Soldier Prepares Year of Food, Hides Snacks And Notes For Wife

Soldier Prepares Year of Food for wife

Miss Zhao, a Guizhou resident who is married to a soldier stationed in Tibet, received a years supply of pre-cooked food as a gift from her husband the last time he came home for a visit. Worrying that his wife would be busy with her job and have no time to cook, the soldier prepared over 1000 dumplings and various vegetable dishes for his wife, freezing them so that when she was hungry all she would have to do to have a hot meal is open the freezer and turn on the microwave. The soldier’s wife, as well as many netizens, were touched by the caring gesture.

Source: Netease

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  • Dark Night

    So she can survive on 2~3 dumplings a day? Wow

  • g_in_beijing

    Another 5 day old story! Come on guys, you are better than this :-( If you want to do these “fluff” pieces and less of the netizens comments, please at least put some effort in!

    • Vance

      Well, in all fairness, this stuff is new to me. I am not in China and don’t surf the Chinese sites, but I don’t know if I am in a small minority of the people here. Most here may surf the sites where this stuff come up.

      • g_in_china

        Reddit’s China page /r/China is a good place to keep up to date with news from a number of sources. It used to be that ChinaSmack was ahead of the curve, but now even Shanghaiist is putting out stories days before them. For example that story about the 15 year old plastic girl was on Shanghaiist since the 11th.

  • Dave

    Now her lover wont go hungry when he stops by for some R&R.

  • Munkee

    Frozen dumplings tend to turn to cr*p after a couple months… The skin falls appart if frozen too long.

  • Mighty曹

    Why not help her open a food stall to sell dumplings for extra income so she can eat well and not get sick of eating dumplings?

  • David

    I bought an extra freeze because mine is also ‘standard’ size for China and I still could not hold more than a month or two of food.

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