Statistics Bureau Release CPI Numbers, Chinese Netizens Scoff

A wide assortment of vegetables on display at a Chinese vegetable vendor's stall in a China wet market.

A wide assortment of vegetables on display at a Chinese vegetable vendor's stall in a China wet market.

From NetEase:

Statistics Bureau: March year-on-year vegetable prices rose 20.5%

The National Bureau of Statistics of China has released economic data for March, indicating that the national consumer price index has risen 3.6% year-over-year [YOY], and the quarterly consumer price index has risen 3.8% over the same period last year. in March, food prices rose 7.5% YOY, with meat and poultry products rising 11.3%, while fresh produce/vegetable prices rose 20.5%.

A Chinese woman buying vegetables in a supermarket, with various green bell peppers in the foreground.

Comments from NetEase:

joezs0080 [网易北京市网友]:

[Prices for] Cooking oil and shampoo did not increase just this little…

liusss11112222 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

After the [Chinese] New Year, prices have all grown outrageously, and only 3.6%? Bullshit!


I won’t believe rumors, won’t spread rumors, will use my own brain~~~~~ [Alluding to the recent government campaign to crack down on the spread of rumors online.]


Increasing. Increasing. Increasing. How come we never see welfare benefits increasing???

jxjlzy [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

The National Bureau of Statistics still remains the National Bureau of Stabbing Chickens [Chinese language pun of “statistics” and “stabbing chickens”].
If I may remind everyone, rising is still rising, but when they say year-on-year rise and fall, it’s actually still just rising.
Don’t be deceived by the National Bureau of Stabbing Chickens.
Those who agree, ding.

baoyuwww0 [网易海南省海口市网友]:

The National Bureau of Statistics simply publishes whatever they want to be true.

柳飘飘0 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Produce prices, here the produce prices grew no less than 36%. Do you know what has the most investment potential in China? The answer is the CPI, because it is always being underestimated, and not just by one or two points…


When has the Statistics Bureau ever spoke the truth? I suspect they wouldn’t tell the truth even to the LD. Only willing to report the good while hiding the bad. Look at how much higher vegetable prices are now compared to the past. I predict there will be even more vegetable farmers destroying vegetables phenomena this year.

allotop4254 [网易广东省网友]:

Closer and closer to the Xinwen Lianbo happiness index.

Peterxu81 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Can I use profanity?

花园中的野人 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

Unenthusiastically forces a smile before passing by, a heart filled with profanity.


Just want can be done [bought] with 100 yuan these days?

i116765 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

One bank’s president even lamented: “Bank profits are too high, I’m embarrassed to even announce them.
The central bank’s high-interest policy is responsible for the high consumer loan interest rates.
So breaking the banks’ monopoly is actually very simple, the central bank just needs to shrink the substantial margins for bank deposits and loans when formulating interest rates,
which will benefit the people and benefit businesses:

To benefit the people, just substantially increase the interest rates for the people’s savings;
To benefit businesses, just substantially decrease the interest rates for business loans;
In other words, just narrow the current 4% margin between savings interest rates and loan interest rates down to the approximate 1% like in other countries.

我佛慈悲呀 [网易香港特别行政区网友]:

Stop publishing the CPI, there’s no meaning to it anymore. It is whatever you say it is, either way we don’t feel the CPI is this number. Vegetable prices, chicken eggs… everyday it changes, but very rarely do we see the prices go down. Housing prices don’t fall, rents are skyrocketing, this is what our great motherland is like!

Sigh, however, pork prices did go down 2 mao yesterday, because the CPI would be released today, and of course some things had to cater a bit to policy.

In 1949, we heard “The Chinese people have stood up!” and countless people cried tears of join. But now, it looks like the Chinese people have not stood up all along, because the voice of the people is forever just a fart [not treated as important].

人称赌圣 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

What 3.6%, more like 3.6x!

Have you noticed rising prices? How have rising prices affected you?

A Chinese vegetable stand with various prices on display.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • mr. wiener

    sitting on a statistically incorrect sofa.

  • GhettoBoy


    • mr. wiener

      ewww! I’m not going to sit on the wet spot.

    • Patrick

      No sofa at least you can still masturbate.

