Canadian Dismembers, Cannibalizes Student, Chinese Reactions

Chinese international student and victim Lin Jun (left), Canadian murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta (right).

Luka Rocco Magnotta, Canadian fugitive suspected of murdering and dismembering Chinese international student Lin Jun and then committing necrophilia.

From iFeng:

Chinese study abroad student after date with Canadian porn actor has corpse raped and body dismembered

The Chinese consulate general in Montreal, Canada issued a statement on June 1st expressing shock in response to the recent murder of Chinese overseas student Lin Jun in Montreal, calling on Canadian authorities to quickly arrest the murderer. Montreal police confirmed on June 1st that 33-year-old Chinese study abroad student Lin Jun who was attending Montreal’s Concordia University was murdered on May 24th or the 25th. Suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta dismembered his body after the murder, shipping parts of his body through the mail to the headquarters of Canada’s two major political parties in Ottawa. Photo [above, click images to enlarge] is of criminal suspect Magnotta.

Chinese international student and victim Lin Jun (left), Canadian murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta (right).

Left is 33-year-old international student Lin Jun from Wuhan. Right is 29-year-old Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta.

Chinese international student Lin Jun, 33 years old, murdered and dismembered by Canadian porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta.

The victim, international student Lin Jun.

Canadian police photographing Lin Jun's dismembered body discovered in the garbage.

The search notice issued by the Chinese consulate in Montreal says 33-year-old Lin Jun was from Wuhan, and began living in Montreal as of July last year. On May 24th of this year, Lin Jun suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Montreal police have already shown residents near the crime scene Lin Jun’s photograph looking for clues, and La Presse says the Chinese consulate general is currently assisting the investigation and has notified Lin Jun’s family. Photo is of police photographing the discovered body parts.

Police collecting evidence outside Luka Rocco Magnotta's apartment.

Montreal police collecting evidence outside the apartment. Magnotta is suspected of sexually defiling the body of Lin Jun after the murder, even uploading a video of the dismembering onto the internet.

The bloodstained bad mattress where Lin Jun was murdered and dismembered by Luka Rocco Magnotta.

In Canadian case of murder and dismemberment that has caused a sensation around the world, pornographic male actor Luka Rocco Magnotta is suspected of murdering a young man and then committing an indignity to the body, even uploading a recording of the dismembering of the body onto the internet. The young man suspected of murder even mailed the victim’s hand and foot to the Conservative Party and Liberal Party headquarters in Canada’s capital. At present, the male suspect is already listed as wanted by Interpol, but his exact whereabouts is unknown. Photo is of Magnotta’s apartment.

Luka Rocco Magnotta's refrigerator, with traces of blood.

The video spreading on the internet shows a person using an ice pick wildly stabbing a young man. After dismembering the victim, the murderer even eats some of the human tissue. Police determined after analysis that this video is real, locking onto Magnotta as the criminal in the video at the same time. Police have already found the victim’s torso. Photo is of the refrigerator in Magnotta’s apartment suspected of being used to story the body.

The bathroom of Luka Rocco Magnotta's apartment.

Magnotta’s apartment.

Written on the wall of Luka Rocco Magnotta's apartment: 'If you don't like the reflection, don't look in the mirror. I don't care.'

Luka Rocco Magnotta's blood stained bed and apartment, scene of a horrific crime where Chinese international student Lin Jun was murdered and dismembered.

Body parts belonging to victim Lin Jun were discovered mailed to Canadian political parties and in the garbage.

The murder suspect even chopped off a foot and mailed it to the Toronto Conservative Party headquarters, with the chopped off hand being mailed to the Liberal Party headquarters and intercepted at the post office.

Luka Rocco Magnotta's apartment being cleaned.

The interior of the apartment where criminal suspect Magnotta resided.

Canadian police discover a suitcase containing body parts.

A suitcase containing body parts discovered by police in his apartment.

An online profile of Luka Rocco Magnotta in French.

Magnotta was born 1982 in Scarborough, Canada, and has previously filmed low-cost “bisexual” pornographic films. His neighbors said this person moved from Toronto to western Montreal about 4 months ago. French and Montreal police have both determined that Magnotta has already left Canada for France. At present, French police are currently making a comprehensive manhunt for Magnotta.

The Interpol arrest warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta, suspect and fugitive for the murder, dismemberment, and necrophilia of Chinese international student Lin Jun.

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Photo is of the Interpol issued arrest warrant.

Outside Luka Rocco Magnotta's apartment,

The apartment where the crime occurred.

On Youku:

Our country’s consulate in Canada confirms a study abroad student was murdered and then dismembered, 120602 Guangdong Morning News

Comments on Youku:


Hahaha, now I know why there are so many people who want to get an American green card!


I wonder which rich family or official’s family this unlucky child belongs to.


The risks of being gay abroad is so high… looks like China is still better.


33 and still in school?


Consider for a moment, if this were a Canadian who was dismembered in China, what would the consequences be?!!


The Chinese victim, what’s his background in China? Anyone know?


The more gay people there are, the more opportunity I have for finding a a partner.

etulving: (responding to above)

There are quite a lot of female homosexuals in China too, so it’s still hopeless.


His parents suffered two blows! First is their own son being a homosexual, the second is him being dismembered!


Isn’t Canada and the United States supposed to be heaven on Earth?


Some people’s reactions are too inhuman. A compatriot is murdered and you guys actually happily applaud? You guys think just because he’s a homosexual he deserves to die? How is this different from when the Nazi’s felt all Jews should die? People should watch what they say. Just because you don’t know any homosexuals doesn’t mean you can guarantee that your children or grandchildren won’t be homosexuals.


Canada, isn’t that where everyone wants to emigrate to!!!


Deserved it, if you weren’t gay, if you didn’t go find that person, regardless of what the reason is, if you were a normal person, this wouldn’t have happened!


If this had happened to an American, just think what the United States would do.


Dismembering then necrophilia, such fucking “strong taste” [a taste for the unusual/abnormal]!!! Talk about being so crazy even a mental asylum wouldn’t dare take you in!


Yep yep, either way, just be careful when abroad. Just a few days ago I saw the incident of someone’s [face] being bitten and torn off, and today I see this kind of cannibalism in Canada too, sigh, the world truly isn’t safe.


How does one go abroad and actually run into a porn actor… this too is quite out of the ordinary!


Sure enough, those who commit crimes abroad all have mental problems.

57da: (responding to above)

Then do those who commit crimes domestically all have character problems??


I urge everyone to stop going to Europe and America to study abroad. Not only is the cultural difference big and Chinese people are discriminated against, the main thing is that it isn’t safe. Perverse people.


Yeah, Canada is also becoming unsafe now.


