Street Racing Rich Kid Kills Pedestrian, Netizens Outraged


A young man in Hangzhou, China was hit and killed by a red Mitsubishi Evo sports car that was racing with two other expensive sports cars a few nights ago. Chinese netizens are outraged and afraid that the rich will be able to break the law and avoid trouble by using their money. The police statements after the accident have made Chinese people even more angry.

From NetEase:

According to Zhejiang Online’s May 8th report, on the 7th, several young people in Hangzhou City Wen Er West Road were street racing, and amongst them one red race car hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the crosswalk. Onlookers said the perpetrating boy’s attitude was very poor, hitting and killing a person yet treating it as if nothing happened. The perpetrator’s Mitsubishi sports car was labeled with two websites, and amongst the websites read “here gathers the country’s best drifting race car drivers”. A witnesses said, “A little after 8:00pm “rumble rumble rumble” came three cars, all very low very sports cars, going very fast very fast. The boy who was hit was crossing the crosswalk at the time, although at the time I did not see clearly if it was a boy or a girl. Upon being hit, his body flew into the air, flew very high very high, as high as that (Mr. Hu pointed to the Dejia Apartments front door/gate, the door/gate is over 5 meters high)! He flipped in the air, and then fell back down.” Onlooking pedestrians all indicated, 100 km/h? Up to 150km/h? Otherwise how could a person be hit so far? The report said the accident victim was from Hunan, born 1984, only son, graduated from Zhejiang University in 2006, and was working at Hangzhou Yisai Communications Limited Company, and prior to the incident had watched the movie “Nanjing! Nanjing! in the nearby cinema.

According to Hu X (the perpetrator) and related witnesses (the only witnesses the police have accepted were the other two sons of rich families who were racing) statements, the perpetrator’s car was only traveling around 70km/h when the incident happened, while the speed limit for the street where the incident happened is 50km/h (what a clever relation). Hu X admits that at the time he did not pay attention to what was happening on the crosswalk.
Did not modify the car, did not drive in the opposite direction, the speed accepted was that given by the perpetrator and his companions instead of those eyewitnesses who were present, also no scientific measurement (hitting a grown man up to 6 meters high, flying over 20 meters away, needs what kind of speed? Is there someone who is good at physics who can calculate or us?)
…then they say the victim was not using the crosswalk…






Hu Bin, the driver of the Mitsubishi Evo called his friends after hitting the victim, Tan Zhuo. Here is a picture after the accident that has angered many netizens:


This is Hu Bin later covering his face inside a police car:



Here is a video of the police press conference that many Chinese netizens feel was a joke and that the police were trying to defend or help the perpetrator.

Many Hangzhou journalists and reporters were also very daring to question the police’s statements. Schoolmates from Zhejiang University also wrote a letter to the Hangzhou mayor. Many Hangzhou residents also complained that street racing has become a major problem in Hangzhou.

Comments from Mop:


It has already been said, he is a rich family’s kid.

At most this matter will only involve a fine.


Perpetrator’s name: Hu Bin
Perpetrator’s identity: Hangzhou Normal University Department of Sports sophomore, Hangzhou Jianggan District Identification: 330104198901202333
Mobile Phone: 13634162820
QQ: 181199732
Live Space Password: 608Zo
Car Model: EVO 9th generation
Car License Plate: 浙A.608Z0 [Zhejiang]
Car Owner: Liu Hongying

Car Owner: Liu Hongying (Perpetrator driver’s mother)
Address: Pujiaxincun Building 29 Unit 2 Room 501
Mobile Phone: 139581118382
Home Telephone: 85721339
Identification Number: 3301041989012023333
Mobile Phone Number: 13634162820

Perpetrator owner’s father Hu Shuming
Occupation: Garment industry
Car: Jeep Wrangler
Registration/License: A290P8
Address: Pujiaxincun Building 29 Unit 2 Room 5th Floor


Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!
Ding this up, ding this to the central government, see if “money rights” can cover up the people’s anger!!! See how his rich parents are going to resolve this for their son!!


Living in China, I better be even more careful than careful~~~


“If the perpetrator is not heavily punished, not executed.
Marching protest~marching protest~marching protest~marching
protest~marching protest~marching protest~marching marching protest~
protest~marching protest~marching protest~marching protest~marching
protest~marching protest~marching protest~marching protest~
marching protest~marching protest~
Who dares? Who will join? I simply do not believe they
will flatten us like 6.4!!
If you have the courage, harmonize me~”


Sigh, being able to use money to fix problems is a problem!!!

This to them is just a
small case <font color=#DC143C>富家子弟把马路当F1赛道 无辜路人被撞起5米高</font>


I saw the news. This kind of people, they are all beasts/animals, all deserve execution.  The person who was killed, anyhow was a Zhejiang University talent, such a waste, losing a person who could have contributed to the country.


