Street Sweeper Affords New Car, Drives To Work


From NetEase:

59-year-old public sanitation drives a privately-owned car to go to work sweeping streets

White collar workers driving cars to work you’ve already seen plenty, but if I told you there are public sanitation workers who drive cars to work, would you believe me? Don’t be surprised, in Shenyang there is just such a public sanitation worker—with a well-off family, he drives a car worth over 80,000 RMB to commute to and from work,


The day before yesterday, just after 6:30, a silver Brilliance car stopped at the side of the road. An old man wearing a blue cap exited and put on an orange uniform printed with the words “Shenyang Public Sanitation” pulled out from the trunk.


This public sanitation worker is named Zhang Tiande, and has already done sanitation work for the Meijiang team of the Shenyang City Huanggu District Santaizi city management bureau for over a year.


Zhang Tiande is 59-years-old, and this year is his 34th year as a public sanitation worker. “At first I was driving for the Public Sanitation department, garbage truck, forklift I’ve driven them all.” Zhang Tiande says, the longer he drives something, the deeper his connection towards the vehicle.


3 minutes later, riding a 3-wheeled vehicle (tricycle) with cleaning tools, Zhang Tiande begins his morning cleaning.


“I raised buying this car after I started to do cleaning work [instead of driving]. Previously I drove another car, but felt the power and displacement were both inadequate.” A month earlier, Master Zhang spent 80,000 yuan to buy this silver Brilliance car.


Zhang Tiande is the first person to drive a car to work amongst those in the Santaizi city management bureau. The old man says his present income is over 2000 yuan, “my old woman does budgeting [as a job], and the two of us have a guaranteed monthly income of over 7000 yuan.”


“My living expenses with my old woman are not a lot, our children are also financially independent, we’ve saved several years of retirement money so buying a car and spending over 500 kuai every month on petrol is not that much [financial] pressure.” “If I were to go home, there would not be anything for me to do either. Actually, I have worked this job so long I have developed an emotional bond to it. and I’m not a person who can stay idle anyway.” Zhang Tiande says.


Shenyang Santaizi urban management bureau’s supervisor believes that Master Zhang buying a car for transportation is on one hand enthusiasm towards his work and on another hand demonstrates the old man’s healthy mentality/attitude.


Master Zhang’s coworker states, “Master Zhang’s car is like everyone’s car. Whenever someone needs to move something, Master Zhang will help transport it for them, never hesitating [to offer/help].”

Comments from NetEase:


Very niu.


To put it nicely, it is enjoying one’s old age.
To put it not nicely, it is having nothing better to do.
Can this public sanitation worker’s position be given to someone who truly needs work? He drives a car, only because it is his interest/hobby, but he is still stripping a person who needs a job more than him of a job.


Forms a type of lifestyle, internalizes a type of emotion.


Hope that all laobaixing [ordinary common people] under the sky can have money and leisure to be like that person [Zhang Tiande] enjoying doing what they personally enjoy, including driving the car they want to drive.


This is news? We here even have street-sweepers who drive Benz 350s.


Honestly, I don’t believe this. I am looking at this through the eyes of a laobaixing [ordinary common person], and the most basic/low-level public sanitation worker could not be this prosperous. If a person had money/was rich, who would go do this job? This is a hoax/hype/fake. I know our local street-sweeper only makes 500-600 to 700-800 a month. It is about enough to eat but buying a car is a joke!


This is the kind of good person who is enthusiastic about his work.


What is commitment to work, what is dedication to work, what is loving the job you have, this is the model/good example.


If the children are successful and do not depend on the parents, and there are no major financial burdens in the home/family, the elderly should definitely enjoy their own work and life.

Good post!


Him as a cleaner drives a car to go to and from work, whereas me as a salesman depends on my two legs to go to and from work.


A car is just a transportation tool, everyone should correct their mentality, having a car or not having a car doesn’t mean anything!


Almighty God, please give your blessing, let me go sweep streets too. Let me also buy a Brilliance car so I do not need to brave the elements…



The old man does not lack money, what he is playing is “loneliness”!


Hehe, anything is possible in China~~


[responding to 扯–淡]

To put it nicely, you are a fenqing [angry youth] who finds everyone disagreeable.
To put it not nicely, water has entered your brain [you are mentally handicapped].
An old person who has worked a job for decades and continues that job, what’s wrong with that? All he did was depend on many years of savings to buy a car. He has worked an entire life, he should be enjoying life. You only find it disagreeable because he drives a car to go sweep the floor. Does he have to walk several tens of kilometers to go to work before you’re happy? Does he have to suffer to arouse your sympathy before you feel it is fair? A public sanitation worker job is probably a humble/lowly job in your eyes, otherwise you wouldn’t find it so disagreeable that the old man can afford to drive a car. But by slandering and also treating a public sanitation job as if the pay is very good, [you make it seem like] the old man has stolen someone’s meal ticket. I really do not know what kind of water has entered your brain [do not understand your mentality].

This story became popular and spread on the internet a few days ago. However, I only finish translating it now. This evening, I also saw a news report of this man on the Shanghai Metro. It is a little silly. AOlesen


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