Really, those who want to see the video, you really shouldn’t watch it. In the video, you can’t see what the murderer looks like, you only see the victim’s horrific condition. I was curious, downloaded it, and now I really regret it. It shouldn’t be watched, really, its too upsetting!! How heartbroken his family members must be!! Lin Jun, I hope you rest in peace in heaven!


Scary… looks like China is still better/safer.

suppermammalkill: (responding to above)

Who knows if this kind of thing may happen in China one day, and it may have already happened but we just don’t know about it. After all, aren’t we promoting the aligning of China with international standards? Therefore, wherever there is people, its unsafe. If you want some place that is completely safe, you’re better off emigrating to Mars.


Inconceivable, a study abroad student is murdered and there are this many people rejoicing about it. Being gay is not wrong, going abroad to study is even less wrong, he’s only a victim.

我流: (responding to above)

Being gay is not wrong?! What kind of values is this?! Would a good person have encountered a deviant/sicko like this?

jiating91: (responding to above)

So being gay means you aren’t a good person? What kind of values is that, those of a rural peasant? So what you’re saying is that if you encounter a deviant/pervert like this, you’re not a good person?

marytwo: (responding to above)

Classic person who not only isn’t ashamed but actually takes pride in what he believes. Rather than learning what’s good, he instead insists on learning garbage. Don’t try reasoning with people like this. Either way, they will always believe they are right, just like corrupt officials these days. Would you expect them to reflect upon themselves?


The video is over 10 minutes long, and it isn’t as frightening as you guys make it out to be! It being quite perverse/sick is true though!


The 10 minute video can be found online and downloaded. I only looked at some of the screenshots and was already sick to much stomach. It’s hard to believe there are such perverse/sick people in the world. That poor study abroad student.

Luka Rocco Magnotta (left) and Lin Jun (right).

On Sina Weibo:

@YouTube精选: What the heck is going on recently?! “Naked man eating another person’s face shot dead in America” “Canadian male porn star suspected of dismembering body and necrophilia put on global wanted list” “American university student murders roommate and eats his heart and brain” “American commits seppuku in public, throws own internal organs at police”

String of incidents involving gruesome cannibalism in the United States and Canada.

Comments on Sina Weibo:

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I think they’re all zombies…


A Bite of North America…

[Note: This refers to a recently popular CCTV documentary A Bite of China (CNTV/YouTube) about Chinese food and cuisine.]


Probably someone who escaped from Umbrella Corporation


Watched too much Walking Dead!


I’ve always felt that watching the zombie genre was supplementing one’s knowledge for survival~~!!!!


China is comparatively safe~~


Avengers, assemble!


I’ve already planted my sunflowers and peas.


2012 really has arrived.


Could it be that A Bite of China is so popular that the United States always wants to make A Bite of America, to show that their taste is different from China? Such fucking heavy/strong [abnormal, extreme] taste, no wonder the American media can produce films with such heavy/strong taste, it all comes from real life.


China disseminating and making a big deal about the ugly side of America, what kind of mentality is this?

祥瑞狼微博达人: (responding to above)

If you don’t have a hole in your brain, you should know that this microblog is YouTube精选, itself an American propaganda microblog specifically for the people in China who are surrounded by the Great Firewall, are incidents of murder in America not allowed to be disseminated? By your logic, you can bear being a cuckhold as long as it isn’t made public, right? Stupid cunt.

What do you think? Do you think the recent string of news reports about this kind of phenomenon is significant?

Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Jeff

    Egg Foo Young and cream of some young boy on the sofa

    • Loopins

      Is that supposed to be funny?

  • nevan

    he is a very sexy man i’ll give you that

    • Chunghwa

      From what I’ve read, the man was a plastic surgery addict who was very obsessed with his own image.

      In other words, he paid out of his pocket for that look, and that isn’t his natural appearance.

      • eattot

        i believe u! i guess he paid a lot to get that sausage lips…
        seems he likes to use lipstick…

  • GodsHammer

    He is a creepy asexual douchebag…and apparently a murderous cannibal. This has been a crazy, crazy week in North America.

    • Canadian_Skies

      Meh, I lived in mainland China for 4.5 years. I’m back home now, in Canada. I’m not really shocked by this event. My time in China has desensitised me.

    • the ace of books

      lolwut, how is he in any way asexual? He’s a porn actor, and he raped the body…

  • Nyancat

    damn poor fellow, seems the only aspect of the crime being focused upon by some of the netizens is that he was gay and therefore deserved it, what an archaic mindset.

    • Joe

      I agree with those sentiments!

    • Justin

      “some” of the netizens, not all, think this way. I would say in general, China is more tolerant of homosexuals than the United States. Maybe China is intolerant in that your parents won’t be happy about YOU personally becoming a homosexual because that means no grand kids, but it is not a country where people get beaten to death for being gay or where people show up with signs reading “God hates fags” at the funerals of gay people.` I can’t speak for Canada because I never lived there. But on US message boards you would have twice as many comments saying that the person is wicked and sinful and this is just the kind of thing that these “deviant types” do to one another. You had just as many comments saying what a horrible thing this was and you even had another guy comparing the bigoted commenter to a Nazi.

      • Nyancat

        Ah yes friend I did use the word ‘some’ :)

      • Alex

        Canada being one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, should tell you that Canada does what it says (equal rights), not like our dear cousins to the South (Americans) who talk about equal rights but still ‘debate’ if gays fall within the definition of “all men are created equal”. As for the story itself, yeah, as a gay man myself dating for the past 5 years a “semi-closeted” Chinese man (the same age as the victim) I can tell you that my first thought was how the Chinese will turn this into a homosexual issue. How many men beat and kill and do horrible things to their wives/girlfriends/etc? It’s never a “heterosexual” crime then, it’s just a crime – but make the crime involve a gay couple, and baaam, the gay issue is raised as if it were a critical factor. And for those making that stupid comments about how the police won’t do shit because the victim is Asian – care to explain why you would say that when even Interpol got involved….at the request of the CANADIAN authorities.

        • Freetrader

          Ah, we poor Americans. How awful life must be in that ghastly wilderness South of the Border.

    • [email protected]

      Agreed. Don’t need to comment further. Cheers.

    • Jeffli

      damn poor fellow?! You Mad?
      The guy deserves to be treated the same way he treated those cats!

      • mr. wiener

        What cats?

        • Nyancat

          It seems that Magnotta had abused some two kittens by putting them in a plastic bag, I haven’t seen the videos and don’t intend to so I can’t get any clearer than that, these events were prior to killing Lin Jun. This human filth truly needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

      • Nyancat

        @Jeffli, No i am not mad, I was referring to the Chinese fellow, what on earth would make you think I was feeling sorry for that lunatic Magnotta?

        • jeffli

          good on you Nyancat!
          murderers should be shot!

          cannibals, pedophiles,animal torturers, child killers also!
          The world is too populated for creeps.

