Son of Chinese Judge Hired Hit Men to Murder His Own Family

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: In the Henan province Zhoukou city judge Gao Tianfeng and daughter murder case, on the list of names given to the hired killers, which included the parents and the older sister, the offered price was 200,000 [RMB] per person. What was fortunate was that the mother happened to not be at home that day and escaped the calamity. What makes this a tragedy is that in order to protect her younger brother that day, the older sister reverse-locked him in a room [so the killers could not get in], not knowing even as she was murdered that the hired killers were employed by her younger brother.

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.

From Sina:

Henan Judge Murdered By Son’s Hired Killers: Mother Not At Home Escaped Tragedy

Henan judge Gao Tianfeng murdered by hit men hired by his own son.
Gao Tianfeng

In the Henan Zhoukou city Intermediate Court Committee member Gao Tianfeng and daughter murder case, two assassins were hired by his own son, with the case disturbing the entire nation. On the morning of May 16th, the final suspect was arrested within the borders of Loudi [a city in Hunan]. On the afternoon of May 17th, this reporter learned even more details regarding this case from the the Hunan province Ministry of Public Security, that the 3 names on the list that Gao Tianfeng’s son gave the hired killers were actually those of his own father, mother, and elder sister, and the offering price was “200,000 RMB per person”.

What was fortunate was that the mother happened to not be at home on the day of the crime, luckily escaping the tragedy. After the hired killers infiltrated Gao Tianfeng’s home, they committed the murders. What makes people sign is that the elder sister, in order to protect her younger brother, had reverse-locked him inside a room. Even as she was killed, she did not know that the hired killers were actually employed by her own younger brother.

Suspect entered Hunan, many cities and prefectures mobilized police forces

May 17th afternoon, Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Department Serious Crimes Section Captain Zhang Jiancheng explained that after 2pm in the afternoon of May 15th, the Henan Provincial Ministry of Public Security and the Henan Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched someone to hand the case over to the Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security, that “the third suspect has already entered Hunan”.

Beginning from when they received the request for assistance, the Provincial Ministry of Public Security Vice Department Chief Hu Xuxi mobilized police forces to work with Henan police an organized a special joint-task force. According to information on the suspects provided by Henan police (including surname and physical characteristics), Hunan police employed multiple tracking methods and, through the use of rapid investigative deployment and technology, found that the suspects had one after another appeared before in places such as Changde, Yiyang, Changsha, Loudi [cities in Hunan], and that the roads they were taking were all national highways, provincial highways, and even county and town roads.

The special task force determined that the suspects may be fleeing towards Guangxi province along the peripheries of the Loudi, Shaoyang, Huaihua cities, and that the roads they were taking were easy for them to remain concealed. By 5pm in the afternoon, the Loudi and Shaoyang county cities had already deployed a “large net”, establishing a dense area of control.

Around 2am on the morning of May 16th, police discovered a motorcycle traveling relatively quickly on the S225 provincial highway and immediately began following it. Several hours later, Wu X was intercepted and arrested at a gas filling station on the side of the Xinhua county Yangxi town S312 provincial highway. “He was very cunning and before being caught, had discovered that police were following him, and tried to flee,” said Zhang Jiancheng.

Killer has wife and child, no previous criminal record

After Wu X was captured, Hunan police subjected him to intense interrogation, whereby he disclosed details to the case:

Before the crime occurred, Gao Tianfeng’s son and suspect Zhang X had known each other for several months, but had never met in person. Zhang X claimed to be a hit man, so Gao Tianfeng’s son said to them, “I want to kill several people, 200,000 RMB each”. The list of people to die that Gao Tianfeng’s son made had three people, “his own father, mother, and elder sister”.

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“At present, the motive we have is as the Henan media previous reported, that his family’s disciplining of him was too strict, making him resentful,” Zhang Jiancheng said. Zhang X soon afterward found his friend Wu X to discuss, willing to take this “business”.

