Star of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Exposed as Prostitute

Johanne Liou, the Sunflower Queen of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement.

Three of the top 10 most viewed articles on popular Chinese web portal NetEase yesterday were about this story…

From NetEase:

Taiwanese Star Johanne Liou [Liu Qiaoan] Exposed Working as High-Priced Escort December 11 report — According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwanese star Liu Qiaoan [aka Johanne Liou] has been caught working as a high-priced escort by a publication/magazine, causing all sorts of public controversy. On the 10th, she checked-in at Macau and expressed that she was a fool for having been set-up/tricked, will not comment on this matter any further, nor sue the publication that exposed her. She also insisted that everything she said was only because she was playing along in order to get out of the situation. Late night on the 10th, when she was spotted taking a flight back to Taiwan from Macau, she hid in a woman’s restroom. When she came out and saw reporters waiting for her, her eyes teared up and she began crying.

Liu Qiaoan is pretty, and had exploded into popularity after being caught on camera during the Sunflower Student Movement. Who would have thought she would be exposed by magazines, hounded by photographers, and suspected of working as a high-priced escort. In the released video, she not only talks about her price of “70,000 (NTD, summer) in Taiwan, 100,000 ‘outside of Taiwan'”, she also nonchalantly talked about sexual matters, with shocking explicitness.

Comments from NetEase:

崬苝荖莰 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

This Taiwanese girl’s looks aren’t bad, quite sexy, I like. 100,000 NTD isn’t that expensive either. Heehee.

回扣之国 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Not as expensive as CCTV Sister.

唯唯诺诺随波逐流 [网易浙江省绍兴市网友]:

Compared to X Meimei, it’s really not expensive.

网易广东省深圳市网友 [lxc1968]:

Hehe, democracy cannot be traded/sold, but your body can! Long live the democracy of lousy Taiwanese!

悼念被美军虐死的华裔士兵 [网易黑龙江省牡丹江市网友]: (responding to above)

She’s indeed “not a oil-saving lamp” [a Chinese idiom when used negatively meaning someone who is not simple, not honest, is crafty], who “does smokeless work” [does things in secret?]! Now, the price of Taiwanese democracy is going to go up yet again [possibly the chances of achieving Taiwanese democracy has become even slimmer].


From NetEase:

Taiwanese Star Who Became Famous For Opposing the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement [CSSTA] Exposed as High-Priced Escort

Netease Entertainment December 10 report — According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwanese star Liu Qiaoan has a sweet appearance and when a sexy photo of her caught the public’s attention, she became famous overnight. Previously exposed for using the public to profit herself, being a kept mistress, and other controversies, she was again exposed by a magazine on the 10th as a high-price escort [prostitute] that asks for 100,000 yuan (about 20,000 RMB) per instance, with the video of the male customer filmed of them two discussing the price being made public. The content of the short video is quite explicit.

According to the magazine’s report, a Hong Kong man revealed that he had found her through strings pulled by friends, and that he had secretly filmed the entire discussion between the two of them about price in the hotel room. In the short video, she appears sexily wearing a red miniskirt and black top. After the man bargains the price down to 30,000 yuan NTD, she responds by pointing out that she is 70,000 yuan NTD in Taiwan, and only asks 100,000 yuan NTD when she goes abroad, hinting that the lowest price she can accept is 70,000 yuan, upon which the negotiation collapsed.

Then the Hong Kong man took out 2000 yuan NTD and gave it to her as taxi fare, and she also generously changed into denim shorts on the spot, giving the man a feast for his eyes, before making another offer of 30,000 yuan for an hour, helplessly saying: “I’m not an ordinary ‘prostitute’, meaning…where we ‘only make love’, and that’s it.”

Throughout it all, Liu Qiaoan openly chats with the man about sexual matters. When asked if there is a difference after having had a child, she confidently answered: “I didn’t have a natural birth, and what more…normally, everyone says I’m ‘pretty tight’, and if I was very ‘loose’, I probably wouldn’t command this price, right?!” She also hinted that because clients know she likes the romantic feeling of dating, they usually book her for two to three days at a time.