  • Jay K.

    the price of fruits and veggies in urban areas in china are seriously bordering USA prices. but to me at least in usa your salary is higher altough tax is a bitch but come on now. u can see the range this has in comparison to salary of an average chinese worker and the cost of living. this is bullshit

    even this laowai understands how chinese people feel, because i bitch when i go to the supermarket, i bitched when i went tot he farmer’s market!

    • Carl

      Chinese urban salaries are not that far away from American salaries anymore. The problem is rather in rural areas of China were the prices have risen as well, but the wages have been stagnating.

  • Hongjian

    Chinese netizens are again, fucking stupid.

    Crying about high prices and the inflation, while on the other hand asking how their evil oppressive commie govt. that suppossedly doesnt give a fart about their interests, wont join the “free world” in sanctioning and fucking up Iran, which will result to even higher price inflations due to raising oil prices from sanctioned trade with Iran, and in case of war, by destroyed infrastructures.

    Not joining the “free world” and continuing working with anti-americunt Pariah’s is serving the chinese people’s interests the best. That the inflation still rises, is evidence that China isnt shitting into the boots of the western world enough.

    When all of america is nuked, and europe raped, China can have all the ressources of the world for herself, and the prices for all commodities will automatically flat out. But I guess those fucking stupid netizens and liberals cant live without their western import luxuries and other pretentious shit to show off and to get pussies for their pathetic 2-inch dicks. Even jasmine revolution and democracy cannot fix their small dicks and brains, contrary to their silly hopes.

    • solution to this is imports from zimbabwe and mozambique. it can lower prices and give those black africans some farming jobs in the mean time

      • Hongjian

        Since that US funded and supported referendum for seperation of South Sudan from Sudan proper, China’s oil imports from that critical vital country fell tremendously due to strife about ownership of the oil field and infrastructure respectively and a inevitably brewing civil war.
        This, with the Iranian sanction as well as many other cases of US attempts to cut China off from supply in Africa (just as their general asshatery of QE-ing the shit out of their currency), is the direct cause for the inflation in China, that everyone complains about.

        Solution isnt only to find alternative sources like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Russia – Final solution is the genocide of all americunts for the sake of global peace and plenty.

        With the fat fucker gone, noone will ever again fear that their food is stolen from their very mouthes.

        • GiantBunny

          Watch out guys, we’ve got a badass here *throws hands up*

      • Justin

        The solution to what? 2-inch dicks? China could stand to import some African dick, I agree. There’s not enough to go around.

  • pada

    Funny photo is obviously not right, as the shown prices are all based on unit of pound. But I know it’d be absolutely unnecessary to have one about China, if Stats Bureau had it all wrong.

  • Statistics is statistics, life is life, two different things.

    • Jack

      But not when statistics is all Chinese really are concerned with. i.e. how much money they make, governemtn inflation rate, etc. How many times have you talked with a Chinese only to hear them ask the same questions to you such as – “How much did it cost you?” Listen up people, it is not the price of goods and services that is the problem. It is the purchasing power of the currency you are using to obtain said items. And the Chinese government is printing up red Maos at a rate close to what the U.S. is for dollars. Any time you print too much money bad things happen and these fucking slant eyes are going to print more to avoid a hard landing in the economy. But that in turn will produce a shit load of inflation and maybe hyper inflation before it is all over. Hold on to your hats. The world is going into the shit can botha…

  • coala banana

    the shit is starting…..after 7 years in south east asia, mainly china, its time for me to go somewhere else. Within this year i am out of here, we will switch production most likely to Indonesia and Vietnam. China is too troublesome. We made some good money over the years, but the new labour laws are ridiculous, price increases for raw materials, unskilled workers, the quality sucks, workers fighting with each others…stealing, cheating, lying has also increased tremendously……I just don’t think that china will make it through the next 5-10 years without a chaos, I predict social unrests within 5 years from now on. Its just a question of time, when the stock market and the housing market will crash. Many of the other factories i know and deal with, already moved to India and Vietnam. Was there a couple of time to check out some locations, and it looks good. This people work for less then half salary of the chinese, all speak english and they are more skilled workers, appreciate that you give them a job. The first 3-5 years are nearly tax free, when you employ a particular amount of people. Most likely i will also sell my apartment in HK, fuck it, all this mainlanders will make the living there miserable….every year thousands of new HK citizens are born by mainland mammas….china can easily turn out in a bloody mess, the CCP will blame foreigners and foreign powers and the common chinese dumb fuck will go hunting for them on the streets. This time there will be no John Rabe in china to save an ass….i saw more then once how chinese act when they get pissed and angry. No power in the world can calm them down. Totally out of control. New super power my ass, the countdown already goes on for 5 years, in another 5 its over……