    • lonetrey

      Agreed, was about to say the same thing.

  • Notorious

    You know, I think people are only ASSUMING this student is gay. I doubt it, which he is just coming to america after only a year away from China he would be out looking for men. It takes years of living in western society to become so comfortable and bold with ones sexuality. And this is coming from someone who is not against other people’s sexual tastes. However,

    We don’t know what TACTICS were used to lure the victim to his death. The man could have posed as a student h imself, could have posed as an english teacher. The killer was also shown killing kittens a few years ago on youtube and made the news for that. He pretended to lovingly care for the kittens then led them to their death, suffocating them in a plastic bag with a snake.

    I’m sure similar tactics were used to lure the male student to his abode. So please do not assume the sexuality of the victim because it places SOME blame on the victim for having chosen a relationship he may not even chosen. We are only speculating because of the sexual tastes of the killer and that’s not right.

    Cannibals are not new. REmember Jeffrey Dahmer who killed black and asian men in the 1990s? He was gay (not related), and lured gay black and asian men to his apartment, handcuffed, killed, dismembered them and feasted on their bodies for weeks. He also killed about 19 people was it?

    • donscarletti

      Just went abroad, found himself in an open, liberal society, so he’s obviously not out looking for sex.

      Your understanding of males sometimes is best described as “adorably naive”.

    • moop
    • Fu ZhiGao

      I mean, yeah, sexual predators prey on victims of certain genders regardless of the victim’s sexual orientation.

      But then again, there are gay people in Shanghai and all over China, for that matter.

      A lot of people probably are going to make the assumption that anyone who was with a gay porn star might have been gay, whether it’s fair or not.

      • Nick in Beijing

        About half of my Chinese friends in China are gay, but I myself absolutely am not. Just because the guy was with the bisexual porn star doesn’t mean he was gay. I’m not saying if he was or wasn’t, that shouldn’t even be an issue, but just pointing out that just because one hangs out with a gay person doesn’t make that person gay.

        And for the record, whenever I tell my non-gay Chinese friends that I have gay Chinese friends there are always two reactions: 1 – They freak the fuck out and deny till they are blue in the face that there are gay people in China. 2 – They bombard me with questions wanting to know what the mythical gay human is like.

        • moop
          • kilroy238

            That’s what he said.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Read before linking.

            I didn’t say he wasn’t gay. I just made the point that just because he was with a gay guy that didn’t make him gay automatically, as some people were implying.

            If I explicitly said something along the lines of “he wasn’t gay you fuckers!” please point it out.

        • Fu ZhiGao

          Again, as moop has pointed out twice now, yes, in fact he was gay.

          Were this still as of yet unproven, I mean, yeah, sure having a bisexual kitten killing adult film star friend doesn’t automatically mean you’re gay. My point was that a lot of people might make that assumption… or question his values and ability to make goods judgments. Sorry if that’s unfair, but people like jumping to conclusions.

          My other point was to question Notorious’s assertion that only people in the West have bold, open sexual lifestyles. He’s clearly never been to a KTV or seen how comfortably a lot of men are here carrying on multiple affairs with women when they get older in China. I can’t really comment much on the gay scene here, but I do know there are some gay clubs in Shanghai.

          It also seemed to me that Notorious was suggesting that there were no gay people in China, which is, as you’ve said, patently and demonstrably false.

          I did not mention, however, that this happened in Canada, and Notorious, who does not seem to have read the story very carefully, somehow or another incorrectly deduced that because it involved the words “gay”, “killer” and “Western” that it must have happened in America.

          • Notorious

            I read the article Fu Zhigao, but the news article simply reported that he was gay but did not cite their source so I am taking it with a grain of salt. It’s irresponsible to report on someone’s sexuality without citing where the information came from. Friends? Or his presence in the home of a gay porn star who might have easily led him there under some false premise.

            I did not say that China does not have gay people. I am merely pointing out that it’s hard enough being gay so i find it hard to believe that someone would jump into a lifestyle after less than a year in a foreign country. Until these irresponsible news articles can state where they learned about his sexuality (his facebook page? they asked him? His family told them?) then they shouldn’t make assumptions because it has in turn placed blame on the victim – especially whether he was gay or not had nothing to do with the story.

    • moop

      have you ever… oh, i don’t know, researched things before you say stuff?

    • Capt. WED

      lol there are a lot of openly gay people in China. Yes China has a lot of gay rights issues. A lot of parent does not approve of homosexuality….because they are traditional they want their line to propagate.

      at least according to homosexuality was consider normal facet of society up until the 19/20 century.

      anyone know why the rise in homophobia in the 19/20th century?

      • Chunghwa

        >anyone know why the rise in homophobia in the 19/20th century?

        The communists came to power.

        • deluca

          Before the communists, there were the Western imperialist powers and Jesuits that brought their Judeo-Christian morality to China, which of course, is very homophobic.

      • mr. wiener

        I’m guessing most people would blame it on the British empire [that should get a bite from a few folks] , but maybe it’s the rise of an urban way of living, rather than a rural one.
        This is just me spit-balling but feel free to shoot me down anyway. If you are an rural farm worker and you feel like a bit of bum sex, since you live in fairly small reasonably close knit communities, you’ve pretty much worked out who is up for a bit of that and who ain’t. Work hours are long during harvest, but the rest of the year you have plenty of time for some mangina action, and there are no shortage of secluded places for it.
        Once the industrial revolution takes place, formerly rural workers have moved to large crowded slums in the cities. The time clock has replaced the seasons and you are largely a anonymous person looking for some sexual relief within your expanded anonymous group in a slum without too much privacy. Hence the rise in alchoholism, prostitution and theft. What was previously out of mind , out of sight is now exposed and thus seen as a mortal sin.
        My 5 cents.

        • Alan

          he time clock has replaced the seasons and you are largely a anonymous person looking for some sexual relief within your expanded anonymous group in a slum without too much privacy. Hence the rise in alchoholism, prostitution and theft. What was previously out of mind , out of sight is now exposed and thus seen as a mortal sin.
          My 5 cents.

          Interesting. Although to quote from one of my favourite Sherlock holmes tales:

          “But the reason is very obvious. The pressure of public opinion can do in the town what the law cannot accomplish. There is no lane so vile that the scream of a tortured child, or the thud of a drunkard’s blow, does not beget sympathy and indignation among the neighbours, and then the whole machinery of justice is ever so close that a word of complaint can set it going, and there is but a step between the crime and the dock. But look at these lonely houses, each in its own fields, filled for the most part with poor ignorant folk who know little of the law. Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out, in such places, and none the wiser.”

          Certainly cities become pits of despair, but there is something eerie about being isolated out in the countryside, where all manner of things could take place, and noone would be any the wiser….interesting post btw Mr W.