May 9th, Zhang X and Wu X met up in Henan Luoyang. Early morning on May 12th, in accordance with Gao Tianfeng’s son’s secret instructions, the two climbed over the wall and entered Gao Tianfeng’s home, and murdered Gao Tianfeng and his daughter. Because Gao Tianfeng’s wife was not at home that day, she luckily avoided this tragic fate.

“Previously, there were media reports claiming that Gao Tianfeng’s daughter, in order to protect her younger brother, had reverse-locked her younger brother in a room.” Zhang Jiancheng says this detail is true, “She (Gao Tianfeng’s daughter) had absolutely no idea that the hit men had actually been called over by her younger brother.”

After Zhang X and Wu X committed the murders, the two of them ransacked Gao Tianfeng’s house of hundreds of thousands in cash and property before fleeing towards Luoyang where they divided the spoils. After Wu X took 50,000 in cash, the two split up to flee separately.

“After catching Wu X, he still had 17,000 yuan cash on him, with most of the money spent on transportation and buying a motorcycle,” said Zhang Jiancheng, “He even had a small traffic accident on his way, which cost him a few thousand kuai.”

As it is understood, 25-year-old Wu X has a wife and child, and previously had no criminal record, had worked in a KTV before, and was unemployed prior to the crime.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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How could such a smart old man give birth to this idiot?


Are there any people who are bigger stupid cunts than Hunanese people?


That’s why it’s said children these days must not be criticized, must not be scolded, and must not be disciplined.


Where did this son’s 600,000 RMB come from?


The mother of a corrupt government official recklessly spent by a “son of a turtle” [bastard], and actually used to kill his own old man, which goes to show that [corrupt government officials] will necessarily produce prodigal sons.


Can only say it was a failure of education/upbringing.


Seeing this piece of news makes me feel both shocked and angry, makes me want to say something, yet not know what should be said. [失望]


Poor older sister.


This money used to employ the hit men came from the judge’s wages and not eating or drinking for ten years. Looks like he was quite generous with his son, how could [his son] be so unfilial? Please punish heavily!


One is 200,000, three is 600,000, just how old was this child [son]? That he would have that much money? And what more, are hit men that easy to find, treating this like a television show? [If you, police] can’t find the murderer, you can’t just dupe the ordinary common people like this! Disgusting police!


What’s sad is not in murdering your own family members, but in the person you want to murder dying to protect you.


If only the Heavenly Kingdom‘s government officials all raised their children to be like this, the people would be happy!!!!!!


Who gave him the money to hire hire the hit men? Who gave him the heart to commit murder? Who made him think he could commit a crime and escape punishment?


“…in order to protect her younger brother that day, the older sister reverse-locked him in a room, not knowing even as she was murdered that the hired killers were employed by her younger brother” … This is what makes people depressed. The fortune in the misfortune is that she still didn’t know when she died, otherwise the sadness of that realization would truly be so cruel/tragic.


Is this a tragedy of family upbringing or of school education? Who can say for sure? So sad.


This world is so frightening.


Doesn’t matter what the specific reason is, this guy is worst than an animal/beast.


How could he have this much money? How could a judge have two children? Because the first one was a daughter? News reports say the mother fortunately survived, but this is unfortunate, because is there anything more painful than learning that one’s own son hired killers to murder one’s own husband and daughter? It’s said that China’s education system has problems, and it can often be seen on the news that some famous celebrity or some government official’s children have gotten into trouble, so this shouldn’t be some isolated/random incident. Do you tremble with fear seeing this kind of news?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Really makes you think what could turn someone into such an unfeeling asshole to do…that.

    • GatsbyC

      Oppressive society!!!

  • mr.wiener

    Some people are just shit tubes. Why have his sister and mum killed too just because he was angry with his father’s disciplining him? And his sister died trying to protect him, God that sucks. What could make someone so selfish angry and twisted?

    • BiggJ


    • Irvin

      Father was ass raping him, mother just watches, sister was the one that’s tying him up. Just a theory of why he choose to take care of his whole family.

