Student Scammed Into Unnecessary Gynecological Surgery

Student Scammed Into Unnecessary Gynecological Surgery

One university student just wanted a normal gynecological exam, but ended up under the surgeon’s knife by doctor’s suggestion. Before the anaesthesia even worn off, the doctor persuaded and scared her into having yet more surgeries. The doctor told her that if she didn’t have this surgery she would be responsible herself, so she spent over 7,000 RMB. Her roommate who accompanied her to the hospital had to leave and borrow money in order to pay for it all. Experts think this hospital over-diagnoses to make money off of unnecessary surgeries, as this is not the first reported instance of this.

Source: Netease

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  • Taddious

    Seriously, CS… WTF is this shit?
    Where is the rest of the information? Why did she first go to the hospital? What did she first think was wrong with her? What was the doctor’s first diagnosis? What surgical procedure did she have? What were the follow-up procedures? Is this a common practice in China? What are some other instances? What do the Chinese netizens have to say about this?
    These “bytesize” articles are horrendous. I just feel like I had a short conversation with a gossipy old woman.

    • Jahar

      They would be better off just giving us the headline and not writing any story at all.

  • donscarletti

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    Hebei Province Qinghuangdao City Netizen (5325 upvotes)

    Taking of advantage of a girl’s embarrassment towards gynecology to con her into doing so many operations, an university student seeing a gynecologist is normal; it’s only abnormal when an elementary schoolgirl sees a gynecologist. Looking at the comments there are so many late stage, malignant man-tumours, at every opportunity turning the conversation straight between the legs. Shameless and vulgar keyboard warriors… disgusting.

    网易河南省郑州市手机网友[客观的观察者] 5325顶


    Henan Province Zhengzhou city netizen (Impartial Watcher) (5325 upvotes)

    Private hospitals are cheap, have friendly service and hidden tricks. Public hospitals are expensive, have indifferent attitudes and direct charges.

    网易广东省东莞市手机网友[爱国捣蛋者] 4931顶


    Guangdong Province, Dongguan City Netizen (Patriotic Troublemaker) (4931 upvotes)

    There are two types of hospitals: hospitals and hospitals run from people from Putian. (Putian is a city in Fujian known for con-artists)

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