    • Well said, I am glad finally someone is talking sense and that it is too early to make the judgement call on assuming that the victim in this case is a gay and that in some sense he asked for it..

      • staylost

        He has been reported as openly gay. I’m not sure why so many people are desperately trying to dispute that fact. What is wrong with being gay?

  • goodjob

    It is really a pity.I am too sad to eat anything for 3 days.

  • Notorious

    Sigh. I also went to Concordia University but a different branch. Another sign that this student may not be gay. Concordia is a 100 year-old Christian Lutheran University. Part of our curriculum was religious studies (purely academic, however not “religious”). Why would a gay student choose such a school?

    • Notorious

      Oh nevermind, he went to a different University. I thought it was part of the same university system.

    • Cardaver

      Why is it so important to prove he wasn’t gay?

    • Cardaver

      If you don’t mind my asking, why is it so important to prove he wasn’t gay?

      • eddie9684

        it’s not, some people actually think it’s something complicated when in reality it’s just really simple. They knew each other and they were seeing each other, the magnotta dude obviously has issues but chinese dude prob didn’t know.

        Not random attack guys, stop trying to get the fifth leg from the cat.

      • Notorious

        For balance. I feel like it has taken away from the crime and sensationalized it. The killer being a gay porn star had nothing to do with him being an evil psycho lunatic and the victim being viciously and horrendously murdered had nothing to do with his being gay or straight. It had no place in the story, that’s why I argue that no one knows the sexuality of the student so why is it even in the story? The news outlet did not cite their source which is utterly irresponsible.

        • moop

          so you are being willfully ignorant to present balance, that’s not really balance, thats being a dumb asshole. “that’s why I argue that no one knows the sexuality of the student”, one of the INVESTIGATORS of the crime said they were lovers, you’re the only person saying he wasn’t and you’re wrong. why is this so hard?
          a quote from one of the investigators: “”We know that the suspect and the victim knew each other. It was not a random attack,” Lafreniere said. “[Magnotta] knew the victim. They were having an affair.””

  • dim mak

    The worst part is how this fucker is hopping around Europe right now taunting the cops at every turn

    A pity Canada no longer has the death penalty

  • El Puma R.

    I’ve found myself countless times reading the posts here just for the obnoxious xenophobia Chinese people show on the internet. Gay or not, son of gvt officer or not, nobody deserves to die like that.

    yes 2012 is here and it’s only gonna get worse.

  • Odd none of the commenters mentioned the recent serial murder/cannibalism case in Kunming…

    (Wait, did I say odd? I meant expected).

  • ungentrified

    The victim didn’t deserve to die because he was gay, but when I heard that he was a Chinese national, I couldn’t help but think that the parents may have been just as shocked that he was gay as much as that he was brutally murdered.

  • Anon

    “If this had happened to an American, just think what the United States would do.”

    Such a fucking stupid comment, and this and others like it get made every time something happens to Chinese abroad. I can see how general concerns of Chinese communities abroad might not get a lot of attention from the authorities, but murder is murder, it’s not like the police in Canada or the United States just say “oh, another dead Chinaman? Who gives a shit, work it for a day or two and then bury the file.” And what do they think America does when its citizens are murdered by individual psychopaths abroad? Demand apologies and threaten sanctions? Invade?

    • Capt. WED

      it’s a comment made by someone, some people out there will definitely think this way.

      Remember that “satanic ritual” American chick in Italy? That shit was all over the news for days, with special programs, pages after pages of online comments demanding justice. So yeah, American definitely care about their own.

      When Americans are kidnapped abroad, usually is followed up with a military ops. Last time when some Chinese were kidnapped, some company faggot was sent over to negotiate.

      “but murder is murder, it’s not like the police in Canada or the United States just say “oh, another dead Chinaman?”

      Of course not, I don’t think that’s what he was talking about. However the paranoid will always second guess…

      GUESS WHAT…being the top dawg has perks. NO SHIT?

      • Anon

        Eh, I didn’t really clearly link the different aspects of my comments, but I’ve seen people saying (and in early cases like the USC students) that the police won’t do anything, “we Chinese are bullied everywhere and nobody protects us,” nobody cares yadda yadda.

        There is a difference between people being kidnapped or targetted by politically-motivated terrorists and a murder by a lone psycho. There is really nothing that China COULD do in this case (or Canada if it were flipped) except assist in the investigation if there’s anything it can do and maybe help with the family of the victim.

        The perks to being from the “top dawg” country are limited, and despite what some Chinese people seem to think, being from a powerful country is vastly more likely to make you a target for some than to somehow deter general crime against you in foreign countries. People saying things like this have really unrealistic expectations.

        • Kong

          Ah yes. China, the country of reasonable expectations.

        • Dr. Jones Jr.

          These sorts of viewpoints are a natural result of (a) most of these commenters have never and will never leave China (thus have unrealistic expectations to one extreme or the other about what foreign governments can and will do) and (b) the general narrative they have in mind of the Chinese government not really giving a shit about its citizens.

          I can’t really blame them for either, even if the viewpoint may not be entirely fair or factual: most can’t afford the kind of education (travel) that would remedy assumption A, and most have seen plenty of domestic evidence that seems to validate assumption B. It also feeds a rather worrisome jingoist narrative….

  • bigj

    On the sofa with interpol.

  • Pokosan

    In the meanwhile in Japan, 5 people tasted a cuisine of dick…

  • me

    sofa runners? none here?

  • staylost

    It doesn’t surprise me at all how little these people understand North America. What surprises me is how little they know about China.

  • HarryH


  • D. Tective

    This is what bothers me about certain Chinese people and their primitive thinking. A Chinese guy in southern China dismembers a dozen random boys and men that passed by the front of his home. A gay Canadian invites a gay Chinese into his home (and accepts the invitation) and kills him. In my mind, China seems a lot more dangerous. But for all these racist comments I have read on-line about how white people are all animals and foreigners are so terrible… I guess China’s shit doesn’t smell, eh?

    • moop

      no, its just that only chinese people can say it stinks, otherwise you’re a RAAAACIST!

    • But for all these racist comments I have read on-line about how Chinese people are all animals and Chinese are so terrible… I guess foreigners’ shit doesn’t smell, eh?

      Certain Chinese people are just like certain foreigners. Many Chinese people are just like many foreigners.

      • staylost


        Read the comments on the much more official (than the message board comments Fauna translated) CNN, and you’ll be disturbed (or you are disturbed if you aren’t disturbed). Some proportion of the human race at any given moment (sometimes you & me) are abject horrors.

      • DeVitaVackra

        Is it just me or aren’t chinese people better than foreigners? The chinese seem more intelligent on an average, less testosteron ridden, more patient, even finer physique if I may say so, it’s like they’re the more refined kind of humans.

        • Frank Zappa

          ahahahahah…. ehmm is it a joke right?