In response to this, Liu Qiaoan denies being an escort, claiming she had received a call informing her that a Hong Kong client wanted to purchase alcohol, only realizing he wanted sex services after arriving at his room. Afraid that he harbored sinister intentions and in order to protect herself, she claimed she could only play along with the man, clarifying that her responses were all improvised. She then accused the person who exposed this video as entrapping her due to having a grudge against her, and her Facebook account has already been deleted to ride out the storm.

"But in Taiwan I am 70,000 [NTD]."

“But in Taiwan I am 70,000 [NTD].”

"And when I go abroad, I am 100,000 [NTD]."

“And when I go abroad, I am 100,000 [NTD].”


The “Sunflower Queen” made famous by the Sunflower Student Movement

After Liu Qiaoan, the “Sunflower Queen” who relied on the Sunflower Student Movement to become famous, was exposed of illegal fund-raising, it then went around that she asked her ex-husband for them to divorce and remarry because her belief in fortune-telling led her to believe she will have two marriages. To his surprise, when her ex-husband signed [the divorce papers], Liu Qiaoan took their daughter and left, leaving the man devastated.

Liu Qiaoan previously told the media that she had divorced because of domestic violence, but her ex-husband’s friend resented this extremely, choosing to go public and expose her. He accused that Liu Qiaoan had argued on the basis of her firm belief in fortune-telling that a fortune-teller had said she was destined to have two marriages and therefore asked her ex-husband to separate and then remarry. Ridiculously, after the two divorced, Liu Qiaoan simply walked away, and even took their daughter with her, greatly perplexing her ex-husband.

Her ex-husband’s friend says Liu Qiaoan had met her ex-husband in a nightclub when she was 19, that the two had a shotgun wedding, and that her husband had even taken out a loan to help her open a ramen restaurant in the city’s east district. In reality, not two months after Liu had given birth to their daughter, she had snuck out of the hospital for a date with another man, which her ex-husband had at the time chosen to forgive, not knowing that the marriage ultimately couldn’t be saved. Reportedly, the ex-husband is still carrying the debt from the ramen restaurant, providing living expenses for the mother and child, and is actively seeking custody of the daughter.

Comments from NetEase:

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[email protected] [网易山东省临沂市网友]:

I have her video, who wants to watch?

统一100 [网易湖南省怀化市网友]:

A female star for just 100,000, that’s genuinely a low price.

莉莉Q号2371436020 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

What is this, and for 100,000? I have completely natural F cups, my face is better than yours, my butt perkier, and I can’t even make that much in a year!!!

马云[阿里巴巴集团非常任董事长] [网易山东省枣庄市滕州市网友]:

A piece of garbage. Today’s society is a society where garbage struts around! It’s no longer strange! A deformed society!

nhn2015 [网易吉林省延边州延吉市网友]:

I don’t understand nor do I know this person
nor do I support those who agitate for Taiwanese independence, for separation.

But what I want to say is
what does her being an escort/prostitute or not have to do with her political advocacy?


From NetEase:

Taiwan Anti-Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement Female Star’s Prostitution Video Exposed, Surrounded by Reporters, Hides in Restroom


Liu Qiaoan afterwards explained that she at the time thought the man was a big boss from the mainland who wanted to purchase alcohol, not expecting that he would directly ask if they could have sexual relations, scaring her, and thus prompting her to find a way to get out of the situation, leaving her no choice but to play along and say such things. Because the video does not capture the entire meeting from beginning to end but has been edited, it has also face skepticism from others. However, many professionals judge that for a secretly filmed video to be so clear must’ve meant it was planned in advance, and that at least two people were involved.

