Soldier Reunited with Wife at Airport, Chinese Reactions

Two little girls giggle as a soldier kisses his wife after reuniting at the airport.

The following was one of the top ten microblog posts on leading Chinese social network Sina Weibo yesterday. The name of the account is “Here in UK” and describes itself as a Chinese netizens in the UK who likes to share and comment on the most interesting things in the UK…

From Sina Weibo:

@英国那些事儿: A military husband stationed overseas reunited with his wife at the airport upon his return… The giggling faces of the two little girls is utterly adorable~~~

Two little girls giggle as a soldier kisses his wife after reuniting at the airport.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


A rather beautiful photo, and before reading the comments [拜拜]


That man who was with the soldier for ten years can only look at his back and silently masturbate.


“Mom cheated on you and you don’t even know yet.”


The man says, after ten years away, my daughters are already so big.


Coming back after five years as a soldier, his daughter is already three years old.


This soldier was stationed overseas for 10 years, and this is the first time he’s been home.


Everyone stop talking shit/making fun of a very heartwarming thing, or else mainland netizens are again going to be criticized as having low/poor characters! [挖鼻屎]


Leaving the house in sandals, I think his wife has had an extramarital affair…


The biggest difference between a girlfriend and a wife is that when you are far from home, a girlfriend will complain about you not having time to spend with her while a wife instead will worry about the various troubles and pressures of your work and life. A girlfriend is utterly inferior to a wife. Home is where your wife is.


Those two little girls are too cute. [哈哈][哈哈]

Note: The actual story of the photo. The soldier was not away for 10 years as mistaken by Chinese netizens, only 9 months.


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