Street Racing In Shanghai & Drifting In China

Not many Chinese people have cars but many Chinese people want them especially young men. Here are two recent videos about cars in China that show different sides about owning a car and driving cars. The first video is of rich Chinese driving their expensive cars at night in Shanghai:

Video on Youku (faster load in China).

Comments from Mop:


If you do not care about your own lives, do not treat other people’s lives like a joke! You think you are so cool? Actually, you are very immature! If you have any real ability, go drive on a real race track!


Sigh…something only rich people can play.
I am not greedy, just buy tires for me.


Very cocky.
If I had this car,
I would also drive like this.
Otherwise, how can you show that car’s advantages?


JJ [“jiao jing”, traffic police] all first look at the car model before deciding whether or not to arrest/pull over.


At 3:14, they overtook a police car with its lights on…


The police car should be changed to a Lamborghini, and after passing this car, it should use the loud speaker to yell: “Lousy scrap metal, pull over and stop.”


This car’s acceleration is indeed very fast, but the video is a little blurry, not very clear, too bad.


Even if the traffic police see it, they cannot do anything, no license plate, nothing they can do.


An advertisement for Need for Speed?


Shanghai’s night scenery looks pretty good in this video!

This second video is of some young men from Zhejiang province of China who like to 飘移 “piao yi” or “drift.” It is a driving skill that became popular from Japan:

Video on Youku (faster load in China).

Comments on Youku:


Such clumsy drifting…


Give him a rear-wheel-drive and have him drive, I bet he would not know how…drifting is the gas pedal, brake, and the clutch. This is using the handbrake (so the rear tires cannot spin), then stepping on the gas pedal, so the front wheels drag/pull the rear wheels. This is called the horse pulling the cart, not called drifting.


Pretty good, so young. Keep developing. Who knows what can be achieved in the future…


My god, this….
The rear tires are almost all rubbed gone. This is the first time I have seen this kind of drifting, hehe. Hilarious.
The cars are a little lousy, but they have a little skill. Hehe. Continue practicing, I support you. Hehe. After all, it is domestic. Hehe.


At 2 minutes in the video, one car already is leaking oil. Probably gasoline.
That nothing bad happened means they have good luck. However, their skill is very average.


Their skill passes the test, but the speed is too too too slow!


Play however you want to play, as long as you are having fun. Those who say they are not professional and are criticizing them are all people who cannot reach the grapes saying the grapes are sour. It is just for fun, okay? It is not like they have to be car/driving gods. Safety first, because you really will become a god if you drive too fast and slide off the mountain. Skill is developed slowly. When I get a car, I also will go up on the mountains. Only by driving mountain roads can one have/develop skill.


What niu driving skills! Being able to drift this kind of car is already pretty good…ding!


Those are not good cars, after all, so they cannot show off their highest skills.
This is already not bad.
Brothers, keep working hard/practicing.


If you want to know what drifting is, watch WRC.
Do not watch these two idiots destroying cars.

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  • hey

    Am I first?
    Funnily that the driver knows how to follow the road rules by using its blinkers.
    Once heard a story that the parents bought their son a BMW when he got his driver’s license. He participated road race and resting in peace now. Good luck to these road racer. If you feel like living your life in danger, do not put the innocence at danger with you. Not every one wants to die in car accidents.

  • SniperWZ

    pretty impressive actually…with buicks

  • washingtondude

    llooooooll they drive like shit.
    like shit i say. any drifter and race driver would be ashmed of them brake-accelerate-brake-accelerate

    like cab drivers.

  • The Grudge

    What a nice allegory.

    Crash and burn… China…

  • matt

    why do they keep using the brakes and even their turn signals? seems like they aren’t too good at racing.

    • Tommy

      They keep using the brakes because of inexperience at that speed but mainly because the Merc they are driving is an automatic.

  • VeerLeft

    This is ass. Not all are this clumsy. However it’s always these ones that get attention because they are new (or niu) enough to post video incriminating themselves. The rest of us learned the hard way around here.
    BTW, the exotic car crowd sometimes showed up at the track. I remember a particular Ferrari 430 owner who almost ate his own underwear trying to beat a fat english guy (who could drive well) in a modified Chery 4 door 1.6 liter shitbox.
    Tianma is a great place to find out…lol

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  • assos

    That is one fun way to wreck a car.

    Nice creative camera work though.

  • Tommy

    England has been doing “track days” for a long time now and its very big business. Companies hire an F1 track and sell track day spots to the public. To start this business in Shanghai on the F1 track would be very lucrative I think.

