Spoiled Chinese Boy Hits Grandma on Nanjing Subway, Reactions

Spoiled Chinese boy repeatedly hits grandmother on Nanjing subway Line 2.

Spoiled Chinese boy repeatedly hits grandmother on Nanjing subway Line 2.

From Sina Weibo:

#Boy Hits Grandma On Subway#

Recently, on Nanjing Subway Line 2, a boy repeatedly hit his grandma with a thermos mug, yelling “you are sick”. When his grandma tried to take away the thermos mug, the boy even slapped her in her face and viciously kicked her legs…It is reported that the boy has been spoiled at home, and this incident may have been a result of [the grandma] saying something he didn’t want to hear. How can this “wild/naughty kid [brat]” be saved?!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


You cannot treat a person too well just as you cannot feed a dog too well.


Get his parents and grandparents back to learn how to be parents and elders.


His parents must fight a lot at home.


Kids all learn from their parents, so we can see that his parents obviously don’t respect his grandma either. So sad.


If you don’t take good care of a kid now, just let “Uncle Police” takes care of him someday.


My nephew is like this too, with the exception of being relatively behaved in front of his parents. He probably got spoiled by his grandparents. One time, for no reason, he tried to hit me, and I bluntly stopped him. I’m not gonna put up with that, who do you think you are?


All the Nanjing people I know are kind of not in right in the head.


[I bet] if a bystander got involved [to chastise the kid], his grandma wouldn’t be happy about it either.


There is no “problem child”, only “child problems”. How parents raise a child is crucial. Among that, how do you manage “grandparents education [how grandparents treat or raise grandchildren]”? What’s everyone’s opinion?


How much I’d cherish my grandmother if I [still] had one! This absolutely has something to do with he kid’s parents.


If my kid treated my mom like this, I would bury him! Just in case his son would treat me like this.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


Children these days are all only children [of their families], spoiled by the entire family, who can’t bear to hit or scold them. If they had siblings, would they still be like this?


To spoil a kid is as bad as to kill a kid. If they continue to indulge the kid, he might take a knife and kill his entire family.


Like father like son.


I’m betting the grandma is just getting what she deserves! The grandson being so tyrannical has everything to do with his grandma spoiling him normally.


What is “you cannot simply criticize the kid [as said by the news anchor, who went on to say after all the child is young, and thus family upbringing and school education deserves reflection]”? Such a kid must be taught a lesson he will remember for the rest of his life, because some things simply are not allowed [such as disrespecting one’s elders]. Spare the rod, spoil the kid.


An undisciplined kid has his father to blame.” [A child who is] only rude and unreasonable to his family will be a coward outside his family.


It is obvious that this naughty kid knows he isn’t supposed to hit an elder, so trying to reason with him is useless. Only a rod can make him honest. This is animal instinct.


[Parents who] only know how to give birth, but do not know how to raise children. [I’m afraid] the parents themselves aren’t far from the day they themselves are going to be hit [by this kid].


This fully proves that the kid’s parents themselves do not respect this old lady at all.


The key is that this is a problem lies of school education. China’s elementary schools today simply do not attach any importance to children’s moral character education.


The kid was just horsing around with his grandma, just take a closer look at the video. A big deal about nothing.


Children who are spanked rarely blame/resent their parents when they grow up.


The worst is the person who took the video!

Comments from NetEase:


The fact that the kid hits his grandma now means that he will hit his parents in the future, which they deserve.


You call him “little”? In our village, a 2-year-old child is even more sensible [well-behaved] than he is; he’s asking for a beating.


Such a kid should be beat to death, because he will just grow up to be trouble [for society].


I’ve seen something like this when I visited Hainan for vacation. ”An undisciplined kid has his father to blame.” Parents nowadays just spoil their kids too much!


This kind of phenomenon is too common in China, and if the situation continues like this, Chinese people are going to be ruined by themselves.


You get what you plant [reap what you sow]. If this kid continues to be spoiled, he’ll definitely grow up to be trouble. If I were his father, I guarantee I would give him a beating.


[She] deserves being hit! Stupid cunt elder [grandparent]!


That’s what they get for spoiling the kid.


This kid truly should be slapped to death.


Written by Li Hao


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