Son of Chinese Judge Hired Hit Men to Murder His Own Family

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: In the Henan province Zhoukou city judge Gao Tianfeng and daughter murder case, on the list of names given to the hired killers, which included the parents and the older sister, the offered price was 200,000 [RMB] per person. What was fortunate was that the mother happened to not be at home that day and escaped the calamity. What makes this a tragedy is that in order to protect her younger brother that day, the older sister reverse-locked him in a room [so the killers could not get in], not knowing even as she was murdered that the hired killers were employed by her younger brother.

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

From Sina:

Henan Judge Murdered By Son’s Hired Killers: Mother Not At Home Escaped Tragedy

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.
Gao Tianfeng

In the Henan Zhoukou city Intermediate Court Committee member Gao Tianfeng and daughter murder case, two assassins were hired by his own son, with the case disturbing the entire nation. On the morning of May 16th, the final suspect was arrested within the borders of Loudi [a city in Hunan]. On the afternoon of May 17th, this reporter learned even more details regarding this case from the the Hunan province Ministry of Public Security, that the 3 names on the list that Gao Tianfeng’s son gave the hired killers were actually those of his own father, mother, and elder sister, and the offering price was “200,000 RMB per person”.

What was fortunate was that the mother happened to not be at home on the day of the crime, luckily escaping the tragedy. After the hired killers infiltrated Gao Tianfeng’s home, they committed the murders. What makes people sign is that the elder sister, in order to protect her younger brother, had reverse-locked him inside a room. Even as she was killed, she did not know that the hired killers were actually employed by her own younger brother.

Suspect entered Hunan, many cities and prefectures mobilized police forces

May 17th afternoon, Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Department Serious Crimes Section Captain Zhang Jiancheng explained that after 2pm in the afternoon of May 15th, the Henan Provincial Ministry of Public Security and the Henan Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched someone to hand the case over to the Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security, that “the third suspect has already entered Hunan”.

Beginning from when they received the request for assistance, the Provincial Ministry of Public Security Vice Department Chief Hu Xuxi mobilized police forces to work with Henan police an organized a special joint-task force. According to information on the suspects provided by Henan police (including surname and physical characteristics), Hunan police employed multiple tracking methods and, through the use of rapid investigative deployment and technology, found that the suspects had one after another appeared before in places such as Changde, Yiyang, Changsha, Loudi [cities in Hunan], and that the roads they were taking were all national highways, provincial highways, and even county and town roads.

The special task force determined that the suspects may be fleeing towards Guangxi province along the peripheries of the Loudi, Shaoyang, Huaihua cities, and that the roads they were taking were easy for them to remain concealed. By 5pm in the afternoon, the Loudi and Shaoyang county cities had already deployed a “large net”, establishing a dense area of control.

Around 2am on the morning of May 16th, police discovered a motorcycle traveling relatively quickly on the S225 provincial highway and immediately began following it. Several hours later, Wu X was intercepted and arrested at a gas filling station on the side of the Xinhua county Yangxi town S312 provincial highway. “He was very cunning and before being caught, had discovered that police were following him, and tried to flee,” said Zhang Jiancheng.

Killer has wife and child, no previous criminal record

After Wu X was captured, Hunan police subjected him to intense interrogation, whereby he disclosed details to the case:

Before the crime occurred, Gao Tianfeng’s son and suspect Zhang X had known each other for several months, but had never met in person. Zhang X claimed to be a hit man, so Gao Tianfeng’s son said to them, “I want to kill several people, 200,000 RMB each”. The list of people to die that Gao Tianfeng’s son made had three people, “his own father, mother, and elder sister”.

“At present, the motive we have is as the Henan media previous reported, that his family’s disciplining of him was too strict, making him resentful,” Zhang Jiancheng said. Zhang X soon afterward found his friend Wu X to discuss, willing to take this “business”.

May 9th, Zhang X and Wu X met up in Henan Luoyang. Early morning on May 12th, in accordance with Gao Tianfeng’s son’s secret instructions, the two climbed over the wall and entered Gao Tianfeng’s home, and murdered Gao Tianfeng and his daughter. Because Gao Tianfeng’s wife was not at home that day, she luckily avoided this tragic fate.

“Previously, there were media reports claiming that Gao Tianfeng’s daughter, in order to protect her younger brother, had reverse-locked her younger brother in a room.” Zhang Jiancheng says this detail is true, “She (Gao Tianfeng’s daughter) had absolutely no idea that the hit men had actually been called over by her younger brother.”

After Zhang X and Wu X committed the murders, the two of them ransacked Gao Tianfeng’s house of hundreds of thousands in cash and property before fleeing towards Luoyang where they divided the spoils. After Wu X took 50,000 in cash, the two split up to flee separately.

“After catching Wu X, he still had 17,000 yuan cash on him, with most of the money spent on transportation and buying a motorcycle,” said Zhang Jiancheng, “He even had a small traffic accident on his way, which cost him a few thousand kuai.”

As it is understood, 25-year-old Wu X has a wife and child, and previously had no criminal record, had worked in a KTV before, and was unemployed prior to the crime.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


How could such a smart old man give birth to this idiot?


Are there any people who are bigger stupid cunts than Hunanese people?


That’s why it’s said children these days must not be criticized, must not be scolded, and must not be disciplined.


Where did this son’s 600,000 RMB come from?


The mother of a corrupt government official recklessly spent by a “son of a turtle” [bastard], and actually used to kill his own old man, which goes to show that [corrupt government officials] will necessarily produce prodigal sons.


Can only say it was a failure of education/upbringing.


Seeing this piece of news makes me feel both shocked and angry, makes me want to say something, yet not know what should be said. [失望]


Poor older sister.


This money used to employ the hit men came from the judge’s wages and not eating or drinking for ten years. Looks like he was quite generous with his son, how could [his son] be so unfilial? Please punish heavily!


One is 200,000, three is 600,000, just how old was this child [son]? That he would have that much money? And what more, are hit men that easy to find, treating this like a television show? [If you, police] can’t find the murderer, you can’t just dupe the ordinary common people like this! Disgusting police!


What’s sad is not in murdering your own family members, but in the person you want to murder dying to protect you.


If only the Heavenly Kingdom‘s government officials all raised their children to be like this, the people would be happy!!!!!!


Who gave him the money to hire hire the hit men? Who gave him the heart to commit murder? Who made him think he could commit a crime and escape punishment?


“…in order to protect her younger brother that day, the older sister reverse-locked him in a room, not knowing even as she was murdered that the hired killers were employed by her younger brother” … This is what makes people depressed. The fortune in the misfortune is that she still didn’t know when she died, otherwise the sadness of that realization would truly be so cruel/tragic.


Is this a tragedy of family upbringing or of school education? Who can say for sure? So sad.


This world is so frightening.


Doesn’t matter what the specific reason is, this guy is worst than an animal/beast.


How could he have this much money? How could a judge have two children? Because the first one was a daughter? News reports say the mother fortunately survived, but this is unfortunate, because is there anything more painful than learning that one’s own son hired killers to murder one’s own husband and daughter? It’s said that China’s education system has problems, and it can often be seen on the news that some famous celebrity or some government official’s children have gotten into trouble, so this shouldn’t be some isolated/random incident. Do you tremble with fear seeing this kind of news?

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