  • Mike

    These “drivers” are all dicks, practising their hobby on streets with people. Those “drifters” do spins on streets right next to people on bikes. Even the best pro drivers sometimes loose control and these guys are at least a decade away from having any real skill. If they wanna do this, they should be at the track. They’re eventually going to kill a pedestrian, cyclist, or other driver just for their stupid hobby. Their driving sucked so bad. Always riding the brake. In the street driving video there was only one place where a good driver might have used a brake, on the 45degree turn under the bridge. That’s it.

  • Jay K

    WHO THE HELL drifts with a BUICK?!?!?

    this reminds me back in my college days when some chinese student decided to buy a rust bucket 88 or 89 buick regal and put wings on it and put sticker badges on it…..
    apparently he thought by putting said stickers it would get him 50 more HP.

    the first vid was nice but the 2nd is just plain Sha B

  • Diabloer

    What speed are they going in first Shanghai video??? 110 mi/h?

    At 3:15, I think they passed by a police vehicle.

  • Actually, for those not in the know… The street reacing scene in China is pretty big. Shanghai is a cool place to catch some races. Most races are done as an insider thing. I have seen races in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and many other cities. Im not into racing myself and I do think it is really dangerous. But, I do think it looks cool to watch from time to time.

    • Stephan Larose

      Where can you see these in Shanghai?

  • Rick in China

    On one hand, glad to see car culture growing in China – street racing, drifting, whatever – even though both these videos show *beautiful cars* being driven by likely young women who are afraid to really trust the fine machines they’re driving. I’m sure there are a few out there who are really good, likely just not with videos posted on youtube to brag/incriminate themselves as someone above posted.

    The drifters, well, there’s a difference between fish tailing and drifting, they’re ‘drifting’ around short turns for the most part, there’s not much drift involved, and at the speeds they’re going there’s not much skill involved either. At least they’re trying, and with practice will get better….uh, if they manage to get a little more agile than low-end buick sedans.

    In any case, this kind of video will, if anything, bring more attention and interest to car culture. It’s unfortunate that they do everything seemingly pretty carelessly on any street they want rather than be selective and choose roads not travelled or at least block them off (illegally, of course) for their fun and games.

  • Kai

    As a car nut, I can definitely appreciate the cars and the interest in them. With the first video, I have to admit I’ve done some stupid things as a young(er) lad but the older and wiser me has to conclude that they definitely have more money than brains. Maybe I’m just envious that they have MUCH nicer cars than I ever did, LoL.

    The second video with the two Buicks is kinda cheesy but for those ragging on their skill, I wouldn’t say that. Sure, it’s FWD drifting, but very few people know how to do that as it is, at whatever speed. It’s not RWD drifting, but they’re making do with what they have. Yeah, it isn’t cool that they’re doing it on public streets, but most of the time it looks like they’re avoiding major traffic, as much for their own good as for others. It’s cute that they’re drifting the mountain road after the rain (much easier to break traction and thus drift), lol, but that’s fine, it’s a learning process. Drifting has always been done on the streets and has always been dangerous to oneself and others. Its very nature is being in control when you’re out of control.

    Going to go post this on The Car Lounge now.

    • Rick in China

      You might also like also – a place where my posts are far less antagonistic and offensive. :D

      Since his website upgrade, though, seems he’s running out of bandwidth limitation…if it’s the case, just try again later.

      • Kai

        Yeah, I know of that website. Never really picked up on my radar because I’ve been a long-time member of VWVortex/TheCarLounge and, uh, because China rarely has any automotive offerings that pique my interest. I wonder how they exceeded their bandwidth. Most hosting plans these days offer so much bandwidth it is very difficult to exceed them without first exceeding database connections or CPU resources. Is he hosting porn on the side? Mwuahahaha.

        • Rick in China

          I assume it’s because it used to be text based, now web 2.0 and a little more rich content than before…and probably had a plan that fit the old site needs quite closely. I didn’t know there were many other Chinese car sites around, I like this one because I want to keep up to date on what is coming to China – keeping eyes out for hard price cuts and/or sporty offerings without double-the-US price’re right tho, so far, pretty crappy options.

          • Kai

            Rick, still can’t get to the website beyond the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded and I’m curious to see the redesign since last I checked it was still running WP with K2 like the old chinaSMACK.

            Anyway, I’m gonna get ready for the SXSW event tonight so I’ll continue our intellectual pissing contest in the other post tomorrow or something. Cheers, have a good weekend.