      • mr.wiener

        You’ve been watching too much of the wrong kind of porn methinks.

        • Yeah. But as a cross-over hit, “GoT” tells human stories in a fantasy world that appeals to many people.

          • You know nothing, Terroir Snuuuu

          • As the Wildling ginger and the Khaleesi herself found out this past week from the Second son who killed his (half?) brothers, chicks like nothing more than getting head.

          • I’m just so glad we got to see some Daenerys boobs/butt combo. It’s been too long.

          • Head shot of Khaleesi taking a bath. It’s going to happen.
            Nipples just skimming the surface. It’s about to happen.
            Bare chest exposed upon getting up. It’s about to happen.
            Full rear exposed upon getting out. It’s about to happen.

            GoT has this amazing way of dragging out the drama. You know it’s about to happen, it’s happening, you knew all along it was going to be like this, but you can’t believe it because you’re still saying “IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN!”

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            My sun and my moon…

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            i think it’s Sun and Stars
            it is knowwwwwn

          • I want me making baby dragons with her to be about to happen.

          • “I don’t get it. Is Whiskers your family name? Was your father Whiskers too?”

  • Jing Li

    I think there may be a problem with the legal system.

    • Jing Li

      I think I read that story too quickly. What a weird story.

  • Dave

    Are there any people who are bigger stupid cunts than Hunanese people?

    河南 not 湖南

    • Cauffiel

      Yeah, I noticed that too…. typo in the translation, or some nitwit in Henan casting aspersions on Hunan? haha

    • wafflestomp

      Shanghai/Hangzhounese come to mind.

    • Irvin

      Did you read the article? it was based in loudi, and last time I checked loudi is part of hunan. So is a certain chairman.

      • Dave

        Zhoukou is a prefecture-level city in eastern Henan province, People’s Republic of China.

  • Nilerafter24

    Yeah, I just don’t believe Chinese police reports anymore.
    How did this kid have access to that much money and why would he want to take out his whole family?
    A more likely situation is some powerful figures took the judge out and framed the son because they failed to kill him during the assassination.

    • perhaps the judge was incorruptible. So he had to go… in order to preserve harmony?

      • Cauffiel

        Harmonious Assassination…. Gerhana, I think you are onto the next big thing!

        • harmony need a helping hand now and then…. to pull the trigger and keep the peace. Did you hear that? I too, did not hear anything. The quiet is deafening as criminal unleash their criminal-ness. Is this not harmonious?

          • “The quiet is deafening as criminal unleash their criminal-ness. Is this not harmonious?”

            Song of the article:

            – John Cage

          • Second movement was excellent. Excruciating, but excellent. Download quota well spent!

          • Cauffiel

            I think harmony occurs when everyone is sufficiently confused or distracted.

          • hmm…. I like the way you think

    • slob

      Even if the parents were strict on the kid, the sister reverse locked him into a room knowing trouble was coming. A sister who only loves her brother more than herself would do that. If he really did have them assassinated and couldn’t see how his family actually cared about him, he deserves the punishment he gets and I hope he gets ass-raped in jail.

      If, on the other hand, the assassins are working for someone else, the kid is screwed as he has no power or authority so his guanxi with anybody is meaningless now. His father had it all and now he’s gone, this kid is gonna get fucked up.

      There’s not enough information like police statements proving the kid and the assassins had contact via emails, QQ, phone calls etc. so it’s all just heresay at the moment.

      • Irvin

        ass rape is an american phenonminon, it doesn’t happen in other parts of the world, we don’t have as much gay love that americans does.

        • James

          chinese were ass raping each other long before evil whitey discovered china

        • mr.wiener

          I thought the Chinese invented everything?

        • v=b

          Ass rape wouldn’t hurt much in a Chinese jail;)

        • crimsonarmor

          Are you kidding? the amount of gay and lesbians that have come out or been seen in China is phenomenal. Now considering the population here its a scary thought of just how much ass raping goes on daily. Also doesn’t everything have a label (Made in China)?

