Student Falls Victim to Police Brutality, Teacher Unsympathetic

Student Falls Victim to Police Brutality, Teacher Unsympathetic

A middle school student named Kong saw three police getting into a car, and yelled “Hey, you who’s calling your friend on the phone, come here!” The police then proceeded to beat him until he was senseless, resulting in a trip to the hospital. Eyewitnesses said that the police officers acted unnecessarily brutally. His classmates all went to the police station looking for an explanation but were forced to return to their school by a teacher and delete all relevant pictures. The teacher then told the kids not to participate in this sort of thing. Netizens all condemn the actions of the teacher and police.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    If you don’t educate the students about the ass-kicking you put on them 20 years ago, they don’t know what they have in store by bucking your “authori-tah”.

  • Zappa Frank

    the teacher sadly taught a wise thing to his students, that is apparently the prevalent way of thinking, don’t get involved in anything that doesn’t have to do with you.

    • Yeah, just watch the world burn. And people ask where is the humanity? “Wise” indeed.

      • Zappa Frank

        of course i don’t agree with this cynic vision, but apparently is a pretty common vision in china and seems also to serve well for their lives.

        • Sorry. It’s sad but that doesn’t mean it should continue to be like that. The most we can do is educate the next generation so that they don’t inherit the bad values from our’s.

  • Apothis

    How to be a good communist….never question authority.

  • Dolph Grunt

    “Hey, you who’s calling your friend on the phone, come here!”

    This provoked an attack? Seriously. I don’t get it. Did I miss something here?

    • Jahar

      Seems none of that matters. We just get an extended headline.

  • Jahar

    Par for the course.

  • WghUk

    It’s people like the teacher that allows these sort of things to happen!

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