Stolen Mobile Phone Revealed Bribes Paid To Local Officials

A photo of the email messages still inside a stolen Chinese mobile phone.

From HSW, Mop, & People Liaoba:

Shangluo Vehicle Administration Examiner’s income is this high

A few days ago my cellphone broke. Originally I’d planned on buying a new one, but luckily on the 4th when I was having fun at the plaza, a skinny young guy asked me if wanted a cellphone.  As soon as I saw him I knew this guy was either a thief or a junkie.  After taking a look at the phone I thought it wasn’t bad and asked how much.  The guy said 300 yuan, I directly replied, “100 yuan, if you want to sell I can give you the cash immediately.”  They young guy thought it over, then said, “Okay!”

Just like that, my 100 yuan bought a pretty good cellphone!

That night I was at home getting familiar with the phone’s capabilities, and then discovered there were several text messages.  After seeing them I was really shocked.

The content of the texts involved giving and receiving bribes.  After looking carefully….oh shit!

Even I felt like going to work for the Vehicle Administration.

Let me show everyone some pictures:

A photo of the SMS text messages still inside a stolen Chinese mobile phone.

[Above:  Text message inbox and email inbox on the mobile phone.]

The inbox had text messages, and there was also one sent message in “Sent”.

(This is the inbox) This person is called “Wang Chao”, whom I’ve heard of before. I think he’s the boss of Qiao Shida Driving Academy.

A photo of the email messages still inside a stolen Chinese mobile phone.

[Above: A message in the inbox.]

The owner of the mobile phone is likely to be a worker under Wang Chao.   This is the message Wang Chao sent to the cell phone’s owner.

It is to have him go give bribes to the Vehicle Administration.

A photo of the SMS text messages still inside a stolen Chinese mobile phone.

[Above: “Prepare this year’s New Year’s gifts for the Vehicle Administration, in accordance with the same guidelines as last year. All the people we normally use must get gifts, while those we don’t have a use for can be excluded. Deal with this matter within the next 2 days.  The money you can first take from the office, the accounts will be dealt with afterward.”]

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(This was the already sent message)  This is probably the cellphone owners reply message to Wang Chao, seems as if the matter has been taken care of, and he’s reporting back!

A photo of the SMS text messages still inside a stolen Chinese mobile phone.

[Above: “The matter you delegated yesterday I have already…”]

Sure enough, the matter was taken care of! Fuck, when I saw the numbers within I couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

A list of bribes paid to various people in a stolen mobile phone in Shaanxi, China.

[Above: “Principal Wang:  The matter you delegated yesterday I have already completed.
Captain Li, 10000 yuan
Commissar Zheng, 10000 yuan
Li Shi An, 8000 yuan
Fu Zhong, 8000 yuan
Nie Ya, 5000 yuan
Yang Wei, 5000 yuan
Huang Ping, 5000 yuan
Bai Bo, 5000 yuan
Guo Qiang, 5000 yuan“]

A list of bribes paid to various people in a stolen mobile phone in Shaanxi, China.

[Above: “Everyone in the main office were given 500 yuan each. The money was all personally delivered by myself, none of them know about each other. Tomorrow I have a matter to attend to, and would like to request a day off, for a trip back home.”]

After reading these messages I felt very uncomfortable for a long time.  The people of the Vehicle Administration, your new year’s gifts were truly abundant!

Having said that, this money isn’t going to make these bastards rich, but suddenly I thought, “ShangLuo doesn’t just have one single Qiao Shida driving school!”

I counted over and over, there are at least 15 driving schools in Shangluo.

15 driving schools, and if every one of these driving schools gave gifts [bribes] like this, my god, now I too want to work for the Vehicle Administration, even if I is to just sweeping the floors. [Because even then I] could still get some easy money.