      • Xiu

        I’m not sure if ass-rape is really such a downer after you have been executed. Could be though… who knows what awaits on the other side.

    • Xiu

      To get rich is glorious!

  • qwerty

    i hope the son of bitch gets the death penalty.

    • Jin Ch’in

      No he need love and rehabilitation

      • mukanis

        In your house.

  • Jin Ch’in

    Western influence have brain washed china youth..they no longer can tell the difference between a SAW movie and real life.

    • BiggJ

      Then don’t watch them. You have a choice. If chinks are so feeble minded then they should be treated like little retarded children by the government even more then they are now. I say block everything western from china and send all the chinks home. That will solve the problem.

      • Guy Fawkes

        Yeah. At the same time sending the chinks home, send all the trash like you back to where you came from too. While the comments from Jin Ch’in seems stupid and anti-west, your comments are racist. Losers like you and Jin Ch’in are from the same douchebag category sitting behind the screen making negative comments everyday. Both of you makes a perfect couples, or gay couples.

    • NathanB

      Yeah white people are definitely to blame here, it’s not like two of traditional China’s most respected (and deservedly so) literary masterpieces like 红楼梦 or 三国演义would ever mention such horrid things as killing family members. It must be Michael Bay’s fault!

    • Germandude

      Ok, who of you assholes on Chinasmack pressed the repeat button so that we all have to read the same crap over and over again? Jin Ch’in’s post are like Phil Collins music: nobody likes him, but we constantly have to listen….

      • BiggJ

        About 10-20 comments in on every story someone will somehow blame america/white people/the west. Every single time buddy. lol

        • Jin Ch’in

          Yes the blame is with western culture but the effected is not just Chinese youth.

          • BiggJ

            I even tried to have a normal conversation with you before. But you keep saying retarded shit that makes no sense and is just chinese propaganda. So before tv or western influence, chinese youth were perfect angels who did nothing wrong or acted violent? China’s past is a lot more violent then now. And that nothing to do with white people.

          • Jin Ch’in

            So when you mean “normal” you mean agreeing with your views and point right? otherwise your retarded, stupid have no idea blah blah blah

          • BiggJ

            You don’t have to agree with me at all. But it’s not always americas/white people fault. As is it’s not chinese fault either…some people are just fucked. And with you the conversation always leads westerns fault for everything a chinese person does wrong.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Did you read some of the other comments..maybe he was framed?

          • BiggJ

            Funny how the mother was not home when this happened….maybe it was her. And then she gets to keep all the money. With her husband and daughter dead and son in jail…she gets all the assets.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Maybe the mother was seduced by a white guy who convinced her to kill off her family take the money and live aboard with him?

          • mukanis

            Or maybe Jin Ch’in seduced the mother and ass raped her? I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Jin Ch’in is a Chinese censorship advocate who refuses to let other fellow Chinese enjoy internet freedom, but watches porno by himself. I’m pretty sure your future generation will damn you haha.

          • hahaha are you Irish? you have have to be!

          • Wait i read you other comments…you’re probably not

          • BiggJ

            Here were my views on the story, that had nothing to do with being chinese or western or whatever the fuck.

            “They say it had to do with his parents disciplining him. I don’t think
            so. Then why kill your sister too? I think he just wanted the
            inheritance money and never wanted to share it. If he killed them all he
            would be the lone beneficiary. It was all about money….In my opinion.”

          • Jin Ch’in

            Yes i agreed that would be his motive just from this report. We do not know if he suffers from mental illness or there’s abuse in the family which would drove him to this. He would have had outside influence to come up with this plan.

          • BiggJ

            What do you mean by outside influence? Westerners? People have been hiring assassins to kill each other for 1000’s of years. From all races and countries and all walks of life..It’s not like this is a new idea. And in most cases the motive is greed.

          • mukanis

            Yes, I believe it was your uncle who’s influencing the sicko.

