Subway Station Swarmed With Bees After Man Kicks Open Beehive


Hangzhou, Zhejiang – May 10, 2015 – Around 1pm, a beehive containing over a hundred bees was kicked open within Hangzhou’s Jiangling Station subway stop B terminal. Two security officers, two station personnel, and one passenger suffered bee stings, though none of the injuries were serious.

A man carrying a microwave oven box was stopped by staff at the subway’s safety checkpoint. The staff unexpectedly discovered that the box was full of bees, and immediately detained the man, informing him that he was unable to enter the subway.

Undeterred, the man began to explain to the subway staff that he was carrying the bees in order to do a business transaction, and that before he’d set off he’d secured the box of bees. He argued that there would be no problem. The subway staff were unable to persuade the man and called for subway security.

Soon after, Jiangling Station Officer Xu arrived on the scene, “He said his box was firmly secured and there would be no problem. To make his point, he said, ‘It’s secure, if you don’t trust me I’ll kick it and you’ll see,’ at that moment he kicked the box of bees with his foot.”

The box of bees that was allegedly “firmly secured” fell down and over one hundred bees flew into the air.

Observing the scene, police and station personnel quickly organized passengers to scatter, and began killing the bees. Being attracted to light, many of the bees came to rest on the subway platform’s light boxes and fluorescent lights. Police and station personnel used electric mosquito swatters, pesticide, and protective mosquito nets, etc. to kill the bees. After an hour, the bees had been surrounded and exterminated. By 3pm the station had finally been cleared of bees and normal operation resumed.

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Two security officers, two station personnel, and one passenger suffered bee stings, though none of the injuries were serious. Through police mediation, the man agreed to compensate the injured, and after being educated on the topic, he then left the station.

Source: QQ & NetEase

Comments from QQ:


No animal except for guide dogs are allowed in the subway. Can flies enter?


Peasant Uncle doesn’t know social ethics, and only thinks of his personal interests.


The punishment is too light.


Frightening Peasant Uncle…


My bees will teach you to not let me into the station.

phan van thai:

Luckily it was a box of bees, imagine if it was a box of poisonous snakes, who would be responsible then? This is a public space right? So why can’t you be considerate of others?


Chinese people are all pigs, Chinese people should all be killed.

绯玥: (replying to above)

First, this is a hilarious piece of news. One kick and the box opens, I reckon no one expected that, and what can you do about 1000 bees, right? It’s not as if he did it intentionally; he just wanted to prove [the case was secure]. Second, what country are you from, huh? [If] Japanese, buzz off and go mind your own business. In other words, it’s none of your damn business.

  • The staff were like “you can’t bee serious!”

    • Edward Kay

      awww beehave

      • very inconsiderate beehaviour

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Guys, these jokes have been done before! Can’t you guys bee more original?!

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            hive never seen an original joke here, bee nice, honey….

          • Jay K.

            All above comments are pointless and has made me realize that our society as a whole have been stung by the educational reforms.

          • Dr. Eggplant

            Too true.

            Witness the tragic decline of our apiculture.

        • Dr. Eggplant

          Everybody making the same bee jokes…

          You could call it a hive mind!

  • Vance

    People just beeing themselves

  • 250

    sha bee

    • 250

      In all seriousness, isn’t this story a perfect ‘digest’ article? If you’re not going to translate comments often, you should really choose stories that have a little more meat to them. You should really consider whether a story is to bee or not to bee a digest article.

  • mr.wiener

    Why?… Just beecause.

  • risotto

    So what? I don’t get all the buzz…

  • Teacher in China

    What the subway offiials didn’t know, however, was that Peasant Uncle was an undercover cop and was taking these bees to a sting operation.

    • James

      i can beelieve it!

  • firebert5
  • tomoe723

    Poor bees… I can’t believe Chinese people are racist to bees.

  • hyuugasaki

    The microwave box has power, it can make you stubborn like a man, and sting like a bee. The bees are your greatest allies. How would you use it’s power? you can be a hero, or a villain…

    Marvel Studio Presents. Peasant Uncle as The Bee Man. Coming Soon 2020.

  • xyz
  • Dolph Grunt

    Sounds like subway security is much better than the last time I saw it. I’ll never forget the time I tripped over a chicken.

    • Alex Dương

      A live or dead one?

      • Dolph Grunt

        Alive… at least til it got home, I’m sure.

        • Vance

          They do like their fresh meat in all of Asia.

  • Bittersweet story.

    I commend those who try to make a living as beekeepers. It’s honest work, and beats picking sugar cane.

    Bitter – the man lost his investment and 100 bees were killed.

    Sweet – the part of the story which mentions that the man had to ‘compensate’ the injured. Compensate the injured! I’m still laughing to myself after having read the story quite some time ago.

    A pouch of milk tea ought to be sufficient for a bee sting. Cripes, even a clean straw should cut it? :-)

    When they ‘educated’ the man about the situation, did they just replay the security camera footage on fast forward with the Benny Hill soundtrack in the background while the surveillance staff and victims shook their heads in disagreement the whole time?

    • …and oops, forgot my ‘bee pun’:

      When word got back to the colony about the 100 that were slaughtered, the Queen was not amused.

      Peace :-)

  • Bman

    “police and station personnel quickly organized passengers to scatter”
    I can just imagine how that went down. :D
    And i LOVE the way they try to make the ensuing pandemonium seem organized according to the best practices of social harmony and the rule of law.
    Oh, and I’m not going to bother with a pun. How can you people bee so infantile.

    • Vance

      “BEES!!! BEES!!!! ARGGGG!!!”

  • helsic

    I feel sorry por the poor bees!

    • Vance

      Well, it doesn’t say anything about the crowds catching them and eating them, so maybe some escaped alive after the poisioning.

  • WannabeXenophile

    Oh, no, not the bees! Not the bees! ;-)
    In all seriousness, he’s crazy! Thank God no one was too badly hurt.

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            When was all that with Kate? It must be the stuff of legends the way the commenters still talk about it. I have to browse the older stories anyways to continue learning about Chinese people via the translated comments. So I might as well look for that as well.

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            you can dig up even more, is full of her posts… she is one of the oldest user of CS. Look for the posts when she used her first nickname Eattot

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    They just talked to him and let him go? In the US he would have been tasered and/or shot as soon as he started talking back to the police, and then given a sentence of 250 years in prison for terrorism. And we call ourselves the “free” ones, lol.

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    Is ChinaSmack dead? No new stories in a long time

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    With the shortage of bee population in the world, these news make me sad…

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    No Justice, no bees.

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