        • dim mak


        • LOL you are joking right? Tiny penis much?

      • D. Tective

        Aff…. We in my country have laws against inciting hatred and racism and discrimination. Not only do we have laws, but they are applied and are enforced. Anyone who would write “round up all the Chinese trash and kick them out of Canada” or “let’s go beat up some Chinese guys for revenge” would be at least demonized and at most visited by the police.

        • Capt. WED

          remember the psycho chinese who cut off someone’s head on a bus? Plenty of comments saying needs to stop Chinese immigration because they’re not like us. hurtling of racial epithets. While laws exist but with free speech and signal vs. noise ratio comments online are rarely policed.

          You also seem to be saying there is only one type of comments “round up all foreigner trash” chinese online comments.

          So exactly what is your point? Someone said “oh look at these comments, Chinese people are fucked up don’t think their shit stink” to which F responded by saying “look these types of comments are made by people everywhere” to which you response is “but we have laws and is enforced and is quickly demonized”…. which is not the complete picture at all. Sometimes you get some demonization going on, sometimes you do you get +100 likes. It depends. But you are implying here that the Chinese comments are all in agreement with a singular voice–the conclusion that Chinese is very much more xenophobic. I just don’t think you can reach that conclusion at all and you haven’t done anything to prove that.

          • Misaki

            remember the psycho chinese who cut off someone’s head on a bus?

            [link removed to avoid spam detection]
            Only hours before Vincent Li allegedly beheaded a passenger on a Greyhound bus travelling across Manitoba, the 40-year-old man was reportedly sitting peacefully on a bench in Erickson, Man., haggling with a local teen over the price of his laptop.

            [“Schizophrenic man believed he was beheading an alien”]
            “The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus (and that) I was to save people from a space alien attack,” he said, according to a transcript published by Canadian media.

            Li said he had purchased the knife used in the attack for protection “from the aliens” and claimed that he was unaware at that time that he suffered from schizophrenia.

        • An anonymous boy…

          Obviously, you spelled your name wrong, D. Fective. Your comment was based on the availability of examples that came to mind. There are many examples of Canadians saying the same stuff. Classical fallacy.

          And your rebuttal is the exact same type of fallacy concluding with some generalization on how people would react to such comments on the internet in Canada vs China. Furthermore, just because Canada has section 319 of their criminal code, doesn’t mean there aren’t racists comments. And it doesn’t mean those comments are vilified.

          People aren’t sheep for their government’s beliefs. I’m sure many Canadians believe in free speech and are willing to challenge the courts, and I doubt the the stuff is really policed that much do the sheer task at hand.

          And, Canada has well known problems with racial discrimination in their government and education institutions that have been quantified and studied despite their bill of rights.

          Lastly you said:

          “In my mind, China seems a lot more dangerous.”

          You would be wrong. They are more or less comparable except Canada has way more assaults.

    • rightran

      Actually Yunnan is kinda rural area in China, and lots of people there are not enlightened or civilized, they are living a lifestyle that heritated from their ancestors thousands of yrs ago and not willing to adapt or learn new things in the outside world. Consider that the deviant who ate people maybe one of them and not educated, it wouldnt suprsie me that Chinese netizens thinking China is a safer place. For most Chinese netizens who live in the modern cities (you can hardly get access to the internet in countryside), its more like a tragedy that dozen of ppl were ate by wild beast, like tiger or lion.

      On the other hand, the North America is expected to be highly civilized, some Chinese yongsters are convinced in this way by those movies or TV serials. What happened in Canada just broke their dreams and would be hard for them to accept.

      • Kim Jung iLL

        People in Shanghai and Beijing are just as uncivilized?

      • The Yunnan case is also a mentally sick person like this case. It is not about education, just about some people having mental problems.

        • Joe

          Although, there was cannibalism in Yunnan during the 20th century. The Wa people are still accused of it from time to time. The fact that he was collecting eyeballs in his living room, however, argues more in favor of lunatic and less in favor of Yunnan culture.

  • Kim Jung iLL

    China has the most gay in the world. This China student is also a gay. That’s why he ended up being raped and killed.

    • The Dude

      I must admit, your logic is flawless…

      1. China has the most gays in the world


      2. This student is also gay

      and that’s why he ended up getting raped and killed.

      I’m guessing you’ve written quite a few dissertations haven’t you. Certainly your trail of Sherlockonian thought patterns are quite brilliant, yet difficult for the average individual to grasp.

      I should perhaps make it clear to the others who’s intellect and brilliance pales by comparison to ours…

      China has the most gays in the world + This student was also gay = that’s why he was raped and killed.

      You sir have ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and I salute you.


      Imagine the good you could do for humanity with a mind like yours? Cure cancer, invent a free clean energy source… the possibilities are almost endless.

  • Justin

    It’s tempting to say a person like this is an inhuman monster, but to me, calling anyone a monster is just about as unscientific as referring to chemistry as “magic”. He has the obvious signs of a psychopath — cruelty to animals, superficial charm, abnormally high IQ — which means he really had a slim chance of being a decent human being in the first place given that 50 percent of psychopathy is genetic. I think one day we’ll be able to use gene therapy to practically eliminate the development of psychopathy so that these so-called “monsters” can be normal people.

    • mr. wiener

      Where in the article did it say he had the:
      ” Obvious signs of a psychopath-cruelty to animals, superficial charms, abnormally high IQ”.?
      If you are privy to another article on this wanker could you please put up the link to it….Thanks

    • The Dude

      I’m also rather interested at your statistic that 50% of psychopathy is genetic.

      Where did the other conveniently balanced 50% of psychopathy come from?

      Just to be clear, it is thought ‘some’ forms of mental illness are genetic, but this has yet to be conclusively proven.

      The juries been out on that one for a long time.

  • Alan

    Did I get the sofa?

    • 404namenotfound

      Nope :P

  • Alan

    I hope I don’t find body parts on my sofa.

    • 404namenotfound

      On your what now?

  • eattot

    so terrible,hope no more this type of news…

    • Joe

      I agree, enough with the cannibalism already!

  • find the guy that did it and send him to labor camp

  • KongMingQin

    This happens when you send students to study abroad,bad things can happen… its best to our people live ”inside” the Great Wall,not outside it… I’m against sending students abroad, to those barbarian lands… ¬¬”

    • mr. wiener

      Trolling much? I’m wondering if you are even Chinese at all.

      • Anon

        It does read like typical dumb Chinese forum comment, but the lack of spacing after the commas is a touch most trolls probably wouldn’t pick up on.

      • Fman

        His comments seem stupid enough for him to be Chinese so why doubt it?

        • Rin5

          His comment seems stupid enough for him to be classified into the “ignorant idiot” category.