          • BiggJ

            Every post with your comments in them goes like this.
            You say some stupid shit about america/white/black people.
            People tell you your a fuck tard.
            Then you respond with more commie bullshit.
            People tell you your a fuck tard.
            Rinse and repeat.

          • GatsbyC

            How many normal conversations begin with the word chink?

          • BiggJ

            You’d be surprised. lol

          • GatsbyC

            Judging by the way you use the English language I guess we’re forgoing actual definitions for “Bro you know what I meant.”

          • Irvin

            Yeah but at least we kill each other with style back then, and it gives us Mr.Ming Hong. Now we just do it with money, we gotta blame it on capitalism.

          • BiggJ

            lol, Yeah before capitalism no one ever killed anyone for money or possessions.

          • Irvin

            they do, but now they ONLY do it for money, there’s a difference.

          • BiggJ

            Are you saying every murder has to do with money? Maybe i’m reading your post wrong.

          • James

            that’s what he wrote

          • James


          • thats what she said.

          • BiggJ


          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Let’s say, for argument’s sake, western culture is to blame… what should China do about that? Shut down the internet? Go ahead… the world won’t stop turning without you.

          • Jin Ch’in

            No just have tighter censorship laws also tax these type of games and movies like cigarettes or alcohol

          • mukanis

            Yeah, they should start by censoring your gay porno.

          • Rick in China

            Too bad the internet can’t censor viewers from reading your backwards ass’d posts. All your shit is the same. Wa wa wa wa wa, whitey did it, whitey is horrible, China is a harmonious kingdom but ‘the west’ keeps fucking us up. Wa wa wa wa…

          • James

            he’s a troll & a successful one.

          • Yes. He’s successful at providing endless amusement.

            I imagine him as an old-timer wumao who only has a few weeks left until his retirement, and opts to take on one last assignment.

            “cS? What’s that? Oh, it can’t be too bad. A few Baidu links, some “Global Times” quotes, a couple of “LoL’s” to end it off… easy peasy. I mean, how hard can it be?”

            Yup, I did it: I effectively compared cS commentators to Mel Gibson.

          • mr.wiener

            Might I suggest you don’t feed him from now on?

          • Les Battersby

            more bloody rubbish from the lone one man mental!

          • mukanis

            No, the small penis you have is to blame for all of this.

          • Les Battersby

            And certainly not japanese or korean or HK or taiwanese culture then? No, no, because Asians are too easy to target. Also “affected” as in “affected youth”. You need to be educated, guffaw guffaw.

        • Germandude

          What was the correct term for this behaviour again? Penis-envy? I honestly forgot.

          • GatsbyC

            Don’t black people use the same argument against the majority White population?

            It seems there is a preoccupation with seeming rather than being no matter where I go.

            Check my swag please

      • Jin Ch’in

        I am not saying just Chinese youth are the only one being affected. Youth violence around the world is sky rocketing and its all due to all the violence they see.

        • BiggJ

          You mean only western violence. Chinese violence is fine…does nothing to chinese kids.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Have you watched any Chinese horror..they all so lame flying ghost with magic powers. How can you compare that with say SAW or The Human Centipede?

          • BiggJ

            Have you watched any chinese propaganda movies about japan and war? Maybe he thought his dad was the japs trying to invade with life. And had to kill his whole family. In his mind he is now free from japanese oppression.

          • The Enlightened One

            You are on to something…

            Maybe… just maybe… the reason for this kid going nuts is Chinese T.V…. oh let’s turn on the telly shall we… or what do we have here….?

            1) Crappy soap operas where someone is crying or getting smacked every five minutes… “WAAAAAAH!” Very depressing and annoying to watch.

            2) Crappy anti-Japanese war shows… nationalism and a repressed anger on the rise. They practically cram this shit down the people’s throats… like it or not.

            3) News about how awesome the Chinese government is and how the rest of the world is thrown into Chaos… control, control and more control… maybe like his parents?