  • Celkian

    Why don’t the police pursue in the first video? Is it as one commenter said, that the cars have no plates, or is as the other one said, they don’t pull over nice cars?

    • Rick in China

      Both are wrong. Driving from Chengdu to Chongqing, bored on the lame ass and over priced (as in after driving, realized it’s equal cost to fly) Chengnan expressway, I was goin about 180 (not extreme) and saw a cop car up ahead. I passed one earlier and he did nothing, so took a picture from drivers perspective of the speedometer with cop car in perspective…then later on I found out that those police are not on duty to catch speeders at all, and police only do what they are specifically assigned to do at that given time. For example, if a policeman is at an intersection, he will have a set of laws he is looking for people to break – if people break others, he’ll often look the other way. Turning left, for example. If you’re in the bus lane, and go past a cop who is busting people for turning illegal lefts, they usually just ignore you…every day coming home from work I drive along a bus lane leaving downtown and there are police at the intersection every day, simply to guide and direct traffic to prevent congestion – they *never* stop me, they are on duty to guide traffic.

      Speeding is the same. Most speeding is caught via camera, not cop traps, in China. At least, in my neck of the woods :)

      The cops on the highway are likely looking for accidents, or traveling between destinations.

      • You seem to be insightful. How long have you been in China?

        • Rick in China

          Chengdu for a lil over 5 years…

          • toyota

            I’m sorry Rick, but driving on the Chengdu-Chongqing expressway at 180kph is not about “skill” – it’s beyond careless. Completely ignorant. Sure, YOUR car can do 180 – but what about the 小排量 chinese cars that drive at barely 80? You think it’s safe to fly past them going 100kph faster? Besides, there are NO freight trucks on that highway that are doing more than 100. You think its safe to do almost double their speed? It isn’t. You’ve been here 5 years – in my time here I’ve seen cars being rear-ended more than a hundred times – as I’m sure you have too. Why put others into that risk? You know how some clueless local drivers are. I’m not doubting your skill at driving – but it will be another person’s mistake that will likely take you and them out. Take the high speed driving to the track. (If you can afford the goldenport racetrack’s insane track fees) – C in Chengdu.

          • Rick in China

            Wuh wuh wuh – it’s an expressway, and if you know the Chengnan, it’s almost empty — there is a cheaper alternative route that is a shitty older road which is usually packed with traffic which I assume you are likely referring to..if you take the bus between the two cities, it’s likely along that route. The Chengnan is a new road, wider lanes, very straight, never congested (that I’ve experienced), etc. 180kmph is not only NOT *that* fast on a straight clear and newly paved expressway, but it’s well within slowing speed when there is some seemingly shaky ass peasant-jinbei putting along in the slow lane and you want to pass him safely. The whole point is not about skill or whatever, it’s about police not really caring about people ‘breaking the law’ when they are doing so within reasonable situations and it’s not their specific job to take care of that violation at that point in time. I’d never drive my piece of shit on a race track, demolition derby maybe haha..

  • An

    the first video er is not really that extreme driving, they are driving a 4 lane freeway with between 200 and 300 km/h and between 100 and 200 on the small roads, thats what we all do on the autobane. this is kids stuff. no driving ghost, no driving in the opposite lane and nice straight lane with no curves, no pedestrians very few blind spots and nice open view

  • The Grudge

    “I have to admit I’ve done some stupid things as a young(er) lad”

    Kai, Do you still have a pending lawsuit in China about the case where you killed 3 children while having fun with your QQ bread box, drunk on white alcohol?

    Hmmm, maybe this explains why you fled to America?

    • Actually, it’s likely to be the other way around. Every American I’ve met in China has a certain kind of “background” back home. And by fleeing to China, they can shake off pretty much everything except for student loan.

      • Rick in China

        Seems like the Americans you meet are tourists and teachers. Nothing against either, of course, but guys who teach for years are usually the ones trying to escape something or at least find direction in an otherwise directionless past.

        • curious

          Grudge, is this really true?
          Rick, so what do you do here?

          • Rick in China

            工作还是什么? 我是经理在个美国公司, 我们这里做软件。。

  • john

    these guys are shit!!!

  • Phobe

    Could our drivers be lacking in “self-responsibility” and “self-regulation” skills, due to always being told what to do by incompetant parents and a militaristic government? I’m sorry! You get to win a prize….The road to self-destruction….which is paved by fools.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences” finally comes to China. How gruesome!

  • VeerLeft

    “Why don’t you come to China wearing WWII memorbilia and see how fast the cars slam into your face.”