    • DeVitaVackra

      I’m not even chinese but my kids will stay here for sure. Laowai-land is getting scarier by the day because of ultra violent muslim gangs roaming the streets, often attacking and killing citizens completely unprovoked. I’m afraid to even take a quick visit. I’m honestly happy to live in China because my family can feel safe.

      • Notorious

        Devita, are there really muslim gangs walking around europe beating people up? You will never see a muslim gang in america acting out or doing violent deeds. I don’t know why that is. maybe fear of the police? Backlash and widespread violence toward them if something happened or what. if there is ever one group that i truly despise it is muslim men for their evil acts and mental and physical (and often brutal) slavery of women. they truly need to be removed from this world so that their women can live in peace and freedom. even in their version of heaven, women are subjugated to men.

        • DeVitaVackra

          Yes, but some countries are worse than others. You could look up the swedish city Malmo for instance, where violence and crime has spiraled out of control. 41% of the population in Malmo have a foreign background, with iraqis being the largest group.

          I guess it doesn’t work because there are no requirements to fulfill, you just show up at the border, with or without(!) a passport and you’re in. Then you’ll get all expenses paid for, living in Sweden as a “refugee”. This attracts the worst kind (even known war criminals) and it doesn’t really compare with emigration to USA or Canada. You guys get the creme de la creme.

          • Notorious

            that’s crazy what’s going on in malmo. it’s amazing to me how western countries welcome people from around the world but not the other way around.

            as for visas… you can’t come to america unless you’re special in some way. not even being rich helps. you have to wait a very long time otherwise for membership, you can’t just come to america. my friend’s husband moved here first, he applied for a visa for his daughter and wife (my friend) and it took her seven years before she could come. I met her years after her arrival of course, after she and her husband divorced. she was 19 when he left, 26 when she was allowed to come. unless he lied to her. you can get a visa for a fiance faster than a spouse.

    • Notorious

      you’re right. i think china should start expelling foreigners from their country right now… to keep it pure.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Yes. Expel those dirty stinking foreign scum back to laowai land immediately!

        • Dr SUN

          Can we settle on we don’t want your people (especially your men ) living here, but we do want your money, fashion, movies, music, cars, language and technology.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Sounds reasonable! May we also offer up what few of our women are actually willing to pair up with a Chinese man?

  • Dat Ankle

    What the hell is up with the sofa comments all the way in the bottom of the comment section???

  • manusan

    see Paris and die.

  • Pong Lenis

    No way I am going to d/l that video!!!

  • Con ate dog

    Condolences to the family.

    A few years ago a Chinese stabbed someone to death, then cut his head off and flashed it to the horrified passengers who had fled outside. This wasn’t China’s fault. I hope everyone can agree this horrible incident was not Canada’s fault either.

    The word is actually getting safer- the media is just getting better at showing us the sick things that happen.

    • Rin5


  • Slob

    Saw the video of this and I must say it is easily the most disturbing thing I have seen in my entire life. He filmed it all but now it’s removed from every site I think. Do not read on if you are sensitive to gore, horror, death etc.


    After he ties up the guy he decapitates him. He then takes a fillet knife and slashes random parts of his body – you can see the fat etc. He then removes his legs and I think arms I don’t remember. He then has sex with the headless, armless, legless corpse. THEN he takes a knife and fork and proceeds to cut off parts of his buttocks and eat it. Yes, eat it. Other things happen but I don’t remember… it’s really not a video you ever want to see.

    • Are you not the same person who says foreigners are better than Chinese because there is no video of foreigners who run over a child and ignored her? If we cannot find a video of a crazy Chinese person doing the exact same things, does this mean Chinese are better than foreigners according to your logic?

      • staylost

        Grrr…. Aggressive Fauna!!! I like it!

      • Slob

        I never said foreigners are better than Chinese – I said their general behaviour needs improvement as it lacks common sense to not help a child in need. I agree this man is barbaric, regardless of where he is from. How would I even find a video of it? All the sites that link to things like that here are blocked whereas you can find things like that on foreign sites easily – for example.

        • If I cannot find a video of a crazy Chinese person doing the exact same thing as Magnotta, does this mean Chinese people have the common sense to not do such crazy things?

          You miss my point.

      • fredf

        How could we find the video ?
        Much of the internet in China is blocked.
        Anything bad about the Western world is easily available on the internet in China, while anything bad about China is usually blocked by the GFW.

      • Pong Lenis

        @on foreigners are better than Chinese

        Burping at the table and dismembering a person are not exactly in the same category, or?

      • Alan

        What about Xinjiang people? Are they foreigners, or….?

    • An anonymous boy…

      Why did you watch it? I mean you suspected it was going to be horrible right? The killer wanted people to see what he did that is why he posted it…you kinda fell into his trap to disturb you.

      • Slob

        The same reason a lot of people would watch it if it was on their desktop right now – curiosity.

    • Foreign Devil

      Why would you even search for that video???

    • Rin5

      was he already dead before being decapitated and dismembered? i hope so… or else it would be so painful… (T T) poor guy… god bless him and hope he rests in peace…

    • Rin5

      was he already dead before being decapitated and dismembered? i hope so… or else it would be so painful… (T T) poor guy… god bless him and hope he rests in peace…

  • the ace of books

    Dudes, ladies, ladydudes, and dudeladies:

    The gay only has to do with it in that it got the guy into the killer’s house. If the killer were hetero, it would have been a female victim. This killing has nothing to do with 1) race, 2) sexuality, or 3) anything else but the fact that the killer felt like killing a person in this particular way, so he did.

    And no, blame shouldn’t go on a country for this. This is just one sick fuck’s behavior, not due to Canada or China or gay folks or bi folks or second generation rich or anyone.

    Agreeing with the poster above who said “at any given time, X% of humanity is horrible”. Because yes. And it’s not because of characteristics like race or sexuality that they’re horrible, it’s just because they conceive of, plan out, and then execute shit like this.

    • DeVitaVackra

      But this was done just like Jeffrey Dahmer did it and he was homosex also, doesn’t seem reasonable to say it’s a coincident.

      • Ning

        And Bundy +countless others preferred female corpses, so what, sickos will be sickos, I hope one day we will have pre-natal screening and gene therapy to fix them or at least put them on compulsory oxytocin-overdose 24/7 to make them gain a normal human level of compassion for other living beings. Not so much for death penalty, it always requires someone to do the dirty job, then the society would have even more desensitized killers, and in a democracy it makes the majority of the population who voted for it killers too. Enough with the killing.

        I’d argue that mr. Lin’s chinese-ness had maybe something to do with him becoming the victim, not to blame him in any way, just noting the certain social cluelessness of the majority of chinese males abroad. I have never seen this over-pampered awkwardness in chinese girls, but to generalise, most guys from the confucian triangle China-Korea-Japan, who come from wealthy families like I presume Lin Jun did are just way too over-protected. All square and no street-smarts. Even after years abroad, some just don’t learn what is and what isn’t normal behaviour, don’t know how to read people, continue to boast with their parents money and don’t get sarcastic-friendly hints that they should tone down their prince delusions. They seem to assume that the east-west cultural gap is enormous, and take borderline crazy behaviour from wairen as cultural difference, trying not to offend.

