Islands, looked at them (probably without having exited their boats) and said “this is Chinese” without leaving any sign at all they had been there. Japan probably journeyed to the islands a time or two as well. Neither of them left anything to say they had been there, or to make any kind of formal claim towards the islands. So then, if China wants to make a claim for the Diaoyu Islands now because some ancient map says it was part of China, and Japan makes the claim as well, despite neither country ever having physically marked any kind of claim on the territory with a flag, people or otherwise; and they’re making these claims based on technological advances that allow the islands to become more useful than a rock in the ocean, then I think in 20 or however many years it takes to establish a moon base that the moon then become sovereign US territory, and no other country may lay claim to it. We licked our fingers and touched it first, no matter what your silly ancient maps say about it being a part of your country. The USA has more evidence to a territorial claim of the Moon than China or Japan has to Diaoyu/Senkaku.

    • Capt. WED

      Sorry you are not presenting it correctly.

      I’m not for or against either side in this dispute. It’s just many of you are not representing the claims on both side fully. It’s pretty much one sided on here where everyone is representing Japan’s side of the story. For example some of it is about losing fish rights. It’s not about settlements, it’s about people going there to fish. I’m kind of sick of this story.

      • Kukuku

        No one cares about your fishing rights.

      • BigJ

        Yeah, this is a retarded situation. All this is foolish pride on both sides.

      • Brett Hunan

        You mean that if China got the islands they would stop going into Korean waters to fish?

        • Capt. WED

          never said there weren’t hypocrisy involved. but yeah, I think it will happen since I trust BigJ will make that happen for us.

          Seriously just please get it over with. Start a war or shut the fuck up. I’m so sick of this.

    • BigJ

      The United States of Space. :)

      The problem is China claims the moon is theirs and they have proof from ancient times. I even heard one Chinamen say” Even if China is filled with graves, Little America must be wiped out. Even if it means grass will no longer grow on the mainland, I still swear my life to reclaim the MOON!!!. In protest Chinese are doing the “Moon walk” to the song “Billy Jean”. Which they claim chinese used before a black man stole it.

      • Capt. WED

        every country has rednecks your point? Oh wait they’re kind like you BigJ.

        • BigJ

          You have to lighten up :) Laugh once in a while….even if it is at the expense of stupid Chinamen.

  • Ryo

    Geesuz crist. With all the other REAL problems in the world, they are fighting over some rocks and dirt? Are there magical dirt on them islands? A secret diamond mind? If there are no real history evidence leading to who discover the islands first, then split the shit and be done with it. It’s not like these people will ever go see the islands. Hell, I’m sure most of these people don’t even know where the fuck it is on a map!

    Only stupid people waste their time and fight for what’s unimportant.

    • Capt. WED

      there is oil.
      200 miles of land around the island.

      • BigJ

        They knew this for 40 years and just make a fuss over it now? This is all about Japan and the pure hatred for them. Simple.

        • MrT

          i still not forgive em for the “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”
          Fuck em.

          • BigJ

            lol :)

          • Alice S

            Are you Chi/non-Chi? Yes I felt something when I heard about the railway. They are very racist to Europeans too. Sigh. Men working to death for being European.

  • Zebadee

    Senkaku Islands …. hmmmm .., was thinking of spending my October holiday somewhere different and now I know where!

    If this girl shows up, maybe we could film some porn too!

    • MrT

      They make a lot of noise you know when you bang em. Not a nice noise either.

    • Alice S

      Even if you don’t support CH, pls use the term Fishing Islands/Pinnacles.

  • david

    obviously this woman wants peace. ok i understand that however
    Diao yu dao is China’s.

    I don’t dislike anyone however its easy to understand the animosity between these 2 nations. but I am an American so I won’t take sides. If I had to do so, I’d stick by China’s side and say “Get out Japs”

    why? Well because of what they did in ww2. even my own father was injured in ww2 fighting against the japanese army.

    don’t forget the japanese were Hitlers ally. That in of itself is too suspiciously questionable. Who knows if they would do it again if they had the power.

    they make nice electronics and some of their women are great. but thats enough.

    i’d hate to see a war go on because of this.
    Just give it back to China so we can end this debate and go back to what’s important! like

    Kobe will win the title this year.

    • Boris


    • MrT

      I agree Japs are sneaky bastards, cant be trusted, this is how they got going last time, we just want that bit of land OK? you don’t mind good. Ok we can have that as well? yea really? cool.
      Then off to Australia they head.
      Fuck em.

      • BigCAD

        ….Didn’t the PRC just pull the same manuver on the Phillipines….and weren’t we more recently piling up Chang dead on the Imjin river or putting down PRC inspired, funded and directed inserections in Malaysia and HK….

        Personally i’d side with the Japs on this one mainly because the Chang faggotry on display is rather irratating.

      • C84

        Never, ever trust the Japanese. As for their netizens’ comments that they are the innocent victims and they are just not nationalistic unlike China/SK/insert country here, that is hilarious and simply false. Why do they keep electing these nationalistic, extreme right wingers like Ishihara? Deep down inside, they must agree with these extreme opinions, otherwise these politicians would never have been allowed into power. Of course, they’ll say “the right wingers speak for themselves only” because they can pretend like they’re neutral and have only the outspoken politicians take the blame for the opinions that they generally share. If the US didn’t keep its barking dog, Japan, on a leash, I truly don’t even want to imagine what would happen (again) in Asia since those right wingers would naturally be elected to the highest positions (as usual). Smart people and countries would never trust the Japanese.