Liu Qiaoan is suspected of trying to lay low, heading to Macau after the incident, but media caught on the night of the 10th taking a 10 o’clock flight from Macau back to Taiwan, with her female traveling companion immediately using their bags to cover her face, then ducking into a restroom to hide. Not long later, the two of them came out, but upon discovering the reporters still there, Liu Qiaoan seemed to break down. With a weeping expression appearing on her face, she screamed, “Stop hurting me!” and then took a car leaving the airport.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易海南省文昌市网友 ip:59.49.*.*

When even garbage like Guo Meimei is 100,000, her asking price of only 70,000 NTD is already professionally conscientious~

落寞江湖路 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Don’t lose heart, still better than those female broadcasters/anchors who are

网易福建省厦门市网友 ip:120.42.*.*

She says: Democracy cannot be traded/sold, but her body can be traded/sold.

a2798835612 [网易山西省运城市网友]:

Even if she were a prostitute, can prostitutes not seek freedom and democracy?

当我们站在一起 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

Whether you people believe it or not, I believe it.

Does this reveal something about China? Is it a mainland media attempt to discredit the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan earlier this year? What about this being first reported by Taiwanese media? Is this political at all? Or just celebrity gossip? Or merely netizens interested in anything involving pretty girls and the hint of sex? Is any of this important? Does it matter that it is reported in China? That Chinese netizens paid attention to it? We think these are interesting questions surrounding what trends on the Chinese internet. Sometimes there are answers and sometimes there aren’t. We don’t think these stories are world-changing and we don’t think translating these stories is going to change the world, but maybe they help us understand some things just a little bit more. Would advertisers object to this? Some might, as some have before. Should we delete it? We might have to, but we don’t want to. Please become one of chinaSMACK’s patrons, so those last two question aren’t the ones we have to ask ourselves. Thank you.
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  • Sum Ting Wong

    Even a prostitute cares about democracy in Taiwan. Way to go! XD

    • Irvin

      Of course they care, they need democracy to peddle their wares.

  • Alex Dương

    These two have it right:

    1. But what I want to say is what does her being an escort/prostitute or not have to do with her political advocacy?

    2. Even if she were a prostitute, can prostitutes not seek freedom and democracy?


      doesn’t matter, some dragonlady in the media wants to hurt her because they are jealous of her looks.

      • Alex Dương

        Seems a bit too petty but not impossible, I guess.

        • Teacher in China

          Hey why’d that comment get deleted? I read it before it was, and it didn’t seem that bad to me.

          • ClausRasmussen

            It’s back now. Some moderator hit the wrong button I suppose

    • John Wang

      Because it makes people doubt her committment to the cause. Is she there because she truly believes in the cause or was she there because she just wanted media exposure for advertisement?

      • Alex Dương

        Was she actually advertising her escort services during the Sunflower Movement? It seems from the article that she most certainly did NOT want media exposure for her escort job.

    • Joe

      If that advocacy deals with a service agreement then yes. The sunflower movement would be opposed to mainland girls working in Taiwan, but not opposed to Taiwanese girl working in the mainland.

      • Alex Dương

        I think this is where some people would say “tu quoque” in response xD

    • kkw

      Freedom and democracy is just another lie to cover up the proletarian dictatorship in these “democratic” countries. Look at the unsustainable debt levels…

      • Alex Dương

        ? How is Taiwan a “proletarian dictatorship”?

        • Dr Sun

          cant wait for his answer

        • kkw

          In any country where the uneducated, low-earning crowd can determine the future of the nation will inevitably lead to unsustainable socialism. Obamacare etc. It is the modern dying Roman Empire.

          Taiwan’s fate will be similar.

          • Alex Dương

            Reconcile your claim with the current statuses of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, among others.

          • kkw

            There is no contradiction. You should focus on the big picture, centuries are nothing to the birth and death of empires, and at one point the Romans, the Greek and the Chinese empire looked like they are going to last forever, and yet they failed. Socialism will lead to the death of nations.

          • Alex Dương

            Please explain how socialism led to the end of the Qing Empire.

          • kkw

            I have not claimed that every single failure was caused by socialism, but I am saying that socialism will eventually lead to failure. I see that you are part of that uneducated mass that the governments are trying to please.

          • Alex Dương

            You claimed, quote,

            You should focus on the big picture, centuries are nothing to the birth
            and death of empires, and at one point the Romans, the Greek and the
            Chinese empire looked like they are going to last forever, and yet they
            failed. Socialism will lead to the death of nations.