    just my 2 yiao

    PS: indian women are fucking ugly and vietnamese sound even more annoying then chinese, and even they are the better people, I will miss all the chinese ladies i met during the last 7 years…..few more months to go.

    • Interested


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        • GiantBunny


          • terroir


            哇噢 这样的交流hold不住

      • notorious


        • coala banana

          you didn’t miss anything…the comments are kinda like your dirty fantasies. Ya know, BJs on toilettes, being gang raped by all your uncles, and so on…..just the usual crap which either develops in the brain of a sexually frustrated and depressive girl/women, OR in the mind of some frustrated (not necessarily sexually) males with deep inferiority complexes.

          Either way, a human which is still more monkey then any of the monkeys is a condition which must be overcome….having said that, I wish you all good luck by doing so, even i would question the possibility of a positive outcome….


        • Made In World

          السلام عليكم عزيزي، كيف حالك؟

    • Nyancat

      who’s going to listen to the ramblings of someone who can’t spell koala properly, clearly the edumacation system has failed u.

    • Foreign Devil

      Right you’ve exploited the Chinese for 7 years and now they are getting a backbone. . Time to move ship and exploit some other low rent country right CB?

      • coala banana

        it could be seen this way, and i have no problem with that. Things are how they are and not how i want them to be, this is the world we are living in, so you better get used to that.

        But what would your so called ” low rent country” do without foreign capital and investors who open production facilities and give people jobs. Tell your story to the employees which have a job and feed their families, cause their own gov. don’t give a shit about them.

        To be a liberal is a nice hobby, its convenient to point the finger at someone and claim to fight for the poor, but of course just fight without hurting the capital, right….?

        I don’t make gov policies, and i always paid workers above average, and i never did it just to feel better about myself. I couldn’t care less, but i pay for what i think its worth at the end of the day….

        What i worry more are the ladies…..

  • Peye

    The sun will rise tomorrow and life goes on.

  • StupidAmerican

    Has anyone seen the related article here:

    Anybody know the follow up?

  • Hello

    Of course it has…i dont know why you go about bragging that china is rich while YOU need 75 years to buy your own house, when you are now 35..Prices at supermarkets as Careffoure, Walmart and every other go up every 2 months, akhem!!…. But to be honest not all my chinese friends brag about china being rich.

  • Foreign Devil

    The urban Chinese are gaining in wealth very quickly and so urban food prices are jumping up accordingly. Food prices are inflating quickly around the globe with higher energy costs.

    I’m sure though that if you go to rural parts of China the food prices are much lower.

    • Carl

      谢谢鬼子。 I tried to make that point, too, although on my last trip I had the feeling that the urban population lives quite well in China, it’s the rural population really suffering from the inflation, because their wages are far behind the inflation rate, while the inflation in urban areas seems more adjusted to the wage increases (which it’s supposed to be).

      The simplest economic theory behind inflation captures this problem quite well. If prices increase, people will demand wage increases, if they get wage increases the prices will increase, this is the normal cycle. This cycle shows us that there will always be a delay in wage increases because they follow price increases. If inflation is moderate, this delay doesn’t make any difference. If inflation is high this delay can mean a lot to the people. If you add to that the wage disparity between urban and rural parts of a developing country you have the perfect shitstorm in the rural areas.

  • Webster0105

    Because it’s year-on-year rates…it could have risen 30% in the last two months, but what they’re reporting is the change over several (at least 2) consecutive years…

  • candy

    How about China start spending millions subsidizing its food rather than keeping the yuan as a latched currency (aka 1 USD = 6 Yuan). It would help out its people but halt economic growth. Lets see which one China cares more for.