        A plead to all asian mothers: skip the cram school sometimes and let your precious son learn some social skills with the other kids. They might get hurt sometime but do not step in, it’s a lesson they need to learn to be able to tell the good ones from the bad ones, every playground has a torture-enjoying manipulating bully and they should learn to recognize them. The Talk is a parent responsibility, sex-ed is not just contraception, kids should know better than to practice BDSM with someone they don’t know well enough to trust. Teach them to say NO without fear of offending.

        Obviously I don’t know anything about the social-dynamics of the Lin-Magnotta relationship, but my experience from tutoring chinese exchange students has been way too often that the guys let anyone -some greedy girl, their employer, lab adviser etc get their way and use them as ATM’s or slave labour.

        • mr. wiener

          Best post of the article.

          • Capt. WED

            This Guy Get It. No More Martian. Chiny.

  • Biao Ma

    This is so sad. no matter what sexual orientation he is, at least he is a chinese and a victim

  • ChineseFighter

    why would u eat chinese

    • Chinggis was here

      Well, apparently, my little Gongfu hero, it’s because Chinese are very tasty. You see the Aboriginals around the Palmer River in Northern Queensland ate you by the hundreds during the gold rush in the 1870s.

      It’s recorded that white ant nests made excellent ovens and the meat was like pork with crackling. The Chinese were much preferred due to the fact that Europeans tasted salty and the locals also thought that because Europeans smoked, the meat would be poisoned. I’d presume it was also because Chinese are much leaner and suppler. Also the pigtails were useful to tie you to a tree branch and let you tenderise.

      Personally, I wouldn’t have liked to meet a Kalkadoon warrior who was after some ‘talgoro’. Those blokes were nasty and fought to the death and your proclaimed Chinese fighting skills would not have been much use.

      • Hongjian

        Plus, Chinese ate more vegetables than meat during that time (because of being poor). And flesh-eaters usuallly do not like to eat other carnivores.

        • Chinggis was here

          That’s a rather subdued reply from you Hongjian, are you feeling ok? You disappeared for a while, I figured German racial vilification laws finally kicked in and you’d just been released. Anyhow, as you mentioned you’re half-Chinese and if you ever get bored, Google the name ‘Billy Sing’.

          • mr. wiener

            The Gallipoli sniper guy? He was a killing machine.

  • andywattbulb

    I’m going to hell for this…..
    The murder video:

    • redgirl

      This is SNUFF.
      Do humanity a favor stop posting links to this.
      This is someone’s son, someone’s brother or uncle.
      Not an object for your morbid entertainment.
      Click this link and you help the sicko fulfill his delusion.
      Don’t do it!

      • andywattbulb

        well….how do I delete it?

        • redgirl

          Ask a Moderator!

          • redgirl

            or maybe admin?

          • Nick in Beijing

            Or just let adults decide for themselves whether or not they have the stomach for graphic depictions of violence.

          • redgirl

            Nick in Beijing
            or you are setting a personal record here for,
            Yea.. this is normal also?

          • andywattbulb

            Because this video was posted on internet a lot of people saw it and were outraged by it. In result a huge flesh search was put into motion. Because of this video people were able identify the killer as Luka Magnotta. They took time out of their schedules to figure out who this guy was and reported him to the police. A week later he is arrested. The fact that people were able to watch this video and do something about it in such short time could potentially have prevented further killings by this man and bring justice to the family of the victim. Whatever the reason was that people looked up this video is not important. You will always have people who care and don’t care.

            Furthermore it is not as if we haven’t seen snuff films on china smack. There are video’s of graphic nature of humans and animals getting killed, attacked or tortured. Thanks to these videos and the people with the stomach enough to watch them, they have been fleshed searched and reported to authorities. It is a lot faster way of identifying someone than having authorities do it. Of course there are negative results to having people flesh search but there are also a lot of positive results.

            Also I don’t think the video is the most disturbing part. The hateful comments of the people on this board against the victim are disgusting and uninformed.

            Me taking down this video will not make a difference. It’s been out there for weeks and people will find it and watch it if they choose too. There is a lot of nasty shit out there and this video is just a fish in the ocean.

        • elizabeth

          It’s ok. What’s done cannot be undone. We are adults here anyway. I was curious as to how beastly a human being could get and clicked it but did not watch the video after being hit by the gory picture on that page.

          Couldn’t get that image off my mind for quite a while…felt nauseous too. But it’s not your fault. It was my choice.

          I guess we’ll become numb after too much of such exposure. And I figure that’s what psychos did that turned them from normal to deranged killers.

    • simon

      a part of me wants to click this out of curiosity, the other part of me tells me to stay the hell away from it.


      • mr. wiener

        Seeing that is nothing that will enrich your life.

      • Dreamdropper

        I started watching it last night. Managed about six seconds. I am seriously questioning myself for even beginning to watch it. The worst thing I have ever seen.

  • Chris

    Wow, he is really really really really really ridiculously good looking

    • mr. wiener

      If you’re into all that “Twilight” asexual douchebaggery I guess so.

    • mr. wiener

      ….I think he’s going to be really, really, really, etc popular in jail too when they find him :P

    • deluca

      I hope you’re kidding. He has that typical “Look at me! I went under the knife” look. You see a lot of these poor souls in Los Angeles…very scary.

      • Brett Hunan

        Its a quote from the movie Zoolander… but I guess that doesnt prove if Chris was being serious or not.

  • KWatts

    Canada is not an unsafe place to study abroad. You are more likely to get apologized to there for no reason than to get harmed in any way. It makes no sense to try and come up for a rational explanation for these kinds of things.

  • Me

    Why has this become about the Chinese, when it’s just about a sicko killing someone. If the Chinese people are such delicate victims maybe they should stay in china and stop buying education places all over the world with the ridiculous amounts of money they are making selling their cheap, rubbish products.

    • Capt. WED

      yeah why you making this about the Chinese lol

  • MonkeyMouth

    sorry, man.

  • Vincent

    Why are they constantly generalizing everything?
    For them now Canada , and well for some reason the US and Europe too has become the lands of the cannibalism.
    LOL really?

    I don’t think that the victim was chosen because he was Chinese, anyway; this student was just unlucky to fall on this predator.

  • D. Tective

    He’s in jail in Germany now. Caught so quickly. That’s how the West deals with bad guys. They stop what they’re doing, hunt them down and catch them.

  • Foreign Devil

    I definitely feel sorry for the Chinese guy who thought he could go to Canada to be finally openly gay and find a lover. What a horrible ending to his dreams!