        • Alice S

          They look like the kind of ppl who would give you trouble.

      • mr. wiener

        At least Japanese aren’t rioting and looting Chinese business at the moment. The Japanese never confronted or apologised for their brutality during war , but at least they are a pretty pacific mob at the moment.
        BTW What happened to that flotilla of 1000 boats off to the Islands? Aren’t they there yet or did they run out of cigarettes?

      • Alice S

        They actually tried to invade Australia!!

    • BigCAD

      Did your father happen to be fighting for the KMT, as I don’t remember the Communists fighting the Japanese, except in films.

    • Dat Ankle

      ” I am an American so I won’t take sides” I think you’ve been lied to.

    • Tony

      My father who was in the US Navy was also injured by the Japanese in WW2 and never held a grudge towards them. So, it’s time for you to let go. Also, on what basis do you claim that the islands are Chinese? If it’s because before 1895, they were considered part of China, shouldn’t you give your own home in the US back to the Native Americans, Spanish, French, Russian, Hawaiian, Dutch and/or anyone else who may have occupied that land beforehand?

    • sharpstick12

      Pardon me, bitch. Just want to take a second here. Let’s say that one day while I’m walking down the street, I come across a house and I say to my friend, “Hey, my ancestors once lived there, I own that house.”

      And my friend asks me, “You own it? Do you live there?”
      I say, “Nope.”
      He asks, “Oh, well do you have a title or a deed?”
      I say, “Nope.”
      He scratches his head and asks, “Do you have a key to the house? Or a way of accessing it?”
      I shake my head and say, “Nope!”
      He asks, “Do you have any possessions inside or around the property?”
      I say, “Not one thing!”

      Would you believe me?

      If China owned those stupid fucking islands, they would OWN the islands. They would control them. They don’t control them. They don’t have the balls to go claim them, because the Japanese navy would wipe their ass with China’s navy. So instead they send in fishing boats and quibble about it like petulant children on the playground, doing NOTHING. Stupid cunts.

    • Hokit

      Oh my, your dad got himself injured by FIGHTING in a WAR? Well that was unexpected.

      • Hokit

        Btw my comment was directed at that insidious nitwit “Mr T”.

    • Alice S

      Let’s not look at evidence of who owns what. Just look at the Chi & Jap plantation workers in early Hawaii. The Japs, even then, had sophisticated minds… Constantly complaining about conditions… Asking for raises & more raises (money that should actually belong to the owner?) Highly troublesome to the plantation owners!! Should Maricar ally with such a ppl? I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they abuse the special relationship & ended up hurting Maricar!! :(

  • eddie9684

    chinese people jumping on the nationalistic wagon, saying she s a whore and whatnot, she is just asking for friendship between both sides, not anything else.

    i bet most of those guys up there in those comments are still jerking off to her porn as we speak..

    • Alice S

      It’s not about nationalism. They just want to protect Chi land & everyone (including foreigners) in CH.

  • Carlito Johnny Briganti

    probably a hooker before, then a pornstar, then a singer and actress and now a politician. the audacity to comment on something which she knows nothing about. Lets throw her a few more debate questions and see what she has to say about that.

  • Carlito Johnny Briganti

    smart ass

  • Dutchman

    a lot of talking about what ? cut in half 50/50 no discussion,my comments regarding the CCP government i leave a bit behind as a country as big as China would never been where they are now without their C system, how to control so much land and people ? i worked in Rumania before and Tjechoslovakia in the cold war period, government people following you during the day and in the night ..scary movie shit? no ..that was real ..the Securitate was mean and bad, i just think about these days and then compared with China now these days it isn’t that bad,i live here 10 years have my own company and just be in a stealth mode when it comes to all the chinese annoying daily crap we are all facing…you cant stand it ? go home..thats what the chinese always have for an answer..and yes its true i lived all over the world and had to adept myself to any language and culture..just leave it to the locals…let them scream,burn cars,throw flat screens true the window whatever… its their little way to express how patriotic they are ..
    we know…no need to piss them off or comment even i just wanna focus on my work here and try to retire asap and leave …and yes i am annoyed every second
    of the day to my use..if i drive i wished i had a flame torch on my bumper but they don’t allow me to …guys relax sip a beer and have fun..

  • Dat Ankle

    Some of those comments were just… disgusting. At least an ex pornstar has more common sense then half the idiots raising hell out there.

  • Scytheria

    God knows, I love some Chinese people, but AS a people I have to rate them as some of the most puerile and ignorant in the world. The nationalism expressed by the vast majority confuses me – in a country where everybody gets shit on most of the time by a government that truly regards anyone without piles of money as nothing more than expendable flesh, where does this unshakable love come from? The only thing preventing the CCP’s total demise is the fact that nobody else in China has the slightest idea what is going on or how to run a country.

  • Kim Jung iLL

    The Chinese are jokers. They actually carry Mao’s photos during the protest. Didn’t they know Mao killed more Chinese during the cultural revolution than Japanese imperial did?