Speeding, Unlicensed, Drunk Foreigner Hits & Kills Yiwu Girl

Young Chinese girl victim of hit and run by foreigner in Yiwu, China.

Young Chinese girl victim of hit and run by foreigner in Yiwu, China.

From Mop (1 & 2):

Only asking for justice! Foreigner who hits and kills an Yiwu girl [only gets] 15 days of administrative detention!

October 17th 9pm, on a section of Chouzhou Road, a 23-year old Yiwu girl crossing the crosswalk was hit by a small car that was excessively speeding and thrown over 20 meters. The driver of that small car fled the scene without stopping, but fortunately there were kind-hearted people who noted the car’s license plate number and called the police. The driver involved is a laowai, driving without a license and while intoxicated. He abandoned the car at Qingkou. The small car involved was a local Yiwu car. After paramedics sent the girl that was hit to Chouzhou hospital, her condition was declared critical with severe brain injury, a ruptured liver, losing 4500cc of blood during surgery that night, dilated pupils, crushed limbs, and five hours of surgery. At this point, she is still not out of danger.

Girl in Yiwu, China hit while crossing the street by a foreigner without a driver's license.

Tell me, is this driver still human? He too has family, so why was he so inhuman? Also, why did this Yiwu car owner lend this car knowing that the laowai doesn’t have a driver’s license? The worst thing is that this driver, after abandoning the car, returned to his hotel as if nothing happened, and the international hotel he was staying at was not 50 meters away from the scene of the accident.

A police report of the traffic accident that resulted in the death of a young girl by a drunk foreigner.

This girl’s family is a poor family that depends on the state, her father having passed away three years ago due to liver cirrhosis when she was in her third year of high school about to take the gaokao [China’s college entrance examination]. Her mother has barely recovered and now she has to suffer this news, how is she supposed to endure it? An this young pretty girl, just out of college, just entering the workforce, her beautiful life just beginning, and she is hit by a driver with a 2.13mg/ml blood alcohol content and no valid driver’s license. Speeding, fleeing from the scene. Hitting someone at the crosswalk, and just a trivial 15 days administrative detention? It has been 5 days now, the victim is still lying in the Chouzhou Hospital Intensive Care Unit and has not yet regained consciousness. Whether she will live or die is still unknown. Meanwhile, this 浙GR616F [license plate number] car owner has yet to visit the hospital nor has he expressed an apology to the victim. Where is the justice!!! On the 24th, the hospital said they couldn’t do anything further and the poor child passed away…

Photograph of the Chinese girl who was hit and killed by a drunk driver in Yiwu, China.

Why did this inhuman laowai for no reason at all strip someone of their right to life? Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? The family members don’t want anything but for the perpetrator to be punished severely! They only ask that the traffic police department fairly handle [this matter]! Because the victim’s family does not have economic means, and also does not have any influential relatives like Li Gang. I am thankful that there are so many kind-hearted people in support of this. Everyone spread this around, so that more people can know of this incident!

I only hope that heaven has people, that there are not drunks there, no speeding cars, and only peace!

Comments from Mop (1 & 2):


LZ is very silly. If you had hit a person, you too would be arrested and administratively detained first, and then what should be done will be done. Laowai cannot escape Chinese legal punishment. Please do not unreasonably incite. Thanks.


Our country’s criminal law does not put foreigners outside of our country’s criminal law. As long as the foreigner does something that matches a crime in our country’s criminal law, then the foreigner cannot escape the criminal law’s punishments.


You don’t understand the Heavenly Kingdom‘s special characteristics?
These people who always post news similar to this are the most annoying.
Even if you post it, what can it change?
Will the Heavenly Kingdom’s government actually do anything?


Foreigners who commit a crime within our country’s borders ought to be subject to our country’s law and punishments, unless he enjoys diplomatic immunity; but looking at his situation, it doesn’t look like he is someone who enjoys this kind of special right. It will be difficult to escape the crime of fleeing the scene. God will not forgive him, foreigners fear this line the most!


This lousy country, if it doesn’t even value its own ordinary people, how can it ask foreigners to respect it?


That foreign devil, his dad is Bush.


People are supposed to be equal before the law, but in China, you have to see who it is first.


Strongly condemn. Enlist the power of the internet, request the go-vern-ment to severely punish the perpetrator.


Brother [referring to self] has recently become numb to these things, my heart will no longer become as angry and indignant as it once did! This is simply the policy of our great, harmonious Heavenly Kingdom! Poor people are always one level lower! Our citizens are always one level lower than foreigners!


Rabble, don’t be fenqing anymore…in the Heavenly Kingdom, the rich are emperors and foreigners are distinguished guests of honor, so you rabble (including myself) are without exception just slaves.


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