            Clearly in context, you implied that socialism led to the collapse of the Qing Empire. I ask you to explain how that was the case. You now say that it was not the case.

            FWIW, I don’t support socialism (i.e. public ownership of the means of production). But it’s really sloppy to just make this kind of statement and not bother to expound on it.

          • biggj

            And the Taxes in those countries are really high just to sustain it. It’s only sustainable for so long as nothing bad happens like a massive job lose or a recession. I live and Canada and at the rate we are going in 20 years even people retirement funds are in question.And if there are job losses and high unemployment, who pays for all the welfare benefits? The tax payer pays for that.You can’t have more people taking then are giving to the government.

          • Alex Dương

            I’m in favor of privatized social security, no minimum wage, closing all overseas military bases, and in general vastly reducing government spending. I do not support public ownership of the means of production.

            But I also don’t support blanket claims like “in any country where the uneducated, low-earning crowd can determine the
            future of the nation will inevitably lead to unsustainable socialism” and “Socialism will lead to the death of nations” without any elaboration.

          • biggj

            I agree with you, but what kkw says has some truth to it…as general as it may be.

            “in any country where the uneducated, low-earning crowd can determine the
            future of the nation will inevitably lead to unsustainable socialism”

            Well…thats is true to some degree. All uneducated poor people are going to help other poor people….And the more you help the more taxes everyone pays. And people on welfare for the most part do not want to work….and why would you want to? get a check every week for doing fuck all. A lot of people take advantage of this system…not only the poor….fraud in the welfare system in canada is rampant….and how do you stop that?….. By putting more money into the system to counter the fraud which ups the cost of the system in total. This is just one example… Universal healthcare is another and so on and so on.

            Shit I pay over $50,000 a year in just taxes…And how much of that goes to some asshole sitting watching tv all day because he has”head aches” or some shit. The more and more you cater to poor people the shittier your country does…The government can’t be too nice to people….people will almost certainly take advantage of it.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I’m from Denmark, and I agree with kkw’s view. When people figure out they can vote themselves to other peoples money, they will

            It is not an argument against democracy but an argument against unconstrained democracy. There should be provisions in the constitution that limited the responsibility and size of the state

          • Alex Dương

            There should be provisions in the constitution that limited the responsibility and size of the state

            I agree with this completely. But as I understand it, kkw’s posts seem to imply that so long as these constitutions can be amended by the “proletarian dictatorship,” democracies will inevitably descend into states where people just try to figure out how to get their hands in other people’s pockets. It’s not clear to me what his alternative is, if any.

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> It’s not clear to me what his alternative is

            CCP! Hahaha

          • Alex Dương

            Oh, the irony.

          • ClausRasmussen


    • Rick in China

      Of course that’s absolutely truth – however, the masses look past the obvious, and accept character assassination as a means to ignore (or aggressively hate on) people. Same thing with, say, Weiner..

      • Alex Dương

        I agree. In general, I feel that “character assassination” should only be done if there is something about the person’s character that is relevant to the activity in question. For example, her being a prostitute in and of itself is irrelevant to her activism and advocacy. We know from the article that she offered services in Macau. If she also traveled to mainland China on business, then that would be relevant because she is in favor of restricting the trade the other way around. But only that would be relevant, if true.

  • mr.wiener

    I want to say it is all a put up job, but there have been some genuinely wacky people who have attached themselves to worthy causes. Whether she is or isn’t an superstitious prostitute has nothing to do with the issue she was representing, but of course that won’t matter to to the people who want to find ammunition to use against democracy activist.

    • Aaron Wytze

      Weiner哥 is right. This seems to be a handy way for Chinese netizens to complain about Taiwan’s democracy being a sham, and discredit the Sunflower Movement. Taiwans democracy has made enormous leaps since the Sunflower movement this March, and the routing of the KMT in last month’s election.

      • ClausRasmussen

        I call conspiracy bullshit.

