Students Duped Out Of Tuition By Fake Counselor

Students Duped Out Of Tuition By Fake Counselor

A few students have paid 150,000 RMB in order to study at Wuhan University, only to realize four years later that they have no degrees. They thought they were able to study at Wuhan University due to the grace of one particular counselor, but the university claims that the counselor was using their name to trick people into paying. One student did think it odd that their names were never called in class. The school is cooperating with the police in the investigation of this issue, however many netizens think that Wuhan University must have problems since they didn’t realize this counselor existed.

Source: Netease

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  • The counsellor is admittedly a low-life leaching off good people’s money but

    One student did think it odd that their names were never called in class.

    Your name wasn’t called for over four years? And you didn’t once think to check with the Students Admission office? Or ask your professor? Really? Really?

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah what the actual fuck? How stupid do you have to be to not get suspicious after 4 years? Don’t they even post lists with marks after tests and exams and send marks out at the end of each year? How did these people never have the faintest idea after 4 years?

      Plus – way to go China. There’s a scam for absolutely everything in this country. Where else could you possibly find a fake university counselor?

  • Jahar

    Awesome. Not as awesome as the guys who convinced parents to spend millions in their school to learn how to absorb knowledge by touching books, but still pretty awesome.

  • Bman

    They didn’t write tests or receive marks? Didn’t the teachers notice them in class? Something is really wrong here. Either some top notch ignorance or a very comprehensive scam or both. I hope this gets more than the typical Chinese “investigation.”

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