Steel Pole Sister: Nanjing Subway Line 2’s Pole Dancing Girl

Nanjing subway pole-dancer.

Nanjing Subway pole dancer Fei Fei dancing at the 2010 Nanjing Auto Show?

From QQ and NetEase:

Within one week, two pole-dancing shows on the Nanjing subway

Nanjing Subway Line 2 has been operation for only a little over a week, and already there has been 2 pole dancing performances. The first time was on the afternoon of June 1, where one woman wearing red, suddenly grabbed the pole in the middle of the subway car as it passed the Xueze Road station and showed off a sexy pole-dance. Just one day later, there was another woman wearing black and hot pants who began pole-dancing in front of the crowds on Line 2. Those passengers in the same subway car were shocked “crispy on the outside, tender on the inside’, one by one taking out their mobile phones to film. in the days following, videos related to this began wildly appearing on the internet, with some observant netizens discovering after comparison, that the beautiful girls involved with the two pole-dancing incidents appear to be the same person. Not only were their hairstyles and bodies similar, so were the dance routines, and even the shoes worn were the same red and black shoes! There were also netizens who posted images proving that this pole-dancing girl previously appeared at the Nanjing 2010 auto show.

A copy on YouTube:

If you cannot see the YouTube video in China, you may need a VPN service.

One of her nicknames on the internet was “Steel Pole Sister”. A television news report:

More reports on Mop (1 & 2) and ifeng.

Comments from QQ: (Responding to the second pole-dancing incident and video)


Actually, I think she dances really quite well. After all, it is pretty boring on the subway, so just treat it as watching a show, which I think is pretty good [nothing wrong]. Of course, if it was too crowded, then don’t dance, because there is no space, hehe, but if it is like the above, where there aren’t too many people, what’s wrong with dancing a little. Watching also is enjoyable too.


Even though she dances well, this kind of dancing in public obviously has ulterior motives!
Please, even if most men like watching this skank’s behavior!
If you want to become famous, just get with a rich guy, stop affecting the city’s appearance this way!!


How could it be so convenient that the brother [guy] who is filming just so happen to be filming outside when someone begins pole-dancing, I bet it was set-up as self-promotion [that the girl planned it to promote herself]!


If you want to become famous yet do not want to go on “If You Are The One” [a Chinese dating tv show] nor release some scandal, then there is only this.


Big sister [referring to the pole-dancing girl], those who pole-dance in foreign countries all do so after first taking off their clothes, so next time you dance, I beg you to please get naked also, okay?


Pole-dancing, frankly, is a decadent sexual dance, not some art, even less with any meaning, only some lowly lewd entertainment method.


This is obviously a recently opened subway, [I] suspect it someone on the inside hired her for advertising!


This little girl’s dancing is really not bad, though if she were in Beijing, I bet she would not be able to dance [because more crowded?], hehe.

This is the video of the first pole-dancing incident:

Comments from Mop: (Responding to the first pole-dancing incident and video)


Definitely not a novice. Every pole-dancing move is learned separately, even a simple spinning move requires days to learn, much less the more difficult moves, so this girl’s level could be that of a coach/teacher, or maybe she is a coach/teacher. Either that or she’s a pole dancer at some nightclub. Very impressive.


I want to be that pole.


Yet another fame-seeker.


The subway company’s “hired gun”… This way everyone will want to go ride the subway… Despicable.


[I’m] hard~ [Her] legs aren’t bad~


If it isn’t self-publicity then it is mental problems.


Not bad not bad, making use of what’s available, an impromptu dance, this is the highest level of pole-dancing.


LZ, you should straighten this . If you keep sharing it like this, people will die!


The probability of this becoming hot/popular [on the internet] is not high, because I bet the necks of the Moppers who watch this won’t be able to take it any longer.


Can she be sued for sexual performances in public [public indecency]? She’s making other people horny!

Pole-dancing Chinese girl on Nanjing Subway.

See also:

“Nanjing Subway Line 2: Steel Pole Sister Appears, Completes Final Dance”:

She, “Fei Fei” is not yet 20-years-old.

Let the dancing continue. chinaSMACK personals.


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