Streaking University Student Protests Electricity Cutoff


From XCar:

Zhejiang Gongshang University Streaking Incident Photos

2009 November 5, around 9 at night, a streaking incident occurred within the Zhejiang Gongshang University campus. A male was seen getting off a car, stripped to the waiste, not wearing pants, with only the important parts covered by a piece of cloth. This student probably ran about 80 meters round-trip, and on his way back removed the only fig leaf on his body, to become truly streaking.


Yesterday night at 9pm, a streaking male appeared in Hangzhou, taking the onlooking crowd by storm. The appearance of the streaking male was rather sudden. He appeared from a Peugeot, completely naked, with only a piece of cloth hung around his waist. There were endless camera flashes around him, as apparently there were professional photographers taking pictures. The streaking male ran about 80 meters, suddenly turned around, and ripped off the white cloth, shocking the surrounding people.

The male quickly got back into the Peugeot, but did not forget to wave to the crowd and yell: “Have a pleasant night.”


Reporters interviewing witnesses learned that this male is Hu Huakai, a student of Gongshang University and has planned this streaking for a long time, continuously updating his thoughts on Xiaonei, planning which day for him to execute his streaking. The reason for this incident is because Gongshang University cuts off the electricity every night after 11:30pm, which this male expresses strong dissatisfaction with. This is because a similar incident previously happened at Zhejiang Yuying College, where students protested the school cutting off the power at night, eventually succeeded, and the school canceled the practice of cutting off electricity at night.

So who is this male? Let’s look at his schoolmates’ cheers.

11 at night, Zhejiang Gongshang University’s students one after another stand on their balconies, loudly cheering and yelling, with flashlights, cameras, and even many people shouting slogans together. When Hu Yuanhua’s car passed by, the shouting rend the air, welcoming the “triumphant return” of the streaking student. Many students claimed “when we were on the balcony, the entire school’s students were all shouting.” “Last night I experienced what what is called the passion of students!”


Comments from Mop:


After the incident, the entire university was in an uproar, everyone shouting “Believe in Brother Kai, receive eternal life”, only quieting down when the school administrators finally all came out…this student is a fourth year student of Zhejiang Gongshang University, his name Hu Huakai.


Fellow schoolmate, you must strive for no cutting off of electricity and internet. The female schoolmates need to do more [for this cause, like also streaking].


Streaking I have done before,
though I wore underwear.
This brother’s butt is very sexy.


Could it be that Brother Kai streaked because of loneliness?


Because this student once had a test and passed after only flipping through the book for 4 hours, I have lost faith in the university, and henceforth have never gone to class ever again.


I believe “Brother Kai” will become famous!


To not ding this would be a sin, niubi, I am proud for him.


Knowing that a year’s tuition costs 10,000 is not easy [cheap] yet still not diligently studying, [this is] losing face for one’s own mother.


Believe in Brother Kai, no cutting off of electricity!


To say some heartfelt words, Brother Kai would definitely not be this 鸡动 and 鸡烈 [pun of 激动 and 激烈, excited and intense], and the main reason is him not being able to graduate. The electricity and internet being cut off does not only apply to him, it applies equally to the entire school and even the entire country’s universities, so not being able to graduate is the most important problem [for Brother Kai]. However, we must ding this up regardless because these days, the people who are willing to stand out to resist/fight this terrible education system are not many, so everyone collectively shout “凯哥真爷们” [“Brother Kai is a real man!]”

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