Students Trash School Cafeteria Suspected of Using Drainage Oil

Shattered glass scattered on the ground outside a middle school cafeteria in Guizhou, China suspected by students of using drainage oil.

A school cafeteria at a middle school in Guizhou, China is trashed by angry students who allege that it has been using drainage oil.

The following video was the most viewed video of the day on popular Chinese video-sharing website Youku three days ago, right before news of Kim Jong-il’s death. At the time, it had over 1 million views and over 3k comments and had spread on popular Chinese social network site RenRen.

From Youku:

Middle school suspected of using drainage oil has cafeteria trashed by students

Drainage oil refers to the used and discarded oil that is collected from the drains of restaurants or homes and “resold” at a much cheaper price than unused oil to be reused.

The above Chinese news report says a third-year student said an unknown student on December 14th discovered a container of drainage oil in the school’s cafeteria. Around 8pm on December 15th, fliers appeared on campus spreading the news that the school was using drainage oil. That night around 10:50pm, angry students condemning this gathered a crowd of 300 student onlookers. Some more excitable students smashed trashed the cafeteria’s glass windows, doors, tables, and chairs and demanded that the school give everyone an explanation.

At present, the cafeteria contractor has been detained, the school principal has been suspended, and the relevant government department is investigating. Additional photos below from ifeng:

Students at a middle school in Guizhou trash the school cafeteria after discovering the use of drainage oil in their food.

A school cafeteria is trashed by students in Guizhou, China after it is discovered to be using drainage oil.Angry students trash a school cafeteria in Guizhou, China.

Overturned cafeteria tables and benches at a middle school in Guizhou suspected of using drainage oil.

Angry students broke glass windows of a school cafeteria suspected of using drainage oil in food served to students.Broken windows at a Guizhou school cafeteria after students allegedly discovered a container of drainage oil.

Angry Chinese students in Guizhou vandalize a school cafeteria they suspect of using drainage oil.

Guizhou middle school students trashing a school cafeteria suspected of using drainage oil.Guizhou middle school students trashing a school cafeteria suspected of using drainage oil.

A school cafeteria in Guizhou is trashed by angry students who suspect the school has been using drainage oil in their food.

UPDATE: As some readers have noted, some of the photographs ifeng presented are old and from an unrelated event, as seen in this previous chinaSMACK post: Guizhou Students Protest Inflation, Attack School Cafeteria. The first three photographs under the video are the photographs shown in most news reports of this incident.

Comments from Youku:


Well done, students!!! This is also a way of protecting one’s rights! But what I want to see more is the school and teachers trashing the cafeteria, because I hope they have this kind of responsibility. Also, does the school supervise the cafeteria, and what is the amount of supervision?


Students, be careful. First, you are not the American military. Second, you are not the People’s Liberation Army. Third, you are not China’s chengguan. Fourth, you are not Korean nationals. In China, students should keep a low-profile. I’ll say it again, keep a low-profile.


Stupid children. Trashing these things, the consequences are still going to be taken out on you.


Motherfuckers!? Using drainage oil to feed students? I’d trash the school much less the cafeteria!


My life changed because of getting into fights with others in middle school. I often if I hadn’t chased after those childish things in middle school, what would my life be like now? A wrong turn in life is not fun, just like being struck by lightning may be stimulating, but definitely don’t take trying it lightly.


Whether you guys believe it or not, the flavor packets in instant noodles use drainage oil! Those with money can go to the supermarket and buy several random instant noodle packages, then go have it tested and you’ll know!


Fortunately it was discovered early, otherwise I bet they’d be eating it until graduation, hehe.


I’ve also worked in a cafeteria before, its very hard work, requires a lot of concentration. I don’t use drainage oil. The meals I sell cost at least 7 kuai each, but other contractors can sell for 3 kuai each. The number of students lining up to buy 3 kuai meals is long, whereas there is no one lining up for me. In the end, I couldn’t continue on, and after losing some money, I transferred the business to someone else. Really, I wanted to do the right thing, but the market doesn’t allow it.


I salute the repressed Chinese youth!


Well trashed, this isn’t aggressive behavior at all, this is a normal reaction. If it isn’t like this, how can they get attention to the issue. If they don’t do this, it’d definitely go unresolved.


Students’ awareness of protecting their rights is becoming stronger and strong. It’s a good thing!


~~The country should revise the criminal law. Those who manufacture poisonous food products should be directly sentenced to death (to be executed immediately, without suspended sentences), while employees should also be severely punished [with jail time of] 15 years and above. If it were like this, I imagine there wouldn’t be anyone who would dare make these poisonous food products anymore, and even if there were, no one would dare go to work for them.~~


Students, well done! Whoever dares to treat your health as a joke is whoever must be punished. If Chinese people don’t want to die depressed, then we must have the courage to express ourselves.


Well done, as long as we know to resist, the Chinese people still has hope!!!!!! The future China needs even more of these kind of “unruly people”.


What can be done about these things these days? Apart from rural people, who make their own oil at home, how many people aren’t using drainage oil! Hot pot city, schools, street-side restaurants, hotels, food processors, etc. etc. etc. etc. This is a circumstance of development, and no one can stop society’s development, they can only do their best to discover and stop what little they can.

Shattered glass scattered on the ground outside a middle school cafeteria in Guizhou, China suspected by students of using drainage oil.


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