        Occam’s razor tells us that she’s just a good looking bitch that caught the attention of the public before being exposed as a prostitute to the delight of countless (male) netizens in and out of China

        She did not have a position in the sunflower movement and can’t compromise it. And if some members of the movement made her a symbol then shame on them for not checking what she had in the closet beforehand

      • Alex Dương

        Are you implying that this was a hit job orchestrated by Chinese netizens? I’d think that if you wanted to make a partisan point (based on “the routing of the KMT in last month’s election”), you’d have accused the KMT (or pan-blue more generally) of doing this.

    • Just me, Banlas

      Somehow I disagree with you. If there is no consequence of her being prostitute, why are the American laws just not flexible enough to allow even Bill Clinton, the most powerful man on earth to have some little fun in the White House.

      • mr.wiener

        Is that the sound of one hand deflecting I hear?
        I think you have missed the point of what i said. whether she is guilty or not (of prostitution) is immaterial to the cause she was held up as a hero of (by the media).

        I kinda miss slick Willy though. Apart from the fact that he had seen more twat than a public toilet seat, he wasn’t a bad president.

  • Chaz

    Kudos to her and the independent nation of Taiwan!!

  • simon

    hustling for democracy ;)

  • John Wang

    She’s against trading services with China yet she’s trading her services in China?

    • Aaron Wytze

      She’s trading her services in Taiwan. There’s an additional fee of 30,000 NTD if it’s overseas.

      • Alex Dương

        Then she’s trading her services outside of Taiwan (including for example, Macau) too.

  • FYIADragoon

    Beautiful women in Asia acting as escorts, wow what a newsflash.

    20,000 for a C-lister is rather cheap though.

  • Irvin

    nigga please! in a week there’ll be another dumb bitch on the front page and we’ll forget all about her.

    Ted got it right, no matter how famous you are; weather you’re Hitler, justin bieber or a talking teddy bear, given enough time, nobody will give a shit.

  • Irvin

    It’s her democratic rights to do with her pussy how she see fits. or fit what she can in her pussy…….unless….other people democratically votes that she’s a cunt, then there’ll be a public shaming about what she does with her cunt.

  • Scanra

    Yuk…..Looks like a skinny little girl, you’d have to be warped to get off on that when there’s real women around.

  • Yes!

    She didn’t steal, didn’t cheat, didn’t poop on the streets, didn’t make state assets her own, what’s the big deal? She has the right to express her political preference, just like any one of us.

    • Just me, Banlas

      The big deal is that she is mistakenly nominated as ‘sunflower queen’ instead of ‘whore’.

      • Yes!

        Not as bad as those pedophiliac priests and bishops who screw other men’s wives, I guess?

        • Just me, Banlas

          There is no need to find fault with the whistleblower. In fact the person should be appreciated for exposing her immorality earlier rather than later. Moving forward, I’ll be more interested on who is behind the sunflower movement instead of a whore.

          • Dennis Robinson

            Maybe a horses ass like you!

  • Wodowsan

    These comments make it sound as if there is no prostitution on the mainland. I remember a reporter asking Hu (I think it was Hu, correct me if wrong) asking him if their are prostitutes in China.

    He answered “Yes, in Taiwan.”

    His comment was a double insult to many Taiwanese. I think more Taiwanese were upset with him claiming Taiwan was part of China, than his claims of them having prostitutes, which of course like all nation’s in the world does have.

    His statement of saying that there were no prostitutes in Mainland China was as ignorant and dishonest as when the President of Iran said “Iran doesn’t have homosexuals.” (of course he forgot to add “live ones that is.”)

    • Alex Dương

      Several comments made fun of Guo Meimei, so I don’t see how you conclude that the netizens think there’s no prostitution in China.

    • Guang Xiang

      Wodowsan obviously seeking agitation pushing an agenda. WHERE THE HELL do you conclude that “These comments make it sound as if there is no prostitution in China”

      Nice try trying to get Taiwanese on your side. As a Taiwanese I don’t find it upsetting that one insignificant person would say that.

