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Max Planck

I look back fondly on my senior year of high school, when I was able to solve mathematics, do physics problems, memorize biology concepts, write essays, and read English articles. Now when I look back, I was like a freaking superman, whereas now I’m just like a mental retard~~

Ke Zhendong from the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye

It’s not that there aren’t tall, handsome, or rich guys studying Physics; it’s just that they no longer look that way after they’re done.

Max Planck

A middle school in Shanghai is going to set up a boys only class. Among the many benefits [of doing such a thing], the parents said the most important one is that it’ll prevent premature love/dating. Dear parents, you are too naive!


My teacher said, “premature love/dating often has a negative impact on your academics, and if it doesn’t affect your studies, then what’s between you two is probably not true love…”

student couple

My sister is in her third year of junior high. After the parent-teacher conference, she changed her QQ status: “The parent-teacher conference is by nature the same as the third party in a marriage. They both aim to undermine family harmony.”

angry sister

Today in class, the language and literature teacher suddenly broke into tears saying she’s just been dumped, only for 8 male students to stand up and say they love her.


No wonder students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school…

A Chinese teacher dancing in class.

A female Chinese teacher writing on the chalkboard in an awkward position.

A Chinese teacher using a dustbin to teach geometry.

A Chinese teacher using a wooden bench to teach geometry.

A Chinese teacher standing on a classroom desk.

A Chinese teacher uses a broom as a pointer.

A Chinese teacher meditating in class.

A school teacher was soliciting slogans for protecting the flowers and grass and a student blurted out, “If you walk on my head today, I’ll grow on your grave tomorrow.”


One day, Ultraman raised his hand in class to answer a question…and then…the teacher died…


A friend from East China University of Political Science and Law said they have been having a hard time after graduation, because half of the schoolmates have to arrest the other half of the schoolmates.

ultraman and monster


Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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