70km/h car speed, able to knock a person 5 meters high, throwing him over 20 meters far?

Hangzhou’s JC again insult the people’s intelligence!!! The perpetrator indeed has people in high places.


Simply spending some money can fix this,
in China, the thing that is worth the least is human life. [said in disgust]


Inhuman! Doing such an unimaginable thing! Driving that fast within the city, with so much traffic there! Without looking at the incident itself, he should be sentenced to 10 years just for him calling people to come take responsibility! Why didn’t he quickly try to save the person? The hospital was right next to them, and instead the people he called were all his dubious friends and trash, even bringing his girlfriend as if they were coming to watch a show, human dregs society’s scum!


Good car…too bad the person driving is trash…

Comments from KDS (no longer available):


He can like anything but he chooses to like something that plays with lives.


When I was watching it I already felt the police were the defendant’s lawyers, what they were saying was too harmonious.



Does this bunch of stupid cunts have any brains? Their mouths hanging just one phrase: We still need to do more investigation. Then, you motherfuckers, what have you already figured out in your investigations?
The only thing they investigated was: Perpetrator’s companion said the perpetrator was driving around 70km/hr, that’s it.


It was the victim who was crossing the crosswalk too fast…the other person’s EVO was only 70km/h…he definitely was walking too fast.


Everyone do not be inharmonious [“non- ‘river crab'”], you must trust that the party and government will handle this properly, do not be exploited by internet spies with ulterior motives, and more importantly do not arbitrarily go for a stroll [protest march]. Maintaining stability is the most important thing right now. Should the country become chaotic, U.S. imperialism will rush in and massacre us Chinese people!!!


The “wu mao” are not working today, I will speak a few words for them:
Everyone be content, in China there are still people who will take care of things. If it were in America, the FBI would have long ago silenced/killed the victim’s entire family.


In the moment of hitting, the earth immediately lost gravity so the culprit is the earth.


Looks like this time this son of a rich family completely failed to reach his normal level.


[The above are the two previous traffic violation records. The circled 210 means the driver was caught driving 210km/h in a 120km/h zone. Witnesses said he was driving over 100 km/h, so the above commenter is joking that the driver had not reached his normal speed (200+).]


Zhejiang University Communications major…really…such a good school studying such a difficult major…and getting killed by a low-life…what a shame.


It is China who needs Batman and Ironman.


The public letter is truly ridiculous, paying a new year call to a prostitute [appealing to someone who will not help you], better do a good job organizing the self-defense force to prepare for a big showdown on June 4th.


This car accident news already caused a big uproar on the internet, I estimate tens of millions of people are watching how this will be handled.

Those several CT [counter-terrorists = police] do not have anyone above them, this ass-wiping life, no one wants to take responsibility for this case, no one wants to face the reporters.


After being human flesh searched, he definitely must go in [to prison], to prevent him being beaten to death by the common people.
After awhile when the sound of the wind has died down he will be released.

The above content was completely copy and pasted, I personally bear no responibility whatsoever.

There are some translated Tianya BBS comments at Global Voices.

Here is a video where former radio personality Wan Feng who is famous for his “angry” personality expresses his outrage about this incident and the driver:

There are many BBS forum topics about this news. On Mop, the first 7 topics on the home page are all about this. Many angry netizens do not trust that there will be justice and think the rich He Bin will be able to use money to avoid a real punishment. The human flesh search has found a lot of information about many of the people involved. In addition to the information in a comment above, netizens found the driver Hu Bin’s Xiaonei profile, which feature a picture of his car. His girlfriend’s blog has also been found and she wrote that she believes someone, probably a high Hangzhou official, will help them.

They found many pictures of Hu Bin:




And his father:



There were also picture of the victim, Tan Zhuo:



Netizens also proved that Hu Bin and the police were lying about his car not being modified:






Some netizens on KDS have said that the reason the driver, his friends, and the police are saying 70km/h is because the punishment for speeding is different depending on how much higher than the speed limit the violator was driving.

On May 8, there was a candlelight vigil for the victim Tan Zhuo that included many people who were related or close to him:






A picture of the victim at funeral:


More information at (Chinese) and EastSouthWestNorth (English).

Many netizens are hoping that public pressure will make sure that there will be justice.


A netizen on Mop accused China search engine Baidu of censoring search results again (like last time during the Sanlu Kidney Stone Gate). The first two pictures below was the netizen’s comparison between Baidu and Google. The third picture was another netizen who said the netizen used a O instead of a 0 (zero), and using a zero has more results. The netizen was then accused of being a Google employee.

608z0-baidu-search-results 608z0-google-search-results 608zo-baidu-search-results


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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