  • Lee

    Mainlanders and their obsession of worshipping foreigners.

    Stupid Mainlanders typical thinking is:
    “China/Chinese/Asian people = bad.
    White, American, European foreigner = good.
    Everything and everyone outside China is better than Chinese people.
    Treat foreigners like gods and kings, and treat your own Chinese people like shit.”

    You dumb Mainlanders love foreigners, but foreigners don’t love you. FACT.
    Mainland Chinese are nothing but sex slaves for foreigners.

    How many Chinese have been murdered in these foreign countries?
    Wasn’t that long ago when 2 Mainland students in the USA were shot dead.
    A Chinese girl from China was also killed in Canada last year.
    and you know what the shocking truth is: no foreigner gives a fuck.

    Mainlanders will always be foreigner’s dog.

    • dim mak

      Ironically they say the same about HK/TW…

      • Lee

        Hong Kongers kiss British ass, but Brits don’t like Hong Kongers.
        How sad.

        • Nick in Beijing

          With the ridiculous number of ethnic Chinese there are in the world how can anyone wonder at the concept of a few Chinese people being killed here or there.

          Fuck me, it’s like calling a sidewalk unsafe for ants because a couple get stepped on.

          That’s not to say that Chinese are on par with ants in terms of their worth as human beings, but for fucks sake do the math.

          China is the most populous nation on earth. They are sending out students to study abroad in record numbers (the numbers of Chinese study abroad students in the U.S. alone doubled in the last year). It should go entirely without saying that some are bound to be caught up in crime in whatever land they choose to study in.

          And to be quite honest with the arrogant attitudes that a lot of children of wealthy families have in China, it wouldn’t surprise me if a large number of Chinese students who are the victims of crime in foreign countries are so just because of those attitudes.

          That’s not to say all have bad attitudes, but the little emperors and empresses are known for stirring up resentment among themselves and others.

          • TraderPaul

            I agree. The number of crimes being committed against Chinese immigrants or students in U.S./Canada is not higher than average. Vancouver has a huge mainland Chinese population, and although there is general resentment here due to the rise in property prices in recent years, it hasn’t manifested in terms or crimes being committed against Chinese in general. If anything, it’s the rich mainland Chinese or students coming here who think they are superior to everyone else.

        • dim mak

          A common misconception sir
          I’ve never met a HKer who likes Britain just because of the colonial connection

          Not even the most treacherous liberal!

          • Alan

            I’ve never met a HKer who likes Britain just because of the colonial connection

            I want to punch holes in my chest after reading your posts. Opinions are like a-holes everyone has one, even small asian boat boys like you.

            I have met far more HK’ers who at least admire elements of Britain and british rule, such as an egalitarian society, common law, rule of law, and so on, than want to be under a repressive dictatorship.

            As Rick in China would say, grow outside yer box, lad!!!

  • Notorious

    wow i just read that he caught him! I feel so emotional about this because of what he did to that poor man. I hope he relives the terror of what he did for the rest of his life.

    • Ning

      Go German efficiency! However, psychos enjoy reliving the terror, no amount of corrective therapy is going to make them symphatize the victim.

      On the contrary, violent criminals with antisocial disorder/psychopathic traits that attend group sessions where they are thaught to see their assault from the victims point are more likely to repeat the crime after release, the therapy only teaches them how to manipulate their victims even further. Only cognitive therapy that makes them calculate the pro’s and cons of non-criminal life and channeling their psycho talents to something constructive has proven results. The trick is to give different therapy to the criminals who don’t have natural empathy. The Hare checklist is in use again, but I believe his work was halted for a long period in the 90’s after political changes to the left… Lefties love to believe that everyone is inherently good, even when reality tells the opposite.

  • Heiney

    Nice to block the eyes of the Chinese dude, but show the full face of the evil, white, foreign devil.

    • Alan

      I think chinese eyes are more scary than western eyes, no colour or compassion.

  • Notorious

    there was a great comment on yahoo, now that they’ve caught the killer… that he should be sent to china for prosecution. imagine what would be done to this loser. maybe years of torture would teach him to empathize with his victims or either cause him to deteriorate into complete madness. i don’t think he’s mentally ill. he’s methodical, cold, and calculated. crazy not stupid. big difference. he is just beyond evil. the fact that he has the wherewithal to travel the world and blend into society for as long as he has without a psychotic episode shows he is not a mental basket case. he is sane, and truly is evil carnate.

    • mr. wiener

      I kinda like the idea of him spending the rest of his life in a Canadian prison. I’m sure he’ll be very popular with the other inmates, and even get to show everyone what he used to do in the movies! It’s a win-win situation, he’ll be a real social magnotta.

  • Jahar

    For some reason I cant reply to comments, so here’s to a few of them.

    Dude is a psycho. rationalized.

    If you think staying in China is safer than Canada, maybe it is, but tell that to those guys that got eaten in Yunnan.

    There are homophobes and racists everywhere. Crazies too.

    As for Notorious’ post that he should be sent to China for torture and whatnot, we are the good guys. Condoning that, accepting that, makes you one of them. That is not justice, it’s vengeance. If we do that, torture someone, how can we say we are good?

    • Capt. WED

      no need to outsource in China since you can use one of them CIA torture jails.

  • vancouverite

    Canada is a very dangerous place. Horrible things like this are common. I wouldn’t recommend anyone come here, and if you care for your families don’t send them here either.

    • dim mak

      Not at all, Vancouver is great

      Just don’t go east side

      • vancouverite

        The east side is more than half the city. It’s better to not come here than to live in a bubble floating in a sea of violence.

      • lin

        Don’t go to downtown eastside**** as in Hastings and Main all the way to Clark Dr…….. everywhere is terrific. I frickin’ love my neighbourhood and I live on the east side.

  • fredf

    Bad things and bad people are everywhere.
    But, the media in China is heavily controlled by the Chinese government, so it is very difficult to know the truth of what happens in China.

    Anything bad that happens in the Western world is heavily publicized in China because China constantly wants to show that anything bad is almost always outside of China. Bad things in China just get censored and blocked.

    Plenty of foreigners may be assaulted or killed in China, but most people will never know the truth due to the blockage of information by the Chinese government.

    • Dr SUN

      yeah, the murder of Neal Haywood by a Chinese women and the resulting initial police cover up is a very good example.
      The story only came to light due it to being leaked to the western press by expats in China.
      Interestingly it’s taking a awful long time for any charges to brought forward against the perpetrators, don’t you think ?

  • Filabusta

    Considering how many homosexuals are here cutting their hair on a daily basis, it still astounds me how Chinese people of all ages can react so violently to gay people

  • Sean

    The most glaring thing about the netizens comments is how blind they are to how dangerous China is, because they are not allowed to hear about it.