These were gifts for Spring Festival alone. If someone in the family of someone in the Vehicle Administration were to have an accident, wouldn’t that mean they’d be counting money [bribes] until their fingers hurt [from “get well” gifts]? Would Dragon Boat Festival,  Mid-Autumn Festival, all those random festival also get these kinds of gifts?

If that examiner’s family had an unfortunate accident then wouldn’t the driving schools have to send a bundle of cash as a gift!

If we went to the Vehicle Administration and got in for a year, I estimate we won’t become millionaires, but but a few hundred thousand would still make life a lot more relaxed and pleasant!

This really is the sadness of us people of Shangluo, and the disgrace of the Shangluo traffic department.

Comments from HSW:

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Traffic Police System Linkage:

Parking lot accident —– Traffic Police Department
Repair shop —— Insurance Company
Driving school —– Vehicle Administration
Tow Truck —– Upper level Traffic Police
Where do you NOT have to send money?!?!?


Open Letter of Apology
To the Shangluo Vehicle Administration, Qiao Shida Driving Academy, and netizens:

On 2011 February 7th at 1PM I in youthful ignorance fabricated false information about Qiao Shida Driving Academy giving gifts to the Shangluo traffic police Vehicle Administration department’s personnel, without considering that after publishing this post that doing would damage the image of the Shangluo traffic police and the reputation of the Qiao Shida Driving Academy in society.

This incident has made me regret my own ignorance and selfish fun, and today I sincerely offer to the Shangluo traffic police Vehicle Administration division personnel, Qiao Shida Driving Academy principal Wang Chao, and the many internet users users a public apology, to eliminate this negative impact, and at the same time sincerely ask the Shangluo traffic police Vehicle Administration division personnel, Qiao Shida Driving Academy principal Wang Chao, and netizens for their forgiveness.

Through this incident of publishing fabricated information, I have learned a deep and painful lesson, recognized my own mistakes, and I’ve resolved from today onward to sternly push myself to be an honest citizen. Finally, I want to say again that I’m sorry!

Geili Shangluo
2011 February 11th, 2PM

Comments from Mop:


Hidden rules [unspoken rules], you guys understand!


Everyone come and repost this, the anti-corruption department can’t control this, news monitors can’t control this, so let us rabble do something about it! Truly TM lamentable, power all rented out [for bribes]. Add if they add a real name internet registration system, how are people going to survive/live?


The Traffic Police Department is so corrupt!!! In every city, they are the ones who make the most money.

Comments from People Liaoba:

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This is just the “holiday fee”, as normally it is 500-800 yuan per person for the “written test”, while for other tests everyone pays 200 yuan.  The cigarettes test-takers give every day number over 20 packs, with any cigarettes that cost less than 40 yuan or less being immediately thrown out the window. These [Vehicle Administration] examiners wouldn’t even trade places with county-level Party secretaries.


You guys are really boring, if you have the ability, then go think of a way to get a job with the Vehicle Administration, you’re all so jealous/envious. I work in Vehicle Administration, do you know how many people I owe for getting into the Vehicle Administration, how many respects I’ve paid, how much money I’ve given? I’ll tell you honestly. Back then [when trying to get in], including treating people to meals, giving gifts, etc. I spend over 800,000 yuan. After getting in, if I didn’t work my ass off to find money wherever I could, I would’ve been financially ruined. However, having said that, after being here for three years, I’ve already collected over 3 million yuan, and I’m just an ordinary staff worker. Our leaders’ [managers’] 3 year income is probably around 7 million. We also have our difficulties too, every year having to take out several hundreds of thousands of yuan to give to the leadership [those above].


Corruption. I work for one year and can’t even earn 10,000.


The public security [police] are too corrupt, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection [an anti-corruption government department] should intervene to investigate and severely punish the scum.

Have you ever bribed someone?

Written by DJH

DJH is a student currently residing in Madison Wisconsin USA, who spends the long cold winters locked inside his apartment scanning through Chinese media in order to improve his Chinese reading/writing ability.

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