Son Reunited With Family 22 Years After Being Kidnapped

Son Reunited With Family 22 Years After Being Kidnapped
A 24-year-old man who was kidnapped aged just 16 months has finally been reunited with his biological parents. “Atao” (alias) was snatched by a group of unknown assailants from his mother’s arms whilst she waited for a train in Guiyang. 22 years later, Jinjiang police noticed that a Xi’an village resident wasn’t related to his household’s members, and a subsequent DNA test confirmed his ID. Police then arranged a meetup between Atao and his true parents, during which contact details were exchanged. With the foster parents still considering him theirs, one netizen said they were no different to people traffickers.

Source: Netease

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  • wangdaning

    Disgusting that the people holding a stolen child would consider themselves foster parents. They are kidnappers, and the police should do something about them. I am really tired of being out with my son and worrying someone will steal him, then we get this crap about foster parents (screw you…you have know for how many years the child you had was stolen, what did you do to find the parents…monsters). Gets better when they say he is still theirs (blunt object to the head real parents, foster them some).

    • Ryan

      The child was taken by unknown kidnappers. 22 years later, the child is found with people. Deduction: the people are the kidnappers. Good job, Sherlock.

      • Myk

        Do you think they got the kid through a normal adoption process and were not aware how the boy came to them? And do you think the kidnappers snatched the kid first and only afterwards started looking for a buyer?

  • jakeinchina

    We don’t know all of the facts so I wouldn’t rush to judgment, but I would certainly agree with you that kidnappers, as well as people who buy stolen babies need to go to jail for a very long time. The laws are way to lenient on this issue.

  • Amused

    Hey, look at the bright side… He wasn’t molested!
    “22 years with fake parents” beats “raped and left in a trashbag by the river” any day of the week in my book.
    But hey, I’m a glass half full kind of guy :)

  • Foreign Devil

    These articles make me worry for my sons safety. . but at least it shouldn’t be hard to find him because he would be noticeable as a hun’xue.

  • Jahar

    A little more info would be nice.