Subway Regulations Too Lax, Beggars Take Advantage

Subway Regulations Too Lax, Beggars Take Advantage

Beggars were raging “guerrilla warfare” with security staff who were powerless to do anything about their activity on the subway in Beijing. Despite new security regulations being in force for half a month, it doesn’t allow staff to issue fines to those selling handicrafts, distributing flyers or begging. Such people just keep shifting around when they see the staff, who are required to wear uniforms. Commuters are sick of persistent beggars, who “grope” when refused money. Amendments to the code are to be issued soon.

Source: Netease

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  • hyuugasaki

    make it easy. “Commuters are allowed to beat beggars as long as they take a video of them begging in the subway. When the staff come, show the video and you’re free to go, and the staff will detain the beggar.”

  • Amused

    The only thing for it is to aggressively feel up any beggar you see on sight.
    Wear gloves :)

  • bujiebuke

    I don’t get it, does the chenguan not have authority on trains?

  • donscarletti

    “Groping” by beggars is yet another a result of China lacking a way of expressing low level physical hostility. Between ignoring a problem completely and bestial savagery.

    You obviously cannot go all Clockwork Orange when someone gropes you on the subway, so there is no way of reacting to it and social deviants do it with impunity.

    I will make a humble suggestion as to how citizens can combat such things. It is a two step plan. Step 1) punch them in the face, preferably breaking their nose. Step 2) walk away. Step 2 may not be substituted with “stand on their neck” or “have all your friends beat them” or “stick your keys between your knuckles and start working on their lower abdomen”. Step 1 may not be substituted with “ignore the situation completely”.

    Through the virtue of the “low intensity physical altercation” many social problems may be addressed.

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