    Since I was RUN over by a CHIMATE 4 years ago this really strikes a chord with me. Before I leave this country I will take a few pictures of myself doing certain things.
    Action#1 will have to be of me with my eyes pinned back wearing a RISING SUN tank top and doing giant standup wheelies and burnouts on te public roads while grabbing my ballsack with my left hand.
    I’ll send you an autographed poster of that one.

  • VeerLeft

    Rick. That is the truth. They only do their assignment, so it’s easy to do as you please with vehicles if they are just directing traffic, writing parking tickets etc.

  • tom2

    Inspired by the Fast & the Furious. When these Shanghai speed racers eventually bounce off the medium strip, and fly head on into a taxi, that has your girlfriend or boyfriend in it. Won’t the drama be so cool, just like a movie? Or when these ‘liumeng’ drift or roll their car into an old man watching from a corner, or some kids riding their bikes along the road – won’t it be amazing. On that random afternoon, and when you are least expecting it, if you ever get that call. It’s not cool or amazing; it is pain and sorrow – forever.

    These cars should be confiscated and crushed; there is nothing you can do to the drivers.

    They will do it to themselves, when they drive into a wall.

  • will

    i actually enjoyed the drifting video….drifting with buick excelles! Not bad considering the equipment they got, its no ae86 or a silvia or anything remotely known for drifting so you gotta give these guys some credit…….. but i guess wherever these zhejiang kids are its not so densely populated so not that bad.

  • petit bonheur

    I suspect the second clip is another made by GM PR angency video (like the one in the dealership and the one with the SUV) intended to create a buzz on the internet. The commercial performances of the Excelle are quite poor lately, specially compared to the Ford Focus, which has a more agressive and sporty marketing strategy.
    Fauna may ask GM to finance China Smack in exchange of these videos…

  • fireworks

    The first video are just rich young spoilt wannabe HOON kids who have got more braun than brains. Its pretty reckless to race on a busy highway. Should be racing in the countryside or on a proper race track.

    The second video is more like the “man” trash that is using whatever he got to drift. Nice but also drifting in busy streets.

  • Stephan Larose

    Where’s the video where these dumbasses all crash into each other and come out of the hospital racing each other in their quadriplegic wheelchairs? Now that would be entertainment. Unfortunately, behavior like this always ends up the same way, they’ll probably hit some mom with her baby on a bike at night – Sweet illegal racing is so cool! Asstards.

  • mike

    “Why don’t you come to China wearing WWII memorbilia and see how fast the cars slam into your face.”

    ^wtf is this?! you wanna know what my impression of china is? when china is down, chinese people can only whine about what others have done to them, and when china is up, all they can do is brag about all the things they can buy while spewing co2 and polluting every inch of land and water. whoever wrote this was probably born generations from WWII and knows nothing about it anyways, given china’s oh so free and open media.

    but this has nothing to do with the article above. as for that…i think its really dangerous and i hope the people watching here wont go out and try it just because its getting press. as for skill…the whole (drifting) vid made my ears bleed with all the screeching!! id rather watch jay chou’s initial d than watch that shit again..

    • Hi mike,

      bruce Wang’s comment was a reply to one person who posted many stupid comments using different “Japanese” names. I deleted those comments. However, bruce Wang’s comment remained because his comment was a “reply” to those deleted comments. That is why his comment does not make sense and stick to the bottom of all these comments. It is a result of the new comment system. Sorry for confusion.

  • ConceptVBS

    Chinese cant drive.

  • Shopgirl’s weed dealer


    WTF is wrong with ConceptVBS???

  • milkfiddle

    How this goes unchecked by police in China’s largest city must be an invitation for terrorists from all over the world. Are they blind? I know any developed country would have had them pulled over before they kill someone. The driving did not look skillful just stupid and dangerous.

    • omg

      Hahaha…what ‘developed country’ are we talking about that hasn’t had street racing deaths?

  • nanheyangrouchuan

    “drifting” my ass, all they are doing is turning the wheel hard and hitting the brakes. Japanese drifters still have the wheels turning, no brakes and coast on big bald race tires.

    And doing it with economy buicks isn’t going to bring the ladies.

  • The Grudge

    Terrorists, Street Racing, Chicks (probably stoned to death as we speak)….


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  • joby

    nice… not bad! i liked the drifters! i wish i could find empty roads like that to play on!

  • pepsi

    those idiots, you need a rear wheel drive car to drift, that’s not drifting, it’s just doing skids

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