            4) Some goofy TV show, singing, dancing or a sort of gameshow… with stupid annoying sounds like it was made for a 10 year old kid with an attention-deficit-disorder.*Boooing* *pop* *ding*… condescending… immature and thoughtless. These shows wouldn’t be so bad if the audiences weren’t so fake and they would get rid of those god awful sounds. Is it just me or do all the hosts seem the same with very little to no personality difference?

            Did I miss anything?

          • GatsbyC

            “Why waste time with this guy… he’s like 12 or something.”

            OH SWEET IRONY.

          • The Enlightened One

            “OH SWEET IRONY.”

            OH, BROKEN RECORD.

            *KICKS IT*

            NOPE, STILL BROKEN.

          • Guest

            Don’t shoot the messenger.

            There’s a reason you spend so much time entertaining Jin Ch’in.

          • Because doing “crazy as a bag full of cats” on your own necessitates many cats. And the aforementioned bag.

          • Mighty

            Jin Ch’in entertains me, like a ‘lil biatch.

          • The Enlightened One

            Why waste time with this guy… he’s like 12 or something. His arguments read like he just got high off gasoline fumes and glue sticks. I am pretty sure it is against the Chinese law to pick on and insult mentally retarded children.

            Or maybe it isn’t…

          • Les Battersby

            You can’t, SAW is awesome, end of story body!!! And sling your hook!

          • Mighty

            I got the entire SAW series. On pirated Chinese discs, of course.

          • Mighty

            SAW’s are actually highly evolved in creativity and plots within subplots. Human Centipede was just disgusting and mindless.

        • Germandude

          You said: “Western influence have brain washed china youth”. Congratulations! On a Chinese murder case with ZERO influence from the west, you sure know who to blame just so that it fits your picture.

          Ah, I don’t want to discuss with you. Go ahead with your theories and once done, write a book and sell it. Sth like: Jin Ch’in’s life theories – Part 1. If you are persistant, you might reach the status where you can get rich through selling your “Best of Jin Chi’in”. Then buy yourself Prada shoes and drive over a scooter driver with your Lamborghini and reassure yourself that you just killed a worthless non-Shanghainese. But be assured that before going to bed, when looking into the mirror, it’s still the same loser who is blinded through hate and a low IQ.
          Did I forget any point of your awesome arguments over the last 48 hours?

        • Let me tell you a story i heard from the daughter of a Chinese diplomat: 2 Chinese businessmen in South Africa are rivals and hate each other…what does one do the harm the other? Pay a local scumbag to rape the other one’s 10 year old daughter.

          • Jin Ch’in

            All hearsay..anyone could make up any story about anyone whats ur point?
            Even if the media report it doesn’t mean its true

          • Les Battersby

            Nor is your opinion true. Or is only chinese media the truth?

        • Paul

          And all the “kill the Japanese invaders” shows on Chinese television don’t count?

          You’re just a hypocritical bigot, JC.

      • rusty012938

        make the site private, you won’t have to listen to people who don’t belong to your superior class

      • Jing Li

        I, actually, feel a little sorry for him, myself. And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic or patronizing way. Obviously something has happened to him in the past. Something that has scarred him and created this bitter persona. And, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen quite a few “western/white” people with similar personas attacking China and the Chinese. They do exist as well, and similarly, offer little substance.

        Personally, I tend to post my opinion and just see who replies. Every once in a while I will look to see what hatred he has spread lately, but for the most part, I just let him go off on a tangent and do my best to ignore him.

        By the way, what’s a repeat button or is that just a joke?

    • GatsbyC

      Yeah… no…

    • haha i was actually reading a Chinese comment saying ” oh i don’t know what to think” and was imagining the following response from a Chinese idiot’s perspective: “must be the foreigners fault” And there we go

    • mukanis
      • GatsbyC


        Implying causation between bystander effect and corruption.

        • mukanis

          The dehumanization problem.

          • GatsbyC


            Implying causation between bystander effect and “dehumanization.”

            Same shit, you just moved the goal posts around a little.

          • mukanis

            It’s just reaffirmation.