      • Wodowsan

        I did not say “all Taiwanese” and you are clearly not a Taiwanese Nationalist. Not all Taiwanese are. Yet many Taiwanese are. Look at the last election you just had. Many Chinese rejected the KMT because of it getting to close to the Mainland, many in Taiwan watched closely how the “One country, two systems.” is working out in Hong Kong. Beijing shot themselves in the foot trying to get back Taiwan with their handling of the protests in Hong Kong.

    • Kai

      Which comments? The multiple comments alluding to mainland CCTV anchors and mainland Guo Meimei prostituting themselves?

      Not a single comment suggests there is no prostitution on the mainland.

      I googled for Hu talking about prostitutes in Taiwan and didn’t come up with anything. It sounds like a great example of saying something patently stupid so I hope you can find a source for us.

  • filabusta

    Good thing a movement isn’t about one person.

  • DC

    first thing I did was google 100K NTD…

    • YourSupremeCommander

      And then?

      • DC

        then I checked my bank balance..

  • guest

    Wasn’t there a poll by some Chinese media saying that the people trusted pprostitutes/sex workers more than the politicians.

  • Working girls and politicians are all the same
    — these hoes ain’t loyal

  • Guest

    So what ? big freaking deal.

  • Mihel

    Prostitutes sell their bodies, politicians sell their souls.

  • filthyswit .

    Yes I would.

  • Pablo Nutribar

    Amen. But some Chinese people will use any method available to discredit and silence the Taiwanese drive for freedom.

    • Alex Dương

      Are you implying that this piece was a hit job done by mainland Chinese? The article mentions “Taiwanese media reports” as the original source.

  • Tim

    Petty stuff…One doesn’t matter to the other. It doesn’t diminish the reason for the protest in the first place either!

  • PLEASE China whatever you do do not adopt Western prudishness even if only as a tool to insult those you hate.

    • mr.wiener

      They don’t need western prudishness, they already have eastern prudishness.

  • Pbot

    she’s a perfect example of how the sunflower movement promotes unfair trade.
    she can “work and sell products and services” in china, but chinese girls can’t do the same in taiwan.
    she deserves to be the face of this movement because she perfectly reflects it and her being an escort is relevant in this sense.
    i don’t disrespect her for being an escort, though i disrespect her for being part of the sunflower movement.

  • Alex Dương

    Can you give an example of a Taiwanese media outlet (e.g. a newspaper) that is “pro-mainland”?

    • CNA and China Post and other KMT/pan-Blue rags aren’t exactly “pro-mainland,” but they are definitely pro-FTA and have much to gain by shaming activists.

      • Alex Dương

        Thanks for drawing the distinction between “pro-mainland,” which I don’t think any newspaper in Taiwan is, and “pro-FTA,” which some definitely were / are.

  • She cute, but not 100.000NT$ cute

  • don mario

    this is nothing. such a huge amount of girls in china and taiwan are whores, professional or otherwise that this is a non story.

    walk down any street in taiwan and u can see girls dressed in bikinis selling betelnut. likewise with china and massage girls. so a protester was a whore? big deal, i bet a lot more of them were too. at least she did something, i doubt you will find too many bankers getting off their asses to protest.

  • Dennis Robinson

    So what’s wrong with a girl trying to make a living? And the men that use them are angels? Stop living in the past, and let people be who they define themselves to be without your accusations. Because everyone has something in the closet they don’t’ want the world to see.

  • Smith_90125

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when only women are held to standards and not men. Where are the names and pictures of the assholes who were soliciting? They’re the ones who caused this, not her. They were the ones seeking it out.

  • mike921

    Typical, when it’s something unsavory the mainlanders say ‘oh, Taiwanese’, if it’s something positive then ‘oh, Chinese’. Fact is, Chinese, ALL for sale at ALL levels. Absolutely NO exception.

    • Alex Dương

      It’s funny because in my experience, I could say the same about hardcore Taiwanese nationalists: everything good in Taiwan is due to the unique Taiwanese tradition; and everything bad in Taiwan is because of Chinese influence.

  • vecuccio

    20,000y for this titless bitch ? I wouldn’t pay 20 !

    • jxs9


  • jxs9

    For that price you can get several Taiwan chicks.

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