Street Vendor Executed for Fatal Stabbing of Chengguan Officers

Xia Junfeng, the Chinese street peddler who was put to death for the homocide of two city management officers during a dispute in 2009, here in a photo with his wife Zhang Jing and son Xia Jianqiang.

Zhang Jing holding up a photo of herself with Xia Junfeng, the Chinese street vendor who was given the death penalty for killing two chengguan officers in a fight.

From NetEase:

Shenyang Street Vendor Xia Junfeng Who Had Stabbed to Death Chengguan Officers Executed

People’s Daily Online Beijing September 25 report –The official microblog of the Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court announced that following the Supreme People’s Court’s review and approval, intentional homicide criminal Xia Junfeng was lawfully executed in Liaoning Shenyang on September 25th.

In November 2009, the Liaoning Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Xia Junfeng with the death penalty for intentional homicide and deprived him of political rights for life. After the verdict, Xia Junfeng appealed. The Liaoning Provincial People’s Procuratorate believed: The facts of the appellant’s intentional homicide crime were clear, and the evidence sufficient. The appellant used a weapon to stab two administrative enforcement personnel to death and seriously injured one. The criminal action was cruel and the consequences were extremely serious, its very nature heinous. It is proposed to the Court of Second Instance [Appeals Court] that it review the specific circumstances of the case and judge in accordance with the law. The Liaoning Provincial Higher People’s Court heard the case in accordance with the law and made a ruling on 2011 April 30, rejecting the appeal, affirming the original verdict and lawfully reporting it to the Supreme People’s Court for approval.

Upon review, the Supreme People’s Court’s believed that the defendant Xia Junfeng’s act of depriving the life of others already constitutes intentional homicide. Xia Junfeng’s was illegally operating a fried skewer business, and when chengguan [urban/city management] enforcement personnel lawfully investigated and took action, he refused to comply and subsequently clashed with enforcement personnel, namely using a knife to commit violence causing two deaths and one serious injury. The circumstances of the crime were extremely vile, the means extremely cruel, the consequences particularly serious, and should be punished in accordance with the law. With regards to the clash that happened, the victims Shen Kai and Zhang Xudong bear a certain amount of responsibility and Xia Junfeng also bears responsibility, but given that Xia Junfeng’s crime was particularly serious, a lighter punishment is not enough. Both the judgment of the court of first instance and the ruling of the court of second instance maintain that the facts are clear and that the evidence is both reliable and sufficient. The conviction is correct and the sentencing appropriate. The trial procedures were legal. Therefore, it lawfully authorized the death penalty.

After the Liaoning Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court pronounced the judgment above, Xia Junfeng met with his close relatives in the Shenyang City Detention Center.

Original title: Xia Junfeng’s Death Penalty Executed Today, Court: Crime Was Particularly Serious, Not Enough to Give Lighter Punishment

Xia Junfeng's wife, Zhang Jing, crying.

A photo of Xia Junfeng, the Chinese street vendor who was executed after fatally stabbing two urban management officers during a dispute.

Xia Junfeng, the Chinese street peddler who was put to death for the homocide of two city management officers during a dispute in 2009, here in a photo with his wife Zhang Jing and son Xia Jianqiang.

Xia Junfeng's wife and child, Zhang Jing and Xia Jianqiang.

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Shenyang Street Vendor Xia Junfeng Who Stabbed Chengguan Officers to Death Sentenced to Death in Final Ruling

2011 May 9, the final ruling in the Shenyang street peddler Xia Junfeng chengguan Fatal Stabbing Case was announced, with Xia Junfeng getting the death penalty. 2009 May 16, Xia Junfeng with his wife were were investigated and had action taken against them by chengguan while selling on the streets and subsequently clashed with the chengguan where he stabbed 2 chengguan personnel with a knife he had been carrying on him. Xia Junfeng claimed he was beaten by chengguan first and [his actions] are considered reasonable self-defense. Xia Junfeng’s family found six witnesses testifying that he was beaten, none of whom were allowed to testify in court.

Death Sentence in Xia Junfeng Case Has Been Under Review for a Year Without Results

2009, street hawker Xia Junfeng was selling on the streets in Shenyang and had stabbed two chengguan personnel to death due to a dispute. In 2011 May, the Liaoning Provincial High Court sentenced Xia Junfeng to death. To this day, Xia Junfeng’s death sentence has been under review at the Supreme People’s Court. The deceased Shen Kai’s father claims they have yet to receive compensation from Xia’s family, and the treatment of Shen Kai’s death as that of a martyr by leaders has also not been carried out.

Xia Junfeng’s wife: Only Hopes He Can Live

Zhang Jing, the wife of the street vendor Xia Junfeng who stabbed two chengguan officers to death, is still waiting for the results of the Supreme People’s Court review of her husband’s death sentence. Her life was completely changed by Xia Junfeng’s case.

In the first two years after the incident occurred, Zhang Jing was unwilling leave her home, neither able to pretend nothing had happened nor able to remain in a state of worry. For her child and husband, she had no choice but to be strong. Zhang Jing was willing to live clutching to hope, but what the future would hold remained unpredictable.