          • GatsbyC

            Yeah… I’m not going to flesh this out for you. Godspeed

    • Irvin

      How can you brain wash the brain washed?

      • Jing Li

        You first need a brain to be brain washed.

  • BiggJ

    They say it had to do with his parents disciplining him. I don’t think so. Then why kill your sister too? I think he just wanted the inheritance money and never wanted to share it. If he killed them all he would be the lone beneficiary. It was all about money….In my opinion.

    • Chinese

      Because his sister didn’t work after she graduated from university to be this little bastard’s tutor/servant.

  • Cauffiel

    Hahaha…. didn’t like his parents strict discipline?? Wait til the Commies get a hold of him!

    • Tadd

      Hello… welcome to the 21st Century, my name is Tadd, let me be your guide:

      Our first lesson: the use of the word “commie”, it is practically extinct; it is now only used by dumb, inbred fucks.

      • Cauffiel

        Really? Instead of shortening the word, have we lengthened it? Communististsists?

        Blow me.

        • James

          from the people that brought you the word splittists

          fuck em

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Kid got framed

    • Jin Ch’in

      Agreed..this whole story doesn’t add up

  • hire a man to kill your family, you hire a man to kill yourself. He pulls the trigger, he is your revolver. One expensive ticket to your oblivion. Bullets for your Isolation….

    ♫ Yes im the one they call the man, in the name of all im just a hitman.
    I’ll get the job done. No one will ever know, it was you! it was you~

    (Metal Church – Hitman)


  • AlexJ

    “Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Department Serious Crimes Section Captain Zhang Jiancheng explained that after 2pm in the afternoon of May 15th, the Henan Provincial Ministry of Public Security and the Henan Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Bureau…” the longer the names on these people and places the more official it all is…

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Gee… he must really be a VIP.

      • Mighty

        With HIV.

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      Hunan Provincial Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Department Serious Crimes Section Captain Zhang Jiancheng

      The original text is only one third of the length. I Guess it is long because English sucks at expressing complex meanings.

      • James

        it’s because it’s a phonetic alphabet for a different language

        hunan, 2 characters vs 5 letters, sheng 1 character vs 8 letters, gong an 2 characters vs 14 letters. Even in pinyin it’s much longer b ut of course characters are frequently more complicated & time consuming to write than roman letters because of the many strokes required, so 6 of 1……

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          Not really, multi-stroke characters are often simplified to one continuous stroke or two in hand-writing. Only primary school students would write in a strick stroke-by-stroke manner.

          • James

            well we also use cursive to write with, apart from usually crossing t’s (and often neglected dotting of i’s).it’s one long stroke per word

          • Mighty

            I’ve been crossing the t’ within the same strokes. But I’m out of luck with the i’s. Can’t avoid lifting the pen or pencil to dot that motha.

          • James

            crossing T’s at the end of a word you mean? that’s why I wrote usually, if you can pull it off in the middle power to ya.

            I’s optional to me, J’s never

          • Mighty

            I misunderstood. I thought you meant crossing the t’s without lifting the pen in a continuous stroke. I do that but I must admit it’s ugly and the t’s often look like f’s.

      • Mighty

        Chinese are very good at making a common name very extraordinary. Pick up a can or bottle of anything in a grocery store and read the label. For example: “Corporation OF Major Big Dong Import And Export Of Dried Foods And Stuffs Hunan Province of the People’s Republic of China”.
        Yeah, speaking of complex meanings.

        • James

          I think he’s catching on why we frequently use abbreviations & acronyms

          Cpt Jiancheng Chang, CID Serous Crimes Section, Hunan, MPS.

          Ministry is more limey oriented, we’d use dept, bureau, etc.

          • Mighty

            LOL@’limey’ oriented.

