Subway Station Swarmed With Bees After Man Kicks Open Beehive


Hangzhou, Zhejiang – May 10, 2015 – Around 1pm, a beehive containing over a hundred bees was kicked open within Hangzhou’s Jiangling Station subway stop B terminal. Two security officers, two station personnel, and one passenger suffered bee stings, though none of the injuries were serious.

A man carrying a microwave oven box was stopped by staff at the subway’s safety checkpoint. The staff unexpectedly discovered that the box was full of bees, and immediately detained the man, informing him that he was unable to enter the subway.

Undeterred, the man began to explain to the subway staff that he was carrying the bees in order to do a business transaction, and that before he’d set off he’d secured the box of bees. He argued that there would be no problem. The subway staff were unable to persuade the man and called for subway security.

Soon after, Jiangling Station Officer Xu arrived on the scene, “He said his box was firmly secured and there would be no problem. To make his point, he said, ‘It’s secure, if you don’t trust me I’ll kick it and you’ll see,’ at that moment he kicked the box of bees with his foot.”

The box of bees that was allegedly “firmly secured” fell down and over one hundred bees flew into the air.

Observing the scene, police and station personnel quickly organized passengers to scatter, and began killing the bees. Being attracted to light, many of the bees came to rest on the subway platform’s light boxes and fluorescent lights. Police and station personnel used electric mosquito swatters, pesticide, and protective mosquito nets, etc. to kill the bees. After an hour, the bees had been surrounded and exterminated. By 3pm the station had finally been cleared of bees and normal operation resumed.

Two security officers, two station personnel, and one passenger suffered bee stings, though none of the injuries were serious. Through police mediation, the man agreed to compensate the injured, and after being educated on the topic, he then left the station.

Source: QQ & NetEase

Comments from QQ:


No animal except for guide dogs are allowed in the subway. Can flies enter?


Peasant Uncle doesn’t know social ethics, and only thinks of his personal interests.


The punishment is too light.


Frightening Peasant Uncle…


My bees will teach you to not let me into the station.

phan van thai:

Luckily it was a box of bees, imagine if it was a box of poisonous snakes, who would be responsible then? This is a public space right? So why can’t you be considerate of others?


Chinese people are all pigs, Chinese people should all be killed.

绯玥: (replying to above)

First, this is a hilarious piece of news. One kick and the box opens, I reckon no one expected that, and what can you do about 1000 bees, right? It’s not as if he did it intentionally; he just wanted to prove [the case was secure]. Second, what country are you from, huh? [If] Japanese, buzz off and go mind your own business. In other words, it’s none of your damn business.


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