Xia Junfeng’s Wife: Went to Detention Center to See Husband for the Last Time

People’s Daily Online Wuhan September 25 report — Early this morning, Shenyang street vendor Xia Junfeng’s wife @沈阳张晶 [“Shenyang Zhang Jing”] said on her weibo that people from the court had come delivering the notice for family members to see Xia Junfeng for the last time and that she was on her way to the detention center to see him for the last time.

The widely watched case where Shenyang street peddler Xia Junfeng killed chengguan officers with a knife received a sentence on 2011 May 9 in the Liaoning High Court in the second sentence maintaining the death penalty sentence given to Xia Junfeng by the Shenyang Intermediate Court on the grounds of intentional murder.

Xia Junfeng’s Life

Life was difficult for Xia Junfeng and his wife ever since youth, with all their hopes placed on their son. The “huge” income from selling food on the street allowed them to achieve the greatest desire they’ve always had: Sending their son to painting classes. Up until the day they ran into the chengguan.

Xia Junfeng's son Xia Jianqiang with his artwork.

From NetEase:

Paintings by Xia Junfeng’s Son

These photos shows paintings by Xia Junfeng’s son Xia Jianqian, brimming with thoughts of his father.

Xia Jianqiang's painting.
“Daddy and I”
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
“Returning Home Together”
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
“The Past”
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
“Past Happiness”
Xia Jianqiang's painting.
“When I Was Small”

Comments from NetEase:

华少2006 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

I wonder how would a chengguan officer who killed a street vendor would be judged?

网易山东省菏泽市网友 ip:123.134.*.*

Original title: Xia Junfeng’s Death Penalty Executed Today, Court: Crime Was Particularly Serious, Not Enough to Give Lighter Punishment: Excuse me, may I ask how many more “not enough to give lighter punishment” [crimes have been given lighter punishments]…?

怒猫 [网易广西玉林市网友]:

As a legal worker, governing with rule of law has always been a basic national policy. Regarding the current awkward social status/position of chengguan, either they should be made official and become a part of the public security system with the power to enforce the law, or this organization should be disbanded. Allowing an organization without [proper] legal status to engage in managing society [enforcement] by itself is a huge danger.

网易江苏省南通市手机网友 (58.221.*.*): (responding to above)

I’m not a legal worker but I’ve also found it very strange how [the chengguan organization] still exists to this day?

网易陕西省西安市网友 [totoou0]: (responding to above)

I’m an ordinary commoner and it is even stranger to me! Just what model/method is chengguan based on for their management and governance of the country?! Is it a legal system model or hooligan/thug model?!

建立民主自由之中国 [网易广东省汕尾市网友]:

Despite silence taking the place of conversation, words nonetheless always retain their power and words of profound meaning, they declare the truth to those willing to listen attentively. And the truth is, in this country, some things are frighteningly wrong. Cruelty, injustice, discrimination and oppression. You once had the freedom to oppose and could say what you want to say. What you now have is a censorship and surveillance system, forcing you to go with the flow, forcing you to obey, and how did this happen? Who is to blame? Who above everyone is even more deserving of bearing responsibility? But, after telling the truth, if you are looking for the guilty, you only need to look in the mirror.

lgl11223345 [网易福建省福州市鼓楼区网友]:

Oh my god, how come the ordinary common people always get the death penalty?

网易江苏省常州市网友 [摆脱困境]:

This is the only fate for an ordinary person, whose fault is it that he had no connections? In any case, in our hearts are “weights”, and we’re sitting here waiting for the “weights incident”! What are chengguan? The embodiment of the neighborhood watch? Able to face off even the police? What kind of people are up to the task of such a big responsibility? Funny comments:

1、Give me a chengguan and I can smash the entire planet. – Archimedes

2、The essence of chengguan is in campaigns/crackdowns, peace and tranquility would be their death. – Pascal

3、If we say the chengguan see farther than others, it is because chengguan are standing on the shoulders of the poor. – Newton

4、Street vendors are natural selection, chengguan is survival. – Darwin

Chengguan are tempered through fire and rapid cooling, and that’s why they can be hard and not afraid of anything. The newest generation of chengguan is the same, produced through a training of smashing and plundering, learning never to lower their heads before street peddlers. – Ostrovsky

6、How great the power of the chengguan is! Before it, the love of life and fear of suffering of street peddlers become nothing! – Chernyshevsky

7、Those who don’t become a villain for Satan are not good chengguan. – Napoleon

8、There weren’t chengguan here original. It was when there became many street vendors that chengguan appeared. – Lu Xun

9、 Chengguan is the engine for creating unemployment and the foot stone of economic recovery. – Barack Obama

10、 A chengguan‘s saddest thing is that there are no more street hawkers. – Guo Moruo

11、Chengguan is 50% violence, coupled with 50% greed. – Thomas Edison

12、You must never have met the chengguan, because if you had, you would not be standing here so whole/intact. – A disabled U.S. soldier

13、To have chengguan come from afar, is that not the piss. – Confucius

14、If a street vendor does not when when the chengguan will come, then the street vendor will be ill at ease at any time. – Seneca

15、In my territory, the chengguan are in charge. – China Mobile M-Zone

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 ip:112.224.*.*

I believe Xia is a good son in his parents’ eyes, a good husband in his wife’s eyes, a good father in his son’s eyes. I only dare to say this much, so rest in peace! There are no chengguan in heaven……

网易贵州省黔东南州手机网友 ip:111.121.*.*

The law is just a product of class struggle.


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