          • James

            it are true, they’ve got dept’s too but they’ve got an MOJ we’ve got DOJ, they’ve got MOD we’re DOD

            Even countries very similar to the UK like Ghana or Kenya have a MOE to compare to our DOE

            they also like calling departments offices

          • Mighty

            All the Common Wealth follows the same. Don’t forget also positions like Constable, Magistrate, Barrister, etc.
            * My fave is ‘MOS’ (Ministry of Sound)

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          I don’t feel the names are “extraordinary”. It just very specificly tells which facility and subfacility the officer belongs to.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Haha, It’s always amused me how long the names and titles are. I mean, nothing wrong with it, but it’s just interesting.

          Reminds me of the “Agents of SHIELD” trailer I saw on Youtube, when an agent interviews someone and ask what they thought of the agency’s name.

          -What does shield stand for, Agent Ward?
          -Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
          -And what does that mean to you?

          -“It means that someone REALLY wanted our initials to spell S.H.I.E.L.D.”

          • Mighty

            Hahaha.. good one. Americans are masters at creating acronyms. Especially the military.

          • James

            a place called the USA is good at creating acronyms?

      • Xiu

        Counted over 100 strokes in that sentence b4 I got bored (probably goes up to over 200), the English one seems less than 100 at a glance. Chinese is more efficient in typing, but not in handwriting. There’s a reason why Western people gave up on Hieroglyphs. What I just said is not it, go do some research. I do appreciate the beauty of Chinese ‘grass’ script though, then again, I have managed to make English handwriting just as pretty over the years.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          The average writing speed of an educated Chinese person is 40 characters/minute. While the average writing speed for english is 31 words per minute. In the above example there are 19 characters in the chinese text and 15 words in the english text, so the times it takes to write the chinese text and the english text are about the same.

  • Jen_in_NY

    This is Florida crazy!

  • BiggJ
    • Mighty

      I was unfortunate to sit through that shit for nearly 30 mins in Guangzhou. And that was with the fucking lights working normally!

  • Irvin

    Kids these days got no class! if you wanna see someone dead at least have the decency to look them in the eyes and do it yourself, especially your parents……they deserve this much.

    • Mighty

      I’m a bit torn by your statement. Parents deserve to be killed or deserve to be looked in the eyes.

  • Mighty

    NO WAY! Not in China. Never! This sort of unimaginable horror happens ONLY in Amerca! LMAO!

    Oh and this too: It’s a Japanese lie!

  • B*tches, Leave

    Who cares …

  • Sounds more like some disgruntled bigwigs from the judge’s past rulings may be behind this……

    • Mighty

      Or the victim (judge) must have sentenced one of those super rich kids who killed a person or two while driving in a Lambo.

  • Mighty

    I like this post by “平凡人” on

    Typical, saving face. Like I mentioned before, China’s TV news is structured in this manner;
    First 15 minutes – Leaders are busy working;
    Second 15 minutes – People in China living happily and in harmony;
    Last 15 minutes – every where else around the world is in a mess.

  • crimsonarmor

    Yeah this is what you call heavenly kingdom where sons murder their families. Very heavenly, If this keeps up the population problem will be solved.I guess that’s a bonus I suppose. what a tragedy.

  • dumbledore

    Extremely rich family and they apparently had hundreds of thousands of yuan lying around at home, the son could easily offer 600.000 on the contract. Now, I might be going out on a limb here, but who else thinks this judge might not have been 100 percent legit?

  • zi_ni_ma_13

    the rise of chinese super criminals, it is us, those in the west that should be afraid.

    • Mighty

      She was good looking for her age. I can’t find anything about them being romantically involved. He was one lucky bastard to share an apartment with her but not paying rent is overdoing it.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    The one I feel the most sorry for is the daughter who died locking in and protecting her brother.

    I’ve got nothing to say about the other people involved in this.

  • katie k

    It’s very strange to read an article in which the suspects are not referred to as suspects but as if they had already been found guilty.

  • Harry

    Can someone tell me if there is an American smack version in China? I mean stories like murder, rape, killings, hit man, etc are a dime a dozen in American. I happens almost every single hours. I am curious if Chinese enjoy to here about the horrible thing about America as much as American love reading stories about how bad Chinese are