Strange: Chinese Girls Pole-Dancing In Public

From ifeng:

Pretty girl “hijacks” a porter and pole-dances on the street

Solitude will make a person depressed, loneliness will make a person emotional. As a passing bystander lingering amongst the bustling sea of people, brother has enjoyed the hurried life of steel pipe porter by himself.


Comments from ifeng:


All I can say is when a forest gets big, there are all kinds of birds… [there are all kinds of people in the world]


If I ran into this [situation], I would for sure assume her head had been caught in a door [she has a mental problem].


Uncle [sic] must have shocked stupid.


There are all sorts of people who consider any kind of behavior as art, so I just feel sorry for that pipe-carrying uncle, it was probably just for a bit of money that he put up with holding up that pipe, otherwise he would’ve beaten them away long ago!


In other countries everyone knows pole dancing is an erotic dance, but Chinese people insist on calling it an art. Faint.


Instructor Zhao said it right, mating season has begun again!


Can we restrain ourselves a bit when we’re in public?


Hype/self-promotion [accusing these people of doing this only to become famous].




Did water get into this sister’s head [did she suffer brain damage]? A real stupid cunt.


If I were uncle there, I’d saw off a section of the metal pipe and give it to her as a gift so she can take it home and enjoy it by herself!


Ignorant and uneducated.


[Either] showing off or hype?


Uncle’s dick must be uncomfortably hard.

Pole-dancers. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • jimmythebeast

    always first, always first…

    • shanghairocks

      Usted, bastardo!!!!!!

    • 18923187795

      中國有牛糞鳳姐 腦噹夫容 看見這些一點都不意外 瘋子的國

  • Top points for professionalism for Pipe-carrying Uncle. Not a hint of a smile and eyes straight ahead at all times…except maybe in the fifth picture.

  • Mikezee

    Must be some kind of publicity stunt. There’s 3 people dancing on that pole. Two girls and one dude!

  • GodsHammer

    Pipe Carrying has never been so enjoyable.

  • totoro

    Laying pipe…

  • These aren’t random passers by – they are all coming up in a group in the first photo. I’d bet they are art students or something.

    • Yeah, at least it doesn’t appear to be a publicity stunt for some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it start-up company.

  • mistyken

    the girl got a nice body, but she looks as if the wicked witch had casted a disfigure spell on her face…ooh well, but then after you turn off the light, who would notice…

    • totoro

      Who would want to have sex with the lights off?

      • mistyken

        dude, given the circumstances, wouldn’t u have to make due with what u got? adapt and improvise a bit plus some imagination and u can transform the experience from doing wicked witch to doing scarlett johansson.

    • Are well looking at the same girl? I guess some guys just go on face alone, but that girl in the white blouse/denim shorts was an 8.5-9.0 at least.

  • lang

    Hahahah that pipe carrying guy was probably been forced to hold the pipe for thos people. If you look at the photo it kind of looks like they were surrounding the pipe guy.

    Those guys are probably like either let me dance around the pole of dance around you!

  • dirtywhiteboy

    i love how that guy with the pole is standing there like it ain’t no thing.

  • B. Prichard

    Huge missed opportunity on the personals link.

    “Looking for someone to dance around your pole? chinaSMACK personals”

    In the words of Gob Bluth, “COME ON!”

    • Kai

      You need to mouseover the link.

      • B. Prichard

        It added something to the experience, but I remain unimpressed.

  • 练练英语

    Hone your skills at any time and any place is a good way to perfect your body movement,especially for strippers.As Chinese saying goes,”The boxer’s fist must stick to its task, and the singer’s mouth no rest must ask.”

    Keep dancing…neglect your surrounding eyesight.

  • eattot

    that’s what i like.the world is so boring,we need some fun.those who judge others are truelly boring stuff.even they won’t lose anything,still like to rule others.

  • fireworks

    steel pipe porter must have got a kick even though his facial impression was non existent and uninterested. He’ll probably enjoy having a bitch session with his workmates and how his pipe is the best in the factory.

  • I feel sorry for that pipe. I bet it didn’t want to be violated in public.

  • Bitter Expat

    I lol’d. The last few pictures were the funniest.

  • Alex Ang

    I would say they are bravo! They contributed to entertain the public, can’t understand why some guys find it unacceptable!! Relax and enjoy:)

  • Jean

    one of the few Chinese girls that got nice legs, and not skinny legs.

  • HaWu

    I wonder if she would look better without make-up.

    • too yellow

      I wondered the same about lady gaga too. Now I just wish I wasn’t so curious.

  • bai ren

    Another act of individuality. This girls is probably a fishbowl though. Out for the attention. Glad she found a better way of doing it that the public school attackers

  • keius

    eh..dumb topic for discussion…might be worth it if they stripped down and then poledanced…

  • Hahaha – in contextual ads above the article I see “Pole Dance Academy” link…

  • What a show on a busy street!

  • lolz

    The guy carrying the poll has the exact same facial expression across all photos, lol.

  • David Thooi

    In reality, these women are the mentally challenged lot of the society of China. They lead a frustrated life, consider themselves having been eliminated from the society as a result of urbanisation. They felt they are parasites of society and have not have any sense of security to live a normal life anymore. Their lives are made redundant.

    Indeed, they have ended up becoming burdens to Chinese society. Surely, these people are suffering from illnesses, both emotionally and psychologically, which made them to behave as such. The correct course of action now is to provide them with proper medical treatments immediately, including counselling. But sadly, this isssue and the probems relating to it are blatantly ignored by Chinese Government.

    In essence, these women had lost their sense of direction in life. They had come to a state where they could no longer think rationally by themselves. They need our sympathy and help. The Government has to intervene now and take a hard look at the issues and resolve them quickly.

    Going forward, these people are posing a threat to the security of the country if the government continues to ignore them. We have seen many incidents occurring of late around the country where many such mentally challenged people took revenge against the society and resorted to killing innocent people especially school children. They had taken this easy way out to vent their feeling and anger against the society, against the government and against the people around them. In time to come, I would not be surprised that these bunch of women might just no longer do pole dancing on the street anymore but rather, they would resort to doing the same or something even more violent, taking the lives of innocent people around them.

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  • Mr. Wang

    the dirty whore should go to die! the sex is the a most evil thing, the people who are doing this disgusting dancing in the a street should be put to the prison for the a rest of they stupid lives.

    • jsnack

      Wow. How very.. savage of you.

  • Ghede

    Oh yes. Such horrible human beings. Heaven forbid you have a bit of fun and entertain some people at the same time.

  • ChinaNuker

    6th photo. Awesomely pretty. She’s hot.

  • TransplantedChinko

    These girls’ pussies are really itching…..Someone help them out and scratch for them….

  • jsnack

    Jesus Christ, I need to move to fucking China.

  • Go to downtown New York, Berlin, Sao Paolo, wherever, hold up a pole, and wait.
    You will get the same results.

  • JoeBob

    IN my next life I wanna be a pole in China!

  • owsleybeck

    the only thing that pisses me off more than peasants is people making fun of peasants. someone find this woman and kill her she is depraved, I feel so sorry for China who produces such retards. China is a horrible place and should be nuked.

  • Cauffiel

    Obviously planned.

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